Mike Solari Hired to Replace Foerster

Well that didn’t take long. Hours after offensive line coach Chris Foerster left for Washington, Mike Singletary has hired his replacement. Former Seahawks offensive line coach Mike Solari is now in charge of protecting Smith and helping Gore get his running lanes.

Solari has worked with Jimmy Raye in the past, both were on staff when they were with the Chiefs. Also of note Solari was an assistant o-line coach back in the day with the 49ers and learned most of that position from former Niner great Bobb McKittrick.

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  • West

    Looking good

  • Sounds like a good hire. Dude is well-respected around the league and has had success with the exception of the seachickens. The last couple years they have been plagued with injuries so Im not too worried about it. Good Hire by Singletary and Co.

  • Frank Gore

    i like it! show me a hole and ill take it to da house!

  • New Mexico 49er Fan

    Sing, this was a good move, hope he stays with the team for a few years. The coaching staff is really looking good. Can't wait till next season, and 2 first rounds drafy choice. Please don't trade those off to another team this year.

    • West

      New Mexico 49er Fan, I think you meant dont trade our pick to any other team "unless it for Brandon Marshall" We can use OUR OTHER for an RT..there should be 3 on the board when we select..Bruce Campbell,Anthony Davis,Bryan Bulaga or even Trent Williams

  • Cory

    If Singletary could have gotten Linehan last season as OC and Booby April this offseason we would have one good coaching staff


    We need T.O. I know someone is using gomez's name and beinf sarcastic but it makes total sense because we have noithing to lose, we need to take chances, Sing will reform him, and he's grow a bit I think, not much but not the same T.O. he was before with every year he's getting better. T.O. will make us produce touchdowns it will make a huge difference so everyone stop being skeptical and shoot this great idean down, don't you think Pundit its a good idea, worth the shot. We also need a plan B for a QB and I think sing will get that plan B he wonts to win and he will not let the losing go on and role all his dice with Alex, that doesnt take a genius ti figure thaty one, its commen sense! We need a proven QB via trade or free agency.


    Alexis a excellent backup he's like Bono, so keep him for a backup and get a proven QB in here. I know their not shit out their available but everyone we need to look and the orginization needs to be creative this offseason.

  • The niners are not going to acquire a QB this offseason. There are none available of interest and Alex will start next season, as he should. Donovan is not getting traded, if so, he wont come here. Everyone support Alex he is the starting QB for the team regardless of your feelings towards him.


    john you seem like your such an expert you little prick. Why don’t you admit you are really a cowboy fan posing as a 49er fan. QB is a major hole right now on our team, just because Alexis did well this season does not mean he will do well in 2010, he is very up and down and I assure you Sing already knows that Alexis is not the future. Just because we had one descent season performance does not mean we need to role all of our dice on him and Sing will not, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN JOHN Sing will find a Plan B whether you like it or not. We know you don’t want progress for our beloved 49ers, being a cowboy fan you don’t wanna see us win #6 before your cowpatties John Hey why don’t you change your name to Cowboy John.

  • redandgold

    hahahahahaha… SHITHEAD, so does that mean that he will do bad because he did good this season?? There are some many other teams that have QB problems, and you watch football, you know who they are… But as for the 49ers, fans need get off smith's nuts and let him play. I mean, what does the guy have to do to play football? He showed that he can play.. should he just go out there by himself and win a game, for ppl to stop bitching?? If you want to watch a one man sport than go to basketball but this is a team sport, and I think all the good QB's that are not in the SB can tell you that


    Listen, what did the vikings and new orleansd saints do, did they get QB out their and mkae their team completly different and winning. Yes, these two teams went out and got proven winning QB’s. The saints had a Qb before who was like Alex, he was inconsistent in brooks and then they went out and got Brees and it turned it around, they immedialty changed dramatically, the same thing with favre within one year. I am not saying to abandon alexis and release him. I am saying keep him were he is now and then try to find another good Qb during the offseason via free agency or whatever. Their might be some good QB’s available this offseason and I would bring in a proven who could prove who is the best QB in camp. Keep alex as our backup like Bono was for us. We need an exceelent backup and alex will be that person for that job. I am not saying release alex cowboys fans, I am saying keep his as ourt backup QB and bring in someone like a Brees or a favre, someone much better than alex. Obviously you young bucks on here have just started watching 49er football, because the old school 49er fans on here have been through almost 10 yrs of hell with no playoffs in site. Old 49er fans like myself who have been watching since the 80’s are not use to losing this is not 49er football and the old school fans want a quick fix, we do not tolerate losing, that was the old 49er way new fans!


    We need a quick fix!!!

  • ninertexas

    As far as aquiring great QB's, was Archie Manning for the Saints not a great QB. He was, and a QB does not win alone. O-Line protects him and receivers make the catches some that they go out of there way to make. Running is also a key and defense preventing the opposing team from scoring. I truly think Alex did make a few strides this season. This may be the first time we have a O-Cooridnator for a second season in a good while. Lets see what happens. If it goes wrong I beleive Nate has an arm and is an option beings it is his second year in this offense (as long as Alex Smith). With what happened this past season and Kurt most likely retiring, hey I think we got a great chance.

  • redandgold

    SHITHEAD I hear what you are saying, but this is not the 80's were you can just get anyone you want on ur team, and thats the reason why the 49ers and cowboys were running the table back than, but now a days, you cant just get anyone on your team…. And as for who is a real 9ers fan or not, I believe it takes more now to being a 9ers fan than the 80's because you will see all the fake fans jump ship when the 9ers are not winning. But as for myself, I bleed red and gold till the day i go, win or lose Im riding till the end

  • ninertexas

    Man, just because we live in Texas we are Cowgirl fans.
    Man-O-Man. Also I have heard some on this site say there are bandwagon fans. First off it is not like we just won two straight Superbowls. Nobody is jumping on the niner (Our) bandwagon since what 2002 which was our last playoff game. We need to band together and support our team (49ers). I live in Texas and I subscribed to Sirius just to listen to the niner games that I can’t watch. Quit cuttin each other down and support our team and band together. Sometimes when I read the comments on this site I feel like I am in high school again. Grow up and beleive!

    • Texas9er

      I have been a 49er fan since 1992 and I live in Texas. Nobody needs to question my fanhood. The 49ers are my life and fuck Dallas and don’t you forget that!!!!! Anyone who questions my fanhood can suck my dick.

      • ninertexas

        Thats good to hear! Sorry for ranting. Just I don't rely get into the quoting or replying on this site but i do read them from time to time and lately have heard some complaining about quotes from people that were bandwagon fans and such and thought it was childish and felt to put my own quote.

  • chuckle49er

    hey my niner bretherin im from utah a non nfl state and no im not mormon and my family is from texas so what does that make me ive been a 49er fan since 1982 i think we all need to stick together and quit bickering but we can still debate some things with some maturity oh and nice pickup we need someone to fix that o line it can be better


    I am also from Texas, I live in El Paso and I love it. I lived in Houston before and it is so hard to find 49er fans only the bandwagon fans. When we are doing good those fans jump aboard and claim they are fans. I hated houston not only are the women stuck up but the people are some of the rudest people you can meet, if you come to texas come to san antonio or austin that is texas, houston and dallas are full of hick metrosexual cowboy fans! Theirs alot of 49ers fans in El Paso, it is awesome compared to that concrete hell jungle with grass and cement. I realize this is not the 80’s or early 90’s aquiring players is more difficult and we do not have eddie D, but Jed is starting to mold into Eddie and I like!!!! We need to address the QB, to me that is the nuckeus of any team, IO realize the offensive line is important but trust me dont get your hopes up just because Alex had a good year he wont bring us the the promise land. We need Alex as the backup, bring in a proven Qb some how if Alex does better which he wont then let Alex get the starting job! I feel like we need to think out of the box and think like the saints did and many other teams. We need to make a change, Alex will not do it, he is a good backup but never consistant.

  • dosia510

    im born and bred in the bay area and i gotta say i love having non california niner fans. especially in texas cuz i HATE dallas and houston. austin is the place to go…6th street is fuckin awesome….

  • Morse

    Ya Dosia, I live in austin and theirs a old saying in this town, Keep Austin weird, its like San Francisco and I love it, Houston and Dallas have some of the most stuck up, uptight, superficial arrogant rich metrosexual pricks more than I have ever seen! Theirs alot of 49er fans in Austin, and ya Dosia I have had many good memories on 6th street, I am a family man now but those were the days! I have been a 49er fan all my life and I remember growing up in houston wearing my 49ers jacket in high school during the 90’s and I always got alot of shit for that, because their were so many hicks sporting their cowboy jackets back then. I remembered being heckled for that alot, but I always stood tall and wore that jacket with pride, I remember having a picture of Jerry Rice in my locker!

    • chuckle49er

      now thats awesome bro, ive gotten alot of slack here in utah over the years there are alot of denver and cowboy fans here too

  • West

    Dolphines are believed to cut Joey Porter. Porter on the Rome Show said he wants to come home. He wouldnt mind playing in S.F.


    QB is the solution plain and simple, I am starting to doubt this site and the fans on it, seems like no one wants progress just the same stagnent shit year after year. Eddie D would not tolerate this he would want change fast and he would get it! I know its not the 80's but Eddie d would not tolerate this shit!!!! Bill walsh loved airing out the ball and he would not tolerate Alex mediocrity, Alex has proven he is only a good backup! We need to win and get to number six before thopse hillbilly bastards do in dallas! We need a elite QB, enough said!


    We need a QB and I heard in a article a few days ago that we could possibly get Mcnabb in a trade. Everyone I am sorry but Alex is a good back up he will not lead us to the promise land. Would the colts or saints be the team they are without a proven QB, no they would not, I know you’ll all say they have a good offensive line. Everyone on here has a hard on for an offensive lineman, Alex will not be any more consistant with an offensive lineman. Like I said before he is a Bono type backup keep him for that, trade him in exchange for Mcnabb or keep him for backup thats what I would do. We are not going anywhere if we do not get an elite QB in here. If we do not get Mcnab we need to go after T.O. because Mcnab and T.O. coiuld not get along. We need A QB folks that is the most important position on a team, without it we will not be elite and go to the superbowl. We might make it to the playoffs with Alex but he will not carry us to a superbowl, he is just not that consistant under pressure. We are set at defense, set at receiver, we need that QB and we will go all the way to number 6, so stop shootiung this down all you newschool fans !!!!!!!!!!!

  • West

    SHITHEAD,,,, the only person i would trade for is Brandon Marshall. Giving Alex a solid line ( drafting OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa, Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland, Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers or Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma) will give Alex time and weapons. Not to forget about Nate Davis will be a BEAST once he learns the Offense. Now many of you may also want Return Man Josh Cribbs in a trade but there is a guy named Dexter McCluster (Game Changer), WR/RB, Ole Miss that should be around in the 2nd round for us to grab. Jahvid Best, RB, Cal would be nice but i dont see him around in the 2nd round. Julius Peppers i hope we dont trade for. Why throw away a pick when we can get Joey Porter or Jason Taylor once they are cut! Porter can sub in and out. Either way Brandon Marshall should be our only trade! Crabtree, Marshall, Morgan. VD, Walker and Gore. “Thats alot of weapons”

    • Chris

      Personally I wouldn’t trade for any of those guys. I think that Marshall is a cancer. I know that he puts up numbers but really is he worth the headaches. Peppers is getting old any has been injury prone over the years, plus he is a 4-3 player and we run a 3-4. I love McNabb, but the same thing he is old and doesn’t have to much time left in the league. He would be a great short term solution but long term we might be fucking ourselves if Alex can develop.

      Right now I would love to see the Niners pick up joey porter. The man is a beast and would be a great addtion to an already strong D.

      Offensivly: We need to shore up the line. Maybe get a change of pace back like CJ Spiller or Sproles, and just have time together in the same system to gel. The OC needs to decide if we are going to be a running team or a spread team. I think that we are very effective when we start in the spread and then pound the rock in the 4th with Gore. If you remember in the past when Craig that what we did. We pass to open the run and when we did that last season it worked. If we can protect the QB.

      The piece are mostly in place. We got a strong coach that has demand of his team and who the players want to play for. We got a All world RB and TE. Crabtree potential is unlimited and Alex is coming into his own. All we need now is to put those piece in the right system and watch it run.

      • West

        I keep hearing how people feel Marshall will be a “cancer” i dont see it. Sing has away of getting the best out of his players and Sing is a H.O.F player that gets respect. Many thought V.D. was turning into a “cancer” look how that turned out. Marshall wants out of Denver due to L’s, same goes for Porter so does that make Porter a Cancer? Marshall flate out plays, Not a baby T.O. like the media says…

        I agree on not getting Peppers! Porter is the man to sign

        • West

          Dexter McCluster (Game Changer), WR/RB, Ole Miss is your change of pace back.

          We need to save money to lock up our own players!

  • Scott P.

    Ok this is ridiculous. I have been a 49er fan since I can remember. I’m 25 years old and was born in San Jose,lived in alameda and San Francisco then moved to LA. So don’t say I’m a “bandwaggon” fan.
    There is no way we should get a qb first round…shithead you are wrong about that. I do think we need another qb. But drafting a first round qb pick got us in this situation. Build up the offensive line…bassically u can put me in there and I can get a pass off to anybody if I have the right amount of time to throw. I’m thinking we should wait for a qb to come along at the right time. We can’t afford to pay millions for something that might turn out to be another alex smith. To his credit he is looing better. Nate Davis on the other hand is going to be a stud. Trust me. He has a learning disability and once he gets that taken care of and learns the plays he will be deadly. Get the special teams return game back to par. We need better corners. The key is a fast defense that can apply pressure on the qb. But I’m not worried about our defense. Singeltary was the defensiveinenacker coach before and he has that on lock down. Lets get that o line going. Ours are too small. Get some big guys in there that can move around and allow smith to throw to crabtree and Davis. Crabtree should do excellent this year. He already showed he will be one of the leagues best by not knowing any plays and coming in half way of the season and still making solid routes and catches.

  • jubril r.

    First of all, i wanna say its fantastic to see a bunch of 49er fans together. Ive been a fan since 1988. Im with the majority of fans as well, take cj spiller at 13 and trent williams at 17. Also, i keep hearing nate davis poppin up. Word is that he has a cannon. I pray that sing and raye have the common sense to mold him this year. Now i live in virginia, chesapeake to be exact. Everybody knows this is redskin country. Dont get me wrong, im a niner fan til death, but me and redskin fans share a common enemy, dallas! Trust me guys i can count on one hand the true niner fans at my job. My main goal this year is to visit candlestick this year. If there is anybody up here that lives in san fran that knows of any 49er only stores that i can buy more 49er stuff i would love to know. Im trying to blow most of my salary out there. To all my 49ers co-fans, i love yall and you got a friend in virginia.