Foerster Gone…I Rejoice

Chris Foerster is no longer with the 49ers. Thank you Niner Gods. Adam Schefter has reported that Mike Shanahan has hired Foerster to coach the Redskins offensive line.

I wanted two coaching changes this offseason, well three, but two of the three have been replaced. Everest and now Foerster.

Please Singletary keep the offseason going nicely and sign Solari to coach the O-line.

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    Shit, I gues people think Shanni is a God, but he is not, but damn good coach. I am glad he's gone also but Forester should of stayed put for his benefit, because Sing is going to bring us a championship in the next 2 years! Who is Solaris or Solari, isn't that a movie!

  • SHITHEAD rightly said!