Clements to Safety? Yeah Not Happening

I thought it was rather humorous when I read reports from sites outside Ninerland, that next season Nate Clements was going to be moved to safety. The funny thing is a lot of people ran with it and believed it would happen. Well I have news for those folks, well okay Matthew Barrows from the Sacbee does, and that is that next season Nate is not going to be moved to safety. He’ll stay at cornerback and by the time the season starts, Nate will be back where he belongs, opposite Shawntae Spencer. Here is the part from Barrows article.

Don’t expect cornerback Nate Clements to go anywhere next season – not to free safety and not to the waiver wire. Despite Shawntae Spencer’s improved play, Clements’ big 2010 salary – he’s set to earn $6 million – and his Week 8 demotion, the 49ers still consider him a starting cornerback. Mike Singletary said as much this week when discussing how he’d prefer not to have receiver Josh Morgan returning kicks next season.

“In terms of having your starting wide receiver be your kickoff guy,” Singletary said, “I just don’t get excited about that. No more than Nate returning punts in the Indianapolis game, your starting corner. No, I don’t get excited about that. But, sometimes guys have to step up and do that. That (return man) is a priority for us this offseason.”

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  • Nate Clements, when healthy, is one of the most complete Cornerbacks you will find in the NFL. He has his lapses at times, but is still well respected around the league. He is an All-Pro CB and still arguably the best overall CB on this roster. He, paired with Shawntae, gives the niners one of the best starting duo in the NFL.

  • West

    Clements stays then we gotta draft T. Mays SS/ USC to replace M. Lewis. Goldston and Mays = PAIN!

  • Mas

    Alex Smith + Jimmy Raye / Rams = Worst Game of the Year

  • Mas

    VD TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!