Win Number 7

The 49ers won their 7th game of the season over the Detroit Lions. It was a rough start for the 49ers in the first half. Their defense played well and got the offense three turnovers, but again the offense struggled to take advantage of those turnovers and put points on the board. Going into half the 49ers were only up 6-3.

The second half was a whole different story. They came out on offense and gave it to their workhorse in Frank Gore who racked up 110 yards in the 3rd quarter. During that third quarter Frank scored a touchdown and also put up enough yards on the ground to post his 4th consecutive 1000 yard season, which is now a 49ers record. Congrats go out to Gore, who shows that if they give him the ball regardless of formation he’ll make a difference and he did just that.

The defense had six turnovers on the day. Three interceptions and three forced fumbles. The defense is sure there, all that is missing is a consistent pass rush and a safety. Hopefully that will be addressed in the draft.

On the offensive side their is still lots of needs. Mainly on the offensive line. Smith was rushed multiple times in the first half and at times didn’t help out Frank. The offense has the tools with Frank, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree, now a good offensive line will just help those three out more and more.

Other notes, Ahmad Brooks forced two fumbles, Vernon Davis caught his 12th TD of the season, one away from tying Antonio Gates for most TD’s by a tight end. And Crabtree through 10 games has the second most receiving yards by a rookie, behind Jerry Rice.

Only one game left when the 49ers take on the Rams and hopefully another win will put them at 8-8 on the season and momentum heading into next season.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • The Real Joe Gomez

    We get a real QB well be in business.

    • Chris

      The problem isn’t Alex Smith. The problem with this team all seaon was the o-line and playing inconsitent. That goes for the D as well. Sometimes we looked like we couldn’t lose and others we looked like a High School team could beat us. Alex is not the problem. He is a “REAL” QB in this league. With a sure line in front of him he can make all the throws just like McNabb and Manning. Its really hard to read the D when you only have 2 seconds. Looks at Manning and McNabb they have all the time in the world to find a receiver. Alex has to run for his life.

  • Chris

    It was a rough start to the game, because the o-line couldn’t block anyone and that went on the whole game. The reason the Niners did get something going in the second half was because they were able to move Alex around and break some good runs by Frank. That 4th down play when Alex hit Frank was awsome!

    I agree the Defense looks great with some minor tweaking they are going to be great next season. The Offense has the play makers in place they just need some help in the trenches and get a line that that can block some one. Overall, this was a well played game and I feel good about next season.

  • KneeJerkReaction

    Defence was awesome. Offence did what needed to be done. No point going for broke when the game is in the bag. I love it when people are positive on this site – I think this site is awesome, but it pisses me off when people hammer the team when we lose but then love them when we win.

    • Chris

      Dude I agree with you 100%. I hate all of these fake ass Niner fans who all they want to do is talk shit all the time when we lose and jump on the band wagon when we win.

      I think that we played great over all. Need some help on the o-line, but still did great. Alex is our future and I see a lot of wins coming in the future for this team. Go Niners!!!!!!!

  • Ninerfan81

    Niners by the Numbers

    I just happen to be checking Team stats from last year to this year because of all of the INTs and FF this season.

    Singletary did say that we are not a “charity case” and we will not turn the ball over. Well he’s made good on that promise as the 2009 Niners are a +9 in Turnover ratio.

    Compare that to 2008 when we were -17 and that’s a whooping difference of 26!!

    And yes our OLine has seen better days but if we can get keep the starters healthy and find a RT then we should be okay. Last year we surrendered 55 sacks and so far we’re at 35.

  • Ninerfan81

    Chris I too agree with you about the “real” niner fans on here sometimes. My sign-in as “Ninerfan81” isn’t my age, its how long I’ve been a fan!

    You can vent about players having a bad game or whatever but you NEVER shit on your own team no matter how bad it gets over the years.

    Niners for life baby!!

  • dosia510

    who are u guys talkin about?? every one is pretty much just stating their opinion. isnt that the point of this site?? IMO, raye is a fuckin pussy and i hate him. iv hated him from week 1. does that not make me a “real” fan?

    now that being said, i do feel we should keep raye and smith though, to build that consistency. im happy with this win and especially for franky. he deserves a championship o-line and i hope they do address that in the off season.

    kneejerker, i disagree though about not going for broke since we are not going to the playoffs i think thats why we should go all out and give the fans some excitement. maybe give davis the oppertunity to brake gates’ record. there is no use in going conservative when playing meaningless games. yes the game was in the bag and the way our D was playing theres no way detroit would have came back. why not go all out??

    cant wait for next season already. we will be a good team with a “REAL” playoff shot.

    • Chris


      It is one thing to state your opinion and it’s another thing to bash. You have your right to think that the OC sucks, and I have to agree at times he has been very conservative and that has cost us a few wins this season.

      It is another thing to come here and just beat down the team. Saying that they aren’t going to watch the team play until we fire Raye and get another QB. Do you know what I’m talking about? I know that you have read some of those post here.

      • dosia510

        my bad, i thought u were indirectly talkin about me. lol had a few too many last night. ya the negativity some posters bring is sometimes a bit too much. i dont know if its the patron and coronas i was drinking last night or just the thought of another year with raye at OC thats making me feel nautious. smith didnt play great but he also didnt play horrible. i remember in the first half thinking he made some pretty bad throws. damn i wish i had tivo. overall, o-line is swiss cheese and defense is awesome. i really hope davis goes for the record next week. that would be a nice record to have on his resume.

  • Good for Alex and the 49ers. I really feel bad for a guy, in Alex Smith, that is getting unfairly criticized by a lot of fans. I guess a 97.5 QB rating isn’t so great in the NFL. That is why their opinion does not matter, only the FO does. Lets beef up this O-Line and tweak this D, we will be a young dangerous team next season and beyond! GO NINERS!!!

  • chuckle49er

    great win!! but i still dont like jimmy rayes play calling to conservative alexes strength is not under center its in the gun and the o-line doesnt give him more than three seconds around 60 percent of the time anyway the defense is spectacular the future looks great for the team and its chemistry “up and coming” go niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francisco

    Chris, I am tired of you NEWBIE 49er fans coming on here acting like you have watched the team for years when you have probably just started watching this year or last. Don't talk alot of shit until you get some credability son. I disagree 100% with you Chris, I think you are obviously a new fan because why would you say alex is not part of the problem. Alex is the main reason and also the o-line ofcourse, but alex has not been consitant QB before his injury and after. Obviously you have not watched the 49ers since alex was drafted, this shit is getting old and I guess you have not suffered like the rest of us since the early 00's when that turd Terry donahue and erickson personally destroyed this team by geting rid of Garcia and T.O. which had many more good years in them. I have been a fan since 79 and this is not 49er football and Sing knows that. Sing is a loyal person to Alex and has confidence, but I do not think he will put all his faith into alex during the offseason, he wants a backup plan. Sing, I think believes in Alex but he is not too confident with his inconsistancy, and I think he will look for that plan B. Sing like us is a fan and he wants to bring back that 49er tradition, the tradition of winning. Chris, you little turds were probably shooting spitballs in middle school the last time the 49ers were in the playoffs and you probably from Texas, like all these other crabtree followers becoming new fans since he joined our team. We should keep Alex, he has some promise, but I dont trust him, so we need some leverage, I would still go after some QB via draft or free agency-trade.

    • Chris

      Well son, let me tell you this. I have been a Niner fan since 1977, My earliest memories of football are watching Joe throw to players like Clark, Rice, Taylor and my all time favorite Niner Roger Craig. That is why I wore number 33 in school. I can name every starting player from each of the super bowl years. I have ate, breathe and sleep 49er football longer than you have been alive so don’t talk shit.

      Back the Alex. Now I have watch every Niner game since he started playing. I bought an Alex Smith Jersey the day he was drafted in 2005. And yes he has had his ups and downs, but I have a question for you. Do you really think that he has had a fair chance? Besides this year has he had any playmakers besides Gore? Has he had adquente coaching? I feel that all of those answer are NO.

      So Fransico, GO FUCK YOURSELF! I have seen this team play more games while sitting on my shitter than you have ever. Eat a dick.

  • Ninerfan81

    The problem with looking for another QB is that there really isn't one out there good enough to trade a first round pick for.

    Kyle Orton and Travis Jackson don't are UFA for a reason.

    I say lets keep Alex and keep our OC for a full season and see how he does. That's prehaps more then he deserves but that is the hand we're dealt with.

    "shooting spitballs" dude you're showing your age!

  • Francisco, I respectfully disagree with you 100%! Fortunately, a lot of fans are not in the FO. From what I have read and heard, the niners are right with me about the whole Alex situation. STAY AWAY FROM QB PROSPECTS THIS YEAR!!! Go 9ers!!!

  • Ninerfan81

    Geez I need to pre-read my posts sometimes.

  • Ninerfan81

    Willie Colon will be an UFA in the off season. He’d make a fine RT for the Niners.

  • Chris

    Guys, Sorry for getting alittle upset with Mr. Fransico. I hate when people try to claim that I'm not a real fan, because I love this team so much.

  • Its playoffs or bust next season for the Singletary, Raye, and Mcloughan. Alex, if perfors well, will be brought back next year despite team struggles.

    • Chris

      I would agree with you on most of that John, but I don't think that they will Fire Mike if next season isn't good. I do think that Alex has to prove himself not only next season, but this offseason as well if he wants to remain the starting QB of the 49ers. I think that Sing is doing some very good things and will be around for at least 4 years regardless.

      With all that being said. It won't matter, because we are going to KICK ASS next year and win the whole damn thing. 6 rings baby. Super bowel or bust!!!!!!!

  • Ninerfan81

    Chris, its cool about getting alittle tick’d off. We only have one more game to watch and its against the RAMS.

    If Zona loses on Sunday to GB, then our season did come down to the Seattle and Minni road games. Ouch! Good news is that if 10 wins is all that is needed to win the WEST then we have the talent to do it.

    Getting back to the Gore 4th down catch. I gotta say that it was a great call but if you’ve been watching the games, that check down to Gore has been there all year!

    That’s the difference between Smith and Hill. Alex needs to read the D faster and that comes with experience.

    • Chris

      Dude, I agree 100%. Gore has been open a lot for those types of check downs and he is an outstanding reciever out of the back field. I would love to see us use more screen plays and other pass plays to Gore because those are safe throws and high precentage throws that will help Alex a lot. I think that Alex has been a little slow getting into a grove with his reads. I feel that just like a lot of young guys that he is always looking for the big play first and still hasn't learned that its ok to check down and take what the D is giving. I think that with some playing time and experience that will develop. We are going to win next year and for a long time to come, because we are a very young team that has been built the right way. Mike is a strong leader and can really become a great HC. All we need to do is close out the close games and we win a butt load of games. That will come with more expeirence and a full training camp under the same system.

  • dosia510

    “All we need to do is close out the close games and we win a butt load of games.”

    minnesota, houston, indy, and seattle. those four right there would have put us at 11 wins as of this week. i know its cliche to say and i hate saying it cuz we have been saying it for most of this decade, but next year is it. and this time, its true…..

  • Francisco

    Chris, I am sorry for being a jackass, I was wrong, just had a bad day, you know how that goes, you have my appology, I was wrong, life is just tough. Chris and everyone this is my opinion, My prediction is alex want do shit next year, same ole song and dance, inconssitency and we will be posting what to do this same time next year. Sing is the long term solution at coach and he has confidence in Alex, but like I said, he does not fully trust Alex deep inside, he is smart enough to find a back up plan, and contrary to what everyone thinks on here, he will try to find another option at QB this offseason. I know theirs not much talent out their to get at QB , but don’t be suprised with any free agency aquisitions, don’t rule that shit out! I do not understand alot of you fans on here, not all of you, just a few. Why don’t you want to think outside the box a little and make something happen. The same shit year to year is not working. Every year, all I hear is we need offensive lineman, or get more defense backs when we have been without a good Qb for since garcia. We have had backup type QBs since garcia and I am tired of it, I want a consistant starter in their, a proven winner. QB position is the nuclues of any team, as much as I hate the cowbillies, do think those bastards would be as good as they were if it wasnt for that little turd romo. Why were we mainly succesful in the 80’s because we had the best QB of all time, but granted we also had an excellent Defense. We couldnt have won without that D, but at the sametime it is a catch 22, we needed the offense to put points on the board. I feel like you can have the best D, but if you have a high powered offense sometimes the best D cant stop the best offense no matter. I think we are set at D; we have the foundation much like we did in the 80’s and we do need better protection at offensive line, but the main reason we suffer I think is ALEX. Alex is a stev Bono type, he is a good backup but cant be good consistantly the whole season. I feel like we need to give alex one more year, but at the same time have a back up plan, a plan B at QB. Seems like all you fellas want the same shit next year. I do not trust alex, I do not hate him, just wouldnt gamble all my money on him. I would have that option B so we can make it to the playoffs, and maybe beyond. We do not need to throws our eggs in one basket. I think in the draft we should draft that QB in the first round first, and the other first round pic should be a offensive lineman, but the Qb should be our first choice followed by a stud lineman. I also think we need T.O. back as much as everyone disagrees, he has a few more years in the tank and I think we have nothing to lose. Everyone on here needs to think outside the box and be less conservative or we will go nowhere. We need to promote T.O coming back to San Francisco. The guy will improve our team greatly we have nothing to lose at this point. I know T.O. is a locker room cancer, but dont you think he’s grown up a little, the guy is not 31 anymore, he’s older and he wants to make a good impression before he retires, and when better to do that then with his old team. Just imagine, he helps turn us around and he goes down a 49er in the hall of fame, and rice will be his presenter. I know everyone thinks he will create problems but I do not think so, I think he will help and I think at this point we should go for it and take the chance. Like I said we have nothing to lose, we are already not a good team, we under 500, so go for it! Everyone do not shoot this down, we need to promote change and not go through the same broken record shit every year, please damnit, we need to promote this shit, let the 49ers know! Don’t shoot this shit down damnit!

    • Chris

      Hey bro no worries, All is good. I understand that you think that Alex isn’t the answer, I really do. The only issue that I have is that I want to really give the guy a chance. I guess that I’m not the average football fan. When I watch games I watch the little things more, and what I have seen from Alex from day one to today is that he really sees the field now. Before he was just confused out there and didn’t really know what to do with the ball. He looked like some one in a dancing group and didn’t know the steps and was trying to follow along with the guy in front of him. This year from the first time that he stepped on the field I noticed that go away. Yes I would agree that there has been times that you see that come out in him, but you see that in every QB, even Farve at times looked that way this year. You don’t see that lost look at him anymore. Even when he fucks up he knows why and that will make him better and a solid QB next season. I would even venture and pro bowl QB next season.

      Back to you thoughts about a back up plan. I agree with you 100%. If a guy like Bradford, or McCoy fall into our laps, then fuck we need to grab him. With that being said, we don’t need to throw them into the fire right away. We need to let either of them sit behind Alex for a few years like the Chargers did with Rivers then give him a chance. Just my thoughts.

      I also agree with you 100% about T.O. I think that would be a great pick up and I bet you it would even be a cheap pick up because of his past. I do agree with you that he seems to have grown up and lets face it if he can keep his mouth under control with the shitty Bills and there QB situation then I know that he can keep it closed with the Niners. Even with all of Alex’s faults he is still better than anything the Bills had this year. I think that he would really make everyone on the field better not just Alex, but Crabtree, Davis and Gore.

      I like the way that your thinking and I look forward to your response. Thank you for your thoughts.

      • dosia510

        wow this TO thing is ridiculous. im sorry but it is. there are other areas of need that are way more important that need to be addressed ahead of this. say we do get him, and we dont fully address the o-line situation. alex has no time to throw as it is, and when TO doesnt get the ball, he will bitch. he may not be doing it as much as he used to in buffalo, but he wont keep his big mouth shut fot another year. if we’re to bring in someone to help the receiving corps, there are alot of other UFA this year that are younger n more team oriented. steve breaston, vincent jackson, even braylon edwards i would rather have. long shot or not, i REALLY believe that TO will not change. crabby is growing well and who has TO ever “mentored”? that guys a piece of shit and will tear a team apart. maybe im wrong, but thas how i feel…..

  • dosia510


  • West

    Its been along time since we had an .500 season. Next year will be our year to play into January. Never to early to speak on 2010 draft. With 2 1st round picks ‘”thanks McCloughan”” we should be able to land Taylor Mays S/ USC to replace M. Lewis. Adding some speed and more hard hitting to our Defense. Joe Haden DB/ Florida is also a good option since Clements due to make a lot and who knows if he takes a cut. Walt Harris wont be back but Dre Bly I hope we find room for. With our 2nd 1st round pick we need to address the O-Line. There will be a lot of options for us, Trent Williams OT/ Okla, Bryan Bulaga OT/Iowa, Anthony Davis OT/ Rutgers.

    Free Agency not sure what to think with this a possible uncapped year. “If we could get 2 out of this list”

    We need to bring in a QB to atleast to back up Alex. Jason Campbell Washington or Matt Moore Panthers….O.J. Atogwe S/Rams or Nick Collins S/ Packers (if we decide against Taylor Mays)…Dunta Robinson at DB is an option but doubtful…J. Cribbs return man and J. Peppers may be tagged and traded.

  • dosia510

    how does eveyone feel about maybe pursuing charlie batch as a back up? hes an UFA next year?? ideas? thoughts??

  • West

    Keep an eye on Joe Haden DB/ Florida tonight. If we pass on Taylor Mays SS/ USC we should go after Joe Haden…