The Fat Lady is Singing

The 49ers lost their 8th game of the season and with that loss they are now officially eliminated from the playoffs. The 49ers tried making a game of it in the second half, but fell short.

The first half however was embarassing. They only scored three points and turned the ball over four times, but despite that they were still in the game after the third quarter. Only down 20-13. But McNabb and DeSean had enough. They hooked up on a big pass play which setup a touchdown which put them up 27-13 and that was just enough to get the win.

The biggest positive of this game was that Frank Gore rushed for over 100 yards, the first time in 23 games that the Philly D gave up a 100 yard rusher. Also nice to see that even though they were down by 17 at half, they still made a game of it in the second half. The 49ers finish the season against the Lions and Rams and now are playing for an 8-8 season, which will give them some hope for heading into next season.

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  • Ninerfan81

    Nice article talking about how they made a game of it. We (Niner Fans) need to continue to stick together and look at the positives. Like you said they have a chance to go 8-8 for first time in years and we are the cream of the crop in our division. After we beat the RAMS we'll be 5-1 and look back at the Seattle flop and Farve comeback as reasons for not being 10-6 and winning the division.

    We'll be the best team next year when Warner finally slows down and Seattle looks for a QB of the future.

    We'll shore up the OL and secondary in the offseason and look forward to 2010.

    Although I'm feeling the Packers pain after the Steeles comeback.

  • Chris

    Guys I don't really know what to say other than how heart broken I am. These guys at times this season looked unbeatable, but other times they just looked like shit. I understand that Philly is a great team, but I really thought that the Niners were able to play with these guys. The tough thing is that we really played with them except for the first half.

    I really think that the question that really needs to be asked is simple. Is Alex Smith going to be able to develop next season with a whole offseason workout and training camp as the starter? As many of you know I am a Smith supporter, but watching the first half of the game I have my doubts. Maybe it was because of the D putting pressure on him and the Line really sucking. Staley played shitting pass protection. What ever it was, I just don't know if he can. The really fucked up thing is that we really don't have a choice but to ride him for one more season. We could draft a McCoy, but then what. We have start all over again with a rookie QB fucking things up learning. I really think that the niners need to draft McCoy and keep Alex.

    This sounds dumb, but I think that throwing the rookie out there right away is a mistake. I think that we should pick him up in the draft and let him sit behind Alex and learn the Offense. Hopefully learn from Alex. Maybe take something away from his success, but more importantly learn from Alex's mistakes. Plus maybe this will start a fire under Alex's ass and make him play better.

    I know that this season is over, but I am really looking forward to the last 2 games. I really want to see a few things. First can Alex play well and lead the team. Second, Crabtree continue development. I think that he is going to be a great fucking player. Third, Can we finish the season on a high note and head into the offseason with some momentium. Well guys I think that if nothing else we can say that this season has been interesting. We have really had out highs and lows but unlike the past few years I think that this season we have had more highs than lows. I am really looking forward to the darft and next season as I hope many of you are.

    • Mas (Realest One)

      Chris, I love what you had to say and thank you for saying it.

      I was thinking I would come onto this site tonight, 5 shots of taquila deep, 6 beers and Pandora playing in the background and shoot 2 cents or 3…

      What you said encompasses what I had intended to harp on but is still hard to swallow since the weight of this loss is still so heavy. There are so many things we can improve on but what does it matter if our critics and even some of our fans can't keep looking ahead.

      We saw a lot of good things and a lot of bad things with tonight's performance. The potential is there for success but if we are unable to address match-up as well as positional *deficiancies, we will continue to talk about the same problems…


      DE/OLB was not able to apply pressure to McNabb and force bad decisions and or contain on broken plays.

      SS showed its consistent inability to help over the top and/or meet their opponents across the middle (coupled w/ poor tackling).

      Offensively – our line through the absence of Joe Staley was not able to protect Alex Smith's blind side, forced pressure and subsequently forced turnovers at our expense. Alex Smith will catch a lot of heat for this but it is important to keep in mind the fact that we were unable to provide the time to make plays happen. (Look at what McNabb was able to do with his protection).

      Our receivers are still steadily progressing but the lack of a deep threat keeps most of our opposition focused on the 0-10 yd range and when we are unable to keep them honest, Frank suffers. With out Frank, we fail to put ourselves into a position where we can see 2nd or 3rd & short when we need to.

      All in all – it was more bad than good but I see that we have a lot of the right pieces in place. My only hope is that, moving forward we'll be able to make the appropriate moves to acquire the right personnel to alleviate some of the more 'simplistic' issues we deal with week to week.

      My only hope with this week is that none of you lose faith in what we have yet to accomplish. Yes, we are still a developmental team but we are right on the cusp of significantly contending not only in our division but in the NFC. Most of you have followed this team for longer than I have and at this point in the season as well as the franchise, it's important to remember that we're all rooting for the same team..

      Collectively, the voice and direction of this franchise & its front office needs to be heard by its fans & we are it.. All I have stated is an objective opinion about ONE weeks' performance. Where should we go from here?

      Again, Where should we go from here? If you fired Scot McCloughan's job today, what would it mean for tomorrow? Where do we go from here?

  • Morse

    I say go after Colt Mccoy in the draft or a another good QB and I know I will get flac for this, but get T.O. back because his contract is up after next year in buffalo, unless they extended it and I do not know about that. That would be that deep threat you said we need Mas. Getting back T.O. might create friction in the locker room, but maybe it will not, lets evaluate that. I persoanlly think T.O. is a traitor and a sellout for embrassing the cowbillies but I think he would want to come back to the team that made him. As my friend once said T.O. was born with us, he will always be a 49er, he played the majority of his career here and he has his best numbers here, so 49ers consider his return. Please do not close this out and say it will never happen, every year for the past ten years we have had dissapointment and I want to start thinking outside the box and experimenting. I think T.O. would do well here wraping up his career, it might give him added motivation because we are a team on the rise and he wants to win a championship before he retires, he wants to go down a winner. That will cement T.O. as a 49er in the Hall of fame, no question! But one problem I burned my original T.O. jersey when he went to the Cowpatties!

    • Chris

      I don’t think that your crazy at all. As a matter of fact, T.O has expressed his disire to return to the Niners. I think that it would be a great pick up. He is older and more major than he was when he was with us the first time, but the guy can still play. Put him in the mix with Crabtree, Davis and Gore and wow. I can almost see it if I try. The only thing is that I don’t think that we need him. WR is not a top need for this team. I think that if we are going to go into FA and get a player, we need to address O-line first, then DBs. I really would like us to move Clements to Safety and go after a good corner in either the draft of FA. I think that Nate would be a great safety. He can step up and hit people and play coverage. Nice combo if you ask me.

  • ninersfan

    I was just thinking, why didn't we drafted desean jackson when Jerry Rice recommended this kid to the 49ers? Why why why?

    • Chris

      That is a great question. I guess we can chop that up to another reason why Mike Nolen isn't the coach anymore.

  • wickerman

    Horrible secondary play, horrible o-line play and Smith trying to force balls while he is under pressure = big time bomb of a game. Smith was hit, pressured, sacked, throwing balls under duress and getting picked off and the drops, bad route running and stupid penalties continue.

    This team needs a solid camp together to clean up the sloppy play. They look like a team playing a pickup game – no chemistry, no coordination, just nothing.

    Here’s hoping for 8-8.

  • dosia510

    i dont know about TO. i dont think anyone in the front office, locker room, or in the stands want him here. its like that saying goes, "fool(burn) me once shame on u, fool(burn) me twice shame on me."

  • Devil Dawg

    This proves Alex isnt the answer. Colt vs. Davis for next year. Desean had a game I predicted, he showed why we made a big mistake not drafting him. Convinced yet Pundit?

  • Alex was inconsistent this game on the road @Philly. That is somewhat understandable to say the least. This O-Line is soooo pathetic, needs upgrade without a doubt. There is no other option at QB unless you get a rookie in the 1st round. That will just set you back a few seasons. Bring Alex back, upgrade O-Line in FA, Bring in a established starting WR, PR/KR/, speedy backup RB, CB for depth, FS(Berry), OLB. Keep Raye, Singletary, and Alex for ONE MORE season.

  • 49erA

    I must say is it posotive or negative that this is the heaviest lost that not only me but many 9er fans have felt in a long time. I beleive we have matured and taken 2 maybe 3 steps forward. It hurts man but i will not give an opinion till’ this 300 lb. weight is lifted off my shoulders.

  • Mas (Realest One)

    Smith needs to be challenged. If we go into next offseason with the QB's, same system and with a bolstered offensive front, great. I really don't see the problem in getting a guy like Colt McCoy in the 2nd round (depending on who we get in the first) to light a fire under Alex's ass next year.

    We owe no allegience to a single player, coach or general manager. Alex signed a contract through 2010 and that's it. If we can atleast get to the playoffs in 2010, he'll have a job in 2011. But why take that risk and lose a year of developing a kid like Nasty Nate Davis or Colt "Pistol Arm" McCoy? It doesn't matter if Alex feels threatened by it – he Should! That's why it's a "competition" – now get better #11.

    • Chris

      I would agree 100% with drafting McCoy. I watch him in a lot of games the past 2 years and the kid can play. But I don't think that he would be ready to step in and start day 1 in the NFL. Draft him, sit him at number 2 behind Alex and let him learn and develop, just like Rivers did with Brees. Whata say?

      • Mas (Realest One)

        Absolutely Chris. Getting him in Round 2 and having him sit behind Alex or even Nate in order to see how he develops is not asking a lot. Give him that time to learn the pro style system and see what happens.

        I just want to see someone genuinely challenge him at the position. McCoy plays in a predominantly spread formation. He rarely takes snaps from under center but that doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t make the adjustment to playing a bit more under center. He has good feet – an extremely accurate arm and can make all the throws.

        Again, we don’t “owe” Alex Smith anything. If he wants to stay a part of this team he has to prove that he deserves that extension. I don’t believe everything falls on his shoulders. I don’t believe that he is or is not our answer. It’s not about that. How much of a ceiling does Alex Smith have in a 49ers uniform or in a 49ers Jimmy Raye/Mike Sing system? Is he getting pushed enough? Can he grow a sack and man up when he fails to meet expectations one week and when he does meet them in another?

        We’ll see. 2 more games and then the offseason discussions are in full tilt.

        BTW – watching the 49ers press pass with coach Singletary… what a bunch of shitty questions. Holy shit.

        “Can you describe what you’re feeling knowing that you won’t make the playoff?”

        Are you fucking serious…?

        “When Alex throws with in 10 yds he is accurate… Buttttt it seems like, when he throws past that his numbers go way down and he throws interceptions a lot…”

        Really… Because I thought it would be easier throwing 50 yd bombs all the time! …What a fucking moron…

        Anyway… that’s all I got. Happy Holiday’s guys.

  • ninerfaithful


  • Chris

    I just watch the post game press conference and it looks like Mike has confidence in Alex going into next season. I think that is great, but only if Alex had confidence in himself. Yesterday after those picks it looked like the life came out of the kid. I really feel for the kid, because of everything that he has been through. However with all that being said. It’s time to shit or get off the pot for Alex. I understand that he has had some rough times but he has to put that all in the past and grow into his potential. I really think that he has done some of that this year and I am hoping that witha full off season and training camp as QB#1 and with the skill players that we have, that he can become that player.

    Watching the kid in games, is almost like watching my 9 year old season. When everything is going good for the kid he is fucking great but when that one mistake happens its like a snow ball effect. It is really up to the coaching staff to build this kid up and help him get that confidence, that swager that he needs to be a great NFL QB.

    • miscus555

      i was thinking that all year. it’s easy to say now since he’s broke out this season but i’ve read the message boards during the 2008 draft and pretty much every single 49er fan spoke about wanting/getting/should draft desean jackson. i thought about it yesterday while watching the game. then i thought on how McClueless is garbage and pretty much half of our good players fell into his lap or where no brainers when he drafted them. when watching the eagles and then after the game they switched to the pitts/green bay game, those two teams (eagles/steelers) both have 2 players we definitly need on our team….Jackson/mcnabb and big ben/holmes. A quarterback who can give himself more time to throw the ball instead of being a sitting duck like smith and taking the sack and a recevier who can stretch the defense and go deep for a 90 yard touchdown. we have none of that and it shows on the offense. crabtree will be good but he will end up being a guy with great hands, posession type, break tackles, work the inside and find a lane to the endzone. same thing with morgan and of course vernon davis. it’s amazing how all the 49ers fans out there no what we need and mcclueless doesn’t know shit

  • Mas (Realest One)


    Would we do the same if we had snow in SF?

    -I doubt it.

    Stay classy Philidelphia.

  • ninerfaithful


    • Chris

      What makes you think that a 5th round pick from Ball State can do any better than Alex Smith? Please someone in Niner Land fucking tell me what is so fucking great about Nate Davis. If he was that good then he would have 1 been drafted higher and 2 be playing. Does he have a huge cock or something? I mean half of the guys in here love this dude and he hasn't played a down yet and most likely won't.

      I think it is because we started with Hill and he sucked. Then we went to Alex and he showed some potential but didn't win many games. So now everyone one is reaching for straws and wants to see Davis. Switching coachs and QBs every year is what got us into to this losing form in the first place.

      Remember we had a good QB in Garcia and a solid team with T.O, but everyone wanted a change. Well guys we go it, 7 years of losing. Lets change something that is becoming something good again and start all over.

      Or, I got a better idea. Lets keep a team together, everyone and add some good players to fill the holes that we have and see what happens. I bet it would work.

    • Chris

      WHY? Give me a reason. Don't you want to watch your team win? Alex is going to distroy the lions and Rams.

  • L.G

    Let Alex go PLEASE! I rather watch a new QB struggle than watch Alex for an other season struggle and everyone make excuses for him. He is a decent QB but will never be an elite QB. He not consistent and that what makes a great QB. Let him make a fresh new start somewhere else it will probably be good for him and us. I wish him the best! However, i doubt it will happen! ITS TIME TO MOVE ON…Nate or anyone else please?

    Because we have the talent no doubt about that!

  • For everyone that is thinking of different scenarios to bring another QB this off-season, your in for a letdown. Mike Singletary just said in his Presser that he has FULL confidence in Alex and he will be the “guy” heading into the future. So, Colt McCoy and anybody else can be crossed off your Christmas List. I, for one, am happy that Alex is coming back next year. I dont think we should get a QB in the 1st round yet, atleast for another season. If he struggles next season, you move on. If he plays well, you have your franchise QB.

  • L.G

    Alex will be the “guy” heading into the future.

    Remember the QB’s Sing. played with for years with in Chicago, man were in trouble! Except for there Super bowl run, they always went with average to below average QB’s…Yikes!

  • Mas (Realest One)

    Sam Bradford is going to be a great QB… Do you pass on a guy like him?

    -And no, Joe Haden is not a shut down CB.

    -Taylor Mays is not worth investing in the top 15.

    -OT/DE (or 3-4 OLB)/SS makes the most sense but tell me why we aren't talking about Sam Bradford anymore?

  • Mas (Realest One)

    Every Mock Draft as of late has us picking up Joe Haden and then an Offensive tackle.

    I know – it's a mock draft…

    Cut me some slack, I'm trying to see who is worth what and at what point we are selecting them from… Joe Haden – PLZ No..

    Anyone have tickets to New York next April?

    I think we should get some people together and go.

  • Chris

    Well, guys I was just looking at the most recent Mock Drafts online and the majority of them have us picking Joe Haden CB UF with our frist pick and an OT from USC with our second pick in round 1. Haden can really help, I think. He might not be a "shut down" CB but he is still very good. Plus this will give us freedom to move Nate to Safety, where I think he's a better fit. We all know we need a new RT so the second pick makes perfect since.

    What I really thought was interesting though was that in round 2 they hav us picking Pike QB from Cincy. I have watch this guy play a few games this year and last. The kids can throw the ball. I still think that he will need time to develop, but it would be a nice pick up in round 2.

    I still would like them to use the second round pick on a pass rusher or another O-lineman, but I can see where getting a good QB with this pick would be a good pick.

    • Mas (Realest One)

      I'd rather get a DE like Cameron Heyward or a CB like Ras-I Downling or that kid from Kentucky… We don't need Tony Pike. He's brittle – lacks arm strength and is a system guy.

  • Mas (Realest One)

    Please watch this… I feel better already about St Louis.

    • dosia510

      that ram it video is fuckin gay. that vid was actually posted on here before. so gay. pause the video right at 1:38 and u will see exactly what im talkin about……

      • dosia510

        right in between 1:37 n 1:38 to be exact

        • Mas (Realest One)

          By gay do you mean, Not gay?


  • Mas (Realest One)

    ..Did we all forget how good Sam Bradford is?

    Really.. Did we?

  • Morse

    Chris, everyone on here does not like experimentation, they go with popular belief and what sounds right to others. Getting T.O. back does not sound right because everyone says he's a team killer and everyone on here wants to go with popular belief. I think T.O. knows his time is short in the NFL and he does not want to go out a sucker. Dosia, you are wrong on this one buddy, stop shutting out good ideas. I think T.O. would love nothing more than to play for his old team and get to the playoffs and show Jerry Jones that he made a mistake letting him go in dallas. T.O. want let anything go, and he lets that pain fester inside him, and I think he would play hard for the team he started with because he has something to prove before he retires. I think we need to all discuss this and bring it to the front office attention. I know everyone will say the front office want do that, no chance, they will not consider it, blah blah blah! I think we are limited on options fellas, we need to go after a QB via draft or free agency or trade and we need that premier big target. Imagine T.O. teaching crabtree like rice taught T.O. I think T.O. will be T.O. the loud mouth, but he is intense and emotional but so is our coach. We need someone to to fire up the sideline and get everyone going, some of T.O.'s other teams did not know how to handle that but we need a ronnie lott out their who will call team meetings or someone who will motivate out their. I understand T.O.'s intensity but some people do not. People do not realize T.O. is passionate about the game and he wants to win and being vocal is his way to express himself, some people thinks thats annoying, but personally I like intensity over the quiet! I probably want get many responses, people on here want the same shit to happen year after year and keep saying no chance, that will not work, we need to experiment like others teams do and make something happen, BRING BACK TERRELL OWENS 49ERS!

    • dosia510

      morse, that sounds like the perfect cinderella story, however, TO is NOT vocal in the sense of bringing everybody together like ronnie lot did. when ever TO gets vocal its always about him, or putting his teammates down. he did it to garcia, mcnabb, and homo. u think he will somehow miraculously change for the better of the 49ers?? as much as i would want that, u would want that, and everyone who ever wore his jersey would want that, it WILL NOT HAPPEN. im not shutting this idea down, im just being real. he wont change. "IF IT LOOKS LIKE A RAT, SMELLS LIKE A RAT, THEN BY GOLLY IT MUST BE A RAT."-TO

      with the money its gonna cost to bring him back, i would rather have it spent on a pass rusher, o-lineman, DBs, the areas we need more help in. if we got the type of protection peyton manning has or brady has, i think even michael robinson would make arnaz battle look like TO. im just saying there are other areas that should be addressed first, buddy.

    • Chris

      Dude I agree with you. I think tha T.O. would be a great pick up for this team. A big play threat who can teach Crabtree and make If we had a T.O. who would the defense try to take away. Do they double T.O and leave Crabtree 1 on 1, or do they leave T.O 1 on 1. Or do they double both of them and leave Davis with a LB on him. Wow, that would be great.

      I also agree with getting a QB in the draft, but not to start right away. Lets bring in a McCoy, or Bradford and let him sit for a couple of years and learn. Just my thoughts but I like the way that your thinking.

      • dosia510

        "Do they double T.O and leave Crabtree 1 on 1, or do they leave T.O 1 on 1. Or do they double both of them and leave Davis with a LB on him. Wow, that would be great."

        what they do is leave them all to 1 on 1 and blitz the hell out of the swiss cheese o-line and disrupt the qb.

    • Joe Giggidy Gomez

      ITS T.O.!

  • ninerfaithful

    bringing in owens would slow down development in Josh Morgan

    • Chris

      I don't think so. Morgan is a good number 2 but He will still get plenty of PT because of the 3 WR and spread that we are going to run with smith.

  • There is no way the niners get a CB in the 1st round of the draft. Nate Clements, when healthy, is a well respected CB in this league. He is great in run support, one of the best bump-and-run in the game, and is above average in coverage. I think the team keeps him for atleast one more season. Shawntae Spencer, one of my favorite players, is only 27 and in his prime. This guy had a tough career with injuries but is showing his talent this season. He is locked up and playing at a high level. In my opinion, one of the best in the game (top 10) and just an underrated pro bowl caliber CB. Brown jus got locked up to an extension he is promising. Maybe add a guy through FA or 4-6 round for depth. We REALLY need Berry and a pass rusher to complete this defense.

    • Chris

      Berry is going to go too high for us to get him. Like I said if we can get a solid CB with the draft then we can move Nate to safety where he would be great because of all the things that you just said. That would make our D backfield one of the best in the league.

      I agree with you about Spencer. He has had a hell of season and deserves to be a starter and a pro bowler.

  • Joe Giggidy Gomez

    These articles fucking suck these days. No depth, nothing. Not even this website believes in this team anymore, pathetic. Alex Smith, pathetic. Next year Davis all day baby!

    • Chris

      Why? Please someone here give me a reason why Nate Davis is better than Alex Smith? Has he ever won an NFL game? Is he a National Champ? No he hasn’t done shit. Quit jumping ship. If you watch the Niners this year since Alex took over you would see some huge improvement in the Offense and the team as a whole. I promise you this, if Hill would have stayed the QB we wouldn’t have won 6 games, we would have only won 4, because teams were adjusting to his shitty arm and stacking the box against the run. Nate Davis may be good some day but not anytime soon.

  • Mas (Realest One)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, he's back.

    The real Joe Gomez speaks from his heart and as misguided as it may be – he's still Joe Gomez! (Get your Joe Gomez Action Figures while they last)

    The idea that bothers me the most is the idea that, In a perfect world, quarterbacks can come into the NFL and be successful! It doesn't happen day to day and it will NOT happen in 2010.

    Aside from being piss-drunk and on the winning side of an incredible Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 bout, this still doesn't get me hard.

    Chris & John, I don't think you two are related but the similarities are striking… i am on board with your objective inputs regarding Nate Clements/Davis and our current defensive back situation but I have to raise a finger with respect to where we're headed.

    Nate Clements does not consider himself a Safety – But, how about a 2nd round pick?

    Nate – you got demoted prior to breaking your shoulder – you ran 4 punt returns before breaking your shoulder and quite frankly, you're not worth the $64 Mil in cash money that the York's say you're worth. This is not to say that any cornerback on our roster is better than Nasty Nate Clements (except for Shawntae Spencer) but that our current depth at the postition lacks the game time experience that he has.

    yes, Eric Berry will be long gone by the time we pick but to say that a guy like Berry (a rookie) wouldn't instantaniously upgrade that position is liike Robert Downey saying he never did blow.

    We STILL need help in our secondary just as much as we still need help at the RT position.

    Parys Haralson just got signed to a chunky deal involving millions upon dillions of dollars and has yet to produce. Ahmaad Brooks has been our premier pass rusher "a la week 14" but neither of the two makes any opposing QB really sweat their jock strap.

    Scot McCloughan should be fired and left for peddling artists formally known as Busted while Jed York should really try growing a set and taking this team seriously.

    Mike Singletary wants "Winners" not a group of individuals who think that collectively they can remain on a roster. Play makers are everywhere in this upcoming draft class but when you pay a guy millions of dollars just to evaluate/decide the future of this team, wouldn't you base that decision on a proven track record instead of a hunch?

    Personally, I like a lot of what we've got going forward.

    What I don't like is General Managers with an allegiance with a player they said would save this franchise and ultimately, save their own job.

    The discussion about Alex Smith remains open and with 2 games remaining and entire offseason to debate, we want results. Alex Smith has gone through a billion different offensive coordinators, 2 general managers and 2 head coaches. This is supposed to keep me tolerant but all it has done has cost me time away from vacations, wife and child discussing. I am aware of his trials and tribulations… So spare me.

    In 2010, Alex will have a similar if not identical offensive system. If we are to expect anything more out of him – it is warranted. Put your grown up face on Alex because this year is going to be rough.

    Just because we're affording this guy the courtesy of another year DOES NOT mean we are satisfied. I still hope that we bring in a Sam Bradford (not realistic) or a Colt McCoy (2nd Rd Prospect) to challenge and/or apply pressure to an un-proven QB that has had more excuses than the Clinton trials.

    I'm tired. I'd rather not waste another year of assuming we're good in areas we are not, great in areas we assume to be, and guaranteed by ownership that we will not fail.

    News Flash Jed – We didn't make the playoffs.

    To claim that, "This is the last time our season ends in December" is almost right… The season ends in January… if you had watched football over the past 1 or 2 years you would know that… (1 or 2 is an extreme-exaggeration)

    I don't have all of my facts straight… I don't claim to be an expert in Foot-ball-ogy but as a fan, this is where I stand..

    Happy holidays 49ers faithful – If I offended you, refer back to anything Indiana Jim has said in the last 2 months… Now let's smash the shit out of Detroit.

  • Chris, Nate publicly stated his desire to stay at CB in an interview on KNBR. When asked about the possible move he said “Im a Cornerback”. He is still, arguably with Shawntae, our best overall CB on this roster.

  • Mas (Realest One)

    Plz… No more T.O. talk…

    Yes he will be a free agent —- I get it…

    Yes he started as a 49er and may possibly want to finish as one…

    ..But… He is NO Jerry Rice – He will NOT “mentor” Crabtree the way that Jerry intended on mentoring Owens..

    The guy has More Problems than Africa.

    I won’t begin to break down each scenario involving a Terrelle Owen’s – QB breakdown because quite honestly, I don’t have the lung capacity for it.

    This guy is a cancer to any franchise willing to pay him and his agent(s) to be a part of. I understand that he was a huge part in getting the 49ers to a playoff in 2002 AND that it was the last time we reached them but who cares?? SERIOUSLY – WHO CARES

    Mike Singletary has a great command over his locker room – TO MAY be held in check by him but if TO is unable to make things happen or if things aren’t happening often enough for TO, he goes OUTSIDE of the locker room and that’s when he becomes a problem!

    The last thing I want is Terrelle “Owns” to come into an already fragie situation and inject some sort of idea that being a pompous bag of douche is a streamline to success. We have so much raw, young talent on this team and especially at QB that to have a guy like TO come in would be like bringing in Mike Brown when you got Whitney Houston at quarterback.


    So, NO. TO will not be in a 49er uniform in 2010 unless he’s given a perma-mouth piece and a gag. The only reason I would acquire TO is for trade leverage on top of a 5th rd pick to get someone who actually could contribute over the next few years. NO No NO TO.

    • dosia510

      thank u. finally some sensible talk. btw, what system do u play COD on?? n u meant bobby brown rite??

      • Mas (Realest One)


        Damnit! I knew that didn’t sound right… I drank A LOT last night…

        Oh – Call of Duty: MW2 on my busted XBOX 360… (2 weeks waiting for the postage sticker they supposedly sent out).

  • Great post Mas (Realest One). Anybody that does not think Nate is the "future" or will start for next season has good enough sense for me.

  • The Real Joe Gomez

    Hey Giggidy, I thought we weeded out imposters like you..hahaha.. quit it already, you can never be me. Im not a Nate Davis nut hugger as you might think, I just want improvement at the QB position… period. Damon Bruce of KNBR Radio said it best when he said.. , ” There are a million reasons to close to book on Alex Smith, but there is one reason we should give him yet another year.. and that is HOPE.” So once again, after a year with no playoffs we are all going to HOPE that he comes around. Let me ask you all something. What IF.. he never comes around, how many years would we have wasted on him not to mention millions of dollars? Theres a good QB class coming out for 2010, I hope we dont bet our whole franchise on the twice surgery repaired arm of one Alex Smith.