Ricky Schmitt Signed Due to Nedney Injury

The 49ers signed Ricky Schmitt to serve as a kicker Sunday in place of Joe Nedney. Nedney is nursing a hamstring injury and he is not ready to go. Should be an easy transition to Schmitt, because he’s left-footed.

Schmitt’s name sound familiar, as he was with the 49ers during training camp of 2008.

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    wheres everyone at???? hey pundit, any word on the highlights???

  • dosia510

    this is the worst first half of football iv ever seen. they r playin wit no heart, no nothin. like they dont really want to b 8-8….pathetic so far. 3 turnovers n 3 points!!! WTF!!!!!

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    jimmy raye is a FUCKIN PUSSY!!!!