Props to the Defense

Just wanted to take a step back from taking shots at the see-saw offense and post some numbers that the defense has put up this year. After looking at these rankings and taking into consideration the crappy field position they have gotten, Nate Clements getting hurt, and Mark Roman being on the team. The defense really stepped this season.

  • No. 6 in points per game
  • No. 11 in sacks
  • No. 10 in INTs
  • No. 3 in YPC against the run
  • No. 1 in forced fumbles
  • No. 1 in fumble recoveries
  • No. 3 in TDs allowed
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  • dosia510

    that looks like a top 10 defense to me pundit

  • erob52

    great stats, now we just need an offense to make it mean something