Jeff Ulbrich to Retire

To me it’s a sad day in Ninerland. Reports have surfaced that linebacker Jeff Ulbrich has decided to retire.

Ulbrich will never be a hall of famer, he’ll not go down as one of the greatest Niners, but to me he’ll always be one of my favorites.

Ulbrich was drafted back in 2000 and in the day and age of the salary cap and free agency, he managed to stick around and play his entire career with one team, our team. I think every Niner fan can agree that Jeff Ulbrich will be missed. The thing I enjoyed the most is he went out everyday and gave it his all, he accepted his role and he contributed a lot to this team and he’ll most definitely be missed.

Everyone say it with me…He was a Brich…House!

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  • dosia510

    it sucks to lose a player of his worth to this team. definitely a hard worker and team player. im glad i got the chance to watch his whole career, especially since it was all here in san francisco. i wish him the best in his pursuit as a coach. so to u mister Ulbrich, i say, that u were indeed a Brich….House!!!!

    • will

      He was a wink link on D, but you cannot deny his worth on special teams. I don't think he was ever a Pro-Bowler for special teams, but he was consistently playing some of the best special teams in the league. I think his absence has been very noticeable.

  • Dynasty Days

    Dosia, I am also very sad about seeing Ulbrich leave us, I am in my thirties and I spent many memorable years seeing Ubrich, Stokes, Streets, and Mr T.O. take the field every sunday. I remember seeing him drafted that year and those were some memorable years for in collage and out of collage. That was a generation of my life, and I remember just seeing Ulbrich grow every year, he and our long snapper Brian Jennings, are one of the last 49ers to have played with Steve Young. Bryant Young was the last 49er to play for a superbowl team. I hate to see all the old schoolers leaving, the guys that were around when we were a leftover of the dynasty days. I thought that Ubrich had some years left in him, and I feel like he could still play at a competitive level for alot more years. I guess he might be getting a job lined up in Hawaii his old school, can you blame him for wanting to spend his life their, I would jump at that chance, he’s got money in the bank and he’s gonna has more coming in as a coach. Were is he going to coach Dosia, is it Hawaii or some other school, and what will he coach. Whats gonna suck is that this is Sings first year and once he is done doing what he wants to do to this team were probably going to be a powerhouse, and that would be sad if ulbrich left 2 years too early and we pull and Bill walsh and win a champioship. That woulod suck for Ulbrich, he is only 32, I think it is premature. I realize in football your thirties are getting old but in real life that is young. So Good luck Brick, I had some good mememories, may God bless you and your family and may you be a good coach. I will miss him, I hope he stays involved with the 49ers in some compacity. Good luck my friend!

  • Dynasty Days

    Sorry my spelling was bad, writing fast.

  • dosia510

    what sucks too is that we only took him to the playoffs twice in his career.

    i think he is trying to get interviewed at san jose state.

  • Johnson

    He wasnt deserving as a starter but I must admit he was descent on special teams.

  • dosia510

    i think ulbrich was an under rated linebacker. he may not have the talent of a willis or a spikes, but he had the drive of a smith…(justin). his motor ran full throttle and never let up when ever he hit the field. he may not have been an all teamer or a pro bowler, but his presence in that locker room definately showed.

  • grassy12

    Its sad but really not a devastating loss they have a lot more things to worry about than an old linebacker retiring but I believe we have found the QB of the future so things will be looking up in San Fran in the future


    I am so happy, the cowboys lost, the cowbillies lost! It makes me happy every week when I see those Hee-Haweers lose! According to the news we still have a chance to make the playoffs, the chances are slim but we are still in the hunt, I hope we just make it. I love it, the cowboys lost and they will lose in New Orleans next week, that makes my day and my year! I live in Texas and it sucks!!!!!! I hope we pull of a upset monday night and show the nation we are an up in coming team, our record does not reflect who we really are, their was alot of close games, mainly the minnesota game we should have won. I see good things ahead and have patience, Sing will not tolerate losing, its his first season, he will put a championship team together much like walsh did after his first year of losing. I dont expect us to win a championship this year, I just hope we pull of a playoff birth and just get their, that would be a accomplishment until next year and then I expect us to go somewhere special!

  • chuckle49er

    i loved watching ulbrich on spikes tv he just looks crazy he was a brick the dude had passion its to bad injuries ended his career early we'll miss ya good luck bro!