Is Gore Happy with the New Offense?

The 49ers offense of late has moved more to passing. The game against the Jags, Alex Smith lined up in the shotgun formation 25 of the 49ers’ 38 plays in the first half. Looking at those numbers it seems that Frank Gore is being left out in the cold. The past two games Gore has had 23 touches. Seven against the Packers and 16 against the Jags.

Gore isn’t the type of back that is molded for a spread offense even though he has done well in it. During the Titans/Bears game, 112 of his 187 rushing yards have come out of the shotgun formation.

The Seahawks are on the docket this week and twice since 2006 Gore has rushed for over 200 yards. So do we see more of the spread this weekend in which Smith, Davis, Walker, and Crabtree are thriving in or do they revert more to Frank’s style since when he gets his touches his owns the Seahawks?

One thing is certain, despite what Gore thinks of the spread formation he is saying all the right things.

‘As long as we win, I’m fine with it,’ ‘I can run out of any kind of offense, I know when my number is called, I do the best I can.’

Source: Matt Maiocco

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  • Frank Gore

    Give me the rock! I will take you to the promise land

  • Darlo49ers

    We have the "perfect" offense and for Steve Young to make a stupid comment of trading Gore just shows the effects of having a concusion!!!! I would not do anything diffrent to our offense but start Morgan over Bruce. If anything we should get rid of Isaac Bruce. I love what we are doing as of now! We have a perfect team. I cannot wait until our DB's improve.

  • dosia510

    i really believe him when gore says that. i think he really just wants to win. hes not a stat hound like most players are but more about his team. plus he really loves playing in San Francisco. i heard those comments today made by steve young saying we should trade gore. i love young but that is the stupidest thing i think he has ever said. he made some points about not slashing like addai, but gore has proved that he is not hurting us in the spread and plus he is one of the best in the league at picking up blitzes. how does everyone else feel??

    • Mas (From Holland)

      Completely agree with you. I love Steve Young but that is ridiculous. Gore has been great out in the flats when given space and is THE BEST blitz pick-up RB in the league. No doubt about that.

      As for this week against Seattle..

      It’s no lie that Gore has ripped the hawks to pieces but just because we’re calling a lot of plays out of the spread should not mean that we go away from Gore. Over the past few weeks, opportunities have risen in the run game because of the spread. Defenses know they can’t play 9 in the box with the potential VD, Crabs and Morgan pose in the open field. That being said, I absolutely see Frank getting close to, if not more than 20 carries and plenty of touches out of the back field from the spread.

      It is a MUST that we keep Frank happy. We could win the rest of our 5 games in a row but if he’s unable to contribute the way he knows he can then something’s gotta give. Then again, who knows that there isn’t room to run better than him? Who has suffered because of the losses to our offensive line than Frank? He’s got to understand (at this point in the season) that we got to do what we got to do to win games. When Joe’s back, it will probably open things up a little more for Frank but right now, for Steve to say that is both premature and seriously lacking fore sight.

  • Devani

    Splendid comment Dosia #5, I cannot believe my favorite 49er saying those comments. I guess your right Darlo 49 when you say he had too many concussions because that comment was ludicrus. Dosia #5 were did you here that obsurd comment on espn, and at what time slot. Dosia #5 I agree 100%, Gore is not about the spot light, he is all about the team and he does not have a ego. We need more player like Gore, Willis and others because they set a superb example for the team image. Dosia #5, how are our playoff hopes standing now, what is the best case and worse case scenerio my friend! Thank you Dosia # 5.

    • Darlo49ers

      I heard the comment of Steve Young from another fan. I truly believe that we can go all the way with this team. Defenses will not know who to stop, Frank Gore, Micheal Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Josh Morgan, Deleanie Walker (in the slot) Norris on (3rd and short) Staley When he returns and the confidence in ALEX SMITH! We have a coach whom learned from the very best Bill Walsh (Jimmy Reye) and one of the best linebackers coaching the best linebacker in the league. We should move Nate Clements to strong safety because of his great tackling skills and get an elite cornerback. We can play around with Carolina's 1st round pick and get us another offensive lineman. I LOve this Team Dosia #5. We look like we can go far within the playoffs. Playoffs start aginst Arizona on Dec 14!!!

  • wickerman

    Steve Young was a fantastic QB, but as commentator, I have heard him say some pretty dumb things. Trade Gore?? For who exactly??? Gore is an elite back. What are you going to trade him for?? Picks? A lesser back? That's like tell someone to quit their job. That's great if you hand them 50 million bucks first. If the Vikings want to give us AP, I say think about it. Other than that (and you know that's NOT happening) I'd love to know just who the hell Young thinks would be better than a guy who has never rushed for less than 1000 yards a season for us.

    In addition to being a superb blocker as others mentioned, Gore is also an OUTSTANDING Receiver out of the backfield.

    Trade him? Jesus Steve, i love you man, but you are dead wrong on this one.

  • Mas (From Holland)

    I like what Matt Maiocco says.

  • Chris

    I personally don't real care if Gore is happy in the offense or not, because we are playing really good with the "Raye Gun" attack right now and I think that we can become great, just like New England is with it. Just look at what New England has been doing in the Spread with Faulk at RB. To tell you all the truth. I bet you that Gore doesn't care that the Niners are running the Spread because we are winning and moving the ball down the field.

  • Frank better like it because the fans are tired of seeing 3 and outs all the time. Our best chance to move the ball successfully if with the "spread" and his numbers are better out of that formation. We might be a RT, LG, FS, and a OLB away from not only a playoff team, but a threat in the NFC!

  • 49ersfan4life

    look gore will get the touches every game too try and show he can kill the other team…. but after a few 3 and outs its time too wake up every week and say ok…… its not franks game….. he will always be a threat when he is on the field and that in its own will be him helping us win!!! so he should be happy as long as we are winning we get a early lead he will get more touches than even he would know what too do with……… ps if he is crying oh well man up!!

  • Devani

    I hope we win this game today, 14-14 now, and I am just poping jalapenos, help us Jesus I hope we win. Dosia # 5 I can see the game were I am at, hope we win my friend or I will be eating jalapenos for weeks.

  • wickerman

    getting ugly… play calling is getting weak and the o-line is struggling vs the blitz… not encouraging

  • wickerman

    bad time for gore to lose his first fumble of the year – hope that wasn’t the game changer…

  • 5Rings

    Once again Alex proves he folds under pressure. Those last 2 passes were critical and they were horrible.

    • Niner Pundit

      Seriously? He didn’t fold. Twice he drove the 49ers down field when they needed the score. Frank fumbled on one drive and VD dropped a TD pass. Alex Smith played a great game. This game falls onto 21, 85, 81, 26 and the playcalling the last drive.

    • wickerman

      Oh come on. Yeah they sucked, but Vernon dropping a TD was just as big and so was the coverage on the final kick off. The pass D sucked at the end too. The whole team dropped the game today – blaming Alex is like blaming 1 guy in the secondary.

      The niners receivers had about 6 drops on the day too. And what about Crabs pulling up shot of the ball in the endzone when he was about to be hit? Smith could have played better at the end, but then you can blame the rest of the team for putting him in that position.

      This team is not 1 guy short of a winning year. It needs a lot of work.

    • redandgold

      who the hell is this 5Rings dude?? Did he watch the game?? How the hell is this Alex’s blame for the lose????? I swear, I have never been on a website where there are more lops than homer. How do u even have the balls to make a comment like that and expect people to think that you know something about football? Fuck man! i tell you, ppl just talk and dont know shit…. Please tell me what were Smith numbers for the game, and how he is to blame?? T.O. said it best, “no matter what he does, you just love to hate him”, but you will respect him, and you hate that. Its all good dude just say it, “I was wrong about smith, and i have the balls to say im wrong”

  • wickerman


    Drop after drop including Vernon’s drop in the end zone. Garbage play calling at the end. The pass D is atrocious.

    The 9ers need a year to work on drafting secondary – I used to think o-line and a pass rusher were top need, but the bottom line is, our secondary is Swiss Cheese. Hasselback picked them apart when it mattered.

    Gore only had about 10 carries, but he averaged 2.8 a carry – crap numbers. So i guess o-line is #2. They protect Smith decently, but their run blocking is non-existent.

    All we can hop for now is Arizona to lose and then the 9ers win out. I doubt it if they can drop a game like this to the HAwks, but I can dream.

    • Longtime49erFan

      No! This was their chance to take matters into their own hands. They Blew it and the season is over. If they cant beat seattle when it matters, how they going to beat any of the playoff teams when it matters.

      • dosia510

        funny. i was sort of thinking the same thing. im startin to feel like its better not to win the division. if we win the way we are playin, then we will get embarassed by whatever team we would host. but at the same time im sick of playin spoiler. very frustrating……

        • Mas. (an opinion)

          Very frustrating loss.

          I’m on vacation in Europe and only being able to compile stats, follow Matt Maiocco’s in-game blog and ultimately hear about two passes – almost TD’s on our final drive of the game kills me.

          Alex Smith had a monstar game but could not get the win with all the crap they had to fight through. Why was Mark Roman & Reggie Smith (LCB) in the game for Seattle’s 2nd to last and last drive of the game?

          If Singletary feels that any given Sunday he’s got to go to one of his many CB’s and give them a start because the week before was crap, he’s GOT to look into getting better athletes at the position.

          Here comes the fun part.

          We win; people love us. We lose; even our own fans disown us. Pathetic. If you can’t take the wins with the losses then go root & pay to see the Colts. Yes it’s difficult seeing a loss but to attribute it to a single player to a coach or an administrator is a bit of a stretch.

          I don’t know what game 5Rings was talking about but Alex Smith was easily the MVP of that game. Gore puts in on the ground, VD & Crabs can’t come up with catches in the redzone/endzone – kind of important. It was a team loss and a really shitty one at that.

          With Minnesota getting hammered by Arizona, it would almost be impossible to be able to make the cut for the Wild Card even with a win yesterday. Arizona beating Minnesota the way it did adds injury to insult but it happened. They still have games against STL & DET – We still have games agaist STL & DET. It was an uphill battle to begin with but now we just have to take it week by week until the season is over.

  • Devani

    Jalapeno time, this was absolutly obsurd loss. Dosia # 5, what was your reaction when they scored that field goal. When I heard, I immedialty started poping red Jalapenos our of my garden!

  • Devani

    Was watching monday night football and one of the guys besides Steve said we still have a chance at the playoffs, is that wishful thinking or a bit realistic, what do you think my friends, Dosia # 5 what is your expert opinion!

  • Devani

    It was funny, I was watching Steve with his fellow 49er Mllan with stewart scott and the fans of lambeau said jerry rice fumbled to steve and the panel. The fans their are funny, that happened a decade ago at the stick. That is funny they still have hatred for that play! lol What do you think Dosia # 5, funny huh! Can we still make the playoffs, what do you think # 5.

  • grassy12

    I admit I never have been an alwx smith fan but wow has he shown me something this year. I think he proved that he is the 49er franchis quarterback and we can build on that. How can u blame him when he threw for 300 yards 2 touchdowns and NO interceptions. He hasn't thrown one in four grames and he puts up big number which is something this team has been looking for since 2002. Now they can finally move on from the quarterback search and get the other assets we desperatly need such as a RT,S,CB (to go with nate clements plus no depth at CB), and possibly a good pass rusher. And with 2 first round picks this year. Let's be honest the 49ers are not going to the playoffs this year maybe not even until warner retires. So the 49ers will probably end up with a top 12 pick and the panthers are even worse so they will have 2 picks in the top 12 which is HUGE if we are lucky enough to get a taylor mays and carlos dunlap that literally might solve half our problems with the secondary and be able to pressure QB's more. Maybe we can even pick up a decent CB in free agency. The point is if the niners change their mondset of not being able to win big games such as vikings titans packer texans etc. They will be a great team in their division and maybe the NFC all of those games were nailbiters within 3-6 point losses. If they can get it in their head that they can be good and can win and have a great first day at the draft it could be a year in 2010