Cardinals Swept

The 49ers may not make it to the playoffs, but tonight they sure played like a playoff team. The 49ers beat the Cardinals for the second time this season, behind the legs of Frank Gore and a stellar defense that forced seven turnovers. The 49ers defense came to play tonight, they shut down Kurt Warner forcing him to throw two interceptions and throw for under 200 yards. Not only that but the duo of Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald combined for 7 for 54 yards.

Frank Gore ran his ass of tonight. Finished the day with 167 yards and one touchdown. Smith didn’t have a stellar game, he threw two interceptions but also hooked up with Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis for two touchdowns.

The one area tonight that still needs help is the punt return duties. I can’t wait until the 49ers find someone who is a stud at that position. And the refs sucked again tonight.

All in all the 49ers have a very slim chance of making the playoffs, they need the Cards to fold from here on out. But that is unlikely. Let’s run the table and finish at 9-7.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • I’m tired of finishing strong at the end of the season and getting nothing for it but screw that its great to be a Niner fan tonight. GO NINERS…

  • wickerman

    Great win. Not perfect, but can definitely see the future of the team in that win.

    The one thing that pissed me off to no en dis the total lack of respect by the ESPN crew. They couldn’t stop shitting on Smith, couldn;t stop reminding everyone what their record was since Garcia left. Pathetic.

    Even in the post game highlights, Steve Young had to shit on Alex Smith. I really have lost a lot of respect for Young.

    He says with the 3rd quarter pick, the 9ers may want to look at whether or not they stick with Smith. So do the Cards need to decide if they stick with Warner or Boldin or BOTH of their half backs? Young is a bitter ex-player who saw his career cut short by injury. Love his playing days – he can kiss my ass for the way he shits on the team now.

    He and the whole ESPN crew can be the sites BITCHES for the week as far as I’m concerned.

    • redandgold

      i agree with you! But you have to remember, smith was the first overall pick so he will get this kind of heat from ppl if he dont put up 300+ yards and 3 TDs 0 ints a game, which is so funny to me. Im telling you, no matter how good smith does, they will always look at all the bad things, even when the niners win!!

      • Chris


        I couldn’t agree with you more. Being the number one overall pick, is a curse and well as a blessing. He is always going to be shitted on for not putting up big numbers week in and week out. This has been something that he has had to face for the last 5 years and I think that is part of the reason why he has a difficult time so far in the NFL. Add on to the fact, the Niners history at QB and wow. Its hard to live up to Joe Montana’s and Steve Young’s Rep.

        • Mosie

          “He and the whole ESPN crew can be the sites BITCHES for the week as far as I’m concerned.”
          Cowboys are suck’n pretty hard, and they get all sorts of press coverage about how good they can be. The press treat them like lip syncing glitter covered rock stars, and as a true come back story of a team with real heart and real potential, gets consistently crapped on!! Even if we don’t have the biggest TV in the NFL, we are a much better story to tell!!


          “Its hard to live up to Joe Montana’s and Steve
          Young’s Rep.”
          Especially when one of them are dogging you on national TV before he’s even out of the showers! Maybe some of Young’s comments are due to him trying to be overly non-bias as a former 49er… but still
          it’s pretty dissapointing!!

  • Unbelievable! All the Smith “haters” say Alex needs to win a big important meaningful game! What does he do? He goes out and beats a 1st place division rival game on a national stage. The doubters will still find something to criticize him about no matter what. Even Jason La Canfora from NFL Network and ESPN network were a joke. If you really watched the game you CANT fault Alex. The kid played hard and played, not great, but decent and most importantly got the win. The first pick he threw was tipped by Docket so you cant really fault him there just a great play by the D-Lineman. The second was just a bad throw/miscommunication, but thats it. He had, again, A LOT of dropped passes by Davis and Crabtree so that didnt help. Overall, Alex and the niners got the win and its a good day to be a niners fan here in the desert!

  • Matt

    Nice to see the 9ers actually use that all-pro running back this week. I almost forgot his name, damn he is good. 6.7 YPC on 25 carries, now that is nasty. GO Frankie!!!

  • chuckle49er

    today was a great day to watch what we ware gonna see more of in the future this defense is capable of so much more and im so impressed with the late play of the o-line they are getting better gore and p-will were beasts today and alex did what he needed to do to win but i still question some of the playcalling of raye some of his calls dont play to smiths strengths he needs to mix it up more throw in a flea flicker or toss back to the rb etc.. i think its gonna be fun to watch in the future as these guys mature into vets go niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • chuckle49er

      i really forgot to mention the other beast in the game brooks they need to play that guy more 3 solo sacks that was awesome go niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    First of all, WOW! What a great win. Man it feels good to win a big game like that one last night.

    I know that all the Alex Smith Haters are going to be here soon bashing him over the 2 INTS, but it was good enough to win the game. I will be the first person to admit that Alex didn’t have his best game. He threw two picks (the first was just a great play by Dockett) and missed some throws, but when he had to make a big throw to keep a drive going, he made the throw. A couple of times he made the throw and Davis got the Droppies again, but hey I’m nick picking here. Alex did what all the haters said he couldn’t do and that was win the big game.

    I also love what they did on offense last night with mixing up the pass and the run. The Niners did a great job of keeping the Cards D off guard. Frank was making some great runs even with 8-9 guys in the box and that opened it up for Alex in the 2nd quarter, where I think he did very well and moving the ball down the field. Way to run the “ROCK” Frank.

    The Defense, WOW! The kicked ass all night from the get go. If the D can play like that every game we are looking like the Niners of yester year in the future. Hard hiting, ass kicking in your mouth football all night long. Great fucking job.

    Finally, Steve Young was not really taking shit last night. He was just doing his job and I think that he did it well. He picked the Niners to win the game in the pregame even though I think he really thought that the Cards were going to win. He pointed out the obvious points about the Niners and Alex Smith. Lets face it guys, I am a Smith fan, but the Niners are only going to be successful if Alex is successful. Thats all Steve was trying to say. He made some very good complement and did talk very good about the future of the this team. Even compaired them to the Cowboys of the early 90s when they were putting that great team together.

    With all that being said. When it’s all said and done. I think that Niner fans as a whole have something to really be proud of today and really have something to look forward to in the future. I really think that this team is something special. We are going to really be a force to deal with for a long time to come. This team is Young, tough and very talented. Man I can’t wait to next week.

  • Chris, you obviously know what your saying when it comes to the niners and ESPECIALLY Alex Smith. You save me a lot of typing because of your great insight on Alex and the team. Great Job!

    • Chris

      Thank you.

  • Mas (Realest One)

    Dexter McCluster or Jahvid Best punt return duties?

  • ninerfaithful


    • miscus555

      beat philly, finish 9-7, with alot of luck, give the team a chance and alex will not only guarentee himself a starter position next year, he will get alot of haters off his back.

  • dosia510

    this defense really impressed me last nite. i had my 2 yr old daughter running around screaming niners with me! is it me or has the officiating been horrible this whole season? wtf? bad, bad calls n no calls the past 2 weeks!

    i also agree about steve young. i love what he did for us but he is talking out of his ass. first he says we need to trade gore than he says shit about smith. i dunno if those concussions are starting to catch up or what.

    mas, last nite was more evident than ever that we strongly lack personnel at PR/KR duties. u think the guys u mentioned would be immediate impacts? shit, we need somebody o help us out!!

  • Chris

    Ok guys lets leave Young alone. Guys I know that he was a 49er great and all but he doesn’t wear that uniform any more. He is a TV guys now. He has to stay neutral and can’t pick sides. He was just saying what I have read in this site over 100 times, that Alex needs to get better. Believe me some people on this site have said a hell of a lot worse. The man is just doing his job, and I would like to hear is opinion about Alex, because he knows two things. First he knows how to play QB, and second he knows how to follow a legon in Joe Montana. All he said that you can’t really talk about the Niners future unless you talk about Alex Smith. That is a good point.

    Like I have said many of times, I am an Alex Smith fan. I have been since he was at Utah, but last night he was not as sharp as last week. Now that was against a better D last night, but still be was not sharp. With that being said. I would rather have him not sharp and us win than him throw for 300 yards and us lose like last week.

    The point is I think that Alex is coming into his own and will be a great QB for the Niners for a long time. I think that it is good that the Media is finally talking about us again. Alex doesn’t give a rats ass what they say about him as long as his team and coaches believe in him, and the Niners win. Bottom line Niners win games that Alex Plays. Alex is good to go. They lose games, he is shit. That is what happens when you play QB in the NFL. As the tea, goes you go and its the same the other way around.

    Lastly, Steve also had some very tough things to say about Warner last night too. He was just being fair across the board and I think that Niner fans are taking it too personal, because he was a Niner.

  • caribulou

    Last night was a perfect example of what they need to do as a team to win. Good defense and balanced attack on offense. I still cant figure out that the coaches took this long to figure out a balanced attack. Its obvious all passsing or all running offenses are predictable and cost the team wins. When you have a good mix the defense is always guessing and opens up holes for both attacks.

    • dosia510

      only reason the mixed worked is because the o-line finlally opened up holes for gore. if they can play like this against philly, we should have a legitimate shot.

  • Also, the niners just found the PERFECT formula on offense. Attack early, for the most part, with a small mixture of runs. Keep attacking until you get a comfortable lead and control the clock running the ball late in the game like yesterday. 35 passes and 25 runs great mixture. However, I dont think our O-line is going to be that good consistently run blocking. @Philly were gonna probably throw more and run less since its going to be a high scoring game. I just hope we play aggresive on D and DO NOT turn the ball over hopefully come out with a win vs Eagles.

    • Chris

      I agree. I think that the Line played very well last night, but the Eagles love to run blitz and do it a lot. This is going to cause some problems running the ball inside. We are going to have to start using some screens, either to Gore to the a WR to keep Philly’s D honest.

      On D if the Niners can shut down, Warner and those WRs they can stop anyone. If we play like that we win hands down. Hopefully the Philly team that played against Washington shows up and not the one from last week. They are a very streaking team, but if we get McNabb out of rythem like we did with Warner, watch out baby because here comes the Niners!!!!!

      • wickerman

        The only place i would argue with your analysis Chris is the idea that shutting down Fitz and Boldin = being able to shut down anyone.

        AZ’s recievers are FANTASTIC, but they are not speed guys. The 9ers have suffered vs speed receivers all year long. The Eagles have some burners and I really think the weakness of the 9ers is their inability to cover deep. They did ok vs Fitz, but, like I said, he is not world class in the speed department.

        The key will be whether or not they can get to McNabb. I have my doubts that they will see the kind of sack/fumble fest they saw with Warner. The Eagles have a better Oline, a MUCH more mobile QB (actually 2 of them!) and they do not have the fumbling issues that Hightower brought to the game.

        I think the 9ers need to establish the run early (if they can) and keep Philly’s O on the sidelines if they want a chance in this. It almost worked vs Colts and Vikings – maybe they can finsih it off this time.

  • wickerman, I still believe the niners need to attack early by passing the ball. There best chance to sustain drives is to go a little spread with Alex. That's when we can use our young talented weapons. I hope for 15-20 carries for gore and 35-45 throws for smith in a perfect world. However, more likely is 38-43 throws and runs in the mid teens(14-17).

    • dosia510

      i think since gore had such a great game monday that sing and old man raye will try to establish the run a little bit early, instead of going spread right off the bat.

      • Chris

        I don't think so, and I hope they don't because I think that going to the spread early is going to open up running lanes for Gore. Just like we did Monday night. The first couple of drives we were open and passed then once the D had to back off the line and respect the pass it opened up lanes for Gore.

        • Mas (Realest One)

          What I said – see below.

          Arizona was able to shut down Adrian Peterson with a similar formula that we brought to Minnesota. When we hosted them on Monday night they expected to see the spread – they didn't expect to see so much Gore "in the mouth" as they had anticipated. Our ability to move the ball in the passing game has opened up a lot of possibilities for our running game and it's only now coming to fruition.

          I really want to see us establish the run but when we actually incorporate it in the game is critical. If they don't respect the pass then our run game will be a non factor. If we start out with the run, our spread will be easier to contain. We have to have the mustard to stretch the field and I HOPE it doesn't come if we have to try and make up for points.

          Either way we look at it, Philidelphia is NOT going to take this game lightly. They're first in the NFC and show no signs of letting up with the Cowboy's so close behind. I know they're in a separate division but Phili is trying to do everything they can to get that first round bye.

          Containing DeSean Jackson (Who I would still like to see in a niner uniform) is huge. Our defense can manage their rush attack which has been dismal but not to be taken lightly. It's going to be an incredibly difficult game but I have no doubt in my mind that we can beat them but it's going to have to come from the offensive side of the ball. Our defense has holes but it can hold up and limit that offense.

          Alex Smith better show up and be able to get something going early on in order for Frank to be able to find any avenue of success against this 10th ranked rush defense.

  • Gumionday

    Man what a game that was. An awesome performance by our defense and some decent offense too. I was so stoked to see our guys just knocking balls out left and right. For a while there both VD and Crabtree couldn't catch anything but they did when it really mattered. The TD pass to Crabtree was so awesome, I can't wait till Alex and Mike get a little bit more comfortable with each other they could be a dangerous passing duo. Smart move to go for the TD with Frank by just having him move the pile right up the middle till he gets there. I enjoyed this game so much, but I agree with what I have read above is that the media was all about how Arizona lost and not how the 49ers showed up and beat them. Arizona didn't drop the ball 7 times all by themselves if it wasn't for our amazing D on Monday it would have been a different game. Give us some Credit!!!!

    • dosia510

      that is exactly why more n more i pay no attention to the national media. everything is so east coast and anti-49ers biased. we hardly ever get any love on espn or foxsports etc. only time we do is when they have to. even then its not how good our D played, its how bad the cards played. thats why im starting to stick with local media and websites such as this where the TRUE 49ers coverage is.

      • Mas (Realest One)

        Abso-fuckin-lutely. I throw up in my mouth every time I hear Jim Rome speak.

        It's like, even when we win it's because someone gave us the game.

        I'm not even sorry a little bit. These ass-clown fuck tools are ridiculous at times. I don't like going to a "bias" media outlet for these kinds of stories but why would I go to ESPN.COM or NFL.COM when all they do is talk so little about what WE did right instead of what THEY did wrong?

        Just an opinion.

        • Mas (Realest One)


          Dosia – i just bought you a beer for that one – I’m drinking it because you aren’t here to.


          • dosia510

            lol thanks

  • The Real Joe Gomez

    Im not gonna rag on Alex today, but daym 7 turnovers.. haha.. if we didnt win that game.. I want to give the D so much credit for this win. Those fumbles were forced and not just laid down. Brooks, Willis, Goldson, the O-line, GREAT GAME. As far as our pathetic return men.. well remember back in the day when I was screaming for D. Jackson in the 2nd round and everyone on this site were calling me crazy (even you Pundit). Are we scared to draft local talent? (A. Rodgers) or what?

  • Mas (Realest One)

    I gotta go with John on this one. The Eagles are super aggressive up front and if we can’t get them to back off and play up and around that 10-15 yard area, they’ll be stacking the box all day.

    Opening it up to begin with will give them something to think about. After Monday, they’ll be expecting to see a lot of Frank and I do agree, we have to get him the ball (16+ carries = 5-0 this season)..(I think).

    I don’t know… I just hope we can shut down McNabb and contain Desean Jackson. They’re 7th in the league in sacks, their rush defense is 10th.. I really hope we smack them around but we’ll see Sunday..

  • I feel like we can beat the Eagles. There D is coming off a horrible outing vs the Giants. Our O is showing balance which is a good sign. On offense we MUST protect Alex most importantly thus saving fumbles off sacks and INT off bad throws by QB because of pressure. Use a lot of screens, slants and dumpoffs to keep the D honest. We can use VD a lot because they cannot cover them and most likely will double team, thus leaving someone open. We should be able to utilize Morgan/Hill and/or Crabtree this game. On Defense, rotate the OLB trio of Brooks, Haralson, and Lawson. Make sure Ahmad is in on 3rd down since he is our most promising pure pass rusher. Pressure Mcnabb and DO NOT let Desean Jackson beat you, especially the big plays. Im expecting a close game, and would not be shocked if we picked up a W on the road in the city of brotherly love!

    • Mas (Realest One)

      No John.. It's the City of Sylvester Stallone.

      Get it right okay?

      (jk lol)

    • Chris


      I agree 100%. I know that we can beat Philly. Philly’s D is suspect. They give up a lot of big plays and hope that there offense can get some of there own.

      Here is was I think the Keys of the game are:

      Defense/Special teams:

      1. Limit the big one. No big plays. We cannot allow #10 to run wild on us like he did last week against the G men. No big punt returns, no long pass plays.
      2. Hit McNabb over and over again. Get him out of rythem. It has worked in the past and will work again.
      3. Cover recievers and tackle to limit RAC.

      Not to worried about the run attack with Philly. Westbrook is most likely out and even though McCoy is good, Philly doesn’t run that much anyways.

      1. No turnovers
      2. Protect Alex
      3. Make Philly respect the pass. Open it up passing to open runing lanes for Frank
      4. Get the screen game going. With Crabtree and Gore. Nothing slows down blitz better than hitting them with 20 yard screens.
      5. get 1st downs and control the clock. This can be down even with the spread.

      I know that this all seem like Duh, but if we can do most of these things we will win.

      • Gumionday

        I agree 100% with this game plan we could definitely beat Philly. Even if the playoffs are mostly out of the picture I would love to have a winning season again. Go Niners!!!!!

  • Johnson

    Do Niners management have something against local talent? Rodgers and Desean wouldve been perfect for our offense.

  • Chris, you hit it right on the button. The niners are not like most teams. Teams like to use the phrase ‘run the ball to open up the pass’, thus using playaction. We tried that strategy and it didnt work. Shaun Hill was benched because we were not doing anything offensively. He does not have the physical ability to throw the ball downfield consistently like Alex. So defenses would put 8 or 9 in the box and we would run into a brick wall. We need to establish the pass, then run the ball. That takes a lot of pressure off our suspect O-line and forces the D to respect the pass. Now, we are not a ‘joke’ passing the ball because of Alex and the ‘spread’.

    • dosia510

      “We need to establish the pass, then run the ball. That takes a lot of pressure off our suspect O-line”

      i think that is so true. i was thinking the opposite coming from old man jimmy but that makes much sense. i just hope raye will see that n game plan this game that way.

  • dosia510

    wow did everyone hear about chris henry?? such a tragedy. i liked him too. i know he had off-the-field issues, but i always liked his play. on another note adam schefter is a dweeb.

  • dosia510

    im hear tryin to root 4 the lions and its hard. they fuckin suck. glad were over the terry donahue and dennis erickson era……

  • The Real Joe Gomez

    I agree Jim, Alex is looking great.

  • Devil Dawg

    It’s time to close the book on Smith. We need to see what Nate has. Possibly have Nate vs. Colt next year. This is a very important game and Alex again looks pathetic. When is it enough already? I’ve never been impressed with him. Those of you who support him are dreamers.