Alex Smith Projected Stats (16 Games)

One of the writers here put together the projected stats for Alex Smith if he would have started all 16 games this season. These numbers are projected based on his stats from 10 games this season.

333-550 60.5% 3405 yds 27 TD 19 INT

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  • ninerfaithful

    wow still needs to be more consistant and get confidence in long passes to michael crabtree and oh ya alex win some games next season

  • Yeah, he needs to develop more consistency, but all in all, not a horrible stat line right there.

    As far as rating goes, he’s 20th in the league, which isn’t anything to sneeze at considering the two years in rehab and entire team inconsistency. He should be better with a full offseason

    • Mas (Realest One)

      I think that the REAL Indi Jim just stood up…

      How do i get my own personal pic up there…?

      • dosia510

  • erob52

    diecent stats but we already know what his win percentage is, and it aint above 500

  • West

    I like to see us bring in Jason Campbell Washington or Matt Moore Panthers from Free Agency to atleast backup Alex. We couldn’t make a switch with Hill due to his weak arm and Nate Davis i would like to see learn another year.

  • The Real Indiana Jim

    I think no matter what we should stick with Alex, he just looks way to nice in those tight pants.

  • Ken

    Those wouldn’t be bad numbers considering that Raye does not know how to call a game that flows. Raye is too predictable, which creates a situation that never allows Smith or the O to get into a rhythm. I agree with Sing about having a balanced offense, however, if Raye don’t mix it up in order to keep the Defense off balance, then it won’t matter if you run 30 times and pass 30 times because we will end up with the same results as 2009. If Sing and Raye can mix it up in2010, then Smith will have a fantastic year, and the Niners should win their division…

    Go Niners….

  • NinerPaul

    I have to admit he did ok. He did win half his started games. Hill did go 3 and 2 of the games he started and finished. And as far as each QB's rating they are nearly Identicle. Smith 81.5% — Hill 79.6%. Hence the nearly identicle records. I still think Hill would of done a better job than Smith if they would of really made him "the guy", and ran a more aggressive passing offense in the beggining. Hill never got "spread offense" opportunities that smith did. Hill did get that last year and that is why he performed better. And you can blame that Minnesota loss on the concervative run play calling on the last drive after Hill had thrown 2 TD passes and had a pretty good completion percentage. And Hill didn't have gore that game. Pretty much the coaching sucked this year and unfortunatly Hill got the experimental phase of it. Smash mouth with one feature back. As expected gore got hurt. Putting the QB's in an offense that doesn't suit them. At least Hill went 3 and 2 his first 5 games this year. Smith went 1 and 4 his first 5 games, and barley won 10 to 6 against chicago after they had 5 turnovers. Its funny cause it was until the media every monday morning literally telling the coaches how to coach. Spread offense, spread offense, spread offense! It finaly penitrated their brains and Alex finished a respectable 4 and 2 the last 6 games.If give coaching an F. They needed to figure it out sooner especially after the Texas game and Alex's success in the Spread offense if they were they were going to stick with Alex. Hummm lets see what was working. Even Hill had success in the spread. Sing went 5 and 4 last year AS AN INTERM COACH! 8 and 8 this year we went backwards in my opinion!

  • KneeJerkReaction

    More spread offense undeniably makes Smith look like a different player. However, it does make the offense predictable which cannot yield consistent success in the long run. I think that the key for Smith, if he is to take that leap that I keep reading about, is that one, the pass protection must be more consistent and two, he must become more comfortable passing out of a two back set from under centre.

    Raye also comes in for a lot of flak for not mixing it up but it is tough to pass on first down when the O-line cannot deal with the heavy run blitz that the defence is throwing at it. Pick that up and stop conceding sacks or incompletions on first down passing attempts and the whole offence, and not just Smith, will go some way towards taking that leap.

    • NinerPaul

      Yeah I hear you on that one …

  • Fck the Yorks

    Am I crazy to think we just made a huge mistake? We just replaced a winning qb in hill with 2 losing qb’s in smith and car. I would think there stories would be a lesson for others. That winners are great leaders and decision makers. Hill is a winner. And smith and carr are very physically gifted losers. What a shame. My hope for a bright niners future is left with nate davis or the 2011 draft.

    • NinerPaul

      Hill got a raw deal…. All the way back to last year… He never got a real chance as i explained above… Then for a seventh round pick… I’m starting to believe they got rid of him because more than anything Hill made the front office look bad …. This undrafted, career back up, no talent guy, making Alex Smith look even worse than he his by having a winning record!!! Bullshit Deal Shaun! You know you can get it done. Next time tell these fuckin coordinators and coaches to throw the ball to win the game like they should of done in Minnisota and Arizona. I would even say call them out in the media, but i know thats not your style. I will proudly where my Shaun Hill jersey that I bought cause it represents and underdog who proved himself and a class act. Thanks for the good forty niner memories!!!! Especially cause there wasn’t any for a while until you played!!! Good luck in Detroit!!! I’m still a fan….