21 + 81 + 85 = L

I’m sure we can add more numbers to those that contributed to this loss, but a fumble by Frank, a fumble by Brandon Jones and a dropped touchdown by Vernon Davis get credit for this loss.

Of course better clock management could have helped at least the 49ers going into overtime, but why try and get a first down when they can go right back and give them the ball with good field position.

The thing that sucks the most is this was perhaps one of the best games Alex Smith has played. He made some great passes and threw for over 300 yards for the first time in his career.

Not only that but the 49ers had this game won. But the turnovers killed them…oh and the Seahawks had lots of help from the referees. If the 49ers still have a chance they needs lots of help from the Cardinals opponents…who am I kidding the 49ers would have to win in order for that to happen.

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  • Longtime49erFan

    I am so sick and tired of the nonsense. Lets face it good teams find a way to win a “must win game”! 3 points in the second half? Couldnt get a first down to at least not have to give the ball back on the last drive. What you can also mention is that idiot Mark Roman getting burned over and over. These defensive backs dont even know that the ball is in the air when they need to. I am so pissed off at these bunch of pretenders. Would it make any sense to use our timeouts to save some clock for the last drive?We should have went in there and blown the doors off those patsies, but after we have the game under control we muff a handoff on a kickoff. Total lunacy and mediocrity.

  • Vinny

    great catch by VD at the end of the game!!!! CLUTCH!

    at least we may not have to draft a QB. focus on o-line and safety…..

  • Chris

    What can I say but WOW. I really feel for Alex and Pat Willis today. Those two guys played a great game and did everything they could to win the game. If anyone here thinks that Alex Smith isn’t the QB for the this team for years to come, then they aren’t watching the games lately. I really think that Alex made some great plays all day. I won’t put this loss on the players mention above. Yes, it hurts when you drop a sure TD tha would have won the game (Davis), but that shit happens. Thats part of the game sometimes. I would put this loss of the coaches. I couldn’t tell you how stupid I thought it was when we didn’t kick the FG on the first drive on 4 and goal from the one. Hell The coaches have been so fucking conservative all year long but the one time they aren’t we get stopped and don’t score at all. The refs did kinda of fuck us, but good teams find a way to deal with that. I just keep going back to that call which really lost the game. If we kick there then at worst the winning kick only got the Hawks into OT. Then the coaches call for dumb ass play on the punt return that really fucked us. I just have to say that this game really pissed me off. The one good thing that came from this is that we know that we have a QB and won’t have to spend a high pick in the draft to get one.

    Oh one more thing. The Vikings haven’t really helped us tonight either. The Cards are kicking the shit out of them. Winning would have been great but if the Cards hold out tonight it would have been very hard to win it anyways.

  • chuckle49er

    and crabtree looked like he was afraid to take a hit when smith threw a perfect pass to him

    • Chris

      I agree

    • Mosie

      Was he flinching from the ball in the air, or the hit that was coming after he “should” have had the ball??
      Either way, good job douchtree…

      Sit down rookie and hold out for more $$$…

  • bert

    like ive been tellin people all week…we are afraid i repeat AFRAID of being great…coaches tell you what needs to be done but the PLAYERS have to execute…alex and patrick palyed out of their minds… the o-line gave up 1 sack…this comes down to arnez battle and frank gore making critical errors in the game…I would actually like to thank frank gore and arnez battle for giving the seahawks the game…10 points off turnovers? theres your game rite there…i would actually hold off on the o-line get a new o-line coach…i would focus on the secondary cuz my god if roman and keith smith r on the field…YOU SUCK…i say look for next years drft to get a corner and safety…haden and mays please

  • bert

    losers find ways to lose games and thats what this team is…LOSERS…great teams cant aren’t afraid of being great…plus the referees didn’t exactly help out but they werent the ones fumbling so as of now this team can only hope to be great…”YOU CAN’T BE AFRAID TO BE GREAT, YOU JUST CAN’T”

  • Eleven11

    Next year is going to be amazing. 2 first round draft picks, plus using some money to acquire some BIG players for the O-Line and secondary, and we will have the division in the BAG. The lack of consistency in our starting lineup is what killed us. The QB switch, the O-Line injuries, Clements, Gore being injured, Spikes, etc. This was Vernon’s breakout year, and he can only get better. If we get a decent O-Line, we won’t have to always be in the shotgun, and Gore can run better. Everything will come together; Don’t give up hope. 49ers Faithful!!!

  • Chris

    I don’t think that anyone here is giving up. I think that everyone here is just a little heart broken. For the longest time we haven been saying, “If we just had a QB we would be great.” Well guys we have a QB now and we still find ways to beat ourselves. So If you look at the whole thing, I think it comes down to this. The guys are not afraid to win that is stupid to day, because aren’t. I just think that they have all lost for so long that they don’t know how to be winners. What I mean is, that they just don’t know what it takes to win every week regardless of what is going on. Lets take the Saints for example. Was there any doubt in anyone heres mind that Brees was going to find away to win that game yesterday. I know that I didn’t. Now let me you ask you this, did you all think the same yesterday when the Niner went down 17-14? I didn’t, know but I hoped. That is the difference between great teams and ok teams. Great teams know that they can win the game when the game is on the line. Ok teams Hope they can win, and normally don’t.

    You are right next year is going to be great, but this year wasn’t a wash either. We know that Alex Smith can play QB in the NFL. We know that Crabtree is going to become something really special, and we seen that Davis really is the freak that everyone thought he could be. The Niners have found who they are and now we just have to keep it together and we’ll be great.

    Niner fans. If you think about it. This team is still very, very young and they are still trying very hard to learn a new game plan and new offense. We have only been using this offense for about 5 weeks now. Most of the good teams have been using there offense for at least the whole year if not longer. You are right. Keep the faith everyone.

    • Mosie

      Great post. Thanks for the perspective!

      Keep the faith, Faithful’s!!

    • chuckle49er

      i agree too they are on the verge of being a great team they have lost six games by seven points or less and one blowout although it shouldnt hve been one seeing the mediocrity of the falcons but they are on thier way up i see the future getting better but still question jimmy raye as their oc i dont like his conservitism its killed their momentum several times this year.

  • On the bright side, we have finally found our franchise QB after all these years. Thank God! Im from Arizona, and I just hope we destroy the Tards!!! It sucks when your surrounded by so many of these fans out here.

    • Chris

      I agree Alex has really come into his own and is looking like the future. Don’t worry we are going to kick the shit out of the Cards Monday.

  • 5Rings

    Yes Alex has finally passed for over 300 yards. It only took him 5 years to do it. For those of you who still think he’s the answer, look up Alex’s QB rating in the 4th quarter, the most important quarter in football. I believe his rating is somewhere in the 30’s. Again, in the last drive with under a minute left we either score a field goal for the win or at worse run out the 50 secs to go into overtime. Instead, we watch Alex throw off target to Jadon Hill and overthrow Morgan which hit the Seattle CB right in his hands. It should of been a very easy pick.

    In other words, in crucial times, with the game on the line, Alex never comes through. So this guy is our future? Well never be a playoff team. Were out of the playoffs now, we should play Nate and see what he can do and then have him battle Colt McCoy NEXT YEAR. This season is OVER.

    • caribulou

      If you just look at Alex’s stats in the 4th quarter your a damn fool. When your playing from behind like he has always been forced to your stats tank because you are forced to take chances you shouldnt have to. Learn an little about football for gods sakes.

      • 5Rings

        The point is he folds under pressure dipshit watch the fucking tape! Two crucial passes were fucking pathetic!

    • Chris

      I think that you must be Nate Davis fucking agent or something becuase you are sure always on his cock. Sure we can draft another QB but then what. We have to teach another rookie what to do, Have to wait for a rookie to catch up with the NFL spead. Basically start all over again.

      Alex wasn’t the problem yesterday. Alex was the only good thing that happened for the Niners yesterday. Maybe if you acutally ever played the game you would know how fucking hard it is to play the game when you are always backed up inside your own 5 yard line for 7 straight drives. You can’t pass because if you get a holding call its a safety. Alex drove the ball down the entire field twice and Gore fumbled onces and both Davis and Crabtree dropped sure TDs on the drive we got the field goal.

      Yea I will say that the last drive we could have held the ball and played for OT but you can’t blame a guy for trying to win the fucking game. If he didn’t throw the ball down the field you would have been giving him shit for that too.

      Oh and the last thing that I’m going to say is. Most of those numbers and “STATS” come from the past. When Alex was a young and still developing QB under a really shitty team. This year Alex has played great in the 4th quarter. Throwing for a lot of yards and a lot of scores in the second half. So Next time 5 rings watch the fucking games. Direct TV has the sunday ticket so you don’t have to miss a game. I have watched every fucking down this year and I am thrilled that Alex is our QB and is going to be our QB for years to come. Quit sucking a rookies cock that hasn’t done shit and will never do anything but carry a clip board.

      Also for god sake the season isn’t over yet people there is still something to play for. A WINNING FUCKING SEASON. Something the Niners haven’t had since 2002. Playoffs or no playoffs it would be nice not to be losers at the end of the year and have a winning record.

      FUCK 5 rings and FUCK Nate davis. ALEX SMITH FOR QB!!!!!!!!!

      • redandgold

        You are right! Im telling you man, they love to hate him, and they always will. And to save you some time bro, dont even reply to some lop that thinks because he is a niner fan that he knows football or about the team. These fuckers are mad fools that Alex was a bust, and now he is showing he can play, and they dont have the balls to say they were wrong, so they go, and get stats that dont even mean shit and try to prove that smith is not our QB for years to come…. Fuckn Pussies!!!!!

    • Niner Pundit

      Well since we are talking years and such to reach 300 yards. It took Steve Young 6+ years and 52 starts. Smith did it in 4+ years and 38 starts. Just saying…

      • Chris

        Nice point. Not to mention Alex was hurt for 2 of those years.

        • miscus555

          this team reminds me of the NY mets, capable of reaching the playoffs but like to shoot themselves in the foot. season is over and i’d be surprised if they finish with a .500 record. that’s if they finish the season because they don’t know how to finish games. we haven’t played defense from start to finish since week 1. i don’t count games against garbage teams like st. louis. week 1 was the last time and look how it turned out. best win all season. curious how alex finishes the season and definitly how he plays against two good teams back to back (AZ & philly). he’ll probably start next season but only until the rookie is ready. this team and it’s fans try to take good things out of a loss. there is nothing good in a loss. new england lost yesterday but nobody is saying brady passed well or moss had a big touchdown. that team is successful and anything less than a championship isn’t taked about. we need to be like that and so should the 49er fans. that’s how we used to be but losing makes you take what you can get. i hope alex is great one day because he deserves success after everything he has gone through but i’m not waiting anymore. i don’t want to be be mediocre for the next 5 seasons and VD, willis take off for other teams. i can see VD doing it because if he plays this well for the next couple seasons, he will command alot of $$$. Willis will probably be paid whatever he asks for. the guy is definitly a core.

          • Chris

            I agree. This is a win now league. I guess your right Niner fans have been so use to be shity that whenever there is hope he cling to it.

            I don’t agree with the rookie taking over at QB anytime soon. I just think that now that Alex has put the past behind him he is going to continue to get better. We all know that this is a team game and no one player can win or lose a game, but it sure does help when you can count on your QB. I have to be honest with you all though. I don’t even think that Joe Montana could have won in the situation that they put Alex Smith in over his career so far.

            We have to keep the faith and continue to hope. There isn’t much more as fans that we can do. We can’t go out there and play. We can’t coach the team. All we can do is watch and hope.

            I will say this one thing. The team is moving in the right direction. It is building a team the right way. With solid young players, who want to play for the Niners.

            Davis isn’t going to go anywhere. He loves playing for Mike and he is going to stay a Niner for as long has Mike is the coach, and they are going to give Willis what ever it takes to keep in a Niner you can count on that. The biggest question for the future is what type of team are we going to be. Are we going to go into next year and change everything or are we going to stay with what has been working this year and make it better.

        • 5Rings

          1.5 years. Look it up. And yes I have played QB before and I know a little about the Niners. I’ve been following them since the Deberg days. I see alot of Deberg in Alex. A question was asked to the great Bill Walsh once, “Coach, why was Deberg benched for the rookie Montana?” His reply…,,”Because he did just enough to lose in the end.” We gave Alex plenty of chances. I believe he is 2-12 now his last 14 starts. That’s pretty ugly. There are a shitload of talent at the QB position next year. All I’m saying is if we have a chance to improve our QB position, we should go for it. Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Flacco are proof you don’t have to waste 5 years everytime you draft a QB. I think Colt or Bradford would make an immediate impact. Have one of them battle Smith and Nate next year. Those of you who question Nates skills than YOU are the one lacking football knowledge buddy. Also, Ninerpundit…. Mentioning Alex and Youngs name in the same paragraph is downright hilarious LMFAO.

          • redandgold

            5Rings hahahahaha.. u are too much.. all those QB’s you named, their teams are not going to the playoffs, so does that mean that they suck?? I dont understand you man, this is a TEAM sport, not a one man team, cause if thats the case, #21, and #85 LOST this game not smith.

            Ninerpundit has a good point, and all you can see is Alex and Young in the same paragraph hahah.. Unbelievable. Do you know what Ninerpundit’s point is??

            One more thing, it really scares me to know that you played football before, and dont know shit, because i hope non of our niner’s are just like you

      • dosia510

        did not know that, interesting point big pun….

    • redandgold

      hahahahahaha… OMG I dont even know if I should even reply to this 5Rings dude. I say this with all respect, you dont know shit about football!!!

      I feel sorry for u 5Rings, because i know you watch football, but how the hell do you make comments like this and think that ppl know what you are talking about?? hahahah

      • Chris

        Thank you. Thats what I was saying but just not as nice.

  • Devani

    Jalapeno time, this was absolutly obsurd loss. Dosia # 5, what was your reaction when they scored that field goal. When I heard, I immedialty started poping red Jalapenos our of my garden!

  • bert

    i think this lost was once again due to the coaching and game management…jed needs to look at his GM and really evaluate mcclueless…i think BPA available this whole draft needs to be the philosophy…get players in here that want to win and who WANT to play football…i saw a lot of our receivers drop very catchable passes…theres a lot of people out here who dont have jobs and wish they could be in those players shoes…shit with the salaries they are making EVERYTHING should be caught…this team in my opinion is on the cusp of being great…this team has had bad breaks the whole year and we just couldn’t capitalize on them

  • Joe Gomez

    Well I’m glad my Sundays aren’t as pathetic anymore. My Raiders came out on top again with my man Bruce. pfft niners fans you are pathetic let me tell you. I knew we had one superbowl caliber team here in the bay and once that stupid niglet was gone bruce lit it up.
    pfft you guys still believe in that white boy SMITH? I havn’t been on here as of late cuz im tired of going to niner games and seeing the gays feel on themselves while Alex is on screen. I will never show myself in that place until hes gone, I’m sure after yesterdays humiliating loss to the seatle LMFAO!!! seahawks my boy NATE DAVIS will ge tthe start. Hes ready hes got what it takes hes better than Alex as a rookie. I’m reppin my boy Davis all day! got my jersey all cleaned up fresh. rep davis All day homie. im gonna be davis wait, gradkowski when im fuckin my girl tonight

    • dosia510

      classy….u truly r a bitch for continuing to pose as other people.

  • Gumionday

    Well I feel like I am rooting for retards sometimes. We should have kicked the field goal on the 4 and 1 at the goal line. Then Seattle would have been trying to catch us instead of us trying to catch them. We can still turn this into a good year but we have to stop playing stupid. I didn’t get to see the game but I hope Battle gets his ass kicked by the coaches this week for a stupid idea like the lateral he threw and then we lost the ball. Our passing D needs some major help in the 4th quarter, how many times this year have we lost a game to letting the other team march down the field in less than a minute. I love my team and will keep watching when available, and I will still wear my 49ers jacket every where I go but man it makes me mad when it feels like I am rooting for retards. Hell the Raiders are only one game behind us…..

  • redandgold

    what the hell is wrong with you???

    • Gumionday

      Are you talking to me redandgold? I am not somebody posing as someone else, I have posted a few times here before all as Gumionday.

      • redandgold

        no not you bro. Im talking to Indiana jim or whatever his name

  • Joe Gomez

    Thats the same guy pretending to be me who is pretending to be Jim. As much of a faggot as he is I know he wouldn’t be this flaming. My 2 cents is that the niners have to kill Kurt on Monday and then theres a chance they wont win any games. I wrote a letter to coach asking him to put Davis in on Monday night get him so exposure. I heard he read it and hes strokin it.

  • Mas. (an opinion)

    5Rings = Oldest School.

  • Chris, I agree with you 100%. This website is a joke and some of these fans are as well. I lol @ the people on Nate Davis nuts. LOL @ him being a franchise QB for this team! The niners WILL NOT draft a QB this season. Matt Maiocoo has even stated on his Twitter account that Alex will start next season and most likely in the future. He is finally putting it all together with the talented weapons around him. When we address the O-Line, he will be able to take snaps from center as well. He is easily our best option with S. Hill a decent backup. Fake or real Joe Gomez and all these other Alex haters say whatever you want because Alex will be the starter next season for sure and the future. He will only get better not worse. If you dont like it, go cheer for the raiders or something.

    • dosia510

      how is this website a joke?? u still seem to take the time to post an opinion on here though right? all us niner fans are entitled to an opinion, and thats what they are doing. right or wrong, we are all fans, if you dont like it, then u can go to a different site that is not a “joke” with other fans who arnt a “joke”.

  • Johnson

    Were basically out of it now. AZ crushed the Vikes so another disappointing season. This is really getting old.
    I see an improvement in Alex but man when is this guy going to take us on a winning drive? It’s just one loss after another. Those last throws he had were rushed and didn’t even come close to the target. One was a sure pick but the DB flat out dropped it. I remember a winning drive Alex had against Seattle years back but that’s all I can remember from him. We need a QB who knows how to tell his team to get on his shoulders and to follow him to victory. We will never have that with Alex. I respectfully disagree with all of you who say he is our future. We need to get in a high calibur QB who knows how to lead his team to victory. Alex is missing one important ingredient. LEADERSHIP.

  • 5Rings

    FYI Alex is 2-12 his last 14 starts. Fucking Pathetic!!!! You probably will wait another 5 years for this guy but alot of people includinge are done waiting. He’ll be lucky to win another win under his belt to go 3-15 his last 18 starts. That’s the QB you want for this team? You obviously have very low expectations in a QB.

  • Johnson

    To all the Alex lovers: When is he gonna lead a game winning drive? Other than the one against Seattle in ’06 does he any others? Even the back up QB in Oakland has more game winning drives, against top caliber teams may I add. He’s 2-12 his last 14 starts. This guy is our savior? All of you have very low expectations at the QB position. Im tired of losing every year. We must find a leader, someone to tell his team, “follow me, il lead you on this drive to victory.” It’s time for an upgrade.

  • Adam

    My boy Alex Smith is back. He’s a diiferant QB. He’s healthy, he understands the offense and he has weapons to throw to. He’s not going anywhere so get used to him being in San Fran.

  • ninerfaithful

    check it all 49ersnews users out there this is the number site for fans to stay connected with the team and the faithful i think if you have issues then pay some money to the pundit and other writers on the site and im sure you can have a opinion that is worth aa dam until that happens shut the hell up and lets start talking draft

  • Gumionday

    Thank you 49ersnews this is the only site outside of the official site that I go to for my 49ers News, main site has video of the Singletary press conferences. I am not an Alex hater in-fact I am really glad to see him thrive, I would love it if he could step into the shoes of greats before him and lead this team to victory.I know we can do it but we have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot every other week. The Jacksonville game was almost flawless, no turnovers , very few penalties, and a little help from their kicker who sucks ass. But then we go to Seattle and just try and screw it up in every way fashionable. If we could get some consistency for a few weeks man we could be a really good team the NFC. Hopefully we can still make this season a winning one or at least finish 8-8.

  • Devani

    Dosia # 5 I agree, this site is for mature people who want to discuss 49er football. Niner Pundit I hope you eliminate all these jokers from this site, is it juvenile and getting old. Dosia # 5, are we completly out of the playoffs or do we still have a legitimate chance. I do not think we are going anywhere this year, but I would like to see us make it so singletary will not look like he is a talker to the national media. The national media who loves the cowboys are just waiting to hate on sing and our team, if sing was on our team they would be praising him even if he was not doing so well. The 49ers get no love, and I think it is ludicrus. Dosia # 5, do we still have a chance, my mouth is hot as shot from the jalapenos, I need to stop stressing!

  • Devani

    I mean if sing was not on our team they would would be praising him and talking about him daily.

  • Devani

    Dosia # 5 respond!

    • dosia510

      realisticly, no chance at playoffs. mathematicaly we are still in the playoff hunt.

  • dosia510, I think you misunderstood me. I think this webiste is a great idea. I just think some of these fans on this site are all looking for trouble. All of this fake posts and personal comments are getting old. That’s why I said it is a “joke”. BTW, I still stand by my comments 100%!

    • dosia510

      ya iv been tired of those gay comments and those posing as other people too. it is very annoying. i honestly wasnt sure about smith because of the lack of consistency. i mean he did have a good outing on sunday but what good does it do if it doesnt translate to wins? i know the pass defense is just as horrible as the o-line, but wouldnt a great qb find a way to win?? im just tryin to rationalize the future of this team starting at qb. i really hope he does good, but if its inconsistency he shows, then he will never be a good qb. and well be right back to square 1. what do u think?

      • Mas. (an opinion)

        I think your comments are definitely warranted.

        “Good QB’s find ways to win”

        Smith has shown a lot of growth but it wouldn’t be possible with out Jimmy Raye changing the way he calls a game. Smith is obviously a talented guy. He was drafted #1 overall out of 270+ players and clearly was able to win games/undefeated @ Utah. He has shown that he get move the ball downfield but the fact of the matter is, last Sunday – our defense (once again) let the opponent drive down the field (passing) and lost the game for us.

        Smith can put up decent numbers but if San Francisco is down by 3 points, needing a scoring drive but the clock reads 00:00 – that’s not going to happen.

        Alex Smith has shown that he can drive the ball down field with a make-shift offensive front but if our defense can’t stop our opponents in the last 2:00 minutes of the game, we won’t win games and we will continue to see numbers increment in the Alex Smith Loss Column.

        If Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen or Colt McCoy was available when we used our second 1st round pick would you let him slip by?

        The chances of 2 of the 3 mentioned being available at that area is far from a stretch. Dosia – I don’t know about you but I will probably be chewing my damn nails off at that point. I’m not going to say that I want Smith to choke/die/fall off the face of the planet. All I am saying is that I don’t see a problem with bringing in someone to compete for the QB job.

        We don’t “owe” Alex Smith anything.

        There is NO allegience to players when the ultimate goal of a franchise is to win with the best possible array of talent. Alex Smith has a contract through 2010. Chances he will resign with the 49ers is probable but if your Scott McCloughen or Mike Singletary, you’d be hardpressed to pass up on as big of a name as McCoy, Bradford or Clausen.

        Then again, there’s always next year right?


        • dosia510

          interesting, case in point, michael crabtree. with depth at receiver and him falling into our laps we didnt pass on him. i agree as well a little competition never hurts, but the need at O-line and the secondary is important as well. with a deep draft hopefully we can fill all of these needs. lol always next year is the story of this decade my friend………

        • Chris

          Right now all of the so called experts are saying that McCoy is a is 2nd round pick at best. I think that I would have to agree with him because of the system that he has ran in College, and the fact that he is a little guy only 6 foot tall and doesn't have s super strong arm.

          With all that be said. I think that Colt is a good pick up for any team. But only if he is given the time to sit and learn how to play in the NFL. He is not ready to come in a start now.

          So I would agree of picking him up but in the 2nd round only not the first. A 1st round pick needs to be someone who can step in and play right away. We need DB and O line help first.

          Plus Alex is only 25 years only with a lot of football ahead of him. What I would hate to see happen, who be like what happened in SD with Bress and Rivers.

          Rivers is good and all but we all have to agree that Drew is s shit ton better. What if we don't give Alex another year to grow into his potental and let him go for a McCoy and he turns into a Brees with another team. We still might have a good player, but there isn't a charger fan out there that wouldn't rather have Brees right now than Rivers.

  • Better than Paraag

    Lots and lots of excuses on behalf of Alex. Still barely any wins, but lots of excuses. This is why drafting the wrong QB #1 overall decimates a franchise. We still can’t turn the page all these years later, and the guy ain’t even winning!

    All you Shaun Hill haters out here better recognize: he was winning with the same team. Give him a shot with this spread offense with D.Walker and V.Davis on the field at once, and we’d be looking down on the rest of the division, maybe. It’s all speculation, but no one can deny where we’re at: out of the playoffs again and looking at another season of “learning” that Alex Smith ain’t the guy.

    Here’s what NFL Film’s Greg Cosell, who has got the best game-film analysis anywhere online, said about Alex Smith last week (reviewing the win against the Jags):

    – Smith is not a naturally comfortable pocket QB; Tendency to move too early, when there is no pressure

    – Smith needs to become quicker with his decision making in the shotgun, Some throws were there that he did not get to

    – Smith showed the ability to look down the gun barrel on Davis 30 yds, but for the most part, he does not consistently display pocket toughness; He does not stand firm and tall in the pocket

    – Smith still needs room in the pocket and functional space in front of him to drive the ball at the intermediate levels, Not a naturally strong arm

    I get that he’s been willing to take hits to deliver the ball, and that’s commendable, but it doesn’t make up for his many weaknesses. What good is it if he gets the ball off but is too inaccurate to complete the pass?

    Why are so many on here convinced that Smith will take us to the next level?

    FREE NATE DAVIS! What do we have to lose? If Alex’s confidence is so shaky we can’t try Nate in a lost season, he’s never going to be the guy anyway.

  • 5RingNiner

    Alex smith is adequate at best when he is playing at his best, he is the poor man’s version of Jeff Garcia and that is saying much. He has to look at the sidelines on every play, waiting to see what the coaches want him to do next, no initiative, no leadership and no peripheral vision to speak of. At this point if we do not get a Sam bradford, or Colt Macoy if they are available, we’ll be kicking ouserlves in the behind 2 yrs from now for not taking advantage of such a good crop of college QB’s coming out including Tebow and the kid from Notre Dame. ….oh and before I forget..GET A PASS RUSHER!!!!!!!!!!

  • I feel Alex is still learning and growing right now. Hopefully he will be better in those aspects in time. I do believe he will undoubtedly be the starter next season unless he absoloutely falters. I just dont see that happening, especially since we have Detroit and St Louis on the schedule. He is showing he can play the QB position effectively now that he has some talented weapons around in him and a offensive system he is comfortable with. I still truly believe he is the future and he will only get better. He still is only 25 years old and has a lot to prove starting this Monday night on national television vs my hometown Tards.

  • redandgold

    You whats so funny to me, (and you know who you are) is when smith does good or some-what good, all those haters seem to forget about this website, and when he does bad, they all come back acting like they got BALLS talk so much trash… Hide when your wrong and when your right come back and say “tolled you so..”

    There are some really niner fans in here and football fans, and i respect everything they have to say, and i like reading what they have to say, but its all these people that just watch football on sunday and dont know anything about football that really makes not want to come to this website. They even steal names and add comments hahaha.. talk about acting like a HOMER.

    Im a die hard niner fan, and i love talking football, and to tell you the truth thats the only sport i love watching. All i want to say is that, the one whom ever made this site should try and keep some of this trash that goes on around here so niner empire can talk football. And I also want to thank the one that made this site because its like home base for all 9ers fans

  • 5Rings

    Everyone is entitled to make their opinions on their site. So redandgold, if you cant handle criticisms of Alex Smith than maybe you shouldnt even look on this site. Niner fans want to win right now and for the years Alex has been here he hasnt amounted to shit. Hes just now putting up decent numbers but there still isnt any wins. So the criticisms and opinions will come whether you read it or not. Plain and simple. Sing said he wants winners so lets see if hes true to his word. If we keep losing with Alex at the helm what will he do when Colt McCoy and the other college studs is staring us right in the face on draft day? Thats the question most Niner fans want to know. Not everyone is sold on Alex as much as you are.

    • redandgold

      hahahahah.. Please tell me for many games has smith started? and why is it that smith is the one to blame for niners not win and not maybe because the TEAM does not know how to win? See, what i dont get is people that just say their opinions and not think or care to say why the believe what they are saying? I dont care about the criticisms because its in people's nature to hate, but I just dont see how one players determines if we lose games or win them. If you watch football, then you know that is this a TEAM sport. But if you want to talk about numbers and who did what, then Niner Pundit brought up a good point about Smith and Young.

      And one more thing, if smith is the reason for niners losing and that he is not good enough, then i guess Brady and Ben both suck and they are the reason for their teams losing. This just does not make any sense to me, because that how some of people are looking at it, which is so stupid and its not even an opinion its just plain stupid. And please tell why you think someone that has not even played in the NFL before (Colt McCoy) is going to do better than smith? And is not that im sold on Alex, its just that i dont believe he is the problem and that niners shouldnt spend one 1st round pick on another QB, but they should get someone to protect him

      • Mas (Realest One)

        redandgold – Good talk.

        I understand that if we were the St Louis Rams, Washington Redskins or the Cleveland Browns we could talk a lot about the potential in the 2010 draft at Quarterback but we're not.

        The talent at that position is also questionable and to couple that with the boom or bust factors along with the *cost of taking someone at that position in the first round is obvious. Quarterbacks drafted in the first round rarely ever find a lot of success in their first or second year. The possibility of several of these guys slipping out of the first round is very high and I think the only way we can rationalize the 49ers taking a QB is if one of these highly touted guys falls into the 2nd or 3rd round.

        Cornerbacks, Linebackers and Offensive Linemen offer a lot more flexibility or versatility with those picks when asked to contribute early. There's only 1 guy at the QB position and we have obvious needs elsewhere.

        A lot of you (in my opinion) are right! Redandgold, Dosia, Chris & John got it.

        Matt Cassel did an incredible job last year filling in for Tom Brady at the beginning of the season. He was a guy that a lot of people talked about coming in and wearing red and gold.

        Then he went to Kansas City.

        The result is a guy who can't find success with a team because he has nobody covering his "Blind Side" (good movie btw). It's a great example of how someone can find great success when surrounded by the right kind of people.

        Matt Cassel is a guy that didn't even get an opportunity at USC because the coaching staff felt his overall ability & leadership wasn't better than Matt Leinart's. He goes undrafted and sits behind Tom Brady for 3 years – with the same system and then comes in and has 1 good year.

        We don't want to wait another 5 years when we can win and be successful with-in 2. Alex Smith doesn't have to be this huge stat guy for us to win games. Alex Smith can throw 3 TD's, 300+ yds and breast feed a starving child but it won't win us games.

        Frank Gore can run for 200+ yds and 3 TD's but if our opponents are down by 3 points with 2 minutes left and we can't stop them – that's an area of need.

        Smith has the ability to elevate his game but when we can't run on 3rd and short in order to run out the clock – that's an area of need.

    • Chris


      You keep talking about 5 years this, 5 years that. First of all. Alex may have been drafted 5 years ago, but do to some injuries, which are part of the game I will say he has only been playing for 3 years. Secondly, I don't know what Niner teams that you have been watching but we have really sucked as a team since 2002 when we got rid of TO and Garcia. Third, he has had 5 different OC and 5 different offenses to learn.

      Everyone keeps pointing to Rogers, Well I would agree he's playing great, but he had the time to develop. 4 years learning for a great QB like Farve and with the same OC and offense. I bet Alex would be doing the same thing if given that chance. Instead, Alex was thrown to the wolves, like most number one overall picks are and had to take his bumps along the way.

      This is the first year Alex has had some play makers around him, other than Frank, and I think that he has done well.

      The last thing that I'm going to say is this. Alex Smith is not why we lost the Game last week. He was the only Fucking reason that we were even in the game at all. We lost the game because of a fumbled punt return, and fumble by Frank, several dropped passes that were right on the money and some poor coaching. It wasn't the QB.

      You all keep talking about his 2-12 record over his last 14 games, but look at the amount of yards and points the D has let up over that time. Alex had over 300 yards passing, 2 TDs and 0 ints last week. The week before that he has over 240 yards, 2 TDs and 0 ints. The week before that, over 270 yards, 3 TDs and 1 int. That to me are pretty good fucking numbers. He hasn't lost us games.

      Oh one more thing, about the 5 year thing. Payton Manning, didn't win shit his first 6 years in the league. 3-13 his first 3 years in the league and threw for a shit ton of INTS.

      • dosia510

        actually chris, payton manning has only had two losing seasons since hes been in this league, one his rookie season and the other in 2001. also other than his rookie season, hes never thrown more int's than td's. and even then it was just 2 more int's than td's. we cant compare smith to payton, no way. i hope he is just as great someday, but right now he is nowhere near it…..

        • Chris

          Thanks for that Dosia510, Sorry for the mistake, but you still have to see what I was saying. Payton is GREAT, no doubt about it. I love watching him play, but with that being said. He has had the benefit of playing with some really good players and in the same system his whole career. I think that really has something to do with it.

          I really think that if you put Payton or any QB in the same situation that Alex was placed in you would get the same results as we got with Alex.

          But again thank you for correcting me.

  • Darlo49ers

    I truly believe that Alex will become a very good Quartback. I have always knew that he had the potential, we just needed an offensive cordinator that will trust him to throw the ball and a line that would protect him and recievers that can actually play. He will be a star!

    • Chris

      I agree. We have to give him a REAL chance. So far I think he is winning that CHANCE.

  • Johnson

    Yah.. only if he can win us some games.. hes 2-12 his last 14 starts.. thats pretty PATHETIC.

  • Joe Gomez

    I have to admit even myself am starting to fall for Alex. I ordered a fathead sticker of his face so I can put it on my ceiling so only pleasant dreams for me this winter =)

  • 5Rings, I agree with you completely. I am one of the Alex supporters and am very excited about this kid. Every fan is entitled to its own opinion and there is nothing we can do about it. However, the only opinion that matters is Mcloughan/Jed/Sing. They all like Alex and have invested in him as the #1 overall pick. Alex’s improvment coupled with the organization pressure to put a winning product on the field almost certaintly will shy the team away from drafting a QB in the 1st round. The feel, and most likely scenario, is the team sticks with Alex for atleast next season and, based on his future performance, possibly the future!

  • Mas (Realest One)

    Matt Hasselback needs more Myoplex and purple shirts.

    This by the way… Not gay? (LMFAO)


  • Mas (Realest One)

    Worst PR move of all time – ever.

  • Mas (Realest One)

    ESPN 14 DEC 2009 Story: “York: Singletary, McCloughan safe for ’10”



    Personally, I am not a Sing-Hater. I actually like everything that he brings to the table. At first I thought he was a stubborn, set in his ways kind of coach but he obviously has shown the flexibility to adapt and change.

    The team acts more like a family than co-workers and responds well to him. His no bull shit approach to his players and his bosses is a character trait that resonates well with people who would rather hear the awful truth than wishful thinking. Even Jed York would drop his pants for him. He has made some questionable calls but then again, he’s a first year head coach – who hasn’t?

    I might catch a little bit of heat for saying this but, his idea of “putting the best players on the field” is warranted. Brandon Jones is a guy that we brought in through Free Agency and is receiving checks we all WISH we could cash. The only problem is that he doesn’t do enough to show coach he deserves to start over Morgan, Crabs or Hill – so he doesn’t play. Brandon Jones is a good receiver. What I am wondering is this; Mike Singletary never hesitates to acknowledge hard working, selfless players that show up in practice. If Brandon Jones was one of those hard working, selfless players who had a real heart for the competitiveness of the game, wouldn’t it have shown by now?

    Anyway. Just one example from one side of the table. I’m sure you will weigh in on the part he serious lacks. The only thing I ask is that you assess whether or not it is a lack of experience thing or if it is utter stupidity.

    Scot McCloughlan


    This guy has more job security than a catholic priest enlisted in the Navy.

    I’m not even going to start – All I want in response is WHY he should have a job in 2010. Trent Dilfer is more active in the offseason than this guy. Does he even work?? Him as the general manager is like giving blood when you have aids.