Wait. What? Smith Called the Plays

It has been reported that at some point during the 49ers game against the Colts, Alex Smith’s radio in his helmet went out and he was forced to call his own plays. The talk around Ninerland was during which part of the game did Smith call the plays.

The latest report from Mark Purdy of the Mercury News is stating that during the 2-minute drill in which Smith hooked up with Vernon Davis was the point in the game where Smith called the plays.

Smith signaled to the bench that the radio was out, then he coolly went into the huddle and called his own play.

The pass to tight end Vernon Davis wasn’t complete. But the incident — followed by a perfect two-minute drill at the end of the first half where Smith also called all his own plays and generated a touchdown

So let me get this straight, the best drive of the game and Alex was the one calling the plays. Why do they have Jimmy Raye again?

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  • DcNinerFan

    Yeah, when I heard that on ESPN (I think) I had the same reaction. IF Smith knows the playbook so well, and can engineer a drive like that, lets see what he can do more often, ALA Peyton Manning. Let him call audibles if need be. He was rather sharp during the 2 minute drill. My only gripe (if you can call it that) is he left too much time on the clock for the colts to score again.

  • ninerfaithful

    thats because lady's & gentalmen Alex Smith is the qb of the future he look ok we need a oline fucking now

  • "he left too much time on the clock for the Colts to score again." This is why Sing and Raye want to sustain their drives and not score quickly. I suspect a lot of that was fear of Indy's quick-strike capability, not knowing they'd be so poor in the red zone.

    Against Tennessee, hopefully they share no such fear. If they made Manning look bad at times, imagine how bad Vince Young's going to look next week.

  • I was watching highlights on NFL Network and heard an interesting yet not surprising comment by Steve Mariucci. They had a clip of Vernon, Alex, Josh, Frank, and Mike Crabtree and Steve said "This is the future of the San Francisco 49ers". After watching the Indy and Houston game, I really believe Alex will be the starting QB next season and in the future. He has the weapons and physical tools to become a star QB. I dont see the point on drafting another QB in the 1st round and developing him that will set back our offense.

    • Joe Gomez

      Well hell hes already set us back 4 freaking years… lets give him 4 more..hahaha. Trust me Alex is not the future, theres PLENTY of QB's out there whos ready to lead and win for us next year. Nate for one will be miles better than Alex in the future, and if we choose one of the stud QB's out of college next year than bye bye Alex Smith project.

  • Josh

    Indiana Jim, Sing and Raye want to play not to lose, thats why we kep losing.

    • caribulou

      I agree Sing and Raye are playing not to lose. When you do that you LOSE. I just hope that radio breaks more often. I can understand a run first philosophy but you have to be able to adapt and change with the cards dealt. Gore cant do it all. Open it up and win the division.

  • Eleven11

    If we use our draft picks wisely next season I think we can be unstoppable. We need: an O-Line, another quick CB, Dre Bly as a free agent and not a 49er, to KEEP Jimmy Raye if for no other reason than to give Alex Smith and everyone else a chance to get comfortable, and another safety.

    Our secondary and offensive line seem to be our 2 major weaknesses. Another wide-out couldn't hurt, since Bruce is most likely retiring next year, but if we can just have some consistency and protection, we will have everything. I know I'm rambling, but I've never been this excited about a losing football team.

    • Eleven11

      By the way, can anyone help me figure out how to give myself an avatar on here?

      • dosia510

        thats what iv been wondering?

        • Hunterboyz

          I share this same concern as well…

    • Chris Humphreys

      We don’t need another quick CB. Terell Brown is a hell of a back up, and can easily start (as we all saw this weekend). Our main issue in the secondary is saftey. Taylor Mayes (FS, USC) or Eric Berry (SS, Ten) would be AMAZING draft picks.

      But o-line is the place were we can improve the most in next year’s draft. I say with our first three picks we take AT LEAST two offensive linemen (maybe less if we pick one or two good ones through free agency). The other pick should go for a saftey or a pass rusher.

      I think Jimmy Raye’s offense would be great if our o-line was the best in the league, but its definitely in the bottom half and that’s why our running game has struggled.

      Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if we could get someone like a John Gruden or a Mike Shanahan to be our OC? Bring that west coast offense back to where it came from.

  • Matt

    Okay, please never even SUGGEST that Gruden or Shanahan would come and be our OC, that's just stupid.

    The more likely outcome, is Norv Turner getting fired, and coming back to us as our OC. Some facts that support this theory:

    1) Norv Turner loves Alex Smith

    2) Norv advised Singletary on his current offense staff(Rathman, Raye, and Johnson have all worked with him before).

    3) He'll need to be an OC, as he will never get another shot at HC after he blew his chance with the Chargers.

    4) When Sing was looking for an OC, he mentioned Turner several times as an example of who he would want.

    5) Norv uses the same terminology as Raye(digit system), so it wouldn't be a huge setback to hire him back on.

  • mark

    the only reason jimmy raye is still here is cuz hes black

    • Hunterboyz

      Chill on the race card please…


      A True Niners Fan

    • Joe Gomez

      Yea and the only reason somebody doesnt bitch slap your ass right now is cause your bitch ass is hiding behind the computer. Hahaha.

      • mark

        hey i wasnt trying to offend anyone. its just the truth.

        • redandgold

          how is that the truth? Just tell how you know that the reason why we still have him is because he is black? So, your saying the only reason why black people have a job in the nfl is because they are black??

  • Joe Gomez

    Jimmy Raye was a poor choice but I really dont think the guys getting interviewed could of fared any better. Martz clearly didnt want to work with Sing. Are all of you really content with Alex Smith as our future QB? I say put Nate Davis in the mix next year to compete along with a draft choice if one so happens to drop in our laps like Crabtree did. QB is the most important position, just look at all the good to great teams..they got a stud QB. Alex will probably improve little by little, hell it took him 4 years to be average. I think hes already maxed out his potential. Not much more he can do. There are quite a few QB's we might be interested in next year. If the guy from Notre Dame comes out, he would be a nice pick up or maybe Colt or Sam. Im not gonna settle for Smith and Hill. Thats selling ourselves short in that position. We struck out on Alex, just admit it. Doesnt mean we cant try again.

    • dosia510

      hey joe, everything u say im hearin ya buddy, some i agree, some i dont…but honestly i really dont see them getting rid of smith next year. especially if we end up with a winning record. from a fans point of view, ya lets get another QB and an o-line via FA or draft. but with mccloughan in there i cant see them releasing him. also now that they got him for cheaper in the off season. barring a dreadful downward spiral in this second half of the season, hes pretty much gonna be our QB next year….sigh…..

    • Chris

      I don’t think Alex has maxed out. Plus he hasn’t had 4 years because of the injuries. He really only has had 2 years. Throw in the fact that he has had a different OC each year, shitty line each year and a lack of talent at the skilled spots each year, I think that he has done very well.

      This year with a solid set of skilled players and a halfway decent OL look what he has done. It will grow and only get better. Hell the guy is only 25 years old.

      • dosia510

        i love the optimism…i hope ur right…

        • Joe Gomez

          Are you that stupid dosia? We need Nate Davis to play NOW to measure him up with starters. If he can’t measure up we lose games, get a good draft pick, and pick up a QB. Get rid of that whiteboy and put in Davis already Sing. I want that Notre Dame guy.

          • dosia510

            how am i stupid joe blow, all i said was i love the optimism, i dont understand why u always have to come at people with personal attacks…they mean nothin since ur behind the computer…plus if we throw in davis NOW, then we will for sure give up ANY chance for a playoff run. what i said was if the season goes to shit and we are out of the playoffs, then throw him in. that way we still get to see what he does against starting defenses and then measure him to see if we need a new qb…..

          • Joe Gomez

            Hahaha. Funny but I didn’t post this bullshit and whoever dis is a fucking coward. I’m not a racist so it’s not about putting Nate in because he’s black dipshit Hahaha. It’s all about skills and what you can do on the field. So whoever you are impersonating me as a racist, nice try faggot but your way off. LMFAO!

  • Brodie12

    Norv Turner could very well be available in 2010. Raye needs to retire, and it couldn't be too soon.

    With AZ getting ripped, we now have a fairly good chance of winning the division. We have to beat AZ again and win this thing, because there will be no wild card team from the West.

    The next two games should provide some needed optimism.

  • Billy

    The things Im hoping truly happen this offseason is getting Eric Berry(Draft), hiring Norv Turner (after getting fired from SD), and two o-lineman (via draft and/or FA).

    From what ive seen we have a legit chance of going to the playoffs barring ARI going on a massive winning streak or Smith costing us games, which both seem unlikely.

    Singletary better not stick with Raye and get Turner and give him a huge contract!!

  • Billy


  • Billy


  • I am almost certain Nate Davis will not be the future for the 49ers. It will be Alex or a Draft/FA/Trade. Most Likely a Draft Pick tho because there arent many good young QB’s that leave teams. Jay Cutler was one but the niners didnt want to pursue him aggresively as they should have. I dont want to make excuses for Alex from 05-08, but its pretty obvious a lot of them had to do with his failure. All Im saying is maybe we have our future QB #11 on this team right now. He has great young weapons in Crabtree, Davis, Gore, Morgan etc. and is a much more polished QB now than earlier in this career. Maybe Learning and sitting Last few years really helped him. We have much bigger needs (O-line, Safety, Pass Rusher) to worry about another QB right now. I would much rather have Alex than Shaun Hill, Nate Davis, or a Jeff Garcia type of QB. Stick with Alex San Fran and we have our future set for this team Offensively!!!

    • Joe Gomez

      You have something against Nate Davis? He has way more talent than Alex or Hill there’s no questioning that.

      • Joe Gomez

        Yeah Thats what I thought. John the white man doesn't got an answer does he? With this being the last real year of football because of the uncapped season next year we need to put in Nate Davis and forget about that whiteboy smith. I mean isn't it obvious he sent us to the ground so fast only something a man of his 'type' could do it.

  • MSouza

    If we had a good o-line our offense would be very good. Our weapons are there for the first time in a little under a decade, our qb play isn’t stellar but solid enough to think that with more protection it would be good, our running game has the potential to be great with franky back there, we have a terrific red zone threat in vernon, and we actually have weapons outside, please go o-line first two picks and sure it up for the next ten years. I am tired of seeing four down lineman get pressure in passing situations.

  • wickerman

    we could use a legit NT too!

    I like Sop and all, but a Haynesworth type would be a great addition.

    Agree on the safety front too. Lewis is getting hurt too much.

    Of course the next Larry Allen would be nice!

  • wickerman, maybe you were not aware of this stat; the niners rank #2 in stopping the un in the ENTIRE NFL. That is truly remarkable and credit to the entire defense and Greg Manusky. However, we do play a 3-4 defense and the most “important” position by many is the NT position. Aubrayo Franklin IS arguably a top 5 if not a top 10 AT WORST NT in the NFL. This guy causes havoc up the middle and is consitently double-teamed. He is a HUGE reason why we are so dominant in Rush Defense. The only problem is that he is 29yrs old, but still good enough for another 2-4years. We NEED TO LOCK HIM ASAP!!! BTW, he has been playing at this Level since the middle of last season when Singletary was hired and we changed our D up a little bit I believe scheme wise.

    • wickerman

      I was aware John, it is his age that concerns me.

      My real beef with the D-line (and it is MUCH better than the last several years) is the inability to generate pressure w/o blitzing Parys or Manny.

      I admit O-line is th emore pressing need, but I would like to see good young talent drafted for the d-line – prolly in 2011 or so.

      Didn’t mean to take any thing away from Franklin – but at 29, unfortunately, he is 2-4 years away from a decline by NFL odds like you said.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about the talent we have on this team. I think the front 7 is killer and we are getting in shape in the secondary – with so O-line help the 9ers could be a legit playoff contender beyond their weak division.

  • 9erbro

    I have to agree that Safety, and Oline are our to biggest need at the moment. Pass Rusher is a slightly distant 3rd. Roman and Lewis are both liabilities in coverage. Smith doesn’t seem to be catching on or is in Sing’s doghouse for whatever reason. NT is certainly not a pressing need at the present but if we are sitting there with the top safeties off the board and no reaching lineman i wouldn’t be opposed to a top DT which are more abundant than usual in this class. As far as QB if one of the top guys fall into our laps then we draft them if not we gotta wait it out. As long as we don’t take a project pick where we change their position. If we draft a DE to play OLB i can’t see that paying off immediately. As previously stated CB we are reasonably good for a few years. Nate’s faults wouldn’t nearly be as obvious if we had some speed (lewis)at the back end.

  • Wickerman, I respectfully agree with you. I still wouldn't waste a 1st or 2nd round pick on a D-Line. I would consider a 3rd/4th on a future NT to develop and rotate behind Franklin. Then eventually replacing him in 2-3 years. Although, that is the future and were in the NOW. Now, the niners need to resign Aubrayo to a 3/4 year extension and watch this dominant force "Control" the middle consistently!

  • I also have another question for you guys. It seems that Safety is one of our biggest “Needs” right now. I really think Michael Lewis is a solid veteran Safety, when healthy. Dashon really looks promising and I would like to keep him in the lineup to develop because I think he can be something special. Although, Im really not “sold” on drafting a Safety in the 1st round because of Mike and Dashon. I also dont think we should sit our future Safety until Michael Lewis contract is up or until we decide to part ways with him. I would prefer an immediate impact starter for our 2 1st picks. I think the main reason for our struggle in Pass D is the lack of consistent pass rush. Manny is a 2-down LB and Parys is a decent secondary option, but he cannot be your #1 Pass Rusher. Thoughts? Anyone?

    • wickerman

      I agree 100% on Manny and Haralson. With all due respect, they are not Lawrence Taylor. I think the Niners really missed on the Balmer draft. I think they thought he and Justin Smith would be pass rushing bookends that drew double teams and opened holes. So far, Smith is the only consistent rush threat – Balmer is a sub.

      I think a lot of folks think safety because Lewis is a great run stopper and killer tackler, but he is kind of one dimensional there. I think a Ed Reed type who can run stop and cover deep is what people wish we had. Lewis has never been that guy really. In Philly, Dawkins was the guy roaming the secondary and Lewis was the 8th man in the box. I think with Nate struggling (and now out) and Bly not stepping up as much as we hoped, the safeties are being asked to do more and Lewis’s lack of speed and cover skills are showing a bit. On top of his injury issues, I think – maybe unfairly – some folks are getting down on him.

      I’d like to see Clements move to safety (I think Brown is a good young guy we should develop) and the niners should invest in a good pass rush as their first defensive priority. O-line is the #1 draft need IMO, but I totally agree with you on pass rush. It just isn’t there consistently.

      I also think Morgan and Crabtree will be a great 1-2 punch when Bruce retires, but if Jason Hill does not step up or Brandon Jones is not going to be used well, it might be worth shopping for WR talent in 2-3 years. Battle has great hands, but he is never going to stretch the field. We have hands in Crabtree so Battle kind of gets lost int he shuffle. Morgan has OK speed and is big and physical, so if he matures, that’s great. Hill and Jones would seem to fill the speed need, but they are either not stepping up or the 9ers have yet to give them a good shot at proving themselves.

      So I guess my list of needs would be

      1) O-line. Staley and Heitmann are legit. Pashos might be. Baas and Rachal need work – we need to have someone ready in case they don’t get better.

      2) D-line. DE to compliment Smith on the other side. A combination of size and speed.

      3) Safety. Lewis needs a replacement. Reggie doesn’t strike me as the guy.

      4) WR. Again, only if Hill and/or Jones doesn’t step up by the end of this season or early next. We are losing Bruce, I’d bet my paycheck on it, so we need a solid #3 to compliment Morgan and Crabs.

      5) A NT 3-4 years down the road to replace Franklin.

      A great draft with some solid free agency could fix this pretty quickly. I’d say 2-3 years of good solid coaching turns the 9ers into a NFC powerhouse.

      Until then, Sims and Rachal playing well will at least make the o-line decent (assuming everyone stays healthy) and being creative with blitz packages can keep pressure on – afterall, it put Peyton on his butt 3 times.

      thumbs up John – you and I seem to think the same!

  • We need a OLB, not a DE. Our 3-4 DE in Issac and Justin are fine. Justin is a pro bowl caliber player, basically a beast we all know that. Issac Sopoaga (along with Aubrayo) is so underrated and is starting to really blossom in this defense. He is a great run stopper and still young getting better each day. I am sure glad we signed him to that extension a couple years back. As far as this season, if Barry Simms and the O-Line can play halfway decent in both Pass and Run blocking, we will make the playoffs. I think Barry will play solid because we dont face many great Pass Rusher in the next 6 games. Vanden Bosch is solid but has declined somewhat, AZ has no passrusher, SEA has none, Jaguars?, Bears? We will be fine. I see us going 7-2 or 6-3 in these final 9 games. 9-7/10-6 realistically GO NINERS!!!

    • Joe Gomez

      7-2 6-3? Yea with Montana at QB right? Well be lucky we go .500. I had us going 7-9 this season. The teams we have coming up all have solid offenses and good defense. We lost Staley and Clements which are very BIG losses. Wishful thinking is great, but reality is a bitch. Crabtree is a bright spot but the QB throwing to him is inconsistent and we can’t expect Frank to bust one every game. Our patchwork O-Line isn’t opening much holes. Don’t worry atleast we will have another high draft pick. Were not as good as Sing thinks we are. All that rah rah talks can only take you so fat. When it’s all said and done it’s who has the best talent on the field and who can execute the plays. Don’t underestimate AZ and Seattle, we barely got by AZ and Seattle didn’t have Hasselbeck.

  • Great post Wickerman, Great Minds think alike. Im not sure on movign a top CB in Clements (despite inconsistency this season) to another position. I highly doubt the coaching staff would do that to a Pro Bowl vet like Nate. I would consider moving Dashon to SS and drafting a FS with range and speed that can cover the deep ball and help out the CB to take chances and wont get hurt if the WR gets behind them. I believe we have one of the best CB depth chart in the NFC. Tarrel Brown is very promising and a young talented Corner. Spencer is the most underrated CB in this league. Nate is a Pro Bowl as is Dre. We need to get 2 Guards(dont resign Baas), and a RT. I still think Alex Smith is the future QB for this team believe it or not. Crabtree, Davis, Gore, Morgan and Smith is the future for the San Francisco 49ers!

  • Joe Gomez

    This is what worries me about Alex and his accuracy problems. HE HASNT FIXED THEM. Review the last drive he had against the Colts. His last 2-3 passes were so high and off the mark, he stalled the game winning drive all by himself. He’s been doing this all throughout his career. Injuries and different OC’s are excuses. He’s not very accurate even with time. Those of you who say he is our future don’t want a Super Bowl, your content with a mediocre QB. Our franchise deserves an All-pro Peyton or Eli Manning type QB and I think there’s one out there next year. The 2005 class wasn’t very good. Even Rodgers who wouldve been a better choice than Smith isn’t on the same level as the studs coming out next year. When there’s this much talent at the QB position, we would be stupid not to take one.

    • wickerman

      So we need a guy like Eli not a mediocre guy like Alex?

      Let’s see for 2009:

      ELI thru last week
      140/242 57.9% 13td 8int rating 86.4

      ALEX thru last week
      34/54 63% 4td 2int rating 95

      So Alex has BETTER accuracy than Eli and a higher rating and you question his accuracy.

      Sure you can whip out Peyton or BRady or whoever you like, but if we pick up Tebow (or whoever) he isn’t going to match Peyton either.

      There are 12 QBs in the league with a higher QB rating than Smith right now. That means 19 guys lower. I’m Ok with that. 13 guys have a better completion percentage. 18 lower. I’m ok with that too. The guy has been back all of 6 quarters. Shaun Hill was no better and the team stuck with him for 5 1/2 games.

      Maye it’s worth sitting back and letting him play 2-4 games and see what he can do.

      As for Rodgers not being a top guy, he has the highest QB rating in the league, only 2 picks, 2000 yards and a 65%+ completion rate. I’m a little curious as to what your definition of ‘stud QB’ is.

  • Joe Gomez

    Oh stop it Wickerman, you sound like a Alex lover. Let me tell you something ok, Alex has played 6 quarters this season, look what hes done throughout his career and compare all that to a Super Bowl Champion. DONT EVEN TRY IT! No comparison. Alex is doing decent, im talking when the pressure is on.. he folds. Look at the last few plays of our last possession against the Colts. Those passes were CLEARLY overthrown and killed that drive single handedly. If you dont believe me than watch the damn tape yourself. All im saying is hes not Manning material, hes average and probably will never lead us deep into any playoffs. We need to either give Nate a shot who clearly has more talent than Alex or get one of the studs coming out. THATS ALL IM SAYING. Our organization seems to recognize a need to upgrade the QB position, im sure they will do something. If you count on Alex and only Alex than your not putting the BEST product at that position. He BARELY beat out Shaun Hill, and hes a freaking journeyman. Let him go head to head with Nate or another stud QB from college next year and see if he beats THEM out…HAHAHAHA.

  • Joe Gomez

    Your comparing 54 attempts to 242 attempts? Hahaha.. WTF? How long youve been watching football kid? You dont do that! hahaha

  • Joe Gomez

    STUD QB’s=Pro Bowl type, FRANCHISE, Capable of putting a team on his shoulders and LEADING them deep into the playoffs and beyond, pocket presence, accuracy, leadership are all TOP NOTCH!

    THATS MY DEFINITION!.. and yea we drafted Alex and he has fallen short year after year after year after year.. im freaking sick of waiting for him, hes better now, but hes still not a stud. Most teams would of cut him long time ago but McClueless wants to save face since thats his pet project. Aaron wouldve been better, but I think these guys coming out next year will do even better than Aaron. Dont get me wrong, Aaron is pretty good and he is close to STUD status.

  • Joe Gomez

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    • dosia510

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  • Joe Gomez

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    • dosia510

      lol now this is the joe gomez of real, that other fag pretending to be u is piece of shit….how pathetic of a life do u have when u have to pretend to be a different online profile…this guy needs to get laid…..onto more important things….i feel good about todays game. as long as we contain chris johnson and force the game on youngs shoulders, well be ok.. i jus hope barry sims can give smith enough time to make some plays. except for that one crucial and critical sack he gave up against freeney last week, he played decently…..GO NINERS and REAL NINER FANS STAND UP….

  • Joe Gomez

    Dosia just shut the fuck up and keep living in your dream land fantasy world. You and only you have been getting on my nerves since you showed up here. You claim to know what your talking about when really you have no idea. Dont you ever come here and question me.

    • dosia510

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      • Joe Gomez

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        • Joe Gomez

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  • Joe Gomez

    Hey if your me than who was the QB when you first became a Niner fan? Hahaha answer that right and then mayb you can use my name. Other than that you need serious help dipshit. Oh and John I am a big supporter of my team but if I want to criticize sorry ass Alex Smith that is my right to do that. Oh and he played one hell of a game today didn't he? LMFAO!

  • Joe, stop with this bashing of the 49ers. Seriously, its getting old if you dont have anything positive to say about our team, dont say anything at all. We will go no worse than 8-8, most likely 9-7 possibly 10-6. 8-10 wins is the most likely scenario obviously.

  • Joe Gomez

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    • dosia510

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  • DcNinerFan

    Seriously, these guys are sucking it. They have ever opportunity, then just to the stupidest things. We were just outsmarted, outplayed, and out efforted by an inferior team.