Reality Check: Let Singletary Go at End of Season

After watching the 49ers over their last six games, it’s obvious Singletary is in over his head. Over those six games the 49ers have lost five of them. Hate to say it but Singletary should be with this team for only eight more games. At the end of this season, the Yorks should buy out his contract, give him some water and say thanks for your motivation and leave it at that.

The 49ers went into the season preaching Physicality with an ‘F’ and after watching every game this season it’s more Phailure with an ‘F.’

I honestly believe we were all fooled into thinking that this team under Singletary could be good, who could blame us. Last season Singletary took over a 2-5 team and got them to 7-9. We all drank the Kool-Aid. If we only knew now what we didn’t know then, I’m sure most of us would have hoped the Niner brass held off on announcing Singletary as Head Savior so quickly, when not shortly after coaches like Mike Shanahan, Mike Holmgren and even John Gruden became available.

Yesterday’s lose to the Titans was Mike’s 16th game as Head Coach and with that loss his overall record landed him at 8-8. I know most Niner fans are thinking 8-8 is great, but seriously, are we now at the point where 8-8 is acceptable? Have we got to the point where we as fans are so sick of horrid records that anything close to .500 is exciting. At one point we could accept the bad records as not having the right tools in place, but if you look at this team there are some very good players on this roster and I have to say the coaches are not utilizing those players right. Let’s take yesterday for example. Jason Hill, who had no catches going into the game, finished the day with four catches and two touchdowns. The only reason he got in was because Isaac Bruce got a little banged up on one play. It was obvious after week two that Isaac Bruce was no longer starting material and it took the Head Coach 8 weeks to figure that out.

From Week One the 49ers put the team on the back of Shaun Hill, another player who fooled us into thinking he was good. It was actually Mike Martz who fooled us, because as you could see of Hill under Jimmy Raye he couldn’t do crap.

Spare me the 3-1 to start the season, the defense, Frank Gore and special teams won those three games. All Hill had to do was not turn the ball over.

Now, not all the blame goes to Singletary, Scot McCloughan gets a lot of it as well. It is him that is responsible for drafting the players and one area he has failed at is the offensive line. Which is a big issue, because heading into the season Singletary and Co. wanted to pound the ball and punch people in the face. Newsflash, you can only do that if you have the offensive line for that and that was something Singletary and Co. didn’t realize. Marvel Smith, Tony Pashos, Adam Snyder, Barry Sims, David Baas, Chilo Rachel. All that is is a revolving door of crap. It’s sad when I long for the days of Jonas Jennings and Kwame Harris.

So when they let Mike go they need to take a long hard look at McCloughan as well. McCloughan has been here just as long as anyone and not a lot to show for it, minus Willis, Davis and Gore.

The one part of this team that Singletary is 100% accountable for is that of offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye. Raye was Singletary’s choice, he was the one who believed Raye would be the man to help punch people in the face, after eight weeks it’s more of a light slap.

We all know what will happen though. The team will finish either 7-9 or 8-8, they will not make the playoffs. No changes will be made, well maybe a new OC will be brought in. But aside from that after this season we as fans will be promised the same thing we have been since Nolan. Team is heading in right direction, we have the players needed to execute, we want winners, blah, blah, blah. Then we’ll get to see the likes of Shanahan, Holmgren and Gruden head to other bad teams and watch them turn those teams around while we sit and continue to watch this team in all its mediocrity.

Born and raised a diehard Niner fan. I have nothing better to do with my time than sit here and cram my opinions down everyone's throat.
  • jgwindsor

    i am a smith supporter and this loss is on smith….he fumbled a ball and he did not make the correct reads, he saw the blitz right in front of him and didn't change the play on the LOS….he was hanging on by his finger nails most of the game and then he just had a meltdown

  • Joe Gomez

    Stuntman, I agree with you on one thing, MCCLUELESS NEEDS TO GO. Thats what your article should be titled. Not Sing, Sing didnt bring the players, it was McClueless. His picks and personnel moves thru FA has been pathetic and thats whats hurting this team the most. You can start with Alex Smith. Thats a McClueless and Nolan pick. All three of them should have been sent packing. Instead we kept McClueless and we kept Alex and this is the result. We need to go after Holmgren and we need to go after a REAL FRANCHISE QB. Clausen, Locker, or McCoy should be brought in to compete with Nate. Keep Hill as a third stringer if he accepts a role like that. Cut Roman, cut Balmer, and if Rachal doesnt improve cut his sorry ass too. Im with you, fuck the mediocrity, its time to get some real talent on the field.

    • Mas

      I think that anyone who is ready to just pack it up and talk shit about our head coach needs to fuck off.

      Reading through these responses, it sounds to me like the general concensus is that Sing isn’t the problem.

      The guy has injected an entire culture of change with in our organization that seriously lacked a back bone for the past 6 years. Aside from giving the OC job to Jimmy Raye, there isn’t much else to bitch about. The Rossum and Sheets thing, okay, I wasn’t sure about that – just as everyone else wasn’t sure about that.

      Jed York is gonna give the reins to Sing and what I’d like to see come of it is a serious overhaul of staff and roster. Guys that don’t have heart or seriously lack talent, gone. Guys that brought in guys who seriously lack talent and have no heart, Gone. No offensive coordinators wanted the position last year because they didn’t see the potential or job security in the position. They’d have to be moron’s to sign with a club that has gone through as many OC’s as we’ve had.

      Heading into next season… a new personnelist and OC upstairs would be nice (Good ones too g’damnit)DRAFT (or somehow aquire) A FUCKING TACKLE WHO CAN BLOCK AND A SAFETY THAT DOESN’T GET BEAT ALL FUCKING DAY. We don’t need a whole lot but our O-Line is obviously retarded (minus Joe Staley). Our DE’s have been surprisingly good this year but Smith isn’t getting any younger and having depth at that position is a good idea. Plz get a lock down safety…

      Jed, step your game up you pussy.

  • 49er4life

    Thank God we're in the shittiest division in football. We're only two games out, and looking ahead, we have some winnable games (with maybe the exception of Philly). Let's not enter panic mode just yet.

    • Joe Gomez

      Winnable games? Hahaha.. we just lost to a fucking 1-6 team.. where the fuck have you been? The next 6 to 8 games are not gonna be walks in the park especially with Alex at QB.

  • Zach

    I am so sick of people of think this is Mikes fault. This all goes back to two things. Bad O-line and bad QB. We have lost many winnable games because of a lot of mental mistakes that weren’t Sing’s fault. Hill doesn’t produce any numbers what so ever when he is in the game and can’t throw anything past 5 yards. Smith will get you his numbers but also turns the ball over a lot.

    We gave up 17 points yesterday because of turnovers. We lost by seven. We gave up six points to the colts because of turn overs. We lost by 4. We gave up 7 points to the texans because of turnovers, we lost by 3. And the falcons game was a snowball of bad events that you can’t blame sing on really. it was a 14-10 game with us having a chance to cut it to one when hill took a sack and knocked us out of FG range. The blown play by clements was an instant touchdown, and the horrible turnover call we couldn’t challenge because COFFEE RAN OFF THE FIELD!!!!

    The real reason we suck is because we have no online, and we don’t have a QB option for right now. Davis might be our future but he is going no where if he has yet another new OC (it would be our 7th in a row) and gets hurt becasue they can’t protect him. Singletary is doing a fantastic job for what we have. We have played a tough schedule IMO this year and if guys like Bruce and Morgan didn’t drop the ball, Crabtree fumble or allow passes to get tipped, this would be a totally different season. Little lone our QB has time to throw more.

    • hey this is all true. mike is doing a very good job if we just stop turning the ball over we can win anybody. we should be 7-1 right now but we are not. just have to move on.

    • look we need mccoy that kid from texas man that kid can trow the ball alex was only a jounior wan he came out an he is avrage at best checkout what flaco did ryan both of them was seniours stop drafting kids whe dident finish collage we need to cut hill make alex third string an davis as backup look taylor mayse rite tacle an mccoy an a dam good corner an trade 5 round to ateam for a nother first round pick next year patroits do it all the time big move wen we trade that pick to carolina for there first pick teams allways looking to move up to get players that wast the best ting we do barnun 2 first round picks go niners

  • Joe Gomez

    Stuntman.. Sing can do only so much with the talent at the QB position which is the most important position on the team. Shaun Hill sucks, Alex Smith really SUCKS, theyre afraid to see what Nate can do. Run defense is top 3 in the NFL, Pass defense is not top 3 but its decent. Offense can only go so far with the OC, thats not on Singletary. If we had a QB worth a shit than maybe the offense could execute better. The only thing I blame Sing for is some of personnel moves. Letting Rossum go is obviously hurting this team. Michael Robinson has ZERO speed and ZERO moves to be a kick returner. If we had Rossum, we would still have Clements who had no business returning kicks being the highest paid defensive player on the roster. When Gore went down, they should of promoted Sheets, but instead they released him. Other than that, Sing has done a decent job. Its not his fault Alex Smith SUCKS, hell make any head coach look bad.

  • Mosie

    The articles that I read here are so on target with what I feel that I usually comment and add my two cents in the reply section. However, this time is an exception. There is no debate that we are off track in a few areas, and the last four games clearly show that! Rather than get into specific case by case examples, of “would’a” & “should’a”, I have one point that I feel needs to be made.

    A team with better weapons that what we have available to us, would be in the same loosing position if they had our play calling! The thing that Singletary can be blamed for, or rather his biggest blunder as I see it, is putting so much faith in Jimmy Raye’s abilities to march the Niners down field! He is the one that needs to go, and go in a hurry!!

    Remember gang, we are in a time of rebuilding! No coach in the last decade has brought the team members together like they are now and given us a potentially winning philosophy to install into the core of the team. And that is something that we want to build on. That is something that is going to get us to a decade of dominance, not just a flash in the pan good year. We knew going into the year that it was going to be rough, not all our pieces are in place yet…

    Maybe it’s just me, but I feel Singletary is one of the best moves that this club could have made! We start giving up on our coach, we’re giving up on a big part of the ‘heart’ of our team. Be patient Forty Niner Faithfuls. Take a deep breath and don’t give up the fight!!

    Cheers – Mosie

  • Montana2Rice

    Totally disagree with the stuntman. Singletary has made mistakes, but he is a rookie head coach. Hopefully, the front office isn’t as cursed with ADD as the rest of us. The guy is putting some pride back in the organization and that is not trivial. His worst move could have been to hire Raye, and that could lead to his downfall, but I hope not.

    Going into the offseason, the whole world knew that the 49ers had a lot of talent, but also had major deficiencies at QB, O line, and D end. None of those incredibly vital positions were significantly addressed. If anyone out there drank any amount of kool-aid, I’m kind of impressed because there wasn’t that much of it going around. To think that this team was going to somehow overcome its glaring deficits was wishful thinking at best and shortsighted at worst.

    Singletary has done a fine job so far. There are still a lot of games left, and, at the very least, he put the taste of winning in their mouths. If he is a good coach, he’ll get them back to playing to the best of their ability, which isn’t that great, but it’s at least fun to watch.

  • Joe Gomez

    Honestly I dont even care anymore. With an uncapped season next year and the niners eventually moving to santa clara theyre destined for shit regardless of what happens now. Its just that singletary is to stupid to know when to call it quits like cable.

    • Joe Gomez

      Hey fuckface quit using my name.

    • Mosie

      And while your at it, quit with the BS comments. You call yourself a fan???

      Ahh, I don’t think so!

      • Joe Gomez

        If they move no I will no longer be a fan.

  • MSouza

    Crazy…fans don't even want to give the guy a second offseason with the team, but we complain about how the team has no chemistry. Let's just keep firing everybody…they all suck…get rid of everyone and draft to replace them, nevermind using some early picks on the oline, its the qbs fault that he gets hit after only getting through one read, or before he can even hand the ball off. Its okay though because once we fire Singletary, we'll hire somebody else and if they suck after one year, we can fire them too. Lets emulate every bad team to get good, its the obvious answer that has been eluding us.

    • payton maning is caring that team singlehandidly that wat good qbs do look at minisota was a avrage team before they get a faver from bret farve

  • we just need to start finishing games we should be 7-1.

  • Chris

    I think that whoever wrote this is out of their fucking mind. Coach Sing is doing a hell of a job. In every game this season, with the exception of the ATL game he has put us in position to win the game. He cannot go out there and tackle Chris Johnson on 4th and goal from. The players missed a tackle allowed them to take the lead and we couldn’t get that back. The wasn’t the guy who trew 3 INT and lost a fumble, no that was the QB. (even though, I think that last one he trew for the pick six was pass interference, but that sudside the point).

    Every game this year we have been right there, and very well won all of them. Remember this is still a very young team, who is learning how to win. They have been losers for so long that Yes they have to relearn what its like to be winners. The great teams know how to win. Look at Indy the past 2 weeks. Was there any doubt that if they feel behind that they could come back and win. No! We need to get to that point, and we will. Maybe not this year, but we will.

    Look at our corps of guys. They are all young and want to play for coach. This is going to be a great team for years to come, once they learn how to be.

  • bert

    every1 stop and think bout this for a moment..we all as fans have took on coach singletary’s personality cuz we are all passionate about this team…singletary is doing a damn good job of coaching…mcclueless has to take the blame as well because he drafts the players and we are paying for his mistakes…what we rerally need is an OC who isn’t afraid to mix it up and be creative on offense and shore up the o-line…no doubt we do have talent but we need some1 to protect the qb either it be davis smith or some1 we draft

  • Mas

    Nice Souza.

    Why get rid of the only leader upstairs who cares about this team?

    Fucking retarded. Stuntman, you're a bitch.

  • Unknown Stuntman

    I figured I'd get crap from this article, but you'll all see in the end I am right. Singletary is nothing more than a motivator, not a head coach. And sure let's ride Singletary next year and when the end result is nothing better than 7-9 8-8 we'll go ahead and then let him go and miss out on coaches like Holmgren, Gruden, Shanahan and the like.

    Morse, go ahead and blow it out your ass, I'm far from a Cowboys fan. But hey sorry to get all of your panties in a bunch for speaking the truth.

    But hey you guys are right, Singletary will turn the team around, he'll find the players that will block on the o-line, he'll keep Raye and his run, run, pass, mentality. It's bound to work lets give him lots of time until he gets it right. Just like Nolan and his record was tied to the QB and OC's, Singletary's will be just the same.

    Funny thing is all these excuses Mike is getting, O-line, OC, QB, etc. are the same excuses Nolan got and look where it got us.

    I do have to agree with Jed York when he said the 49ers season will not end in December. He was right it ended in November.

    • NinerPaul

      Funny ….

      • Mosie

        I thought this site was a 49er fan website, not a lets beat up the 49ers site…

        “but you’ll all see in the end I am right.”
        And you know, I can NOT wait for you to eat those words! Yes, it will take a little time, but it will happen.

        Maybe you should start writing for the Raiders?

  • Morse

    Whoever wroter this is probably a in-the closet cowboy fan because why would you get rid of a man who is in his first year and rebuilding a culture and bringing back the old school attitude which is essential in todays game with these young punks! So Stuntman I guess the 49ers should have fired Walsh after his first season of having Deberg and having a crummy start. Sing, like Bill will not waste time and wait around, he will evaluate our talent and fix the problem quickly. What would happen if we got rid of Sing which is idiotic. What would happen would that, the Cowbillys and Jerry and his henchman would go after Sing and get him, and flaunt him just like he did with all the players he stole from us. Every night would hear the cowhicks and their fans on ESPN being the center of attention. The Cowbillys would start another dynasty and we would be crying our asses off, saying, what were we thinking! I am sorry I do not want that scenerio to happen! What I want to happen is that I want the 49ers to extend Sing’s contract make him our franchise coach and build on his philosophy and become a dynasty again. Sing will make us a dynasty again, he will bring us to the promise land, but it will not happen in his first year. Sing gave hill and alex a last chance attempt and starting next year he wil go after his Montana QB. He will bring us back, it might just take another year or 2, but we cant get it done with backup QB’s like the 2 we have now. The QB’s we have now are good for 1 or 2 games, not the season, they do not show consistency. Stuntman why don’t you go back to the Cowboy blog and give those ridicilous suggestions to your Cowbilly tagteam buddys! We are going to win championships, we just need to build and get a franchise QB, the QB is the nucleus of a football team and we do not have it! Trust me, Sing does not tolerate losing and he will not allow this to go on! So have patient, when he builds it, it will come!!!

    • Mosie

      Here FUCKING here!!!

  • ninersfan

    stuntman, are you serious? I haven’t seen the 49ers played this hard for some time. The players are buying into the new motto but lack of a develop QB or experienced OC. Maybe the OL could use some new bodies. Maybe not this year, but the future looks good for us.

  • Morse

    Nolan did not take action, Sing will, he is impatient and he will not tolerate losing year after year! This is his first year, and trust me if we dont win, he'll get that franchise QB and turn this shit around. Walsh has a shitty first year, but Debartlo did not fire him and give up. Stuntman you dont cut him off before he is started. That doesnt make any sense, what do you want us to release him to the Cowbillys your team! Sorry were gonna keep Sing and build another dynasty and you will see in the end my friend! Just watch number 6 will come, but we you have to crawl before you walk! Give him a chance, he is no Nolan, more like Walsh!!! Walsh vivited with Sing aloy and Sing is bringing back the tradition, the legacy we once had! We will win number six Stuntman, go tell the rest of your Cowbilly friends on their blog!

  • chuckle49er

    sing is the best coach we have had in years the niners are gonna give him at least two years to make a drastic change so get use to him lets support our coach get rid of raye pick up a good offensive coordinater and if alex sucks ass by halftime put nate in what have they got to lose by that time i want to see some passes downfield they need to trust their recievers one on one. go niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok, ive got to say that was a rediculous article.. sorry pundit. but how can you put the strugles of this team on sing.. he has brought a new level of play to this team, and everyone sees it.. people keep saying that this team is better then there record. the defense is stout, special teams is good.. (especialy the punt team). the real problem with this team is the QB… Alex Smith will never make it in the NFL.. NEVER… He has added a different level since shawn hill, but not all of it has been possitive.. hes mobile, works hard, and has a faster ball… but he killis this team with turnovers.. One less turnover on sunday and the 9ers win that game.. he puts the defens in a tough spot.. shawn hill didnt do that. It might have taken him longer to get up the field but he knew he had a defense that would back him up. Also the O-line as i read someone else mention, has been a let with the exeption of staley and rachal. but the season isnt over and the team will have two nice picks in the draft…(hopefully taylor mays and someone else that can play at an nfl level) If only this team could somehow find a QB.. like a flacco, ryan, something..

    • Joe Gomez

      that guy from notre dame

    • lookhere we dont need another pasifier sucker for qb that senior kid from texas they compare him to breese instant impact fuck them jouniors u se wat happen to sancheze wen the kitchen get hot they cant stay in the kitchin

  • Eleven11

    You think throwing a QB in with almost no warning is easy for a team to do mid season? You think our O-Line might be rushing him to throw? Having the number 2 wideout being still wet behind the ears is also a huge problem. This team is finally playing like a TEAM. The defensive line, until this week was the number 2 rushing defense. You know Singletary, being a former linebacker, had something to do with this. There's no way you can blame this on Singletary and this is the fist time I have gotten angry or possibly even disagreed with you since I started following this website mid-way through last season.

  • I am a mean person.

  • Why don't you quit being an idiot. All you ever contribute is whining and moaning. Contribute something intelligent once or twice.

  • Joe Gomez

    Hey calll it whine but im gonna rip Alex until the bum is off our roster. Same for McClueless. I cant stand losers and thats what these guys are. I want a 6th Championship and we cant get it with these two. Besides, its a free country and I can say whatever the fuck I want. So go suck on Alex's dick bitch if you love him so much.. Hahahahahaha.

    • Joe Gomez

      Yeah go suck Alex Smith’s dick Joe Gomez!

  • Joe Gomez

    Hey Indiana Jim.. why dont you quit using my fucking name dumbfuck.. because I know its you. Just cause you dream of Alex lickin your ass every night dont try to sell his talent to us… Hes a fucking BUST period. Plain and simple. You along with Matt Maiiocco and stupid ass Bobby Boucher are the only idiots who are still praying this guy produces.. Hes been doing the same bullshit mistakes since we drafted him and hes 0-7 his last 7 fucking starts. Atleast Hill won a few games. Alex is shit.

    • NinerPaul

      Damn Joe keep on football …. Gee Wiz……

      • Joe Gomez

        Sorry NinerPaul but I keep telling this douchebag Indiana Joke to quit using my fuckin name and he thinks this shit is funny.

        • Joe Gomez

          fucking asshole quit using my name

  • Joe Gomez

    As far as your "tipped ball" theory, let me tell you something about football moron. You DONT fucking throw in the middle of the field with a DB blanketing the fucking receiver. That was one to Josh Morgan. The other one to Crabs he plainly threw the fucking football way too late so the DB broke on it. The one against the Colts, there was no fucking way in hell Crabs could of got that one, it was too high and Alex lead him way too much. Heres a hint bitch… WATCH THE TAPE!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Gomez

    So go ahead go make excuses for him on the other INT and the two fucking fumbles.. go ahead Indiana Joke.. tell me what else excuse your pathetic ass can come up with… hahahahaha.. hes a fucking bust, plain and simple. Its all over the radio.. its all over the blogs.. why are you so in love with him? Tell us! I would like to know. 0 and fucking 7!!!!! Hes gonna lead this 9er team to a 4-12 or 5-11 record.. theres no way in hell we make the playoffs this year because of the decision to go with this bum. Il bet you $1000 that he doesnt lead us anywhere. You wanna put some money on that? Hahahaha.. I thought so.

  • ninerfaithful

    i think its so funny singletary wins and everyone loves him we lose and everyone wants that fat ass holmgren come on now lets back this team FANS

    • NinerPaul

      Thats not true for me I knew we had problems and voiced them from game 1 this year…… The way we tried to close out that AZ Game ….. I was like what the fuck are they doing 2 3 and out of running the football.. Luckly the D held up in that game. They did the same against Minn and it didn't work….. Its shit play calling …… From the get….. And now teams just run blitz on us all day long….. if we don't get Gore we get the QB no matter who it is….. And what the fuck are the coaches doing saying there percentages before the games???? Oh were going to run it 60% of the time….. So if i'm the opposing team i'm going to play the percentages…… The should of just said we're going to mix it up…..

  • dosia510

    out of all the posts i just read, stuntman is the only guy who wants sing outta here……what does that tell ya?

  • Joe Gomez

    Stuntman it's true Sing has NEVER held a coordinator position in his life so maybe he lucked out in getting this head coaching gig. He is a GREAT motivator we know that. He's not a X & O type of coach like Walsh. He puts all his trust to the OC because obviously that's not his thing. I will give him this much credit, with Hill & Smith as his top 2 QB's to work with it's not fair to fire him at this point. We are tremendously lacking talent at that position so it's not on Sing. Alex made Nolan look bad by losing and he'll do that to Sing or any other head coach. Let's see how he does with a REAL QB in there next year.

  • Hector

    We need a QB first priority, add to the offensive line and fire Raye! We need a proven coordinator and stick with him! I am not sure about Colt Mcoy, he might be a bust! We need to do our homework, can we get a QB via trade or free agency!

    • man lookhere davis is a better passer than hill an alex mcoy look good an he is a seniour not a junior like alex wen he came out u se wat ryan did flaco big ben from steealers first year strate to playoff

      • Joe Gomez

        are you drunk or just stupid?

        • Joe Gomez

          Hey you fucking fag if you dont quit using my name Im going to report you.

  • Joe Gomez

    Dude your a fucking retard. Quit using my name and talk some 9er football. Otherwise go seek help.

  • I don’t know what to make of your article, honestly. I’m just as tired of losing as you, but new head coaches rarely experience immediate turnarounds. I know we’ve seen success stories like Mike Smith in Atlanta, and Josh McDaniels in Denver. It’s also very rare for a team to make a sudden QB change and have it work right off the bat.

    I love how everything suddenly falls on Alex Smith again, when people were giving Shaun Hill every excuse in the book for not being able to move the football. Three tip ball interceptions in two games, and suddenly every Smith critic reverts back to their old form, ignoring the fact that he’s completing 64% of his passes, and ignoring the fact that he’s thrown more TD’s in 10 quarters of play than Hill did in 22.

    We had already lost our starting Left Tackle, then Baas went down, and everyone knows Adam Snyder is overmatched. We’re supposed to think this is all Smith’s fault after TWO starts? Not saying you, Stuntman, just fans in general.

    Jimmy Raye has had a grand total of TWO chances to gameplan with Smith as his starter. Smith has had a grand total of TWO starts, after waiting two YEARS to play! This team stood toe to toe with the best team in the AFC, then had some bad breaks against Tennessee. There is a lot more football to be played.

    • NinerPaul

      Indiana Jim Alex has had 50 to 60 more attempts in the same span as Hill had so of fuckin coarse he's going to have better stats…… Besides that the Morgan pass against ATL should of been a touchdown if he would of finished the play??

      • If you have more attempts and you're throwing the ball poorly, your stats would NOT improve. Therefore, he's actually throwing the ball well.

  • Longtime49erFan

    Just to add on the Jimmy Raye hiring, Singletary really didnt have a choice when he hired Raye. There was nobody else availiable, and I think that he did what he had to do rather than what he wanted to do. I wouldnt even blame him for the Raye hiring either, HE DIDNT HAVE A CHOICE AT THE TIME! Give the guy a break for crying out loud. He is exactly what this team needs and all we have to do is be patient. I love his press conferences because he is so straight forward, and you dont get the nonsense that Nolan delivered with all the politically correct empty answers. HE WILL TURN THIS AROUND! Watching the team play now against the previous years is a night and day difference. Vernon Davis is where he is at because of Singletary. Many of you were ready to call him a bust too before Singletary took over.

    • NinerPaul

      He could of kept Martz

  • Indiana Jim

    Hey I think if we just stick with Alex until the end of thus season we will eventually win the west and who knows we might make some noise in the playoffs. Those INT's were all on the receivers and the fumbles were the O-lines fault so give Alex a break hes basically just a rookie so he's aloud some mistakes. I'm gonna support him no matter what. He's gonna make the pro bowl this year and surprise all you hatred mark my words.

  • 5Rings

    Indiana what on earth are you smoking? LOL

  • NinerPaul

    I like Sing but at this this where coaching shows up. He is a great motivator and inspirational leader, but “coaching” in the NFL is 16 battle’s, plus, to win the war. These stratigic planers at the game at hand have to break everything to smallest of elements to get an egde on the other team. Creativity is a must. Example: colts half back pass to win the game. That hadn’t been attempted by the colts in 8 years is what I understood. Litterally the game planner must have 10 to 20 newly created plays or different looks a week to keep the defense off balance. Sing understands defense, that is clear. The offensive side of the ball it is clear that he is backing Raye’s offense 150% as Sing puts it. He has to because it is apparent he does not have the offensive experience and confidence in certain levels of risk in his offensive philosophy(passing). Although the offensive coordinator has elected to pass more with Alex Smith the result is the same as in previous Alex Smith starts as a whole. In this playing not to loose philosophy results in losses. In this analysis he must realize that he has all his players and to win is to have winners and an winning philosophy. Sing was a winning Coach if you look at his short history. Some of the favorable elements in the wins were Higher attempts in passing and Shaun Hill… This is fact! Also an opinion of mine as an overal assement of the 17 games he has coached. Sing said himself should be only judged on wins and loses he is now on the loosing side of that number. After starting off 8 and 5 he is now 8 and 9…….

    • NinerPaul

      At this point Joe I like Clausen….. I'll tell you what clausen looked like hell as a freshman…. I have to honest, I thought coming out of high school he was way over rated. And when he started as a freshman at ND …… I was like damn this guy really fuckin sucks…… Then wies stuck with him he did get a somewhat better last year then now has put on some weight and is really looking like the real competetor ….. I have to give him props for fighting and not folding and he has proved me and a lot people wrong…… He seems like a guy who is going to battle for you and some good talent to boot…. He is the front runner to me…..Especially taking that shitty coached, medeocre recruted school to better from out of s football dungeon…..

      • payton have coldwell looking good take him an put him in stluis or stealers coach good qbs make the coach lookgood sing will be fine we just need to cut ray cut alex draft mccoy mayes a solid rite tacle an a dam good corner nate clements is a good tackler but get burn all day stop drafting these 5 11 fellas going up against these 6 5 receivers cant work

  • Joe Gomez

    Maybe if you knew real football you could have your own identity.

  • Gonzalo

    I think he is both Joe! He’s probabably the Stuntman. That post about Sing should be removed, just another Cowboy fan on this site having wishful thinking!

    • Niner Pundit

      So if someone has an opinion that you don’t agree with they are a Cowboys fan? You know one reason I started this site is so any Niner fan regardless of their opinion had a place to voice it. We bring on folks who want to write, and let them, regardless if myself agrees or disagrees. You have to hand it to Stuntman, 61 comments already. He knows one thing and that is how to rile you folks up.

      Yeah there is stuff written that is out there, but holy crap, if you don’t go with the norm and disagree with the way the team is heading or don’t drink the kool-aid then you need to go root for the Raiders or Cowboys….gimme a break.

  • KneeJerkReaction

    Keep some perspective. This team has taken strides since last year – they have been competitive now in every game (apart from Atlanta) but have not yet managed to pull out the W against fucking strong teams like Indy and the Vikings. They are getting there but people must understand that, frustrating as it is, it takes longer than one season to turn a team from an absolute shambles into one that will consistently beat the top teams. And it starts with the change in culture that Singletary seems to have brought about. Stick with him.

    I was as frustrated as anyone on Sunday, but on reflection, at least we are going out there and trying to win games now, not fucking trying not to lose by taking zero shots downfield whilst the other team loads the box and beats the living shit out of Frank or stuffs that screen pass to Crabtree. The Bears are coming off the back of a hammering whilst having to fly to the west coast on a 4 day turnaround. They are there for the taking – let’s get after them early on and break them and this shitty 4 game streak while we’re at it.

  • Joe Gomez

    Yea Clausen would b nice. And to my imposter; I do know my football…. ALEX SMITH SUCKS! Enuff said, now go get help son, u need it hahaha

  • Joe Gomez


  • Gonzalo

    Long time 49er fan you are exactly right, Sing is very straight forward and he cuts through the BS! We need someone who is going to be intense and gets people’s attention, this is only Sings first season. Like you said Nolan did not take any action, and trust me Sing will fast, he will correct the problem quickly! Niner Pundit, I do think someone who is suggesting to get rid of one of the best coaches in the NFL are pretty damn stupid, and most likely a cowboys fan. Who would pick him up if we did that. Jones and the cowpatties would go straight after em, and flaunt him just like they did Sanders when they stole him from us! So that article was obsurd! When I read that article I was saying this guys got to be F***king joking! Sing is the future and he will bring us a championship team again! So stuntman stop smoking what you are because that is ridiculous! That would be like someone having a article saying Alex should run for president! That would not make sense, just like stuntman’s article, stuntman article made no sense!

  • Does anyone else think Brandon Jones looks awful back returning punt? Its like one mistake after another

  • A True Niner Fan

    I cant believe this crap about the Coach? its not Singletarys fault…its Alex Smiths he gave the sorry ass Titans 24 points off turnovers if he doesnt do that we win by a landslide….you can use the excuses of tip balls and all that shit but this guy really does suck that bad! 3 picks and a fumble all resulting in points… that is down right horrific. this guys had Years to fix these problems and yet there still there……Mabey we should try to trade for Vick in the offseason I dunno but we do need a freakin QB

    • Joe Gomez

      He actually had 2 fumbles but Gore bailed him out. He’s no better than JTO! LOL

  • Indiana Jim

    sorry joe gomez, i just want your cock in my mouth….

    • Joe Gomez

      Fuck you dude you know its not me!! Quit it!!!

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  • Joe Gomez

    Top rated QB? LMFAO you are really starting to lose it there Jim. Just because another man touches your hand doesn’t mean you should move for his cock.

  • Indiana Jim

    Quit it guys. Your just mad becos Alex is doing so well. Just wait, il be at his Hall of Fame speech. I think I love him.

  • Attention, Joe Gomez: You would know it’s me by my picture to the right. You’ve been arguing with me and I haven’t even been talking.

    • Joe Gomez

      God its to confusing to know whos anybody anymore. Quit using my name loser! So Alex didnt touch your hand?

      • No, the only NFL player I’ve ever shaken hands with was Jason Taylor shortly after he was drafted.

    • dosia510

      how did u put a picture in there jim?

  • dosia510

    testing 123

  • Josh Meeker

    The problem with firing Sing(which i am cool with doing) is I think he has like 4 years left. Thats a big buy out from a fairly cheap owner. Id like to see him and McG get jettisoned, then maybe bring in a Holmgren or Shanahan to run the whole effin show.

    • dosia510

      how can u say that after 1 year?? sing brings alot to the table and of course hes gonna make mistakes, hes only human. the ONLY problem i have with him is the hiring of jimmye raye. but at the same time we got turned down by 2 other potential OC's. we really didnt have a choice. have patience man!! im just as eager as anyone but well see how he handles this next off season. maybe new OC, new QB, new OL, and then the new ERA.

  • dosia510

    that guys awesome!!!=========>

  • Cutler is the best player on our team but he can’t save us anymore. Sing played not to lose just like Nolan. He better wise up quick or he will join Nolan next year. By the way why are they throwing to Norris when they have Crabtree, Morgan, Hill and Davis. If I were anyone of those guys I would beg to traded or released.

    • wickerman

      Agree Ninerproud, but I think the throw to Norris was because Smith was about to be sacked. Norris was the dump off. If that was Gore or Davis or Crabs it probably would have been caught with enough room to pick up a first too :(

  • wickerman

    Ok love the win – even if it is 10-6. The last off. drive for the 9ers was pure stupidity though. If they had played any other team, they would have lost the game. i was having Favre flashbacks for the last 2-1/2 minutes or so. Fortunately it was Jay Culter the only NFL QB who makes JTO look like the champ of ball security.

    Crabs and Davis were WAAYYY under used. Aside from the early pick, Alex was accurate – not great by any stretch – but he was making some plays – especially under pressure. It seemed like they got spooked after the int on the long throw and never let him throw long again.

    0O-line is still a pile of swiss cheese – Smith was running for his life. If he had a breath or two he might have hit a wide open Morgan in the end zone on the last FG drive.

    Speaking of FGs, since when does Nedney miss from 30 yards or so?? Late night last night Joe?

    Mark Roman???!!! Really???? For this week, at least, you are off my suck list.

    Gore is the man – if he would not fumble the ball on big plays, I would let him use my toothbrush even. Morgan’s best play of the season so far was that recovery.

    Happy for Brown he got the big INT. Nice to see a young player do well.

    D-line got lots of pressure, but no sacks. That sucks, but Franklins pick makes up for it a bit. Then again, the only person who didn’t pick off Jay Cutler was Andy Lee….

    Happy for the win, but I am nervous about the play calling. Hope we can keep playing ‘D’ like this going down the stretch.

    • DcNinerFan

      Honestly, it was an ugly win (yes, don't argue anyone). :-)

      I love the way the defense played, but here are a few issues I have with the O play calling…

      1. The best running success we had was just outside the tackles, or wide, and jimmy raye called too many damn inside runs for not gains or slight losses.

      2. You are correct, Davis and Crabtree were way underused.

      3. Since when did we abandon the screen?

      What we need next year: A REAL quarterback, none of this pussyfooting around. A REAL O-line, none of this revolving door, kwame harris/mr. glass shit. And last, but not least, a REAL, honest to god, NFL O-coordinator. Seriously, the playing calling has been sucktastic.

      I"m happy for the win too, but damn if our O needs some sort of shot in the arm (or ass).

  • How does Jimmy Raye let Vernon Davis only have 3 catches for 16 yards??? Does Jimmy Raye have a play in his predictable playbook that has a slant pattern in it???

  • wickerman

    Agree mostly, but I would hate to waste a pick on a QB.

    Hear me out now..

    Looking at both Smith and Hill so far this season and leaving the Titans game(smith;s stinker) and the Atlanta game (hill’s stinker) aside and looking at the other 7 games, the 9ers are asking their QBs to throw 3-5 yards down the field and hand the ball to Gore/Coffee.

    Would having Dan Marino make a damn bit of difference? Even today, if you take away the one INT, Alex made pretty close to 0 mistakes. His throws were on target, he didn;t miss guys when he had time and he threw it away when he was hurried. The thing is, he was only asked to throw it 23 times. So he compeltes 69% of his passes for 118 yards. That’s on the play calling IMO. Hill was putting up numbers just like it. He had 18-20 throws, completed 15 or so and occasionally had a TD or an Int, but mostly went 3 and out.

    I really think after rooting for Hill and then wanting Smith and then rooting for Smith and then thinking I wanted Hill back last week, maybe I just want an O-line that can pass protect and an offensive coordinator and head coach who want to win vs not losing.

    The whole ‘not lose’ bit works vs crappy teams (Seattle, Chicago, St Louis) it got them lucky once (Cards) got them embarrassed once (Falcs) and kept them from winning 3 times (Indy, Vikes). Teh one time they open it up (Tenn.) they have offense and then tipped passes, bad decisions and poor o-line play jump on top of a defensive collapse to = a wtf loss.

    I really am at a loss for this team. I think we beat Det, Rams and maybe Seattle like this, but if we think we can gain 250 yards or less and beat GB, Philly or Arizona, we are frickin dreaming.

  • dosia510

    i cant believe how bad of combo jimmy raye and alex smith are? 5 int’s and only 10 points??? rayes play calling could not be any shittier, this guy calls his plays like a fuckin pussy. a scared old man. somebody encourage me!!! PLEASE!

    • redandgold

      hahaha ur right about raye but how do u keep blaming smith?? haha thats funny.. some people. smith was 16 for 23 118 1int which is not that bad. And if you watched the game you can see that 9ers have nnnnoooooooo f***ing Oline. Even though I do believe that Raye has to go no matter what happens this year, but he did manage this game… Now I know all you smith hater are going to start talking shit and call me a smith lover, but I think he did a good job managing the game also. So, before you start negativity let me tell that Im a niner fan not smith, so take that negative shit somewhere else

      • NinerPaul

        Lets make an assesment after 5 games who do you think will have performed better Hill or Smith ….. Who would you put your money on? Smith has thrown 6 int’s this year already… and 1 and 2

        • redandgold

          come on man.. you know that those int’s in the titans game were on the WR’s but whatever, it dont even mater all people do is just look at the outcome, but I think you are missing the BIG picture.. we have NO Oline!!! Not even Brady could do something when you dont have time to throw, and he showed that in the SB. All Im saying is that NUMBER can be misleading sometimes because Cutler leads the league in INT’s but i know he is better than Smith and Hill put togather

          • redandgold

            hahaha ok 5rings.. ur right he should have not thrown the ball there but guess what this is the NFL and if the ball hits ur hand, u most catch it. what was smith's rating for that game? Do you believe he lost that game?? Anyways we can go on forever about Smith but i just dont believe that he is the reason for all the niner problems and people just put everything on him, which i believe is wrong.

          • 5Rings

            Dude if you know anyting about football those picks were NOT on the WR’s. The one to Morgan a DB was DRAPED all over his back and Alex shouldnt have tried to force it with that kind of coverage. The one to Crabtree was thrown way too late and thats why the DB was able to make a easy break on it. Back to the Colts game where the ball was tipped was Crabtree, Alex “lead” him way too much and was too high. Crabs could only manage to get one hand on it. Watch the game tape fella maybe you will get more insight to what really happened so you wouldnt sound so stupid. Just giving you advice my man.

  • NinerPaul

    Hey guy’s did watch the “the which QB will suck worse bowl” Alex made at least his INT quota…… 3 games and he still sucks ….. he just sucks ……. Hill got pulled for play like this against ATL (10 points) ….. At least the defense hung in there this time ….. They should of lost…. hopefully we can play better????????

  • NinerPaul

    At least Hill had a part in all the wins he had AZ, Rams, Sea, and Minn if the D would of help out……..

  • NinerPaul

    Hey stunt Mike was 8 and 9 before this game he’s 9 and 9 now…

  • dosia510

    i dont think its all on smith, its a combination of him, old man raye, and a really shitty o-line….

    • redandgold

      I agree with u

  • dosia510

    lol thas funny joe, er i mean jim…..

  • rob

    I think that fact that the 49ers have lost the last couple of games isn’t due to Singletary, thinking that getting rid of him considering what he’s done for this “teams” moral an cohesion is a lot better then the last coach (an we all know how good he looked in a suit). Thinking that a man can physically change a team such as the Niners to go from a team that was lucky to make .500 to a Superbowl team in as soon as a couple of years in smoking sum good stuff….. Just look at the change in Alex Hill, Vernon Davis….. those 2 “key” players have done a completely 100% turn around think about when those 2 where barely with the team?? they were absolutely AWFUL…. kickin Hill to the bench to give him a wake up call. Look at him now his accuracy an comprehension of the 9ers playbook as well as field presence has turned around completely (or should we put back in our 2nd string who had a knack to constantly throw interceptions on every damn down he had the ball). If Frisco thinks that were headed to the superbowl (though how cool it’d be) after barely the time Singletaries had with the team?? your thinking in the clouds. this team last year was in shamble an hes managed to bring them altogether but of course then most think of ticket prices an what mearily bring money rather then pride …….. cause if that’s all we think of now?? then we’re no better then the players that take a 1 year contract then after that go to free agency an go to the next highest bidder. The era that Singletary came from was the better, an considering this man spent time practicing an training under one of thee most influential kick ur ass coaches of the time I’d say that coach Singletary being able to teach a player an throw him out of the game to make him remember that this is a “TEAM” an not all about themselves, individually has from my stand point substantialy made a change for the better, just look at the change of standings for the defensive an offensive standings, considering to what they were last year….. by performance stand point ……….. our defense is ten times better then what it was last year an if no one sees that?? then u have no business stating your opinion. Firing coach Singletary without even really considering giving him a chance then? then changing coaches so soon after this teams extremely respects that man I have every faith that this teams going do worse then its now….. and we’ll be no better then the Oakland Raiders (now just think about that). The days of being spoiled with caliber quarterbacks such as Joe Montana an Steve young are done an gone we’ve been used to these type of players for so long we don’t like loosing. This team has caliber players now that just need to have a couple Of seasons playing with each other an getting used to being in a cohesion type of situation. But then as I’m sure I’ll hear this is just my opinion.

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  • Jay

    Hahahaha! Anyone still think Singletary is great?

    • 49ersNews

      Jay…gotta say it looks like Unknown Stuntman nailed this one. Too bad Jed wasn't read this before the season.