Niners Win, All Thanks Go to Cutler

The 49ers ended their losing streak by beating the Bears 10-6, or should I say Jay Cutler broke the streak for them on Thursday night. The 49ers were gift wrapped five interceptions by Jay Cutler and walked away with only 10 points. That isn’t a typo, the 49ers once again couldn’t do crap on offense, well besides Frank Gore and even he seemed to struggle at times, thanks once again to a crappy offensive line.

Alex Smith was unimpressive again this week, he even did he best Cutler impression and tried giving the game away, but Cutler just wouldn’t let himself be outdone.

The 49ers are now 4-5 on the season and who knows maybe this win will give them some momentum, unlikely considering Jimmy Raye is still the OC. Once again late in the 4th the 49ers tried running the clock out, but just like they did in the Vikings game they couldn’t get a first to put the game away. Not sure I can blame Raye this time though, considering Smith might have gave the game away.

All in all another piss poor performance from the offense who was gifted 5 interceptions by the defense, who almost didn’t stop the Bears offense from winning this game. Any other quarterback not named Cutler and the Bears most likely would have walked away with the victory. One good thing is the 49ers get an extra couple games to prepare for the Packers.

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  • Raph

    "One good thing is the 49ers get an extra couple games to prepare for the Packers."

    Typo E?

    worst win ever… just prolongs Raye tenure here. That was the worst game I've ever seen a team play that actually won. 5 Int's and 10 points to show for it… *sigh* Im afraid we're too far behind for the playoffs and Arizona's schedule is cake.

  • caribulou

    I cant believe your blaming Smith for the last drive? For Christs sakes 1 passing play in that whole drive it was run run run run. The line never gave Alex any time to find an open receiver. If the O-line doesnt improve it doesnt matter who the QB is they will be smothered. And while there was plenty of passing play they were all the wrong ones. 5 yard here 5 there come on they are about as predictable as it gets.

  • A True Niner Fan

    I think your not giving our Defense some credit here,yes some were but I dont think those picks were all gift wrapped I know our Db’s were making plays on the Ball and some were definitley skill picks, all season there were times where some balls would be dropped or tiped an almost picked and finally now when opprutunity showed itself this time they stepped up made the play and came away with 5 picks! Defense gets the Game Ball…Great to be back on the Wiining side, it may not have been pretty but a Win is a Win and will take it…Go Niners!

  • Joe Gomez

    Horrible is all I can say. Even our defense was horrible Cutler was screwed multiple times. How was that not pass interference? Maybe Davis can turn us around…

  • Now for my REAL opinion…

    Smith played really well on that first drive. Crabtree dropped a perfectly thrown first down at the 5, and Snyder/Rachal blew their blocks on 3rd down yet again.

    The throw to Crabs that became a pick may have been the wrong throw, but I think Smith threw it outside because of the safety coming over. Crabtree could have caught the jump ball had he not stumbled as he turned to find it. If Smith throws it more inside I think Crabtree has it.

    For you to say Smith tried to "give it away" is just plain wrong. In fact, instead of forcing throws he played it safe. Before they kicked the field goal, he got flushed right, and with Ogunleye about to nail him, he throws it out of the end zone. Morgan broke free just at that moment, but instead of trying to force it, HOPING someone was there, Smith did the smart thing.

    The playcalling in the 2nd half was horrible, and guys were falling on pass routes, holding, false starting, it was sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

    It's unbelievable. We lose, everybody blames Smith (but Hill somehow was excused), we win, everybody still blames Smith.

    Ah, to be a quarterback in San Francisco.

    • In addendum, Smith completed 69% of his passes last night.

      It was the playcalling. Plain and simple.

  • chuckle49er

    im happy for the win yes alex was horrible and raye sucks ass but the defense stepped up picked this game off, franklin is a badass they need some sacks though, i like winners! go niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am not saying he is the future, but I think he CAN be. Will he? Im not sure we will see the 2nd half of the season! You CAN NOT pin this whole loss on him tho. I want to count how many times Alex was running out of the pocket for his Life!!! Im not saying he played great, but he really didnt have a legitimate opportunity either. Lets see how we do @GB this is a very winnable game for both teams. I think GB has an attrocious O-Line and our Front 7 is stout. If were more aggresive and our O-Line can play decent for the most part, we will have a great chance to win. GO NINERS!!!

  • This article is a joke! How can you say Alex "tried to give the game away" when he managed the game well. You can say he didnt have any huge impact plays, but you cannot say he "tried to give the game away". I agree with Indiana Jim 100%! Fans will NEVER support Alex no matter what. He will always be talked about "Negatively" by most Fans no matter what

  • Lone Texas 49er fan, there are rarely times where "Good" QB get traded or signed in off-season. The Last "Franchise QB" to Leave their teams were Cutler (via trade) and Brees (Phillip Rivers in SD). The starter next year, most likely, will be Alex or another 1st round QB. If we draft a QB in 1st round, which i doubt, its another 2-3 years of rebuilding.

    • Joe Gomez

      I disagree, Colt would be IMMEDIATE impact just like Matt Ryan or Joe Flaco. Hell probably ven be another Roethlisberger. All rookies don't have to take 4 years. Alex Smith never adjusted to the speed of the NFL that's why you will wait forever.

    • texas9er

      what about david carr. were is he know and i live in texas.

  • L.G

    Alex is not the answer he is a decent QB but not an elite QB and sorry to say never will be…He had his chance for years now if the Niners resign him next year we will always be just an average offense. Let's move on please! The last game those turnovers were mainly his fault. He over throws receivers. This game they did not want to take a chance and ran.

    • Joe Gomez

      Very good points, I agree 150%.

  • dosia510

    question: if raye by some miracle gets fired(hopefully) during the season, who takes over the O?

  • Chris

    Whoever wrote this post shouldn’t even call themself a Niner Fan. Fuck you dude. The D played one hell of a game last night. The were in Cutlers face all night, and forced most of those INTs.

    Smith didn’t play great, but he played good enough for us to win. He had the one INT, but he also made some very good throws as well. Gore played great. 100 + yards rushing isn’t bad at all. I will take that every game. The Bears D did a good job of putting pressure on Alex all game and taking Davis away.

    It was a good game for real football fans. Good hard hitting. A real Niner fan would be talking so much shit, they would be talking about the fucking W. It doesn’t matter how you win as long as you WIN.

    • A True Niner Fan

      I totally agree with you man…a Win is a Win

    • Mosie

      Thank you Chris, for your post – the writer of this article is a negative douche! Not a 49er fan.

      Well said about our D forcing Cutler’s 5 int… and yes, Go Niners!!

  • 5Rings

    Hey Indiana, you think that was the wrong throw? THINK? Did you not hear Eric Davis in the post game? With the coverage they had on that side you DONT attempt that pass. If you can’t listen to an ex-pro bowl player who are you going to listen to? I’m getting really sick of your BIASED opinions on Smith. Everyone knows he’s not very good EXCEPT you!

    • Hey 5rings,

      I was going to say "yes, maybe he should have gone somewhere else with the ball."

      Instead I will say BITE ME.

    • And another thing, if you don't like reading what I say, no one's forcing you to read it, internet douchebag.

  • If anyone blames Alex for this Loss didnt watch the game last night. The INT was Crabtree fault for not getting better position on the ball in one-on-one coverage. He is bigger and stronger then the CB so its his job, or any WR, to make the play. Alex managed the game well and Raye/Singletary were not aggresive the entire 2nd Half. Our O-Line was horrible the entire game and didnt give Smith opportunities to make plays and was inconsistent in the run game as well. We SHOULD have blown this team out, but a win is a win. Were gonna have to be more aggresive @GB and throw it more than 6 times in the 2nd Half if we want to win. 1.5GB in the division now lets hope the seachickns can pull out an upset in AZ!

  • 5Rings

    John, did you not read my post? Eric Davis, Pro Bowl CB for the Niners in his day, has said that you DO NOT throw in that coverage that they had on that particular play. Besides, the pass was well underthrown. Its either overthrown or underthrown for Alex on the long passes. Thats why you havent seen a long pass from him yet. Having said that he played below average, not real bad. But overall, I agree with Pundit, Alex was UNIMPRESSIVE and almost gave this game away with his performance. He had a INT again and he barely got over 100 yards. If you think this kid is the future than you are indeed on something.

  • 5Rings, Im sorry I did not read your post or any other for that matter. I just assumed it would be an “Alex Bash Post” like every other one. I did think the pass could have been much better thrown, honestly, but Crabtree could have gotten better position and made a play. Overall, just not a good play for both of them now its behind us, time to move on!

  • Lone Texas 49er fan

    If smith does shitty in Green Bay and their is no score in the first half, we need to put Hill back in for the second half. I hate to say it but our Qb’s are sparatic, and we do not have any consistency, we have 2 backups! We need to fire Raye in the offseason, go after a proven offensive coordinator that has credability, and look for a QB. Forget about getting Colt MCcoy or some rookie, we need to win now, and thats what Sing wants immediatly! I have suffered with this team with Joe Gomez and the rest of the old timers on this site for too long and I am getting tired, we need results! Some of you new guys that come on here are like, a win is a win, but for for us old timers on this site, we have heard that shit for years, f**ck that! I think we have to pull off a miracle to make it to the playoffs and win, we need to hope the cardinals lose against tha bears next week, and we win in Green Bay. I think Green Bay will be another defeat in the lose column, because I am sure Alex will keep turnin them over! Any Idea who will be available for offensive coordinator in the offseason, and what QB’s will be available in free agency or via trade. I wish we could pull of a miracle and rally the troops like Ronnie Lott did in 88′ but this is a new generation, but hopefully they will soak in that old tradition! I wish someone would step up like Lott did and rally us and have that 49er against the world attitude we once had!

  • Enough with putting Nate Davis in at Qb. What would he do any better? The problem with this team is the Oline and Scot McClueless he drafted zero offensive lineman this year when the team was in need of offensive lineman. Look at Rachel he gets pushed back so easy on every play and Synder couldnt block the sun out of his eyes both Smith and Hill have like one second to throw the ball im not protecting Smith but he's not all of the blame.

  • Joe Gomez

    Lone Texas, your right the last 7 fucking seasons has been pure hell. I guess ive been spoiled since that 1981 season but what’s wrong with wanting greatness again? Alex Smith has been the biggest cancer to this franchise. They say when you miss on a #1 it sets you back for years. They weren’t lying. I’m not sure what FA will be available but I think Colt wouldn’t take years to develop. He will most likely be another Ryan or maybe even a Roethlisberger. I think Locker and Clausen can also be immediate impact players. We can’t give up on a young draft stud just because we struck out with Smith. We can only try again. Oh and John, if you keep waiting on Smith then you will eventually waste years waiting. He’s had way over 800 attempts and if you haven’t shown anything with those 800+ attempts than plainly you just don’t have IT. NFL stands for NOT FOR LONG and Alex has had way more chances than any other QB that ive ever seen. If he were cut today I don’t think his phone would ring from ANY team. Well maybe a team in the CFL. That’s just reality and sometimes the truth hurts but we need to find a QB right after this season and end this pathetic QB play.
    This franchise deserves better.

    • dosia510

      shit smith might as well go play in the UFL with jp losman…i agree with u joe. i think mccoy will have an immediate impact, but only if we get rid of old man raye. that scary ass bastard is a piece of shit. i cant wait for the day they announce his firing…..

  • It doesnt matter if we get McCoy we have no oline he will just throw a million picks as well.

  • Joe Gomez

    Medford, O-Line can get addressed also along with pass rusher AFTER we weed out these mediocre QB’s and finally get one worth cheering for. You can find a good Tackle and DE in the 2nd and maybe get one thru FA. It’s a long draft. There’s no way in he’ll you pass on Colt-Clausen-Locker over a lineman. It’s not the whole line, maybe one or two players. Let’s hope Richal and Balmer finally come around. This draft coming is so deep at QB there’s no way in hell you can screw it up. Even if you are McClueless.

  • Lone Texas 49er fan

    I agree 100% Joe, to come to think of it, I have a feeling that colt will make a good adjustment to the NFL fast. I am just worried about his size, he’s not 6’3 is he, am I incorrect on that. Does colt have the arm, christ I live in Texas and I dont much about the guy. I live in Austin, but I don’t keep up with collage football. Is Colt mobile and accurate, can he gun it! I am just tired of busts, its a gamble, you dont really know. Ya, I think we should go after colt Mccoy and make that our first priority, when will he be available in the first round, is he going number 1? What your predictions on were we will be at in the first round, we have 2 pics right.

  • victor kalolo

    trade for colt brennan

  • ninerfaithful


  • slicc

    yes he would fit perfect for the niners

  • Mosie

    Hey Pundit – Way to go NEGATIVE NANCY!!

    Great article ya douche!

    I have to say this again; the writer of this piece is a negativity that the SF organization and it’s fans don't need! It would seem that your not a 49er fan at all.

    Am I wrong? Then prove it.

    A real Niners Fan will be finding some positive to help build motivation for their team. Like so many other people have commented here. There have been a lot of good points written by fans about what is needed in a constructive way, and how not just one fact is to blame for the uphill struggles we are trying to overcome… not dog'n the team like they can't stand their smell.

    Pundit, do us a favor; got on the right side of the Red & Gold, or go somewhere else to beat up on "your" team.

    Go Niners!!

    • Niner Pundit

      @Mosie: You are right. How dare I expect more from this team and organization. I mean we’ve been so close to being good for the past 7 years. I should be ashamed to think that a 10-6 win that was gifted to us by Jay Cutler (oh wait sorry our D forced those turnovers, how stupid of me to think that Cutler through it right to some of the defender) is a step in the right direction. Who cares that the offense can’t get a 1st down to run out the clock when need it to secure a win. Who cares that we have no pass rush and haven’t had one since the days of Chris Doleman. Who cares that we haven’t had decent QB play since Garcia. Who cares that the offensive line is shit. But hey Mike Singletary himself said we are going to the playoffs, so despite a 4 game losing streak, I should still believe him. But I’m so sorry, you are right. We have a great team that is destined for greatness and Singletary and especially Jimmy Raye will lead us to that greatness.

      But Moxie sorry I’m a closet (FILL IN THE TEAM I ROOT FOR) fan, What was I thinking running this site for 7 years, when it’s obvious I’m not a real fan.

  • Jage

    A daily reader of this website let me just send a word out to this Joe Gomez idiot who has nothing better to say every week than to bang the drum over and over on the Alex Smith situation. I hope "your boy" Rodgers and guessing "your team" them Packers get worked this weekend. If Rodgers was put in the same situation as Smith would he even be in the league anymore. And you say 5th round draft pick Nate Davis is the way to go from what he showed in preseason really…those were 2nd and 3rd strings he was playing against and that would be 100% starting from scratch which is exactly what the niners need in the playoff hunt.

  • Joe Gomez

    Hahaha.. too funny Pundit.. dont mind these losers. They are satisfied with mediocrity like Alex Smith and expect us to find positives out of it. I Want Winners is what Sing has preached but talk is cheap. Pass Rush, QB, and O-Line are still the problem after all these years and we have the right to point that out. Its not being negative, its demanding greatness!!! You cant play, then get the fuck off our team!!!

  • Joe Gomez

    We should have picked Rodgers. Smith is going to be destroyed by my boy Aaron Rodgers this Sunday. It’s sad to see this team lose a first overall pick on Smith. Even more sad to see we didn’t use those other good draft positions the few years after for a new QB. Good Night Alex

  • IndianaJim

    I love Alex.. hes cute.