Different Paths Finally Cross

For the first time in their careers, Alex Smith’s San Francisco 49ers will face off against Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers. These two young men have been intertwined since their inception into the league. Although they have been in the league for five seasons, they have never played against each other because of different circumstances. On Sunday, the two will be subjected to multiple questions involving the 2005 draft, and how different their careers are.

Rodgers infamously sat and waited for five hours to be drafted after the 49ers selected Alex Smith first overall. The season prior to the draft, the 49ers finished the season with an NFL worst 2-14 record.   The talent at quarterback wasn’t considered top shelf, but the 49ers were desperate. Top shelf is an understatement to say the least. While three quarterbacks were selected in the first round, Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, and Jason Campbell, eleven other quarterbacks were selected that weekend:

Charlie Frye
Andrew Walter
David Greene
Kyle Orton
Stefan Lefors
Adrian Mcpherson
Derek Anderson
James Killian
Matt Cassel
Ryan Fitzpatrick

What a list of all-stars. How many of these guys have you heard of? A few of them, right? Well, how many of these guys have you heard of being spoken in a positive manner? Compare that to the year before when Eli Manning, Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger all went in the first half of the first round. It was an unfortunate time to need a quarterback.

The 49ers ended up selecting Smith over Rodgers and until last season, no one could make a strong argument for the other way around. Rodgers’ first season as a starter was a statistical success, even though the Packers failed to make the playoffs. The comparisons between the two quarterbacks began. I feel these comparisons are unbalanced and unfair. It’s as simple as looking at each situation.

Smith was 20 years old when he was drafted. His fellow quarterbacks on the team were Tim Rattay, Ken Dorsey, and Cody Pickett (All of whom were drafted in the seventh round and are not in the league anymore.) Hurled into the starting role because of injuries, Smith took over the former 2-14 team, with wide receivers Johnnie Morton and Brandon Lloyd as his primary options. He played like a rookie not ready for action would play. Fans and media immediately labeled him a bust. The following season, Norv Turner was brought in to be the offensive coordinator after Mike McCarthy left to be the head coach for the Packers. Under Turner, Smith seemed to blossom and turned in a decent performance. (2890 passing yards, 16 TD, 16 INT) There was hope after all. However, Turner was chosen to be the head coach for the San Diego Chargers late in the off-season, giving the 49ers little time to find a replacement. Head coach Mike Nolan promoted quarterback coach Jim Hostler to offensive coordinator, a position he had never held before. Under Hostler, the offense struggled and Smith injured his throwing shoulder when the Seattle Seahawks’ 308 pound Rocky Bernard fell on him. The injury caused a public dispute between Smith and Nolan. Nolan called out his quarterback and said he had to learn to play through pain. Smith accused his coach of ignoring the seriousness of his injury. Last season, the 49ers tried the Mike Martz experiment. Martz, known throughout the league as an offensive mastermind, and sometimes referred to as the “mad scientist,” was brought in to ignite the offense. Smith’s surgically repaired shoulder never healed properly, and was shut down, he never took a snap. This season, a new offensive coordinator was brought in to implement new head coach Mike Singletary’s run first offense. Smith was given a shot to win the starting job, but couldn’t beat out journeyman Shaun Hill. Against the Houston Texans, Singletary pulled the struggling Hill and Smith took over, throwing three touchdowns, falling three points short of a comeback victory. Now as the starter, Smith has yet to find that rhythm and is coming off his first win since 2007. After five different offensive coordinators in five years, missing essentially two seasons, and a rotating door that featured 10 different starting receivers, Smith heads to Green Bay in hopes of defeating his draft day counterpart.

Aaron Rodgers’ path is basically the opposite of Smith’s. While Smith was struggling to learn a new offensive system every year, Rodgers had the luxury of being in the same system, sitting behind a future Hall of Famer. From my understanding, Brett Favre wasn’t necessarily a mentor to Rodgers, but the ability to watch Favre first hand probably helped in his development. The consistency in the offensive system didn’t hurt either. Admittedly, taking over for a legend is no easy task, but Rodgers took the reigns and was fully embraced by the organization and the fans, even when Favre made a mess of things and unretired. Confidence and preparation was required to succeed, and Rodgers had both. Aside from having the same system, and watching Favre for three years, Rodgers inherited a 13-3 team, with Ryan Grant solidifying the running game, and a wide receiver tandem that featured the reliable veteran Donald Driver (82 receptions, 1048 yards) and up and coming touchdown machine, Greg Jennings (12 touchdowns in 13 games.)

The evidence from these situations leads to only one conclusion; Rodgers was in the best position to succeed. Comparing these two quarterbacks is unfair and rather moot. Look at their different career paths, Rodgers was set up to win football games. It would make more sense to compare Jason Campbell to Smith. Campbell has had to fight through the same obstacles as Smith: no consistency in the offense, lack of talent in the wide receiver area, etc. These two quarterbacks shared similar paths, and produced similar results.

The reality is Smith and Rodgers will always be connected. I expect to hear the comparisons of the two well after the game is over. There will be much talk about how Smith needs to win in order to prove to the organization that he was the correct choice. This kind of talk makes for good TV and debate, but the information is not really relevant in any way. If Smith does lead the 49ers to victory, but loses every other game, he’s not going to say, “We missed the playoffs, but we beat Aaron Rodgers.” To prove he was the right choice to the 49ers, the media, and the fans, Smith needs to go out every Sunday and win. Rodgers is just another opponent standing between his team and the post-season.

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I have been a 49ers fan my entire life and will continue to be one long after I'm dead. My plan for the afterlife is to haunt the Dallas Cowboys and ensure they will never win another Super Bowl. My favorite 49er of all time is Steve Young, and my favorite current 49er would probably be Alex Smith. (I take a lot of sh** for that, even from Niner fans.).
  • chuckle49er

    your right you cannot compare careers good message but we will see who is the right choice on gamedaday go niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • New Mexico 49er Fan

    I will go with SMITH QB for the 49ers to take the game and show the county we made the right choice. If they give him more protection he could throw the ball better.

    GO 49ERS……………..

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  • Fabian

    LOL. Amen !!!

  • Great article. It’s so easy for people to get deep into this junk when the truth is you hope your players are professional enough to see past it and keep rolling. I don’t know if the starter should be Hill or Smith, what is important is that whoever DOES start realizes it’s game day and you have to do your best.

  • Prospector

    Mas, you and your Generation Y’er companions do not know shit, we need a QB more than anything, the 49ers have 2 shitty backups. Obviously you punks are a bunch of new era fans who dont know 49er football. The 49ers have not been playing up to the standards for years, as we a “OLD SCHOOL” (what mas calls us) fans 49er fans are accustomed too. We need a QB, I have heard for years from you turds that we need defensive backs, offensive lineman, tackles and the list goes on, when the main problem has been at QB position. We have not had a good QB since Garcia was at his prime. Rattay was the beginning of the sucking era for the 49ers, and that is the era when you little pricks came into the picture existance. Hell, you guys were probably picking your nose and spitting spitballs at your elementary school teacher at that time. So give respect were respect is due, and stop correcting everyone on grammer and everything you little smart asses! Niner Pundit and Joe Gomez are obviously Old School and that does not mean they are old, they are just not a bunch of cocky generation Y’ers like yourself. All you cocky Y’ers need to stop being so damn cocky, and stop acting like you know everything, because you do not! We need a QB, or were going to be in the same shit every year, hearing your immature asses tell everyone we need offensive lineman and insulting everyone, I do not want to hear you grammer correcting young punks anymore!

    • dosia510

      what the hell is Y’er?

      • Prospector

        someone born after 77', and I'm not talkijg shit about all of em, just the one's I've seen. I am generation X'r so were a freakin different culture, and we actually saw the 49ers since 81, and witnessesd the good and bad. Now forthe past 10 years we have not lived up to our standards of 49er football. We need the best QB available, we are the 49ers, not some new expansion team, we have a legacy here to uphold! I am tired of all the smart asses saying we can't get a good QB, its immpossible, we should demand the best. We are the elite franchise, but most of these young punks dont know because they werent around when we were the elite for years.

        • Mas

          ..ALright guy.

          Here’s the deal. At no point in time did I say we DIDN’T need a QB. WHat I said, you fucking jackass is that RIGHT NOW, SMITH IS THE BETTER OPTION.

          Goddamn you’re ridiculous. You say we’ve been needing to draft the best QB available for the past 10 years huh? Let’s go over this because for some reason you think I’m some sort of dumb smart-ass saying, “we can’t get a good QB, it’s impossible, we should demand the best”. WTF does that even mean?!

          Think about that for a second… When THE FUCK did I EVER say that?

          If we’re an ELITE Franchise, show me a conference championship I missed… I’m stupid, young and cocky so I probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

          Fucking clown.. Think about what you’re trying to say, say it, and then say why you said it.

          Yes, the 49ers had 2 decades of success (1981-1997, 2002). Before that? 1971. Before that? Nothing for the 21 years of their existence leading up to that.

          Our last division championship? 2002. So let’s go back and look at the QB’s we either didn’t have the opportunity to get or just didn’t see potenital in.

          2000 – We drafter Giovanni Carmazzi/Tim Rattay.. Tom Brady went in the 7th.
          2001 – Didn’t draft a QB with our 1st rd pick. (Drew Brees went in the 2nd.)
          2002 – No QB in 2002 was “your answer”.
          2003 – Carson Palmer went 1 rd 1 pick. After that, we got Dorsey.
          2004 – Eli, Rivers and Over-rated-Roethlisberger in rd 1. We got Cody Pickett.
          2005 – Alex Smith.
          2006 – I guess Cutler was your guy?
          2007 – Jemarcus Russell or Brady Quinn? Which one is our answer?
          2008 – Matt Ryan 3rd overall.
          2009 – We got a receiver… Ahhh I know.. Tough isn’t it? Knowing that as a fan you have no control over who we get… And you probably saw that potential in Brady didnt’ you?

          What I don’t get is that if I’m right, I’m a smart ass. If I’m wrong, i’m just a p

          And by the way, I never called you guys “Old School”, some one else did. Old school 9er fans die hard or some shit and I simply asked what and Old School fan was because I never thought about a difference.

          • Joe Gomez

            dont forget about my boy Matt Schaub

          • Mas

            (translate) -ed… LoL.

          • Mas


          • Mas

            Good call, Good QB. Puts up good numbers, marginal TD/INT ratio, (2007 9:9, 2008 15:10) and but definitely has improved every year. This year he’s gone off: 9 GS 220/326 (67.5%) 2653 yds 17TD 9INTs.

            I guess the only knock on him is that they haven’t been able to translated in wins (Career 10W-14L).

          • Indiana Jim

            Alex Smith was a steal at #1 overall! Hes taking us to the Super Bowl in 2019 you just watch!!!!

    • chuckle49er

      ive been a niner fan since 82 and who cares if about what generation you come from as long as your a niner fan if you got more knowledge about the team teach the youngns you dont gotta cut each other down fellow niner bretheren go niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mas

      Oh and we’ve taken 2 offensive tackles in the 1st round 2 times over the past 7 or 8 years.

      Joe Staley = Good

      Kwame Harris = Not good

      • Mas

        In response to…

        "hearing your immature asses tell everyone we need offensive lineman and insulting everyone"

        For the record, I only insulted 3 people.

        Niner Pundit – and, in an indirect way, apologized. (Fact)

        49ersfan4life – But it was in the fine print… and in response to this:

        "mas your a fucking fag are you really going too keep bashing….. for one boy i been a 9ers fan for a long time and yes i look at the ground when people talk about our team….."

        Something something something, "cuz we die hard…. FUCK YOU and your punk ass point of view…."

        "you dumb ass fucking bitch fuck you and your false hope bitch!!!"

        "fucking cum sucking retard get the fucking broom stick out your ass!!! GOD I FUCKING HATE YOUR BITCH ASS!!!"

        "Go punch your mom in the face for not aborting your ass cuz now we all have too hear your dumb ass views….."

        ..Got it. LoL. In case you missed it "49ersfan4life" it's


        And you, the Prospector. All I really said about you was that you were a clown-ish. Do your homework if you're going to contribute to the reciprocated verbal jabs.

  • I’m sorry…I believe if your cut out for this league you will succeed. The 49ers need to get over Alex and try our young new stud in Nate Davis…Although it was preseason, Nate has shown he has not only the athleticism, Nate also has the ability to lead a team down the field in crunch time situations. I feel if you give this young guy a chance he will lead us to greener pastures. Nate is a threat on his feet and with his arm. Nate, Crabtree and Gore are a deadly combo!

    • Indiana Jim

      Fuck Nate Davis, his monkey ass cant carry Alex’s jock!

  • Mas

    After looking at what the old and the new era of 49er fans have posted, it seems obvious we're all, in a round about way, saying the same thing. We don't have to agree on specifics but looking at the over arching idea of where we want this franchise to go, we all want the same thing.

    The general consensus is saying that the situation at QB has remained the same for almost a decade and it's time to make a change. Yes, Alex Smith is our QB – as of today. Yes, the potential of Nate Davis is an active conversation but what people around the 49er faithful want is a marquee guy at that position.

    With quite a bit of depth at the QB position in this upcoming 2010 draft, it's no suprise that there are talks of bringing in a name like McCoy, Bradford – or a fullback like Tebow. The majority of these guys are coming from schools where they rarely ever take a snap from under center and for many in the past, it hasn't been able to translate into the NFL. My question to you is who do you think has the potential in this class (of all the prospects) to be that guy? And yes, "None" is an answer.

    "In my opinion" – I'd rather a free agent acquisition but unfortunately, no one worth a damn is going to be making that jump.

    Here's a couple of 2010 options Prospector wants to hear about…

    (In no particular order)

    Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, (FB) Tim Tebow, Jimmy Clausen, Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett, Jevan Snead, Tony Pike, Zach Robinson, Max Hall & Tim Hiller.

    I know some of these guys aren't your marquee guy but whatever, they're there. Talks between owners and the NFL Players Association haven't gone anywhere and as a result, a lot of underclassmen and others who could benifit from another year or two in school are likely to declare for fear of a rookie pay scale in 2011. Most of you probably already new that but whatever, it's there.

    • Indiana Jim

      Your freaking crazy, Alex Smith is hands down the face of this team for atleast another decade. Hes proved he deserves to be the man. Hes never been givin a shot.. Id give him atleast another 5 years to prove himself. We owe him atleast that. Forget the lousy numbers hes put up.. its all on the receivers, they cant catch. He hits em right between the numbers each and every time. Draft a QB? Fuck that.

      • INDY…another 5 years? HUNH! This is football we’re talkn about. “forget the lousy numbers”…put the pipe down you fuckin basehead. “he hits em right between the numbers each and every time”….Uhh Yeah…you mean the receivers in the other uniforms…those are cornerbacks and safeties catchin his balls you jackass! Okay…I’ll give him 5 years…5 years as a good sports broadcaster.

        • Mas


          Even if we keep him around for another 5 years, we’re still not filling the position with enough talent to call it competitive.

          We traded a first round pick to the Bucs for Steve Young even when we had Joe Montana. Alex Smith is what? 25? Obviously he still has plenty of time to prove that we made the right or the wrong decision but whether or not that’s in a 49er uniform is open for discussion.

          As I have previously stated.

          A LOT of people are calling for a marquee guy at that position. Understandably, in 2010, if a guy like Clausen slips to the 10-15 range I’d be astonished if our coaching staff and management didn’t pull the trigger on him.

          The idea that Coach Sing and stupid ass Scott McMc have is to draft the best player available. With as many manning moves as we’ve seen on our offensive line, there’s no question that it is an area of need. Indiana Jim, I get what you’re saying in regards to Alex Smith but the guy isn’t playing football, he’s thinking. He doesn’t completely trust his O-Line and his timing with his receivers is clearly an issue at this point in time.

          He’ll roll out and get sacked when the obvious decision is to throw the ball away. It doesn’t matter how many OC’s you’ve had, that is common knowledge and he has continued with those types of decisions, even after 5 years.

          I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt but as many of said before, we need to look ahead.

          The way I look at it (and some of you will obviously disagree)… Is that we’re 1,2 or maybe 3 positions of need away from getting back to where we once were.

          Yes, the draft is important but we have not been aggressive in Free Agency what-so-ever. Aside from acquiring Justin Smith, Aubrayo Franklin & Michael Lewis, we’ve been relatively quiet over the past few years. This idea that Scott McMc has about getting players from school we’ve never heard of and developing them into All-Pro’s has proven time after time that he’s out of his damn mind. Coach Sing wants winners, not guys who haven’t even competed at a suitable level that can translate into the NFL.

  • A True Niner Fan

    its only like 5 years later……Im pretty sure they have both moved on now and Arron Rogers obviously has done better, Alex is a bust even if we do win on Sunday

    • Indiana Jim

      A bust? What the fuck are you smoking? Alex is the man! The numbers doesnt show it but is it his fault the receivers cant catch? No it isnt!!!! Quit picking on him, hes trying really hard and in another 4 to 5 years I promise you he will prove you all wrong!!!!!!!

      • Prospector

        I wonder what size his jock strap is?? I think most Y'ers have big bulges. I guess you can say I am indulged by his bulge. Hey Indiana Jim, maybe you and I can form some kind of fan base where the more TDs he throws, the more clothes we take off his poster. Hopefully right down to his thong. RAWR!!!!!!

        • Joe Gomez

          That sounds like a great idea Prospector. Except I'd like to see my boy Nate Davis up there like hes throwing a football. Now I can assure you his jock strap is ginormous I do the laundry for the niners now =)

          • Indiana Jim

            I think Alex has nice jockstrap. Very nice.

  • pitt


  • dosia510

    im not too big on college ball, but i do watch highligts alot and everything iv seen from mccoy i like. i really would like to see him as a niner. please correct me if im wrong…

    btw; what ever happened to bob from pacifica??

    • Indiana Jim

      No way, we dont need to draft a QB. Alex is lighting it up right now. Those numbers dont mean shit. Give him 3 more years and he will be the shit! Plus he looks mighty good in those tight pants..

      • Mas

        Prospector says we need a QB. ..And he’s not a “Y’er” so he obviously knows his shit. Clearly, we don’t need a tackle… Clearly, we don’t need a safety that doesn’t get beat all day.

    • Mas


      I like McCoy as well. The ‘experts’ are projecting him anywhere from Rd 1 to Rd 4. Again, System QB’s with “Less-than-Elite” arm strength are a concern for personnel guys.

      I hear a lot of talk about this guy Ryan Mallett (Soph/ARK). We don’t hear a whole lot about this guy but at 6’7″ 238 lbs, a rocket for an arm and who doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, we probably will come combine time or whatever… I don’t get it. Guys like this shoot up draft boards but it freaks me out because after completing 44% of his passes at Michigan, 52% his freshman year at Arkansas and now, in the last 4 games he’s thrown 9 td’s 1 int at 67%…

      Jamarcus II or am I completely wrong?

  • NinerPaul

    I like Pike and Clausen >> Clausen has proven to be decent with shitty non drafted talent around him, against top competition…. even though they lost to Navy twice. But Pike might be the sleeper in this one >> He reminds me of Flacco…..

    • Mas

      Clausen coming from a pro-style offense is a plus.

      He’s taken a lot of hits and has been humbled since his days of making guarantees like, “I guarantee 2 national championships with my time at Notre Dame!”

      ..And announcing his intent to attend the UND on the steps of the College Football Hall of Fame.. Or something like that… (didn’t do my homework).

      Surrounded by the right talent, he may have the most upside but he’s still a douche for saying that.

      Pike has been critisized for a lack of arm strength but then again, how’s Jamarcus Russell doing? Other than that, coming from that type of offense is the only thing I’m skeptical about.

      There’s also a QB from Houston whose been nothing short of amazing but again, Spread = Doesn’t always translate…

      • NinerPaul

        Spread offense in the NFL >> Andre Ware >> Bust, David Klingler >> Bust, Alex Smith >> headed for bustville…

  • Indiana Jim

    Alex is better hands down.. Its not about the numbers, its about how you look in that uniform! What an ass!

  • chuckle49er

    what the hell is wrong with you indiana why you talkin about tights and ass this sight is about football cmon bro just talk football go niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mas

    ..I don’t know what it’s called… I just know the sound it makes when it takes a Packers life.

  • Indiana Jim

    Hey chuckle, I will start talking football but you douchbags better leave my man Alex alone! He is our savior damn it! And if you don't think he has a nice ass your freakin crazy!

    • Joe Gomez

      This is obviously not the real Indiana Jim. Its the same fuckface pretending to be me. All this talk about jockstraps is real fantastic but it is obviously not me. On the plus side I hear theres a Nate Davis shower video leaking on the internet. If anyone comes across the link you know where to find me tonight! Parrtay

  • Mas

    Well. No response necessary. Next thing you know, Prospector will be bashing my views on gay sports…

    In any event, we're playing Green Bay tomorrow and no ones offered an analysis. Be gay and comment on how I used "anal" in a word, Jim.

    • Prospector

      we should be able to put pressure on rodgers tomorrow. its our o im worried about. i hope the o-line and the old man fossil jimmy raye come to play. a must win! GO NINERS!!!

  • #1 Fan

    Some things never change. Joe Gomez is as big a tool now as he ever was. Hey Joe do us all a favor and go fuck yourself. Semper Fi.

  • #1 Fan

    Son, we live in a world that has walls and those walls need to be guarded by men with guns. Who's gonna do it? You? You, Lieutenant Weinberg? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Alex Smith and curse the 49ers; you have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that Alex Smith's benching while tragic, probably won games and that my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, wins games. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use then as the backbone of a life trying to defend our goal line. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the wins I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide them. I would rather you just said "thank you," and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest that you pick up a football and throw a pass. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

  • DcNinerFan

    Well, the good news for us Niners fans is we don't have to watch the rest of the game. Its only 15 minutes in and we've lost because we can't complete a pass.

  • DcNinerFan

    We have officially become the worst offense in the league. Isn't that great? We are back to 2004 form.

  • dosia510

    this is really hard to watch. nice catch by crabby and a some by davis. but now i am fully convinced that smith is indeed a bust. as horrible as the o-line has played, smith has made alot of horrible decisions today. when u mix that with the retard of a coordinater we have, it, 9 out of 10 times, will have disasterous results. sigh….. u said it dcniner, 2004 all over again……

  • Indiana Jim

    That INT wasn't on Alex. If he doesn't throw atleast a pick per game it will show he's not human. And he is human. A human with a nice ass. I love him no matter what.

  • wickerman

    As much as I would like to kill Alex Smith right now, I have to hang this on the whole damn team. Horrible oline play int he first half – they gave up three sacks. Smith’s int was critical. The defense played like absolute garbage. Ryan Grant ran all over you int he last 4 mins???? You stopped Peterson vs Minn and you couldn;t get the offense the ball back vs Grant? No pressure, 1 sack and no turnovers???

    I am through blaming Smith or blaming Jimmy Raye or blaming the lack of pass rush. The whole deal is that the 9ers are not very good. They could have Bruce Smith, Joe Montana and Rams-era Mike Martz and they would not be getting it done.

    I’ve accepted that I just thought they were better than they really are. Sad.

  • #1 Fan

    I agree Jim that pass was perfectly thrown. I’m voting for Alex for the Pro Bowl and I hope everyone does the
    same. We didn’t win again with Alex but he is still a STUD. I also agree with you Jim, that ass is FLAWLESS!

    • Indiana Jim

      #1, I think how his cock would feel in my mouth, and I love it. Now me, you, and Joe Gomez would have a hell of a time together. RAWR!!! Can you say, “JELLO”??

  • Mas

    The 49ers lost, but it was good second half. I feel like we should not give up on Alex, I still feel like he has a promising future. Alex will give us the best chance for the rest of the season, shaun hill is not the solution. The positives are that we will have a excellent chance at a good draft pick this year. I feel strongly that alex our man going forward and we should not give up on his progressions. I feel like we should get a QB in the later rounds and focus on a offensive lineman in the first!

    • Danny

      Mas, I thought Robert Mallet scored 54% percent against michigan his freshman year.

    • Danny

      Correction Mas, 54% his freshman year at Arkansas, my bad!

      • Mas

        ..Yaaa I knew it wasn’t good either way. LoL. Good call on the correction.

        I’m still not sold on the guy. Think: White Jemarcus Russell

    • Mas

      …I didn’t write that.

    • Indiana Jim

      I agree Mas, Alex has grown strides ever since 2005, those numbers he has doesnt do him justice, he is far superior than Brady or Manning in my opinion. Besides hes got a fine ass.

      • Mas

        I think this is Joe Gomez pretending to be Indiana Jim.

  • Sulaco

    Who are the best QB prospects in this years NFL Draft. Can someone name the top 10. Thank You.

    • 5Rings

      1. Colt McCoy

      2. Clausen

      3. Locker

      4. Bradford

      5. Tebow

  • Danny

    I agree Mas, Alex is not done yet, you are right he is outstanding QB. I agree about Robert Mallet being the next Jamarcus Russell, just because you are tall does’nt mean your going to be a superstar in the NFL.

    • Mas

      Ya LOL thats prety funny. But like I said we cant give up on my Alex.

      • Mas (Real one)

        ..I am not a believer in Alex Smith as the second coming of black jesus.

  • Indiana Jim

    Give up? Hell no.. I say give em another 4 to 5 years.. Only then will you think about benching him. Hes a Pro Bowler in my opinion. And daym hes got a fine ass.

  • NinerPaul

    Alex ummmmm SUCKS! Another Loss…… For Alex >> For a suppose upgrade at QB Hummm >> the first 4 games. Hill 3 and 1 the one loss by the D in Minnesota on the first 4 games nearly 4 and 0. Smith 1 and 3, the 1 win no td’s and a pick plus the other team threw 5 picks and we barely won….. Smith just does not have it he doesn’t >>> Put in Nate or Hill again with the spread offense…..

    • Ramaros

      Hill didnt win those games though.. my god you automatically give those wins to the QB! we do have 21 other starters that should take just as much blame/glory as the QB.. we run a lot more than we pass, our D is a lot better than our O.. the Min. loss was not their D that stopped us… we got farve’d hands down.. the texans game if you wanna compare the two…. When the game is in hills hands he folds, something that is quite the opposite for Smith.. at half time we were down 23-3.. the final score was 30-24( i believe). our D played better and our O put up points… Its very tiring to read these sometimes, people cant see anything past the QB.

      • redandgold

        its all good Ramaros i hear you man, but just dont waste ur time trying to talk some football with these ppl, because no matter how good smith does these pointless fans will always hate him, so let go man, you and many others that know football know that this is a team sport, not a one man team. And if they think hill is better they are lying to themselfs because all u have to do is look at the numbers… when hill was QB, the D was playing a lot better, but now they are playing like shit, so you know who gets the blame? smith.. Look man this is really pointless to try and talk some football with these fucks, if you ask me, just let them think whatever they want it dont matter anyways, all they do is find a way to bitch about the 9ers losing ,but its the niners losing not smith, so let them say all that shit, it dont mean shit. hahahaha this dude nenerPaul said to put Hill or nate with the spread offense ahahaha.. I hate to talk shit but you ppl just run ur gums dont watch shit.. let as you this, do u believe that smith is better than cutler? because if you look at numbers the guy has more int's than anyone else… Look, T.O. said they just love to hate him and thats it. But I HOPE smith does find another team just to show you cool guys that the team is the problem, not QB. AND why do you think Hill is not playing anyways? is it cause niners like to lose??

        • dosia510

          of course there are problems all over, anyone who folloes the niners can see that. what i think is, on the offensive side, smith is to blame, as is the shit o-line we have and jimmy raye. mainly, i do believe that jimmy raye is a fuckin retard and he more than likely will get fired after this season. how to go about fixing these things is up to the 49ers staff. but as a fan, i would like to see smith gone. raye gone. few new o-line faces and WISELY used draft picks to boost our offense. i personally like mccoy for one pick and an o-lineman with the other. what do u think?

          • Mas (Real one)

            Ramaros. Good break down.

            Redandgold. True talk.

            Dosia510. I see where you’re going but I can’t say I’m completely with you on this one. Given “the break down” and considering the fact that Smith has signed on for another 3 years (this year included) there’s little to no chance that Smith will be gone after this season.

            I agree. Jimmy Raye’s style of offense is painfully predictable and I honestly would pay to see his face after half time of this past game against Green Bay. Yes, Smith had 5 (fucking) yards passing with an overall team of -7 yds at the half (sacks). But the fact of the matter is Alex Smith has been a lot more exciting to watch when put in the spread than Hill or even a (future) 1st or 2nd round pick is or could be.

            Both Vernon Davis and Crabs said it. When they’re running the spread, more guys have an opportunity to get the ball and make plays. We may be a west-coast, run first type of offense but when you have the depth at WR/TE/RB, why would you make your team one dimensional? Teams know what to expect when they face us week in and week out. Our offensive production over the first half of every game since Houston has been lackluster to say the least. We only go to the spread when we’re 21 pts down and praying for a miracle.

            Again, I’m not saying Alex Smith is our QB of the future. BUT. If we are able to surround him with enough talent (OT), he CAN be productive. Yes he’s made quite a few mistakes and YES it friggin’ drives me nuts to see him roll out and get sacked when he obviously should know to throw it away.

            Jimmy Raye needs to swallow his pride and adapt to his personnel or get the fuck out because he’s driving me insane. His idea that establishing the run will help get our passing game going may work for a lot of other teams out there but when our passing game is going, Frank gets going. I know he had that 42 yd run in the beginning of the game but after that we went right back to a 2 TE set and a standard I-Form, 2 wide set with Alex running play action which he CLEARLY has issues with.

            I hate to see another offensive coordinator gone but this guy needs to start packing or go with what works. Like these guys have been saying, when Hill was our QB, our defense was ALL-PRO. Now that teams have been able to game-plan to our weaknesses and have successfully exploited these weaknesses, we need to focus on putting points up on the board.

          • Mas (Real one)

            And again, this talk of McCoy is nice but he’s going to take years when people want production now. I don’t believe in investing one of our two first round picks in him. If he falls to the second round, yes, trade up and swoop.

            Our immediate area of need is RT and DB. Our safeties our soft and our corners are either made of glass or not able too long in the tooth (old).

            With all the talent at the Tackle, Safety, Corner and even OLB (pass rush) positions, it’s hard to believe that a defensive minded coach won’t put his foot down and stomp out any Scott McCloughen idea’s. This guy needs to go chew on rocks because he is NOT a General Manager of a major sports franchise. Major fast-food franchise.. maybe but in all honesty, when can we start talking about getting this guy a suitcase, some Mydol and plane ticket out?

      • NinerPaul

        Talk about folds >>>> So what Smith came back in the Texans game only to what >>> FOLD a pick to end the game….. Alex has 7 int’s >>>> Shaun Hill 2 mabey thats why he has more wins ….. The numbers don’t lie…..

        • Ramaros

          Shaun Hill: 5TDs 2 INTs With 943 yards, 56.1% completion rate and a QB rating of 79.6

          Alex Smith: 9TDs 7 INTs With 1,035 Yards, 61.3% Completion rate and a QB Rating of 81.5

          Shaun his has thrown three more TDs than INTs but Smith has thrown 4 more TDs than Hill. They BOTH attempted exactly 155 passes, Smith is the more accurate QB. and if you really are comparing the two QBs then Smith is BETTER!

          Not to mention atleast 3 of his 7 INTs were on the receivers end..including the INT against the Texans.

          Mind you Hill has started 6(Including Texans game) games, Smith(Not including texans game) 4.

          So to recap here With 2 more games than smith starting, he’s thrown for less yards, he’s completed less passes, and has less TDs than Smith(Smith does have more INTs but also passes more(4 games with same attempts) and also produces more).

          Sorry I just dont see your logic as to how this is all Smiths fault here.

  • Gonzalo

    The real Joe Gomez is exactly right about Alex Smith. He has been telling everyone for years, but no one listens!

    • Indiana Jim

      This is obviously Joe Gomez

  • Devani

    Hey Mas, do you like the chances of us picking up Tebow, what do you think my friend? I think his play is substantial.

    • dosia510

      i was the thinking tebow at first too, but then doesnt he come from a spread offense too? would that be the alex smith project all over again? i personally would like to see mccoy instead.

    • Mas (Real one)

      Wow. No. I like the fact that he’s a proven winner but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to be as effective in the pro’s as he has been in division one ball.

      Aside from that he’s not going to last long with his style – and again, do you really want another product of Urban Meyer?

  • Indiana Jim

    Man you guys need to shut up. Alex had 5 yards passing in the first half but it’s not his fault. The sun was in his eyes everytime. If you look at replays you can see him SQUINTING every pass. So leave this STUD alone he’s stil our savior. Not to mention he’s got a fine ass!

    • dosia510

      haha thas funny! lol

  • Devani

    Yes, Yes, good point Dosia # 5! I think Tebow may be a little qustionable, I have been watching Tebows game film and he shows reluctance on the field sometimes. Oh Mas, what do you think of the play of Clauson over Mccoy, I think Mccoy is more of your prototype QB, and he comes from a superb conference. I feel like Mccoy will bring it on sundays, and plus he just a stud QB who can read coverages substantially. What is your take Mas my friend.

    • Mas (Real one)

      What’s up Devani.

      There is a stark difference between the two and looking at production vs conference can be a bit misleading.

      The idea that McCoy is more of your prototype QB isn’t entirely true. Great, great character guy but again, he comes from a spread offense and plays against some of the most statistically weak secondaries in the entire BCS. He’s won a lot of games and has been (almost) a 4 year starter for the Longhorns since 2006. He’s a mobile guy, has good feet and for the most part, doesn’t turn the ball over a whole lot. A lot of experts hate on his ability to stretch the field but I really don’t see how that’s of any real importance considering who we’ve seen with a canon as opposed to a rifle. Overall, Colt gets the ball where it needs to be and shows a lot of intangibles under high pressure situations. The only problem is, he’d take 2-3 years to develop into the QB we need him to be. (Character guy: A friend of mine was his room-mate at Texas his Frosh/Soph yr and has had nothing but great things to say about him.. And Jordan Shipley).

      Jimmy Clausen is a competitor. He’s guaranteed championships for the University of Notre Dame but has obviously fallen short. The thing I like about Clausen over any of the other QB’s is that he not only has had “The Big Games” but he’s also shown a tremendous amount of progression over the past 3 years. He’s done it with a horrific offensive line, IN A Pro Style Offense, almost has that cannon arm but again, does not turn the ball over. He’s lost a lot of close games and from my impression, is a douchebag, but he’d be our best bet.

      Chances are we won’t draft either of these guys but chances are, McCoy will slip to either the late 1st rd or early 2nd round. Experts have projected him as a 4-5 rd pick but I just can’t see that. The guy is at the center of the Heisman talk this year and if he keeps on winning, I doubt he’ll fall short of it. I’d like Clausen to slip but that’s not going to happen… He’s looking out for #1 and that’s Jimmy baby! ..LoL. Being a Cali guy, he’d be a great fit and live it up in the bay area but with too many teams that suck (CLE, STL, WSH, SEA) and need a QB this year, we’ll be lucky if he’s this year’s Crabtree.