Despite Ugly Win, Cheerleaders Remain Beautiful

Unlike games televised on FOX, CBS, or ESPN, the camera never directly featured a shot of the cheerleaders on the sideline. We didn’t even get a look at them during timeouts or before/after commercial break. That disappointed me greatly because from the slight glimpses I did see, they looked really good in their white uniforms. What disappointed me even more than not seeing our Gold Rush, was the fact our offense couldn’t turn turnovers into points.

What started out as a great offensive drive with their first possession, the 49ers could not move the ball into the endzone, or even through the uprights. Joe Nedney’s missed 39 yard field goal would have been the only points the 49ers didn’t score off of turnovers. However, it never should have come to a field goal attempt as Alex Smith hit Michael Crabtree on an important 2nd and 7, that would have been a 1st and goal, but Crabtree dropped the ball. That drop was costly and confusing as Crabtree made an amazing almost-catch on the first play of the series.

The offense as a whole did not fare very well against the Chicago Bears.  Frank Gore finally received more than 20 carries for the first time since the first game of the season, and he did average four yards a carry, but as always, take away a big run from him and you see the results of a poor offensive line.  Gore rushed 25 times, with positive yards on 16 of those carries, but nine attempts for no gain, or negative yards.  The O-line’s inability to create a push upfront was apparent when Smith attempted to gain a yard for a first down but was denied.  Although the 49ers are without Joe Staley, easily the most talented member on the line, the ability to gain one yard on 4th and 1 is what the front office is paying them for.

Alex Smith didn’t necessarily play poorly, he was just very unspectacular. He threw 16 of 23 for 118 yards. While completing nearly 70% of his passes is what the offense is looking for, having only 118 yards to show for it does not help anyone.  He could have completed 100% of his passes but if it goes for 150 yards, who cares?  I don’t even know if Jimmy Raye can be faulted completely anymore. Half of the plays were called out of the Shotgun, and I do like them using run plays out of the formation. The dink and dunk approach is fine, but the offense has to push the ball down the field once in a while. There was the one play-call that I absolutely loved, the deep ball to Michael Crabtree, that turned into an interception. It is on Smith to have seen the defender was with Crabtree step for step. The play just wasn’t there. Smith should have either continued through his reads, or overthrow Crabtree so it’s an incompletion, or great diving catch. I suppose Smith just doesn’t feel comfortable in the pocket, or confident in his decision making to look off the primary target and hit some one else.

After the interception, the 49ers didn’t dare unleash another downfield attempt, and played to not lose the game. To their credit, it almost worked. They were able to milk a good amount of time off the clock. With 9:01 left to play, the 49ers gave the Bears the ball back with 2:47.  If they scored a touchdown at the end of the drive, it would have put the game away. Unfortunately, that did not happen and the game was much closer than it should have been.

All of us fans love to see nail-biters, especially when its our team that wins. This win was the ugliest win I have ever seen, and although a win is a win, the offense needs to improve if they want to win the division.  Five interceptions is what offenses dream their defense gives them. Points off of turnovers will usually, and did determine the outcome of the game. But a meager ten points is plain embarrassing. The fifth interception doesn’t really count because it was the play that ended the game, but four turnovers and only ten points is just as bad. Last week the Tennessee Titans went into Candlestick and got 24 points off of four turnovers. That is what wins games.

Not enough praise can be showered onto the defense.  What we already knew was a talented group, shined during a primetime game.  It seemed everyone on that side of the ball came up with a big play.  Aubrayo Franklin’s interception is probably one of my favorite plays this year.  The 49ers are fortunate to have such a dominate defense, whose core players have not yet reached their potential.  The defense deserves all the credit for the win, and hopefully continues to play well and get help from the offense.

No doubt Mike Singletary will take the win, but if his 49ers go into Green Bay content with an awful win, 4-6 is what we’re going to be looking at. The Packers are being just as inconsistent as the 49ers, so there is no reason why they can’t go into Lambeau Field and come out victorious.   The offense better show up next week because the cheerleaders will not be there to cover up their porous play.

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I have been a 49ers fan my entire life and will continue to be one long after I'm dead. My plan for the afterlife is to haunt the Dallas Cowboys and ensure they will never win another Super Bowl. My favorite 49er of all time is Steve Young, and my favorite current 49er would probably be Alex Smith. (I take a lot of sh** for that, even from Niner fans.).
  • Lone Texas 49er fan

    Well, I see alot of positives from Crabtree, it is his second pro game and this guy is playing like a veteran, he playing with so much confidence. Did everyone see that one handed catch that was counted out, that was a f**king completion. That catch and his poise reminds me of Rice, but Rice did not paly this good at first. Does anyone know if crabtree is training with rice on the Hill were rice trains, not the hill that we have but Rice's hill. Seems like crabtree may be getting mentored by Rice the way he's playing. Crabtree needs to become Rice's best friend, I would. I hate Michael Irvin with a passion, but he would call Rice Jesus on cleats!

  • Lone Texas 49er fan you are not alone in Texas as a Niner fan. This was Crabtree's fourth pro game and by next week he will probably have more catches and yards than any of the other receivers which is pretty impressive. Hopefully Crabtree will get his first TD against Green Bay.

  • Joe Gomez

    i wish they had male cheerleaders

  • Mas

    Read Me. I don’t get it.

    Even after a win we still find ourselves bashing a team that we all claim to love. I don’t question each and every one of your devotion to this team but to say that the Bears gave us this game is a bit of a ball scratcher.

    I don’t give a fuck if Devin Hester slipped on a comeback or if Goldson bumped Greg Olson. I don’t. The fact of the matter is, our Team hung in there and played through the short comings. We may have a lackluster offense but defense wins championships so shut the fuck up!

    I don’t all-caps shit but I’m kind of pissed right now… I look at the good, realize the bad and will often accept the ugly shit we do to win games but to read on and on about how shitty of a game that was is agrivating.

    Here’s the deal.

    Our offensive line is shittier than the Detroit Lions. I don’t care if you’re Peyton Manning, you’re not going to be able to establish any type of passing game if you are unable to run the ball. Yes, we got the ball rolling on our last drive of the game. Great. But most of that was due to the fact that the Bears haven’t been able to stop the run all year.. especially in the 4th quarter.

    Play calling for the most part was decent but definitely lacked in execution. Yes Jimmy Raye (It’s spelled RAYE not Ray) is old as shit and has never really been a part of a team whose identity was “run first, block awesome” except for the 2000 or 2001 Bucs. The guy just doesn’t have it. The IDEA that he would be a fit in SF with the mentality and direction Coach Sing hopes to head in is accurate. The fact that Joe Staley is the ONLY offensive lineman who deserves a starting role in this type of offense a huge setback.

    It all starts up front. Our defense can hold the opposing team to 0 pts, 0 yds and 0 hope of an offensive output but if our offensive line can’t hold our adversaries from getting to our QB or getting to our RB behind the line of scrimmage, what the fuck do you expect??

    Frank Gore is a talented back. Alex Smith is an average QB who can absolutely make the throws necessary to move the ball down field but whose going to block for him?? Your decision making wouldn’t involve some second guessing if you don’t even have 2.5 seconds to go through 3 stages of pass progression? Your decision making wouldn’t be based on the trust you have in your receiver to anticipate that ball on a breaking route or to read man coverage and make a break for it?

    I backed the decision by Coach Sing to put Smith in as our starter knowing good and well that Smith has a tendency to throw costly I.N.T’s and for the most part, Coach has been right. He’s more mobile, he has a 10% higher completion percentage than Hill as well as his own career average. I’m not retarded or totally sold on his sub-par numbers and even with his interceptions, I’d still take Smith over Hill in a heartbeat. NO, Alex Smith is not our QB of the future. Keep bashing Smith supporters as sell outs to our QB future when all we’re saying is, “Right now, he’s the better option” But right now, you’d be stupid to think that Hill is going to come in and have a higher output than Smith.

    Everyone can complain about our current situation but to bitch and whine EVEN WHEN WE’RE WINNING is fucking absurd.

    I go to these sites, read these fan posts and really ask myself, “Who the fuck is this guy?”

    You say you Love your niners. You say you back this team through thick and thin and yet here you are, all bitch and no balls, no faith in what your leadership has chosen.

    What I would give to have Scot McCluefuckless’ job. What I would give to punch that lame ass bitch (Scott Kegley TV49) in that retarded ass monotone face of his. But who cares? We’re fans of the team; NOT players, coaches or in any influential role what so ever. If you associate yourself with this team and have not bought into the concept or direction we look to go into then learn to. If you don’t like Alex Smith, great, I’m sure there’s a “I hate Alex Smith” blog out there you can contribute to. If there’s a “Our offensive line sucks except for Staley” site, i’ll be there… But the fact of the matter is, when you bash your own damn team – EVEN AFTER A WIN – You got more problems than Scott Kegley and a bag of AIDS infested dicks.

    We’re fans.

    • dosia510

      haha excellent post mas. i seriously would give up one of my nuts to punch that douchebag from tv49…lol funny u say that. i agree with most of your points except one, the point u made about raye making the rite calls. i think it was alot more than the lack of execution although it did play a big part. but then again if you have a 4 point lead to START the half and u choose to go with the ever so predictable conservative run, run, pass calls, ur in deep shit. i really havent seen this shitty play callin since i played my niece in madden. i am really happy about the win, excited for our D, iffy about alex but will support him IF he is in there, and disappointed in our O-line. but raye is single handedly killing this team.

      • Mas

        Thanks man.

        I didn't say made the right calls.. Just decent ones.

        Totalllly predictable second half… Why is it we can only get one good drive at the beginning of each game?

        ..Only to settle for a field goal…

    • Mosie

      Yes, yes, YES!!

      Mas… why aren’t you writing for this site rather than Pundit or some of the other negative Nancy’s here?

      Let me quote a couple lines I love from your post Mas, that have the direct opposite philosophy of some of the other “fans” here that have been driving me crazy… some of the others writers on this site;
      “Everyone can complain about our current situation but to bitch and whine EVEN WHEN WE’RE WINNING is fucking absurd.
      You say you Love your Niners. You say you back this team through thick and thin and yet here you are, all bitch and no balls, no faith in what your leadership has chosen.”

      Folks; this is a process – a time of rebuilding – getting the team of the future in line. Have some faith folks, we as an organization have so much more potential then so many other teams out there now! How’d you like to be a Browns fan? Or a Silver & Black supporter???

      The Niners have issues, true. Lots of them in fact. But we have been known for having heart and folks, we are rebuilding! Have faith, Forty Niners Faithfull’s, we’ll get there!

      • Niner Pundit

        Gimme a break. Geez not another one who thinks that if we disagree with anything regarding this team we aren’t fans. Blow it out your ass. Sorry I refuse to drink the kool aid like some do. And save the rebuilding crap, we’ve been rebuilding for what 6-7 years now.

        I think those that voice their opinion after a 10-6 win where we had 5 turnovers and only 10 points, arguing and expecting more are truer fans, because they aren’t willing to sit back and except the offensive crap we have been witnessing week in week out since the days of Rattay.

        Sorry I’m not excited we broke a 4 game losing streak thanks in part to the sucktitude of Jay Cutler.

        • Joe Gomez

          too long didnt read

          • Mas

            too many big words? can’t read?

        • Mas

          …Give YOU a break?

          Why don’t you go and punch a baby sea otter in the face? Your kool-aid tastes like pine-sol. Your attitude sucks more dick than a chinese massage parlor and I’m surprised anyone would like you. You’re about as negative and dry as a sand box with aids.

          I don’t fuckin get you Pundit. I write down an open ended opinion and you tell me I need to blow it out my ass? Fuck you.

          You fuckin fat old piece of shit. I swear to god you’re more of a bitch than Scott Kegley. You’re elementry. Cross your arms, huff and puff cause your fat ass is starting to realise how fucking annoying you really are.

          So press your caps-lock and get writing or fuck off and learn to articulate your shit cause you write like i shit – the effort is there but no one cares to hear about it.

          • Mas

            …Give YOU a break?

            Why don’t you go and punch a baby sea otter in the face? Your kool-aid tastes like pine-sol. Your attitude sucks more dick than a chinese massage parlor and I’m surprised anyone would like you. You’re about as negative and dry as a sand box with aids.

            I don’t fuckin get you Pundit. I write down an open ended opinion and you tell me I need to blow it out my ass? Fuck you.

            You fuckin fat old piece of shit. I swear to god you’re more of a bitch than Scott Kegley. You’re elementry. Cross your arms, huff and puff cause your fat ass is starting to realise how fucking annoying you really are.

            So press your caps-lock and get writing or fuck off and learn to articulate your shit cause you write like i shit – the effort is there but no one cares to hear about it.

          • 49ersfan4life

            Lmao…. mas your a fucking fag are you really going too keep bashing….. for one boy i been a 9ers fan for a long time and yes i look at the ground when people talk about our team….. a win is a win but if your proud of that i bet you are proud at all the moral victory’s we got this year too right cuz we die hard…. FUCK YOU and your punk ass point of view…. oh and yes please talk some shit about me too would love too hear it big guy you dumb ass fucking bitch fuck you and your false hope bitch!!! An yes Cutler did give us the game you fucking cum sucking retard get the fucking broom stick out your ass!!! GOD I FUCKING HATE YOUR BITCH ASS!!! Go punch your mom in the face for not aborting your ass cuz now we all have too hear your dumb ass views….. ” This site was made for 49er fans too bitch and praise so before you go thinking your god get off your boys dick and make your own site you dumb ass bitch…. Call it were all the people wanna suck alex smiths and ray ray’s DICK’S!!!! NOW THAT’S your MORALE VICTORY BITCH!!!

          • caribulou

            I love your post. This site has become all bitch and not positive. Yes the win was ugly as hell but man the defense played their asses off. The offense should have capitalized on thr turnovers but when your as predictable as they are what do you expect. The play calling was a good mix but needs to be more imaginative and less predictable.

        • 49ersfan4life

          I am with you Pundit!!

          • dosia510

            damn 49ersfan4life, u just ripped mas a new one! haha only in america!

          • Mas

            LoL. I’ll do that.

            You die hard.. and all that.

            Hang your head when people talk about your team.. use phrases like moral and victory .. false hope .. broom stick.

            I guess now we just have to find out what other opposing QB’s we can get to give us the W since those don’t matter anyway. You keep your chin up guy. One day, your mom will appreciate you as much as mine does and questions about abortion will no longer be an issue.

            Moral victories coupled with actual victories are bitter sweet but in the end, I admit, I still put them in the win column.

            I don’t think I can say anything about you as you really haven’t given me much to respond with by your rant. I’m not taking away anything from what you’ve said. You spent a lot of time putting that together.

            You talk briefly about this notion that I pride myself in a sub par performances that culminate in wins.. I don’t suit up on Thursday’s, Sunday’s or even Monday’s so, no, I don’t get that feeling of elation after a victory. I’m sure if I did, I would walk away from that experience and my coaches would address the serious lack of our overall team ability to move the ball on offense and in more specific areas.

            Astronaut. Good call. My views are exactly that. What I see is subjective to what you see and just because I’ll tell you that the grass is greener on the other side, doesn’t actually mean it is for you. If I said that I wish your emo ass was like grass so you could cut yourself – it doesn’t actually mean you should, despite what my mom would tell you to do.

            All things considered.. You’re opinionated, direct and I’m sure you’re going places. You probably have a nice job, boyfriend and probation officer that give you that positive reinforcement people talk about.

            I’ll continue to visit this site, comment here or there but what I won’t do – is bash the guy that provides this forum ever again in my life. LoL. Call it a rant because in all honesty, it was fueled by frustration with the general consensus that our team blows in areas that (in my opinion) are more specific to certain individuals.

            Niner Pundit – In all sincerity, I owe you. You get the checks and I need this forum. Funny how that works out but hey, this site is the only place where people can say what they want and sometimes get feedback.. good AND not-so-good – lol.

  • Gonzalo

    I do not agree with alot of what pundit has to say, but he is a realist and for the old school fans that have been watching the 49ers go back and forth week to week, it gets old! Pundit is stating the facts just as Joe Gomez is. We are tired of saying we need a offensive line every year, or defensive backs, we need a immediate fix, forget the rebuilding, we need a proven QB in here via free agency or trade. We need that QB, alex I am sorry will not get it done, he is too inconstent and he is a backup type player, he is only good game to game. The old school fans on here like me have suffered enough, and we don’t have all the time in the world. We need to make something happen quick, we need to focus on getting a good franchise QB. Alex has good qualitys for stints and then he shows us the bust he really is in the end. It is like a bad realtionship, you try to make it work, but it will not happen. We need a QB quick, I say go after that QB via trade or free agency or look at getting McCoy in the upcoming draft, I have a good feeling about him. The 49ers need that QB, that is the solution, plain and simple!

    • Mas

      Joe Gomez states facts? Maybe it was too long..

      Just because you ARE old doesn't mean you're oldschool. What the fuck is old school anyway Pundit?? When your fist hurts from punching babies in the face because Alex Smith throws a game away? I don't give a fuck if you claim you've been a niner fan since 1946 when the 49ers were a part of the All-America Football Conference. I don't.

      I'm not going to sit here and read this shit about what a REAL Niner fan is. We've been over this. What fucking kool-aid? What the fuck are you even talking about??

      "I think those that voice their opinion after a 10-6 win where we had 5 turnovers and only 10 points, arguing and expecting more are truer fans, because they aren’t willing to sit back and except the offensive crap we have been witnessing week in week out since the days of Rattay. "

      You're a fan and a fucking retard. It's "accept" not except… Way to state the obvious. Our offensive output needs some serious Flowmax, even Scott Kegley will tell you that.

      We don't run the ball well, Why?

      We don't throw the ball well, Why?

      …We don't fucking block, idiot.

      You say we've been re-building for 6-7 years? Our franchise has been dragged through the mud over the past 6-7 years and you call that rebuilding? What substantial pieces have we added since then? Aside from Patrick Willis, Michael Crabtree, Joe Staley and Justin Smith, who??

      (CB) An over payed CB in Nasty Nate Clements who won't even be in a niner uniform next year because his salary in one day exceeds what most make in 1 year (32k).

      (DT) Aubrayo Franklin is in his last year of current deal and will most likely command a greater salary if he goes into free agency. Go where the money is right?

      (S) Michael Lewis isn't getting younger and he's not getting any less-concust.

      (T) Adam Snyder would be a GREAT back-up tackle/guard.

      (T) Barry Sims isn't getting any younger either.

      (G) Chilo Rachal needs to step his fucking game up.

      So what the fuck is rebuilding? Teams are constantly rebuilding! The average NFL career is just over 3 years. Imagine that…

      Yes I agree we need to seriously address the QB position.

      But to think that year in and year out fans attribute our "sucktitude" to our offensive line as a scapegoat, you're out of your fucking mind. IT IS FUCKED UP. Great fucking word by the way… God you're oldschool… So old schoool… But I guess that's a good thing, eh?

      Good talk coach, good talk.

      • Niner Pundit

        Thank you grammar nazi…love it when posters have to resort to correcting ones grammar. You got me. Oh shit maybe I should have typed that with my caps lock on.

        “get writing or fuck off and learn to articulate your shit cause you write like i shit – the effort is there but no one cares to hear about it.”

        Apparently you care since you took time out of your day not once, but numerous times to respond…thanks for visiting over and over again, helps my wallet.

    • redandgold

      even if the best QB to ever play the game was behind that line, he wouldnt do shit, and all NFL QB have shown that they cant do shit without time to throw, or a decent O-line

    • redandgold

      I am sorry people, but I just dont understand how everyone thinks the 9ers problem is the QB, I know you watch the games, and you know we have no o-line and Raye has to be fired soon! Iam just sick of coming one here and all i hear is bitching and we need a new QB, even after a WIN. I just dont get it. There are so many QB’s out there that are throwing games away left and right and i dont think i have to tell you who they are, but yet you expect so much out of a guy that has played only 16 games in two years. Look, all Im saying is that this is not basketball where one guy can take over the game, and yes some niner fans if not most dont like smith no matter how good he does ppl will always think of him as that QB that never made it, but we have to look at the big picture and that is, this 9er TEAM is not ready to take a step forward and thats not the QB’s fault but the TEAM’s fault. So say the same old shit about smith dont help shit, yes we know that he is not the answer just deal with it for now and stop bitching about the same old shit!! Fuck

  • IndianaJim

    I say we vote Alex Smith into the Pro Bowl just because he looks cute in those tight 9er pants..

  • Mas

    Not gay. LoL.

  • 49ersfan4life

    Lmao i really dont care what MAS said i just wanted too be a dick…

  • Mas

    I'm sure.

    Maybe if I put it on paperback with bubble letters, a bunch of colors and in beaner, your little bitch ass would read it.

    But hey, blame the system right?

    • 49ersfan4life

      i blame your mom for not swallowing …… dumb bitch

      • Mas


        This guy, I don't understand… You're gayer than a bag of aids infested dicks and instead of commenting on game shit, you come up with some off the wall, "your mom" shit that's weaker Jimmy Rayes pee-stream.

        Listen kid.

        I'd love to sit here and go in depth with why you're a mistake and how much of a douche bag your dad was for walking out on you but that's really not my style. The fact of the matter is, you're still so consumed with yourself that you use this forum as some sort of venting mechanism.

        Comment on the game. If you want to go talk shit to someone, go into some AOL chat room and toss fuck-bombs on kids your own age.

        • 49ersfan4life

          lmao kid…. you calling me a kid thats nice….. i could be your dad bitch……

          • Mas

            Godddd you’re fucking annoying..

            The only way you’d be a father is if you beat some chick into submission and forcefully raped and subsequently impregnated her.

            If you are a parent, why the fuck are you spending time talking to trash to someone who didn’t even instigate this in the first place.

            Fucking role model over here.

  • Mas

    And for the record, my mom was killed 2 years ago.

    Nothing you say about someone who can’t even defend themselves matters. You’re talking to deaf ears that, if they could listen would smack the fuck out of you for being so damn disrespectful.

    • 49ersfan4life

      many have tried son…. i have lived through iraq and i would beat the fuck outta some punk bitch like yourself

      • Mas

        Wow. A veteran.

        You still serve?

    • 49ersfan4life

      and its because i dont like you!!! you are a punk bitch bashing on people on a computer so i feel compelled too let you know how i feel about you let you see how it feels too be attacked for no reason!!!

  • Mas

    Me bashing? You obviously don’t read much.

    • 49ersfan4life

      Ok we are just gonna stop this before it get dumber …. look… its just a damn chat site not worth the dramma!! dont start bashing on our military now!!

      • Mas

        Listen idiot.

        You sit there and write profanities, talk shit about my dead mom and yet you boast about serving your country. The same country whose people you chose to serve and protect gotta hear this crap from you?? Who the fuck are you? You are the complete opposite to what our military represents.

        I’ve read your comments and put this picture in my head about who you are and all of a sudden, this Iraqi war vet is the one sitting behind that computer… Epic.

        You’re no hero. You’re a guy who sits back and trash talks his way into a contradiction.

        I would never bash our military. It’s been great for me and my family. It’s you. That’s it. That’s what this is about. So DON’T claim to be shit if all you represent is everything that is wrong with who we send over there and what we represent.

        • 49ersfan4life

          lmao your funny….

  • Mas

    You’re an embarrassment to anyone in the military.

    Fuck man, think about it. You sit here and talk shit while both our team loses and we’re 7 years deep in Iraq. You boast about serving your country and yet, talk trash NON STOP to the people you chose to defend it for.

    You’re a social contradiction and even though I got friends, a brother and wingmen over there right now, you’re the exception. Embarrassing.

    • 49ersfan4life

      lmao your funny thats why i will keep this going your making me laugh

  • dosia510

    what happened to talkin about football???

  • Mas

    Ask the clown.