Clements Done for the Year?

The latest reports out of Niner camp are not looking good for cornerback Nate Clements. Latest reports on the injury to Nate are that he has a fractured shoulder blade. No word yet if it is season ending, the 49ers mentioned they would have more info tomorrow.

This sucks if it is true.

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  • wickerman

    Missed the game – how did Tarrell do in his place today?

    • Cory

      i thought he played really good….they won with a trick play other than that we had it…..sounds like the viking game

  • Billy

    Shawntae Spencer is our LOCKDOWN CORNER. Clement although a hard hitter has allowed some pretty big games, but he can cover Fitzgerald never really worth 80 mil which I argued with everyone and it was "cap-friendly" asante samuel was better to bad we acted one season to early

  • A True Niner Fan

    that sucks, he was just demoted but we still needed him in Nickle formations too so if he is out for the season you have to wonder if will ever see him in a Niner uniform on the field again with him getting a 4 million raise next year?

  • Joe Gomez

    What’s our highest paid defender doing returning kicks anyway? Reports are that’s how he got injured. The release of Rossum is looking pretty bad. What’s wrong with Spurlock returning punts/kicks, thought that was his background. With Nate out were gonna miss his strong run defense and his physicality against the receivers

  • Wow, this is why you never have a starter and/or key impact player on your team starting on special teams!

    • Brodie12

      That's absolutely right. #1, he was a crappy kick return man as well as punt returner to begin with. It seems none of the guys can run vertical. Robinson and Walker on kick offs are a crap shoot too. We must be the only team without a real threat at returning any kind of kick.

      It must change!