49ers Back in the Win Column

The 49ers won their 5th victory of the season 20-3 over the Jacksonville Jaguars and this was perhaps the first game in a long time where they won on all sides of the ball. Alex Smith it seems is starting to find his groove, he finished the day 27/41 232 yards, 2 touchdowns and most importantly no turnovers. Smith’s first touchdown was to Vernon Davis, who now has 9 touchdowns on the season, which ties him with Brent Jones and Ted Kwalick for most touchdowns by a 49ers tight end. On Smith’s second touchdown he made a nice move as he was starting to run out of bounds and hit Frank Gore in the endzone.

On the other side of the ball the 49ers defense dominated. They forced two redzone turnovers on sacks of David Garrard. The 49ers defense finished the day with 6 sacks. The only area where they seemed to struggle was in the secondary where they allowed Garrard to throw for over 300 yards.

Overall the 49ers looked very good today, they didn’t turn the ball over and they seemed much more aggressive on offense. It looks like Jimmy Raye maybe getting more comfortable with Smith at quarterback and he’s allowing more pass plays. Offensive line held up well and Alex Smith did not get sacked all game. The front seven of the defense looked good, now we just need to the secondary to tighten up. Hopefully Clements is back soon to help out.

The 49ers now prepare for the Seattle Seahawks and with the Titans beating the Cardinals the 49ers are just two games back with a favorable schedule heading their way. They still have some hope, but they’ll need to continue to have strong performances all around and hope from some more help from the Cardinals opponents.

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  • dosia510

    i was honestly more impressed by old man jimmy. goin into the game i was ready for another disappointed afternoon from the hands of raye. but i admit it was the aggressive, nothing to lose type play that put us ahead and the front seven domination that kept us ahead. with some questionable play calls in the 4th quarter, i think OVERALL, it was the type of performance we needed to see at this point. even though there is always room for improvement, i am very happy with this win.

    i dont think i have ever rooted for brett favre the way i am going to root for him next sunday. if we play this aggressive next week in seattle, well be lookin at a monday night game vs the turdinals for the division. that would be sick my friends. GO NINERS!!!

    • Mas (Realest One)

      Duuuuude. So right.

  • Indiana Jim

    Alex is now 2-9 his last 11 starts and this proves this guy is a future hall of famer hands down. Besides who looks better than him in tight football pants? Nobody!

    • dosia510

      its gettin old now.

      • Niner Pundit

        dosia…well whoever keeps posing as Jim is not going to make this place fun for others. I really dont want to make it where you have to sign in to comment, but if it continues I’ll do that or just remove the IP address of the person doing it.

        • dosia510

          it sucks but u might have to. i love what u have done with this site, and i am enjoying it. thanks. and thanks to j77 for those kick ass highlight videos….

          • Mas (Realest One)

            I’ve said some things I wish I would have thought about more in the past but dosia’s right, what you’ve done with this site has been awesome.

            Keeping it about football and more importantly about the Niners is why I’m on this site all day or night at work. It’s frustrating when I’ll spend half of that clarifying on what I did or did not say.

            Thanks again Pundit.

        • redandgold

          and that stealing names stuff has to stop also… btw since most of u hate smith so much and blame him for every lose, does he also get the win whenever 9ers win? I just want to know what u have to say, because week in and week out it seems to me that you just love to hate him no matter what….

          I think he does OK with the tools that 9ers are working with

          • dosia510

            i admit i was a smith doubter. but i am also not a smith basher. i put more of the blame on old man jimmy for shitty play calling and not knowing how to use the talent around him. with todays performance, it gives hope for future performances. we all know smith HAS the tools, its the inconsistency that kills him and has every one bashing him when he loses, and loving him when he wins. thats pretty much the one reason and only reason y i doubt him. good game management and exceptional performance today, but will that play carry over week to week? thats where if he proves he can, then he wins over the faithful. i know the shitty o-line doesnt help, but that excuse only goes so far. what do u think??

          • redandgold

            dosia510 I agree with everything you said, and just for the record, Im a niner fan not a smith fan, but I just dont think it is right to blame one player in football because its hard to win a game with just one player. I know that you always look at the bigger picture and you always keep it football, but I just wanted to know what else ppl have to say about a player that is doing all he can to win for the 49ers, and to tell you the truth, I know that deep down inside its not that they hate him, but the fact that his win record is not good, and when they think about smith as our QB, all that comes to mind is that he does not have a good win record, but you know like I know that you have to look at the big picture. And if you look at his stats, they are not very good, but they are not that bad…. I know that as fans all we want is for our 9ers to WIN, and when things go bad, we cant just jump ship and start blaming one player, but instead we should do what our 9ers players do, and thats have faith in whom ever is our QB, because when they win, they win as a team not as individuals

    • Mike Singletary


  • Devani

    Dosia # 5, I did not see the game, are the Jags any good. Have the Jags played any good teams, and have they been competative or was it just a easy win. Pundit my friend, just remove the IP address, it is getting old!

    • dosia510

      the jags were on a 3 game winning streak and gerrard is i think 2nd in rushing yards for a qb. any team is pretty much always a threat. thats y we need to focus on seattle and only seattle. MJD is a good running back and is explosive. but we were able to contain him and gerrard. it was a good performance by the niners….sorry u missed it devani my friend.

  • wickerman

    Yeah, hate to say it, but as much as I love this site, the crap in the comments makes me kinda visit less and less. Hope the people messing around jut knock it off, but if it comes down to it, signing up to post sounds like a good way to keep it civil.

    • Mosie

      Good site here, but I would rather have to sign-up/sign in, than to put up with the BS comments that have been going on too long here.

  • Devani

    Dosia #5 I am deeply upset, I live in El Paso and all I see is Cowboy games. I am glad we did well, I heard it was fabulous! My friend their said Alex played exceptional. Dosia # 5 did you get the game or did you go. Do you think it was just a fluke or are we progressing Dosia #5. Are you sold on Alex Dosia #5.

  • Devani

    Dosia # 5 are we still in the playoff hunt, how many games do we have to loss to be out, and how many to get in. What is your prediction on our remaining games. I hope alex does not pull a 360 come next week, if he does, I will be eating whole Jalapenos for a week! Thats how I deal with my frustration, it is fabulous!

  • wickerman

    Teh game was a bit frustrating in the 2nd half. The offense got conservative (17 point lead) and I understand that, it’s just the fan in me that wanted to see them keep pushing and rack up points.

    The only 2 really *bad* things i can say about the game are

    1) the secondary. ANOTHER 300 yard game vs them. Somethings gotta give. That can’t go on.

    2) The run game is horrible. Smith was not sacked today, but the o-line never seemed to do the same job for Gore they did for Smith. Gore averaged ~2/yards per carry and was obviously frustrated.

    The Jags have a terrible pass D and that sure didn’t hurt the Niners on offense, but the niner’s o-line should have been able to give Gore some room with Davis and Crabs stretching the field.

    I’m nitpicking a bit – don;t mean to. Great win against a good team. I hope the staff doesn;t look past Seattle next week as they worry about the Cards on Monday night. The Vikings have a REAL good shot of stomping Arizona, so if the Niners can beat the Hawks (and they should) they may make a season of this yet!

    • Mas (Realest One)


  • Mike Singletary

    Don’t count my boys out. And thanks again for your suggestions about our offense Joe Gomez. If I didn’t take the time to skim thru all these peoples comments just to read yours I would have never realized the problem with the san francisco forty nioners. please dont sell your season tickets and go to oakland, we need you joe!

    • redandgold

      hahahaha… Now thats funny

  • Mas (Realest One)

    FROM MATT MAIOCCO’s Blog @ The Press Democrat.

    A week ago after the 49ers’ loss to the Packers, coach Mike Singletary was not ready to address the media. He had to gain his composure. So the media was let into the locker room at a time when the coach is usually speaking in a separate room.

    It was an odd locker room. For the first time, I saw players – offensive and defensive – speaking softly in little groups. I don’t know exactly what all these groups of players were discussing, but for the first time it seemed to me that there was some discontent with the direction of the team.

    Sometimes issues like that never surface, and that’s how a locker room turns into a toxic environment.

    The players seemed to take more ownership of the 49ers this week. Defensive players expressed a desire to be more aggressive and set the tempo. And offensive players went to Singletary and offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye to voice the opinion that the spread offense was the 49ers’ best plan of attack.

    Said Singletary: “The absolute best thing that happened this week was I saw leadership on the offensive side of the ball in terms of, ‘Coach, this is what I think would work. This is what I think we need. Can we do this? Can we do more spread?'”

    “To me, that’s leadership,” Singletary continued. “That conversation could go to the parking lot. It could go in the bathroom. It could go to their homes. But it came to us. It came to me. Jimmy (Raye) and I sat down and talked about it, the offensive staff, the entire team, about what we need to do going forward. I think we just have to find our balance each and every week depending on what that team does.”

    Which offensive players were the most vocal?

    “Well, Vernon (Davis) would be the No. 1 guy – Alex (Smith was) a close second,” Singletary said. “Even the young kid – as much as I hate to say it, (Michael) Crabtree. I keep telling him he needs to be quiet, but he’s getting there. Good kid. Those guys are leading the pack.”

    “We really did the same plays that we did last week,” 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree said. “We just did a good job of executing our plays, and just came up big when it was time to make big plays.”

  • Mas (Realest One)

    And this: (AGAIN from MATT MAIOCCO’s Site)

    Up until today, the 49ers had used the shotgun/spread attack generally only on third downs, two-minute drills or in the second half when the club was far behind. But against the Jaguars, the 49ers ran 25 of their 38 first-half plays from the shotgun. Through three quarters, the 49ers had 31 shotgun snaps, and just 16 under center.

    “I had a few more discussions with Jimmy this week about what we were doing,” Smith said. “We were more focused this week and really stepped it up. . . . I think we were (more aggressive). We weren’t in I-formation running the ball a lot, but we exposed them were we could.”

    The 49ers felt like they could make some plays in the passing game today, as the Jaguars played without starting cornerback Rashean Mathis.

    “We had a good mix of run and pass out of the gun, and we got after it,” Smith said.

    Smith completed 27 of 41 passes for 232 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. His passer rating for the game was 96.8. The offensive line did a strong job, too, as it yielded no sacks.

    “Our playmakers made plays,” Davis said. “We got the ball in the hands of our playmakers. And we got a lot of them. You could see Delanie Walker (four catches for 52 yards) made some plays. And that’s what it’s all about.”

    No play summed up the 49ers’ aggressiveness quite like a fourth-and-1 play from the Jacksonville 37 late in the second quarter. The 49ers came out in a run formation with two backs and two tight ends. Smith play-faked and just before getting clobbered by linebacker Daryl Smith, he let a pass fly down the field to Davis, who made a 30-yard reception against the coverage of linebacker Clint Ingram.

    “Coach Singletary believes in us,” Davis said. “We always took about how good our offense is, and we believe in him. So it’s fourth-and-1, he called a play. Then, we have to go make it.”

  • chuckle49er

    good job o-line,good job d-line,good job alex hell of a game keep it movin boys go niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mas (Realest One)

    Owning Carolina’s 1st pick in the 2010 draft looks like it’s going to be expensive. LoL.

    Week 13. Carolina looks to host a dismal Tampa Bay team that has only been able to put 1 victory in the win column and will probably get steamrolled by DeAngelo & Co.

    After that, it doesn’t look to good for Delhomme and John Fox as the go on the road against New England, home against Minnesota, in the Meadowlands against the Giants and closing out the season against a white hot New Orleans Saints.

    As it stands right now, Carolina holds a 4-7 record, 2 games behind the Atlanta Falcons. With a win over Tampa (assuming it will be a W) that puts them at 5-7.

    Objectively looking at what they have to accomplish in order to salvage anything from this season, it is highly improbable that they pull off wins over 3 of the best teams in the league right now. Whether or not the Giants can shut down the Panthers is open for debate. The fact remains, Delhomme can’t pass if he has no time and against that defensive front, my money is on New York.

    So, what does this all mean? Why do we care? This is a 49ers site, not a Panthers site. I get it.

    All I’m saying is that a 5-11 or 6-11 record puts us just outside of a top 5 pick. The amount of money going towards a pick that high is astronomical. What we choose to do with that pick is what I am concerned with. Not troubled or anxious.. just interested.

    Assuming our general areas of need have shifted slightly after today’s overall team performance, I’d like to take a minute or two to entertain some ideas…

    After giving up more than 300 yards to opposing QB’s over the past 3 weeks I’d be hard pressed to say Secondary is not an area of need. Clements is out due to injury but was demoted to nickel back and punt return duties all the while getting payed somewhere near US $8.0 Mil this season. While he may still be a starting CB, he’s not playing like one.

    Here’s a few CB’s and S that could/should be considered with 1 of our 2 1st rd picks + Wildcard.

    1. *Eric Berry TEN (Vocal leader on D, Ball hawk)
    2. Joe Haden FL (Shut down corner, Biletnikoff finalist.
    3. **Earl Thomas TEX (7 INT’s in 2009. Probably won’t declare)
    ..And keep an eye on — in the 2nd:
    4. Jerome Murphy S.FL (Size 6’1/Hits like a truck/Maybe 2nd rd.)

    ..And then OT.

    1. Russell Okung OKST
    2. Bryan Buluga Iowa
    3. Trent Williams OK
    4. Bruce Campbell Maryland

    Personally, I’d like to see us pick up a RT in FA but we’ll see…


    • 5Rings

      How did you leave out Taylor Mays, the baddest Safety around who could probably be our next Ronnie Lott.

      • Mas (Realest One)

        Good catch. But He Is No Ronnie Lott.

        Taylor Mays hits like a linebacker, physically looks like a linebacker and is faster than most linebackers but he’s not a safety.

        We know he’s fast. We know he’s played safety for the past 4 years – starting. But we also know he doesn’t make plays at safety & has a tendency to get beat deep quite often… as a safety.

        Just his size and presence back there is intimidating to receivers coming across the middle and it would be nice to have a guy like Taylor Mays fall to us – if he falls.

        Eric Berry if he’s there at our first – Taylor Mays if he’s there at the second of our 2 first rounders. Fair?

        • Mas (Realest One)

          And trust me… he’s not the baddest safety.

          • Mas (Realest One)

            Tony Mandarich was the baddest NFL prospect (OT) the Packers had seen in years. Not saying Taylor Mays is Tony Mandarich. What I’m saying is, just because someone is a physical freak of nature, doesn’t mean they’ve got the mind of a true ball player.

            Eric Berry is THE Baddest Safety in College Football. He’s a Quarterback – On Defense. He knows his shit. Taylor Mays is a meat grinder.

  • wickerman

    I agree with you – the only thing i would consider is that Minn and NO might not be laying for anything when they face the panthers. If those teams have their divisions won and one or 2 of them have a few more losses (making a first round bye already decided), the panthers might get some crap wins at the end.

    I honestly don;t think that’s the case, but you never know.

    As far as the draft, secondary and o-line seem to be the big issues. I also think we have a very tough situation with A. Franklin. HE is a free agent after this year – if he goes looking for cash, the niner might have to let him go. I would think the Niners also need to find a real DE to play on the left if Franklin leaves and Sopoaga ends up back at NT. Justin Smith has the right side and is solid, but RJF and Balmer seem pretty ineffective on the other side.(hard to fault RJF I guess I think he only played 1 or 2 games and certainly not the whole game) Its hard to say in a 3-4 D because the d-line is really not your primary pressure tool, the LBs should be, but it just seems like I am not seeing anything that look slike the future from that side of the line.

    On the offensive side, if Pashos comes back healthy along with Staley, the 9ers have to look hard at Rachal and Baas and decide if they are growing and impoving or if they are career back ups. Simms has played well, but he is not a young guy anymore and moving him inside might help in the short term, but interior linemen are really the big need on the team I think with secondary a very close second.

    What would you think of Nate Clements at SS? I love Lewis, but I think he is best in run support. He really is not a cover guy and pass defense is the big weakness. I also think Spencer is a solid CB and Goldson is developing well. That leaves another CB. I am torn here because I really want to see Brown do well, but the game vs Green Bay really made me think. He either needs more time or he is just not as good as I thought he was. Maybe Walt Harris is coming back next year, but he’s no youngster, so if not next year, the need will be there in 2-3 years.

    • Chris Humphreys

      I’d say for the o-line issues we should either pick up another right tackle through free agency or draft another tackle. after that, it seems like we need TWO new guards the way those guys have been playing. I could see bass staying and starting, but rachal hasn’t cut it yet. yes, he is only in his 2nd year, but will he get better?

      next issue is safety. I could easily see us drafting Eric Berry (FS) or Taylor Mayes (SS) with carolina’s pick. Goldson has repeatedly taken bad angles and missed tackles and though he may catch an interception or two, he still has a long way to go. Michael Lewis is also not much of a cover guy, so I could easily see us take Taylor Mayes who can both come up in run support and drop back in coverage. Personally, I think mayes has the better NFL carrer ahead of him. His whole career at usc has seen him play like a faster, bigger troy polamalu.

      we have some good depth at corner, but their main issue is that the safety’s are not good enough to help over the top. I’d say trade clements to a team for a 1st or 2nd round pick? getting rid of his salary alone would pay for 2 or 3 first rounders’. Spencer is solid, bly is old/risky, harris is old/solid, clements is overpayed, and brown is inexperienced/young. I could see us drafting a corner or two next year.

      overall, though, that o-line needs to be figured out first so we can get gore some holes to run through so he can perform like the top 5 back he is.

      plus KEEP FRANKLIN for at least another year or two before balmer is ready to step in full time. people say balmer isn’t playing well cause he was a 1st round pick, but he plays a ton each game and you don’t notice. why? he doesn’t do anything wrong, and the level of play barely drops when franklin gets a rest. i’d say that’s playing very well.

      • Mas (Realest One)

        PAY THE MAN! Franklin needs to stick around… Great responses btw – thanks for getting back with your thoughts and opinions.

        Mays IS special. I think I'm not giving him enough credit but to say that he's a bigger, faster Troy is a very far stretch. Troy makes plays. He is the heart, mind and soul of that defense and with out him, it's obvious where they stand. Mays hasn't been that guy. Berry has been. Berry may be smaller in size but he has a bigger heart and is the leader of Tennessee's defense.

        Either way. Acquiring a RT in FA or drafting one of the more prolific ones coming out of the Oklahoma's wouldn't be that bad of an idea. In this order with our 1st two: Russell Okung/Eric Berry // Trent Williams/Taylor Mays/Joe Haden

        I don't know. We'll see April 22.

        • Chris Humphreys

          First of all, sorry for spelling Taylor Mays' name wrong the whole first post.

          Second, Mays is bigger and faster than Polamalu. Look at the numbers. Mays is 6'3" 230lb, while Troy is 5'10" 207lb. Mays has been clocked at a 4.25, while Troy's old combine time was a 4.35. What Troy has over Mays is that we don't know about all of Mays' intangibles. Is he the leader that Troy is? We'll see once Mays enters the NFL.

          Maybe I'm just getting over hyped because the guy is as big as a linebacker and as fast as anyone on the field and maybe I'm pulling an Al Davis, but I think this guy is the real deal.

          Oh and Eric Berry is a hell of a player, too. His ball skills and leadership are the reason he's the favorite for the Thorpe award this year. Imagine if we just took both of them with our first round picks. I'd say they would both start day one and for the next 10 years. Now I'm just dreaming :D.

          You know a lot more about the o-line prospects than I do, because right now, I know basically nothing. I'll trust you with those names.

          • Mas (Realest One)

            Mays hasn’t run in the combine. Pete Carrol can say he clocked Mays in the 40 yd dash, quarter mile or even 100 yd dash. It makes little difference to me. If he runs a 4.25 at the combine I’ll punch myself in the face but even if that were to happen, he wouldn’t slip past Oakland. He’ll be right around that 4.35 range at BEST.

            But yeah, that’d be F*ing INSANE if we got both as it COULD happen but most definitely will not. I wouldn’t know what to do… boo or cheer in that case. Probably cheer…

            Again, Mays is a special guy. I’m not saying he’s not. It’s his football intelligence that I’m questioning. His ability to be in the right place at the right time and capitalize on it.

            He makes a lot of tackels: 259 and his closing speed is something I haven’t seen in years.


            5 Interceptions over FOUR YEARS? (3 FROSH YR)

            1 FORCED FUMBLE?

            In 3 years, ERIC BERRY has almost 3 times the INT’s as Mays has (14).

            2 FORCED FUMBLES.

            241 TACKLES.

            Also, there’s another guy: Morgan Burnett. Georgia Tech Safety – another 3 year guy whose been highly productive.

      • Mas (Realest One)

        By the way – Great break down Humphreys

    • Mas (Realest One)

      Good point about Minn and NO not having enough to play for at that point in the season but neither will Carolina. They're sitting right above Tampa (so is everyone else) but they're not going to knock off New Orleans and their record won't be good enough to topple the rest of the NFC teams hovering just over .500.

      I'm still not convinced that Carolina would be able to beat NO or MINN even with their backups in but again, you make great points. Nate won't play SS. He'd have to take a serious reduction in pay and many teams would rather have him start at corner (Detroit). Like Humphreys said, TRADE the Man! Safety is an issue. Lewis is GREAT in run support but concussions and age have slowed him down. Goldson is young and I really want to believe in the guy but he's just made a lot of poor decisions that have resulted in HUGE F*ing plays.

      There's also an outside linebacker out there that I like.. Travis Lewis, OLB Oklahoma. (SOPH Badddd Asss). But that's another story…

      I like the idea of trading Clements at the end of the year. He's just not worth the salary we're paying him and I KNOW he won't want to take a pay cut just to stay with the team. Franklin – is a beast, we should do what we need to do to keep him on the team. ..And Walt Harris will retire after the end of this season…

  • Wow, where all the Alex haters now? I am not surprised by what he did yesterday. Give him Time=Success. Thats pretty much it GO NINERS!

    • Joe Gomez

      I’m still here and still feelin that we let that first round wonder boy panty waste motherfucker you call Alex take over the forty noiners bench water boy priveliges.

      • lou

        Hey potty mouth !! You feelen good now that you showed how much class you have???????

        • Joe Gomez

          It wasnt me dude

    • The real Joe Gomez

      He’s gonna have to show CONSISTENCY that’s the key. I have to admit he put up good numbers for the first time in how long. He’s still 2-9 his last 11 starts so let’s not all get too excited. If he shows this for the rest of the season than maybe we won’t need a Colt McCoy. Let’s wait and see because if we pass on Colt when he’s right in front of us and Alex doesn’t pan out again, like Steve Young said on KNBR, “it will hamper the franchise another 5 years.”

      • Joe Gomez

        haha That wasnt me guys. Alex is not the answer. We have a young quarterback already in my boy Nate Davis. Just look at the situation we have here Alex has one good day playing against a rebuilding team. wow. And you guys are all over his nuts again! I will say I didn’t want to kill Alex today but I still want him dead or atleast out of the league.

        • Mas (Realest One)


          You seriously think Nate’s going to be ready next season? You ready to throw this franchise on Nate’s back? Just to clarify, you said that we don’t need to draft a QB – that right? That – Alex is not our guy, that Nate is and that you don’t want to draft a QB – right?

          I’m just trying to get this straight.

          What happens if, hypothetically – Smith goes down and Nate plays terribly? We give him a few chances – recycle our QB lineup – he plays terrible – then what? You don’t care who our QB as long as it’s not Alex but yet, how does that help our team out if we can’t have ANY consistency? We just gonna put random dudes back there?

          How about this Joe. You fucking try out. Get out there next off season. Tell Coach Sing who you are – how everyone should & will know who you are. No one wants to hear your shit anymore. If it’s not you saying it – it’s still basically the same thing.

          Try working with what you got. You’re a fan – Again, YOU’RE A FAN. Comment on what works and what doesn’t work. Not some belligerent rants about your own personal hatred of our ONLY option at this point in time. No one cares. All you’re saying is the same thing over and over.

          I had a friend like you a long time ago. We’d be at a party with a bunch of us – all of us getting wasted – tons of girls n shit – and all this dude would do was talk about his ex girlfriend and how we only had Bud-Light and Smirnoff.

          You’re a buzz kill Joe.

          No one here has been drinking the cool-aid. We KNOW we have an issue at QB.

          What Alex Smith does tentatively is alleviate our need to go out and spend draft picks on a position as crucial as QB that is completely HIT or MISS these days. He doesn’t have to be our long term answer – NO ONE is saying that. Right now, it works. Our focus is being able to run the ball but we CAN’T when we don’t have a line to BLOCK for Frank. Alex Smith or ANY QB(!) can’t drop back, go through their stages of route progression in just over 2 seconds with out anyone to BLOCK for them. IT DOESN’T MATTER JOE.

          I like what Davis brings to the table. I really do. But we all know he’s not ready. Stability in the system and developing our guys up front is our immediate concern. Nate will play when he’s ready but we’re not even close to going there yet.

          • Mas (Realest One)

            I don't know man..

            49ersfan4life – I've moved on since our blog-bashing of each other.

            We both want the same thing and that's Wins. We both feel strongly about certain areas of our team but at the end of the day – we want wins.

            I'm taking leave for 2 weeks so I won't be throwing around opinions to catch flack for… BUT! I'll definitely find a way to catch us beat on Matt Hass and the Hawks on Sunday and drop in to see what you guys are up to.

            Till next time, stay classy San Francisco.

          • redandgold

            I agree with both 49ersfan4life and Mas(Realest One), you guys could not be anymore right! I been trying to say this forever now, and you guys see P. Manning play, he has forever to throw the ball, and im not saying thats why he is one of the best, but it sure is one of the reasons that he is doing good.

            I dont believe we should use another high pick for some QB that is going to get killed, we should draft an O-line men and then go from there..

          • 49ersfan4life

            I can’t believe I am saying this but yes MAS is right… unless we can get a probowl line it would not matter who we have a QB they would never get a chance too shine and be the kinda QB we all want… So we know that Alex is being able for the time too work some magic with the line we do have ….. I am not going as far as calling him our next Steve Young but as long as he can win games….. why get a All star QB just too see him get into there and get hurt by week 5. I am not saying don’t get a QB with our top draft pick but with a great O-line next year we would be able too get our run game back on track and just think what smith could do with some decent pocket time….

          • Mas (Realest One)

            And again, I’m not saying Alex Smith is Peyton Manning. Watching last weeks game, there were several passes early on that were clearly off.

            After about a quarter and a half, we really saw him find that comfort in the pocket, make decisive decisions and (i can’t believe i’m saying this) develop somewhat of a swagger.

            4th n 1, 30 yds to VD… That floater he let hang up there for Crabs in the redzone – perfect. For being as sure-handed as The Tree can be, he dropped some passes that on point.

            What I was really irate over – And tell me if you got this vibe at all – Our 3rd quarter was weak.. our 4th quarter – Dismal.

            I understand that with it being a 3 possession game, clock management, not taking risks and letting our defense win the game for us is a good idea but damn. To start the 3rd quarter we immediately went to the run and at first it worked. Then, Del Rio and the Jags figured out what we were trying to do and shut that portion of the gameplan out. Next possession (er whatever) same thing!

            We’ve played so few games where we had a large margin over our opponents but to play that conservative at that point in the game, against say, Minnesota (week 3).

            If we try that crap against Arizona or Phili in the weeks to come, I’ll take a dump on my own face (Kinda extreme but it gets the point across).

            There is no way that we can say a Donovan McNabb or a Kurt Warner wouldn’t be able to make a run for it late in the game similar to what Favre did with the amount of holes we have in our secondary.

            Yeah sure, get them in the redzone, we’re there’s 21 dudes all watching one guy in limited space.

            What I’m saying is that we MUST keep the pressure on. After the half – you all saw how we started to look short a lot more, the play calling to a conservative back seat to sealing a W and we won’t get away with that.

            We got 5 VERY winnable games left. Philli and Arizona are going to be extremely difficult but when every game has playoffs written all over it – what have you got to lose??

            Seattle sucks but we’re playing them at home.

            Arizona/Phili – Already mentioned.

            Detroit – VD -> 15 TD’s in 1 game.

            St. Louis – No comment necessary.

            What do you guys think about closing out games (keep the momentum going) versus playing to hold a lead? Especially considering at this point in the season.

          • Mas (Realest One)

            .That last one – poorly written but just go with it.. I got an early flight.

          • 5Rings

            Mas you think you have all the answers when reality YOU DONT KNOW SHIT. All of you try to hype up Smith after 1 good game. Don't make me laugh. His career numbers are horrible plain and simple and even with the line we have a better QB would certainly do alot better. Aaron Rodgers has a WORST line getting him sacked more times than Alex and he's able to put up big numbers and win football games. Your comment on Nate Davis saying "we all know he's not ready.". How the fuck do you know, have you seen him in a regular season game? So MAS leave your idiotic comments to yourself my man because you really sound ignorant.

          • Mas (From Holland)

            5Rings. You pretty mad? You don’t like the idea that Nate maybe is not ready? You think that the coaching staff – while still in the playoff hunt – is going to start a first year guy over the one they have RIGHT NOW that can atleast compete in games?

            Listen tweaker… Every now and again some guy like you comes in here and starts swearing high and low that I have answers. All I do is write opinions. You call me ignorant?

            “Äaron Rogers has a WORST Line..”

            …Me ignorant? Aaron Rogers hangs on to the ball for 6 seconds every time – that’s why he’s sacked more. Aaron Rogers executes a system that he’s studied and grown into since 2005, has a solid receiving corp (Jennings/Driver) that he’s also been w/ him since Greg Jennings got there in 2006.


            I’m sorry. You obviously took offense to something I said. Something about Nate Davis and how, “everyone knows he’s not ready”. To which you responded with something like, “How the fuck do you know?? Have you seen him in a regular season game?”

            To answer: No. Have you?

            If you’re sold on Nate Davis, great. But you obviously didn’t read everything I’ve ever written about him. And all this talk about “hyping up”Alex Smith has got to stop.

            What I’m saying is simple. Right now – (again) – Right now – at this point in time, he is our best option at the position. And it hasn’t been after 1 game or 1 half of a game so try to understand that. If you don’t – then try harder because the general consensus is just that.

            Don’t start throwing words around that aren’t necessary. I never personally, verbally attacked you so please, respect people who write opinions. If you don’t like it – do it like everyone else, comment back on the subject. This site is about football – not cock measuring. If you’re mad – post it on youtube.

            People like you suck. You make people who visit this site (besides me) leave because you get angry over something as little as an opinion. You bash on people who “write”. Nazi.

            If you don’t agree – Great! It really makes no difference to me. But write about WHY you disagree with the idea – not the person.

          • Mas. This… Is an opinion.

            Fucking buzzkill.

            Call me ignorant…

            Shit man – I’m just going to leave that one alone and enjoy the rest of my vacation. When I get back, you can tell me and “everyone” else why Nate needs to start right now. But until then, watch pre-season, tell me about how well he did in bringing us back in three separate games. Then tell me who was on the opposite side of the ball. Where they went to school, the divisions they played in, the roles they had on the team, how long (if not rooks) have they played in the NFL, what practice squads they came from, what, if anything have they done this year, criminal records etc… What ever.

            Then I’ll be the ignorant one – and then I’ll educate myself on a hypothetical situation that has yet to play out.

            Again. I AM ignorant to a lot of things! I’m not stupid and I know this! It’s when people think they know everything that they become ignorant and I never claimed to be that guy. Just because I put up an opinion does not mean it’s an “answer”. If you take it as an answer – what does that tell us about you? Hyper sensative? Tempermental? Just lost his job? Mom kicked him out? Wife left him? Napolean complex? What?

            It doesn’t tell us a damn thing except that you can’t and don’t tolerate people who write in a comment box. Ridiculous.

            “Dont make me laugh”

            Bitch please.

            Number 1 – you’d have to have a sense of humor.

            Number 2 – this website is not about You so I do not direct my comments towards you and your jolly fucking senses.

            Number 3 – if this site was about you it’d be called myspace you fucking idiot.

            Just an opinion. Maybe instead of making an attempt to come at me and everyone else you get heated over you write about the niners.

            Commenting – What a concept.

        • The Real Joe Gomez

          Listen up Indiana Jim, quit using my name or Pundit will have to ban your ass from the site plain and simple.

          • Mas (Realest One)

            Case in point: Minnesota Vikings

          • Mas (Realest One)

            (Just shot myself in the foot with that one)

  • The real Joe Gomez

    Pundit and everyone on this site, tell this moron Indiana Jim to quit using my name or else he's going to ruin this site for everyone. I can talk straight football but if this jackass doesn't stop maybe you should go ahead and block his URL or whatever you have to do.

    • Mas (Realest One)



    I feel like we should go after Kubiak once he is fired after this season by the Texans. If you remember Kubiak work with shannahan and help Young win our 94' championship. He also was sucessful in denver with Elway and helped them win. Shanny brought him with him from San Fran, so he must know the guy is good. Kubiak is a good coordinator not the best head coach much like the guy from Notre Damn was in New England. We need Kubi, he will help alot! We should let managment know. Do not close this idea, it is interesting! Bring back Kubi to the bay were he belongs!

    • Niner Pundit

      Hate to say this but, Jimmy Raye needs to stay or they need to promote someone with Raye’s philosophy. I don’t like Raye, but the last couple games he has opened it up. If they plan on going into next season with Smith at QB, you have to keep Raye. We can not have another year where we implement a new offense. We need continuity and yes even if it is from Raye.

      • dosia510

        dammit pundit, ur friggin right though. this rotating of OC’s is killin us too. as much as i hate old man jimmy, we need the consistency of the same offensive system. but what ever unfolds as this season continues, dictates if that will happen. if smith takes us to the playoffs with a little help from the turdnals opponenets, then there is no way we get rid of him next year. and if he stays in that manner, then so does old man jimmy.

        • Mas (Realest One)

          It sounds crazy, it looks crazy but it's not.

          I would add that they have to show some signs of life over the last couple of games for that to hold up. If they can continue to make this transition, open it up, give Gore 25 touches (carries+catches) and keep defenses off balance, I'm sold.

          Changing OC's year after year is what I'm most sick and tired of. Trust and flexibility has to develop in order for this to work out. How do we expect guys to stick around with no solid system in place? VD's contract is done after next season. What then?

    • Mas (Realest One)

      By the way – the Gary Kubiak idea… way off. Not try to put out a personal attack on the guy with the idea – just saying it's so much more of a stretch to the imagination when we're still trying to gauge where our current OC is going with this sudden gift for "flare & improvisation". Again, Jimmy is an old, old, old guy. ….Really old.

      But if he can continue to inject some sort of free willed, fire power calls then let's run with it. Add in some O-Line-age, say… 600lbs. of it then it'll open up a lot more time, pancakes and gaping wide holes. delicious.


    What do you think Mr. Pundit, good idea!

    • dosia510

      if they do get rid of old man jimmy, then kubiak would be a decent addition.

      • Niner Pundit

        They will not bring in Kubiak. If by some chance Singletary were to change OC's it would most likely be Mike Johnson who gets promoted. Only way now I see Raye gone is if he steps down on his own.

        • Mas (Realest One)

          Big Pun's right.

  • Mas (Realest One)

    Here's a look at a Nov 19 post by FFToolbox.com

    # Eric Berry, S, Tennessee – 5'11- 203

    Could be the best player in college football, but the potential to go No. 1 will depend on team need.

    # Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska – 6'4- 300

    Has a good chance of going No. 1 overall if he keeps up his current pace at Nebraska.

    # Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma – 6'4- 295

    # Jake Locker, QB, Washington – 6'3- 223

    Overshadowed by Bradford, Tebow, and McCoy, but projects well to the next level.

    # Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State – 6'5- 300

    # Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama – 6'5- 360

    # Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State – 6'2- 220

    # Brandon Spikes, LB, Florida – 6'3- 255

    # Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma Falling – 6'4- 218

    Injuries have Bradford thinking what might have been had he left after his junior campaign.

    # Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida Rising – 6'6- 290

    # Greg Hardy, DE, Mississippi – 6'4- 270

    # Taylor Mays, S, USC Falling – 6'3- 230

    # Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech – 6-0- 235

    Reigning ACC Player of the Year could go back-to-back with that award.

    # Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama – 6'4- 256

    Leads a suffocating Alabama defense, but going back to school could be a wise move.

    # Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa – 6'6- 312

    # Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame Rising – 6'2- 223

    Notre Dame is reeling, but Clausen's in the first round should still be assured.

    # Colt McCoy, QB, Texas – 6'3- 210

    # Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois Falling – 6'2 – 220

    # Jerry Hughes, LB, TCU

    # Tim Tebow, QB, Florida – 6'3- 245

    Tebow's draft position will be the talk of the draft weeks and months in advance.

    # Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma – 6'5- 318

    # Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU – 6'3- 202

    # Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas – 6'4- 255

    # C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson Rising – 5'11- 195

    # Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky Rising – 6'0- 179

    # Mardy Gilyard, WR, Cincinnati – 6-1- 187

    # Eric Norwood, LB, South Carolina – 6'1- 252

    # Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech Rising – 6-1- 210

    # Sean Lee, LB, Penn State – 6'2 – 236

    # Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri Falling – 6'2- 245

    # Joe Haden, CB, Florida Rising – 5'11- 190

    Stellar play for the Florida defense has Haden on the rise and a possible first-rounder.

    # Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas Rising – 6'3- 200

    # Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan Falling – 6'2- 263

    # Ciron Black, OT, LSU – 6'5- 322

    # Kam Chancellor, S, Virginia Tech – 6'4- 230

    # Syd'Quan Thompson, CB, California

    # Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State – 5'11- 194

  • Mas (Realest One)

    Here’s a look at what Scout.com had listed as the top 32 prospects coming into this years’ season.
    1. Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska
    Preseason Skinny: Star DTs are worth their weight in gold. Star DTs who can get into the backfield and have the ability to play anywhere on the line in any scheme get the hard look at the No. 1 overall spot.

    2. Taylor Mays, FS USC
    Preseason Skinny: The near-perfect safety prospect with impressive size, smarts, and cornerback speed.

    3. Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: Can he stay healthy? If so, he has the type of drive and talent to be a ten-year superstar.

    4. Brandon Spikes, ILB Florida
    Preseason Skinny: While he might only be an inside linebacker, he’s the type of defensive quarterback who makes a team his immediately.

    5. Eric Berry, SS Tennessee (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: He might not be Taylor Mays as far as size and speed, but he makes more big plays.

    6. Greg Hardy, DE Ole Miss
    Preseason Skinny: If healthy, motivated, and with his head screwed on straight, he should be a dominant next-level pass rusher.

    7. Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: He’ll make everyone drool at the Combine. He could stand to be a bit bigger, but otherwise he’s a prototype 4-3 end.

    8. Arrelious Benn, WR Illinois (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: He has the athleticism and the quickness to be a franchise receiver, and he has the attitude (in a positive way) to make it happen.

    9. Brandon LaFell, WR LSU
    Preseason Skinny: If he can make the LSU passing game shine, he’ll go this high. However, his numbers might not be that great and he has to play up to his tools.

    10. Evan Royster, RB Penn State (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: With decent size and breakaway speed, he has the basics. His vision and quickness through the hole, and his production this season, will make him a high-rising prospect throughout the year.

    11. Jonathan Dwyer, RB Georgia Tech (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: Big, fast, and tough inside and out, he has all the makings of a back who can carry an NFL offense. He’ll get plenty of chances to shine in the Tech offense.

    12. Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: In the right system he’s the next Tom Brady, but he has to prove he can handle a consistent pass rush. Everyone loves him, with many likely to make him the No. 1 overall prospect, but how good will he be when he’s not behind a dominant line?

    13. Arthur Jones, DT Syracuse
    Preseason Skinny: A poor man’s Ndamukong Suh … and that’s not a bad thing. He could end up making a ton of money as a 295-pound end in a 3-4.

    14. Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: A building block to work a line around for a decade, he’s an anchor who’ll dominate in a 4-3.

    15. C.J. Spiller, RB Clemson
    Preseason Skinny: It’s all about his durability. If he can last a full season, he’ll be a top 15 pick. If he has bumps and bruises that cost him playing time, he could fall out of the first round. On pure talent he’s a top ten pick.

    16. Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma
    Preseason Skinny: Known for his receiving ability, he doesn’t get enough credit for being a strong all-around tight end.

    17. Rolondo McClain, ILB Alabama (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: Very fast and as sure a tackler as they come, the rangy, versatile defender will be used in a variety of ways.

    18. Jevan Snead, QB Ole Miss (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: The hottest prospect this offseason, his stock has shot through the roof. He could end up being the No. 1 overall pick if he has a big season and leads Ole Miss to the BCS.

    19. Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma
    Preseason Skinny: While not a Hall-of-Fame pro prospect, he’s a sound, steady blocker who was the best lineman on the nation’s best front five last season.

    20. Jahvid Best, RB California (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: While he’s not big enough or durable enough to be a franchise back, he’ll be deadly if he’s in a Chris Johnson role on a running team with a thumper who handles the dirty work.

    21. Sean Weatherspoon, LB Missouri
    Preseason Skinny: Very versatile and very disruptive, he cleaned up the messes made by a lousy Tiger defense last year.

    22. Terrence Cody, DT Alabama
    Preseason Skinny: A top ten pick if he can get to around 340 pounds, he’s a true anchor who’ll be stuck in the middle of a 3-4.

    23. Corey Wootton, DE Northwestern
    Preseason Skinny: A freak of nature with tremendous size and quickness, he appears to be 100% recovered from his bad knee injury suffered in the Alamo Bowl. The light went on last season, and now he has the drive to go along with the tools.

    24. Patrick Robinson, CB Florida State
    Preseason Skinny: The pressure is on. He could go anywhere in the top 100, and if he has a shut-down season on one side of the Seminole secondary, he’ll be the first corner taken in a lean year at the position.

    25. Brandon Graham, DE Michigan
    Preseason Skinny: An end in any system, the 275-pounder can get into the backfield and can hold up against the run in a 3-4.

    26. Jermaine Cunningham, DE Florida
    Preseason Skinny: While not the prospect that his running mate, Carlos Dunlap, is, he’ll put up better numbers this year.

    27. Tim Tebow, QB Florida
    Preseason Skinny: He needs a lot of work on his mechanics and his touch, but he has better NFL quarterback skills than he gets credit for.

    28. Marvin Austin, DT North Carolina (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: Big, explosive, and very, very productive, he’ll be the key interior presence on a tremendous UNC defensive front seven.

    29. Sergio Kindle, OLB/DE Texas
    Preseason Skinny: A tweener, he’s too small to be a regular defensive end, but he could be used in a Terrell Suggs-like role.

    30. Colt McCoy, QB Texas
    Preseason Skinny: Ultra-accurate and a tremendous leader, he’s a more mobile Chad Pennington. That’s not a knock, but there’s a ceiling on what he can do at the next level.

    31. Morgan Burnett, SS Georgia Tech (Jr.)
    Preseason Skinny: With the speed and athleticism of a corner and the tackling ability of a linebacker, he’ll patrol someone’s secondary, and will be a leading tackler, for several years.

    32. Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State
    Preseason Skinny: With his quickness, strength, and attitude, he’ll end up going in the first half of the first round. Left tackles with his skills go early.

  • Mas (Realest One)

    OMFG. Scott Kegley and his boyfriend Taylor Price – FAIL.

    I'll read their articles but holy crap. Can we PLEASE draft a legitimate reporter, PLEASE!


  • L.G

    Alex had a nice game but man he was due! There still a lot of football to be played before i jump on the Alex Smith band wagon. What makes a great QB is consistency and i have not seen that yet from him. We have two very important games coming up, he needs to play mistake free football and rack some TD’s and good #’s. One good game does not make a season!

    • Chris

      Not many QBs can play mistake free football when they have to throw the ball 4- to 50 times per game, and right now the only way the Niner can move the ball is with him in the gun throwing the ball.

      Hey look Alex had some problems in the past, but take a minute and look at what the kids has had to go through.

      First the was only 20 years old when drafted and thrown to the wolves his first year. Everyone talks about Rogers being so much better. Hell I bet he is right now. The man got to sit behind one if not the best QBs to every fucking play for 4 years and learn what it takes to be a QB in the NFL, while Alex was getting the shit kicked out of him.

      Rogers has had the same OC for the entire time he has been in the league with the same system. Maybe that helped too. Plus remember Rogers got drafted by a pretty good team at number 24 overall. They have had solid play makers the whole time that he has been there. Alex was drafted number 1 to a (and I hate to say this, but its true) as really shitty team, without any playmakers. He has had 5 different OCs and 5 differnt systems to learn. Not to mention that he really fucked his shoulder up and tryed to play through it. Last year he came back after missing most of the year proir and was doing well in camp until he got hurt again because he was trying to rush back on the field, and he had to deal with the fact that is best friend killed himself weeks prior to the season. I don't think that many of us would have been able to play well with all that shit going on.

      You all talk about consitancy. We when it come to Alex Smith, you can say that anything has ever been Consitant because he as been fucked from the start.

      I think that all Niner fans need to stop worrying about the fucking past and start looking at now. Alex has played very well with the exception of the TN game. Even in the losses he was very good. In GB the first half wasn't his fault at all. that was the play calling and the line. What he did in the 2nd half was outstanding.

      So given me a break guys. This kid can play, start backing him and enjoy some fucking football. By bitching all the time you guys are missing out on something special.

      Oh one more thing. All this Nate Davis shit has to stop. If he was that great then why in the hell was he not drafted higher. Face it if the Niners didn't take him he wasn't going to get drafted at all. The guy didn't play anyone in college at Ball state and he didn't look that great in the Preseason against people who didn't even make the NFL roster. He is lucky to be carrying a clip board.

  • A True Niner Fan

    I was at the game,it was awesome…great win,Go Niners

  • Joe Gomez

    I want to dry hump Mas really really bad!

  • Mas (From Holland)

    ..This shit needs to stop.

    Hey Niner Pundit – these comments come from the same IP address?

    • Niner Pundit

      @Mas (From Holland): Mas…I know who it is and this is the last warning for the IP address posing as Indiana Jim. You know who you are. One more time that we come across it from you we'll ban your IP address, email.

      • dosia510

        thats what im talkin bout big pun, let him know….

      • Mas (From Holland)

        Thanks Pundit.

  • lol @ Joe(real or not)Gomez people thinking Nate will overtake Alex and be the franchise QB. You Alex Haters better get used to seeing #11 because he is going to be here for a looonngggg timmeee

  • Mas