Video: Pigskin Preview – Week 8

Sarah Curry previews the week’s NFL games for the 49ers and Raiders and Sarah ups the ante with the possiblity of two tequila shots next week.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • niner fan 4 life

    this girl is as horrible as her last name!!! Cant the niners afford someone good to look at. Or someone that at least knows what there talking about!

  • 49er fan

    She looks like Alex Smith during a game. Like shit!

  • tamara Jones

    yaal are mean the girl just needs to touch up her dark roots and bleach her dark eyebrows! Shes Indian what do yaal expect. Go niners!

  • niner nation baby!

    LOL I know this girl. She may not be that hot but she gets fuckin waisted and will fuck you and all of your friends so pray she has to take those 2 shots because someone is gettin layed!

  • Jess

    They need someone cute doing this show not some horse mouth whore that has fucked everyone in SF

  • niner faithful

    Hey thats no horse mouthed whore thats SarahTD . Unfortunetly those of us who have been drunk enough to fuck sarah with out a rubber have found out the hard way why she is known as SarahTD