Six Year Deal Coming for Crabtree?

First off he hasn’t signed anything yet. Everyone is on pins and needles waiting to see if Crabtree and the 49ers agree on a deal. The latest rumblings are that Paraag Marathe and Eugene Parker are now behind closed doors, working on some sort of agreement. is reporting via Matt Maiocco that a six year fluff deal is most likely going to be signed by Crabtree.

As agent Eugene Parker, receiver Michael Crabtree, and multiple 49ers representatives meet in an effort to hammer out a contract, Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat raises an intriguing possibility on his Twitter page.

Maiocco reasons that a six-year deal could be coming, which would contain plenty of fluff but which would not break the slot applicable to the tenth overall selection in the draft.

It previously was believed that Crabtree wanted — and that the team had offered — only a five-year deal.

The longer (and larger) deal would allow Crabtree to feel like he gained a concession and, more importantly, it would enable Parker to recruit new clients with trumped-up numbers that, in reality, simply won’t apply.

The Niners have done this in the past, with cornerback Nate Clements. His free-agent contract, widely publicized as an eight-year, $80 million deal, is in reality a seven-year, $64 million contract.

And that’s not the practical reality. The deal as written ultimately will expire after seven years, and with $64 million paid to Clements.

So look for a phony final year with a bunch of phony money that Parker and Crabtree will then be able to use as phony proof that they won the San Fran stare-down, even though in reality they’ve lost.

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  • eric drees

    its about fucking time! now lets see if crabass can do anything on the field or if this first year is going to be a joke…

  • eric drees

    oh and are we going to keep calling him crabass, cashtree, and douchetree on here until he earns his long-awaited money? or is it back to crabtree like on the headlines of this article…

    • ander

      friggin’ hilarious drees…i say continue with the crap talk until he proves he’s worth us not calling him names…

    • Mosie

      After all of this, I will always look at him as "douchetree". Anyone who wants to be like Sanders, has already earned that title!

  • Brodie12

    He signed late last night.

  • Bird

    Damn, I thought I was bad calling him crabgrass. He sucks and hasn't earned the right to use his birth certificate name