The 49ers shutout the St Louis Rams for their third win of the season, after beating down the Rams the 49ers are now 3-1 on the season and 3-0 in the NFC West.

The first half of the game was boring. Highlight was an Andy Lee punt that hit one of the Rams defenders rolled into the endzone and 49ers Scott McKillop recovered it for a touchdown.

The second half, far from boring. It was the first time in I don’t know how long where I could sit and watch a game knowing they didn’t have to hold onto a close lead or get a score to win the game. The second half was all 49ers. Shaun Hill connected with Vernon Davis and Josh Morgan for two touchdown passes. Patrick Willis intercepted Kyle Boller and returned it for the score. The dominance didn’t stop there for the defense. Late in the 4th Ray McDonald recovered a fumble and took it 11 yards for the score.

Again nice to finally watch a game during the second half knowing the W was just a quarter away. No stress, no screaming, nice and relaxing. We need more of these San Francisco, unfortunately they don’t get to play the Rams every Sunday. Now it time to prepare for the Atlanta Falcons and lets head into the bye week at 4-1.

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  • Matt

    Why do you assume all these guys are bandwagon fans? I just found this site about a month ago, I've been posting on others for years. Just because you assume someone is a bandwagon fan, that doesn't make it true.

  • wickerman

    Great game – offense looked a little better, but give the Rams D the credit they deserve – they shutdown the run for the most part and played reasonably well vs the pass. Their O stinks it up BIG time – the 9er defense mauled them at the line, stuffed the run, hammered the QB and forced TOs.

    Very fun to watch, but prolly not a great barometer of how goo the team is. Next week will be a big test. Hopefully Manny, Willy and the rest can hold them and the O can put up some points.

  • A True Niner Fan

    What a Great Win, we just Spanked the Rams! it seems that every week were just getting better & better besides some dropped balls in the first half on 3rd downs it was a very impressive Win, the league just got a little taste of our blooming Championship Defense that erupted all over the Rams….what a Stellar way to bounce back from that heartbreaking loss last week, Go Niners!

  • Our O-line needs to improve their pass protection!!!

    You unleash Shaun Hill and give him time consistently and he can get 2 maybe 300 yards passing!!!

    GREAT GAME today next week should be a great game 4-1 @ the bye!!!!

    • NinerPaul

      Yeah he did that last year against the Ram's……

  • Don Juan De Marco

    So many Bandwagon Fans on this site now, Go root for another team, the true niner failful like me have suffered for years!!! Were BAAAAAAACK Cowbillies, 49ers # 6 Lombardi comin up!!!!

    • johnsmokin

      yea everyone but you is a bandwagon fan

    • Matt

      Again, you call people bandwagon fans because you haven't seen them here before…is this the only 49ers website? I never even heard of this place until a little while ago. I'm a regular at, and I used to post frequently at Sportingnews…to assume that someone is a bandwagon fan because you haven't seen them here is ignorant at best.

  • A True Niner Fan

    I also wanted to mention how I love the Killer Instinct that we showed this game being up by so much towards the end and we still take a shot at the endzone to Josh Morgan for the TD now that was puttin it on em’

    • NinerPaul

      Yeah i’m with that……. Once against we take a heart breaking loss out on the Ram’s like we did last year…. after the monday night AZ game….

  • redandgold

    chill out don juan de marco… i dont post much cause all ppl did (gomez and ur self) was bitch and not have any hope for the niner.. I dont know about u but I BLEED RED AND GOLD till the day i go, even if my 9ers go 0-16 every sesion im alive. So dont be calling out ppl, cause we r all niner fans till the end and ppl dont have to post if they dont want to and they can post if they want, and 9er fans should be happy!! and dont try to take that away from them.

    Niner nation stand up baby!! red and gold till the day i go!!!!!

    • chuckle49er

      i agree dog!

      • Mas

        I already posted this on another thread but whatever, copy, paste and edit…

        “Bandwagon Fans”

        I don’t pretend to know, care or track individuals who comment on this website. I enjoy the fact that anyone can comment, use expletives, go bold and caps lock and share a train of thought.

        Don Juan De Marco – I’m sure you’re not the only asshole who feels that rich sense of self entitlement but don’t belittle people who care just as much if not more than you about other facets of the organization.

        No one’s here to measure their dick with you so don’t feel threatened. In one paragraph you have successfully used opinion & stereotype to justify why someone is a douchebag… I’ve never been to Dallas or Houston. All I know is that San Antonio sucks. One of my best friends where I’m currently stationed is from Houston and is more grounded than the dirt you walk on.

        The 49ers are a team I grew up watching and a team that my kid is going to grow up watching. If you claim to bleed red and gold – go cut yourself. Prove it. All this verbal jabbing and cock measuring needs to go. I may be enticing you to further your pursuit of false accusations but I really don’t give a fuck. I’m here to watch the 49ers win or lose but at the end of the day, at least I’ll still be here along with others in search of good threads.

        • dosia510

          wow. nicly put. i been to san antonio, dallas, and houston. they all suck farts. austin though, is fuckin sick! great party town.

    • dosia510

      well said….

  • xpnsivwino

    Another great win, making the Niners undefeated in the division. Another loss by the seahawks didn’t hurt either!
    OK, just annoyed,,,,Deion Sanders gave his #1 primetime pick of the week to Darren Sharper, and #2 to Patrick Willis. Not taking anything away from Darren Sharper, but come on, Patrick Willis earned that #1 spot. That would have given the Niners an offensive player #1 spot 2 weeks ago(Frank Gore), and now Patrick representing the defense for the #1 spot. Even Deion said the words “HALL OF FAMERS” during Patricks highlights.

    • dosia510


  • Joe Gomez

    dosia510.. I have a Sanders jersey, he contributed alot in our 1994 Championship run with all those INT’s for touchdowns plus he basically took Michael Irvin out of the NFC Championship by covering his ass all game. Give him atleast that for the season he was with us.

    Other than that, that was a great game especially by our defense. We are scoring on defense and that says alot. Hill looked good but the pass protection and run blocking needs some work. Sanders has hinted that Crabtree might be on the way and thats good because so far this season its been the Vernon Davis show which im not complaining but the WR’s needs more touches. Anyone catch Mooch on NFL Network he was throwing out names on our D that deserved credit, he said “Willis, Takeo, and Ulbrich” Ulbrich? LoL, that guy plays mostly on special teams! C’mon Mooch!

    • dosia510

      i know what he did joe and for that we all got to enjoy a 5th super bowl, but he was only with us for one year and he even said that his super bowls with the cowgirls meant way more to him than the one with us. plus there were 52 other guys on that team that also helped him help us. so to me that is why i would never praise him, or ever wore that piece of shits jersey. he is a disgrace to what the class and quality constitutes from our organization and the nfl.

  • Don Juan De Marco

    John, I was referring to people like you as a Bandwagon Fan to be honest, because I have never seen you here before, i’m tired of seeing fans like you pop up out of nowhere, only loving us when were winning. Ya, Dosia, I hate Deon Sanders so much, when he left the 49ers he had a chance to stay, Jerry Jones and his buddys went after Deon, and he wanted to prevent our team from returning to glory. Deon and Irvin became good ole buddies, and every since then, Deon has been the cowboys number one supporter. Deon sold us out, and now he wants us to go down. We need to watch Jerry Jones, once we start succeding and his team performs poorly, he will go after our star players and our staff, he has always stolen our talent, he as a track record of that. We need to keep our team together because we are on our way to something very special, and for once the cowbilly loving media is starting to see that the 49ers are for real! This team reminds me so much of the family and closeness that the Bill Walsh Era had, they are a tight nit group, and we will accomplish so much!!

    • chuckle49er

      the 49ers are americas team screw deon hes a cowboy bitch

    • I understand your point about the bandwagon fans, but we need new people on this website. Only a few months ago this site was a fucking ghost town. Glad to see everyone comming back.

      • Doc Iac

        i agree with the pimp don juan

  • Darlo49ers

    Sheon Sanders should have never been a 49ers!!! Most hated 49ers Sheon Sanders, Theresa Owens, Antonisha Bryant!!!! We have to much class and if Crabtree wants to trip he can go too!!!

    • dosia510

      crabwho?? o u mean michelle crabtree??

  • Brodie12

    I am an old man, but the defense is beginning to remind me of the defense about one-third of the way into the 1981 season. That defense was younger, but no younger than the cumulative years this defense has played together. They believe in each other, and I think by the middle of the season they will not be stopped.

    Props to Hill, but we must remember it was against the Rams. The Atlanta game will be pivotal, just like the Dallas game was in 1981. We need to stuff them from the get-go. Remember, we won the Super Bowl without a running game to speak of I don't know how, but Hill just seems to get it done, however ugly it appears to be. I worry about how far we can actually go – but we are on our way.

    We have given up 53 points in four games. No one can match that in the NFC. Let's roll.

    • dosia510

      words from a wise man!!! OG

  • GoBears1974

    Sorry to interrupt, but just read that Crabtree is on his way to SF and that Parker will be here Tuesday!! I am no fan of either right now, but I want this guy! I want those two picks to focus on other positions next year! Go 49ers! Sign this guy and let’s all move forward and focus entirely on the Falcons!!!!