Ninerholics Radio: Ep.1 Good, Bad, & Ugly

Put together a podcast talking about the 49ers, offensive philosophy and we take a look at the other games slated for this weekend. My apologies for the sound quality. We are still working on kinks and such. First episode so keep that in mind.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • Seriously, their is a high pitch noise throughout the podcast. You guys need to get help from the forum to help out this podcast. Also who is in the podcast?!

  • Niner Pundit

    Zu…already know why it did that. Of course figured it out after the fact. Next show will not have that high pitch. In the Podcast is me, James (4JJ9) and Crack…

  • knoshawn

    mane! you guyz suck!! Nate ‘Dogg’ Davis 4 life

  • James

    Mane… is that like Horse’s mane? Funny being told you suck by someone who’s ability to post is limited severely by his lack of not only vocabulary but also general sense. Pathetic really.