Now Starting for Your San Francisco 49ers…Alex Smith

Mike Singletary wasted no time in naming the starting quarterback for this weeks game against the Indianapolis Colts. First thing during todays press conference, Singletary acknowledged that Alex Smith will be the starter. Shaun Hill will now be holding the clipboard.

It will be Smith’s first start since November 12, 2007.

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  • James

    I am anxious with anticipation for this Sunday against Peyton and the Colts. This is by far the only chance the team has to salvage it's season and make something happen.

    No more Hill is what I am even more excited about… perhaps now team's will discontinue with stacking the box on every down.

    • Montanta2Rice

      Only Alex Smith would get his redemption start in “by far the only chance the team has to salvage its season and make something happen” against Peyton Manning and the 6-0 Colts. Also, the game is IN Indianapolis and the Colts last four weeks have gone Seahawks, Titans, Bye week, Rams.

      For an enormously wealthy, young, healthy professional football player, could Alex Smith’s luck be any worse?

      • 49ersfan4life

        If smith plays like he did last week….. i can see a score for score game….. 49ers 31 Colts 28!!

  • Thank you baby Jesus! No more watching the Hill led lamest show on turf. Let Alex air it out a little bit, give the run game some fucking breathing room, and let's get back to some good football. The offense had been excrutiating to watch before they put in Smith. I think the timing for this worked out pefectly. Although I would have preferred Alex starting from week one, I think sitting there waiting for this made him appreciate it more and go all out yesterday to show everyone that he is capable of playing QB in this league. Bruce getting knocked down the roster a couple/few spots should be our next move now that we have a QB. We payed too much for Brandon Jones to be inactive on gamedays. Also Jason Hill needs to get more involved. I think we will see this sooner rather than later. Bruce just isn't contributing. I also think we will see a change in our offensive formations and playcalling with Smith in. More multiple WR sets, more shotgun, and more QB running plays called. We really needed this breath of fresh air, that offense was getting stagnant as hell.

  • All I want to know is where were all these plays before? Did Sing and the rest of the staff not see that if Hill was this limited in what he could do, why did they not make a change before? When there were a few pass plays that were completed, the run game for Gore opened a little. One other thing is if this team is going to be a running team, why did they let Sheets get away and why do they have seven wide receivers.

    • DcNinerFan

      I have to agree. I watched the games this season again last night. I noticed that on anything longer than 15 yards, HIll’s throws tended to lose the spiral and start to tumble. Its like he heaves the ball instead of throws it.

      Smith always had a nice arm, not the greatest, but it was certainly way better than Hill. His mechanics are better too.

      Still, I’ve gone back to my state of mind from the past 5 years. Expect them to fail, hope they don’t. I know, I know, its horrible, but its the only way I keep from getting disappointed every week.

  • There is absoloutely NO WAY Shaun Hill will start for this team again this season. It will be Alex from here on out or if we fall out of contention, Nate will get the call. It might be some garbage games towards the end of the year to see what we have in him. I doubt that will happen because I think Alex will perform atleast "formidable" to where he can keep his job and keep us in the playoff hunt. Dont forget guys, we are still in this division. I live here in AZ and all these tards fans are all happy and excited like the division is already clinched. Its weird tho considering they cant beat our team and we face them here in San Fran on Monday Night later this season. GO NINERS!!!

  • AZ9erfan

    This is definitely the direction we need to go. I was concerned about the lack of their forward thinking, so far this year. Smith is the only way the Niners can validate their Crabtree saga, from the draft up to the signing. Without an aggressive QB, it is only a matter of time that Crabtree will turn into TO. Let's just hope that Jimmy Raye will open up the playbook, like what us die hard Niner fans are used to.

  • A True Niner Fan

    all I know is the Alex we saw yesterday was very different than the Alex from preseason, I mean if Alex was throwing like this all along the why did Shaun Hill beat him out in the first place? I know he play extremly well but it was only 1 game an I dont know if what happened between then an now is for real or if it was just a fluke against a poor Texans Defense….I guess will find out this sunday against the Colts and Dwight Freeny and there pass rush. the Niners will be the more hungry team needing a win to turn the season back around so hopefully this New Alex is the real deal otherwise we might be seeing Shaun Hill back in there sooner than later if the old Alex(fumbles INTs)returns

    • James

      A poor Texans defense that managed to put the shackles on Hill for two quarters. Much in the same way a poor Atlanta defense did just that for four quarters two weeks prior.

      At least with Smith we have a chance to make something happen through the air.

      • Amen James old buddy! Quit making excuses for Hill ATNF! He stunk it up and now he's riding the pine. Which is exactly where he should be. If we see Hill again this season as a starter we will be in huge trouble. Maybe he can get some garbage time in two weeks when Alex puts up 42 on Tennesee. Maybe Singletary will let him mop up.

      • A True Niner Fan

        Sahun Hill had a different playing O-line than Alex, if u were watching they played alot better in the second half…Alex would been running for his life in the first 2 quarters as well….just as Shaun Hill would done alot better in the second half with the better play of the o-line…….the 1 time Alex actually had pressure on him was at the end and he threw a pick

        • James

          Umm no, Smith did not have a different line playing for him. It was the same line, Smith simply had better results. There were a few times where the pocket collapsed and he had to run. If you were watching the game then you would have seen that.

          In fact there was one play in particular where Alex had to evade a rush, had a defensive lineman with a hand on him and he twisted away from the defender and managed to run 10 yards for a first down. I have rewatched the game twice already there True and can tell you without a doubt that it was the same offensive line for both Hill and Smith. Alex simply has more athleticism and was getting rid of the ball much quicker and with a great deal more accuracy than Hill has all at anytime this season.

          • A True Niner Fan

            umm no if you did your homework you would see that they pulled Rachal outta and the line up it was changed for the second half,not to mention coach probably chewed them a new one and yeah Alex scrambled a bit but its because he had time to see ic coming and react and run from it. Shaun didnt, such as the first play of the game when Mariano Williams came free unblocked….I hope Alex has improved and Matured as well and hope he is a different Qb now but its just funny to me seeing all the people lobby for Nate Davis early this season and completley skiping over Alex and now after 1 good game they jump on this guys jock when hes done nothing but lose in his entire carrer for the Niners at least Shaun Hill has a winning Starter record… guys are acting like hes Trent Dilfer or something, now that was Bad

          • James

            Umm no, once again… jesus man. Go back and watch the friggin game. The ONLY difference in the second half from the first is that Pashos was out at RT with the shoulder injury and was replaced by Sims. Snyder and Rachal were still rotating at RG just as they had been doing the entire first half!

            You can defend Hill all you want, the fact remains that he is not a starting NFL quarterback and never will be. The main reason the offense played better under Smith is because of his ability to make the passes that Hill could never dream of. He got rid of the ball much faster than Hill which resulted in the line having to hold their blocks for less time.

            Oh and more people than you think have been asking for Smith to replace Hill long before the game in Houston. Davis showed some promise in the preseason but everyone and their grandmother knew that if Hill was pulled that it was going to be Alex to replace him.

      • Chris


        • A True Niner Fan

          I did watch the game and even recorded the 30min version afterwards off sunday ticket to my DVR to study every play over again I think I know what Im saying when I say there were changes made an now you stated there were changes made on th O line but earlier u claimed there wasnt?, I can say the same things about Alex that your claiming about Shaun about not being an Startin’ NFL QB, bottom line is if Alex screws up bad then you guys will blame elsewhere like the Oline but if Shaun Hill dont play well then its his fault…I guess you have been brainwashed into forgetting all those YEARS of losing.. not games, YEARS! with Alex Smith yet you go running back to him as your savior…I think Albert Enstines definition of INSANE was doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results? like giving the reighns to Alex yet again…Shaun Hill only has the best winning record of any Qb weve had in the past 5 years or so but I guess that doesnt matter, I hope Alex does well for your sake

          • Billy

            True Niner Fan has a point, no wonders everyone calls us fairweathered fans you guys change your views right away. Give us non-fairweathered fans a bad name, I never said Hill was the future and Im sure no one else did but come on you guys stop backing him first bad game he has.

            No one was talking smack about Hill when he was winning all this bad talking Hill leaves me a bit bitter, the offensive line is crap and if the play like crap with Smith you guys will do the same to him and ask for Davis or a 1st round QB next year, be a little accountable for what you say dont just turn the boat and say you were never there…

            this applies to most of you not all, care to make an argument make it a level headed one I dont want someone cussing at me again cause in the end its pointless.

          • Mas

            I’m good with these posts. The idea that no one was bashing Hill when he was winning isn’t entirely true.

            Everyone knows Hill’s a great manager. But he seriously lacks the ability to stretch the field and when we’re obviously lacking any offensive production, you look to the “manager”.

            As a Quarterback, you’re ultimately responsible for getting the ball where it needs to be. Excuses don’t explain and explanations don’t excuse. We saw some good things out of Hill early on this season. The fact of the matter is, opposing teams realized Hill won’t be airing it out much… About 3-4 weeks later, game planning for short to intermediate passes and Frank allows our opponents to stack the box. Pressure forces bad throws and when our quarterback can’t get the ball where it needs to be, it’s time for a change.

            What we saw in the second half of last Sunday’s game was a stark difference from what we saw in the first half.

            Alex Smith looked insane. As if he was a completely different guy. I watched some old film of Smith’s college “campaign” and was scratching my head saying, “What the fuh.” Everything that we’ve seen since he’s been in a 49ers uniform has been less than jaw dropping.

            As much as I’ve been critical of Alex Smith, he played with confidence, poise and executed his plays brilliantly. The point is, when given the opportunity he out performed Hill dramatically.

          • James

            You hope Alex does well for my sake? Are you serious? If you were a “true niner fan” than you would hope he does well for the team’s sake since he is the starter now and all.

            There was ONE change made on the O-Line after the half and it was because of the injury to Pashos. You do understand that replacing him with Sims actually made the offensive line worse right?

            You can say anything you want about Alex, it does little to bother me to be honest. It’s when you make comments such as you can say the same things about Smith that MANY have been saying about Hill that I feel the need to correct you. Smith never played with this team, with these weapons, and with Singletary as his head coach.

            Brainwashed? That’s laughable. I remember quite well the fact that the team has not had a winning campaign in the last six seasons. I am also aware that Smith has been present for four of them and was actually healthy for two. The fact that you even try to place the losing seasons this team has racked up recently on Smith’s shoulders just shows how little you know.

            Oh and just in case you didn’t feel the need to actually go back and watch the game again Alex had less time in the pocket before it collapsed then Hill did. Sure it was Smiths 2.73 seconds to Hill’s 2.8 but my point remains the same… the line didn’t suddenly have some rejuvenation once Smith entered the game, he just played better than Hill.

          • chuckle49er

            alex never had the offensive weapons in the past that he has now and hes had alot of pine to learn the system installed now so that should improve his game by its self bro

          • A True Niner Fan

            Fist of all I am a True Niner Fan thats why I give a damn about winning and am skeptical about having a guy in there that has only lost his entire carrer,it seems to me that you have nothing real to say and just type lame respones with peronal attacks thrown in, basaclly everything youve posted is wrong or mis-informed and its just not even worth it to responding to you anymore….though it is good to see that their are other posters that agree with me and my views
            Lets just wait n see what happens in Indy this weekened, shall we

          • James

            If you were a true Niner fan then you would understand that Hill is not the answer at quarterback and never will be. Perhaps Alex isn’t either but at least we now will get the chance to see.

            You are the epitome of a know nothing sports fan as well as one who cannot even argue their point with even a semblance of reality.

            I have nothing real to say?

            So my stating actual facts about Pashos going down with the shoulder injury being the only change made on the o-line after halftime, Smith having less time in the pocket than Hill, and how he hasn’t even played in two seasons were lame responses and personal attacks? I fail to see that but maybe that’s just me.

            Also you say my comments are misinformed and wrong? Please elaborate on which of my posts fall into these categories.

            If you are going to make a statement such as that at least back it up with some substance and actual examples, it helps to prove your point. Anything less is a cop out and just makes you look like a fool.

            Also please use spellcheck in the future, the whole board has lost brain cells just from reading your drivel.

  • ninerfaithful

    so alex is the guy im a faithful so i have to stand behind the team and prey alex is ready to take the next step ….. lets go #11 it now your time

    • chuckle49er

      im with you bro

  • Joe Gomez

    Sorry to say Alex will find a way to lose games plain and simple. Hes got a tight spiral but hes not that accurate and throws to many picks. Having said this, Shaun doesnt throw much picks but his arm is too weak to make the throws that count. If Alex falters I think its time to see what Nate can do so we know what we have with him against a starting defense. If not, its gonna be another long year with a top pick. We might end up with 2 top ten picks in next years draft and there are a few QB's I wouldnt mind having over Alex, Shaun, or Nate.

    • redandgold

      haha whats up joe gomez? long time no c man… I sorry but Alex never had a team that shaun had, and if u are a niner fan you would know that when Alex was playing, niners were not even close to being a .500 team. Look, its all good if you dont like smith, but for you to say that he finds ways to lose games is a slap in the face. Give the guy a chance, and I dont mean wait till he drops two or three games before u talk shit about him, but let the guy play the whole year, then say what you have to say. Im not saying he is the answer, but he sure is better than hill

      • Joe Gomez

        Hey whats up bro, just here vacationing in the Philippines where President Washington feels like President Benjamin anyways, I had to wake up at 1am to see this game and all im saying is Alex isnt a leader man. Yea he threw 3 td’s against a team that was already ahead by 3 td’s. How great is the Houston pass defense anyway? Saying this, I dont think Hill is the answer either. None of the two are. Shaun Hill would never get the chance like Alex because hes not a #1 overall pick. I just want to win and if its with Alex, than I will be shocked. I just dont have much confidence in him. Look what happened in the end of the game. Why would you force a throw at a receiver who is obviously covered. Yah he looked pretty good, but we still lost. Until he starts winning games as our QB I will never be convinced with this guy. I would like to see them go with Nate Davis for the rest of the season just to see what he has against starting defenses. Then when Draft Day rolls around again and all these stud QB’s are sitting there, we will know if we need to get one or if we already have one in Nate. Hill and Smith are career clipboard holders and to be honest with you, if he didnt take that paycut and stick with us, I highly doubt any other team wouldve signed him as a starter. Just my opinion.

        • dosia510

          i kinda feel the same way, but if we put nate davis in at this point, then we pretty much are giving up any chance for the division. alex is our BEST option NOW, if he cant do it and we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, then i say put davis in. otherwise smith is the safer, better, more obvious choice. i still dont fully have total faith in him, but i do have faith in sing. this sunday will tell us exaclty where we are with smith….

          • Mas

            Alex Smith.

            We'll see against Indi on Sunday. Obviously, if any game will tell us where Alex is with this offense and with this team, it will be tomorrow.

            I can't bash Joe Gomez for his position. Before seeing this past weeks' "glimmer of hope", I was saying the same thing. I have my doubts about what he can and can't do but until we see him face some serious diversity (Mathis/Freeney) I won't say I'm completely behind him.

            Coach Singletary has been getting a lot of flack from random people who comment on SFGATE.COM but I still totally back the guy. Going forward with Alex Smith after Shaun Hill's dismal, less than jaw dropping performances was an obvious choice… However, if Alex Smith also fails to deliver any type of play making ability with-in the constraints of a Jimmy Raye style offense, I absolutely think for the sake of game experience, letting Nasty-Nate-Davis have an opportunity to learn something.

            NO I am not saying that he is our future; our answer or the second coming of a black Jesus.

            What I am saying is that, provided we slip out of playoff contention, let him see the field for 3 or 4 games.

            Win or lose, this is my team. Players and coaches will come and go but I would like to see some sort of consistancy and stability in our head coaching position. I'm tired of shipping out offense coordinators as if they were a dime a dozen. Why is it we won't pay up for a proven coordinator? College or professional level, I don't care.

            Our formula can be to go out and hit people in the mouth but if we keep swinging and missing, we won't be doing anything of the sort. I'm fine with Coach Sing as our head for the future, I really am. What we need is an OC that we can expect to see on our staff for more than 1 year! When you keep changing shit around there is no possibility of having a set formula in place, stability = success.

            Our QB situation won't be getting any new additions in this year's coming draft. However, next year will be open for two or three primary positions of need in this particular order:

            1. ERIC BERRY if available…

            2. RT/OG

            3. OG/RT

            4. OLB

            Parys needs to step it up.. We're paying the guy to play and play well but seriously.

            Manny is making strides. He's seeing a lot more pass rushes go his way and even though he hasn't had a load of success, he's steadily improving.

            OG/OT… A blind, Simple Jack could see that this is an area worth seriously investing in…

            DB's. Nate is a presence in our ability to jam receivers at the line and is huge in run support. We're paying him a shitload of money to be a premier CB… not a nickleback.

            DB's Cont'd.. Dashon has made a few, little mistakes that have resulted in huge plays for our opponents passing game. (ATL/HOUSTON)

            DB's Cont'd Again.. Michael Lewis hits like a truck. Concussions may not be a serious physical setback but they're nothing to take lightly. No joke, this guy will be seeing less and less of the field because of it.

            Shawntae Spencer has really stepped it up for us but I'm not sold entirely. Tarrell Brown just got the nod to start opposite of him this week against Indi and it will be clear whether or not that's where he'll stay.

            If I had two top 15 picks in next years draft…

            1. Eric Berry[TEN]/Russell Okung[OKST]

            2. Trent Williams[OK]/Taylor Mays[USC]/Joe Haden[FL]

            If I had a say in who we got in our second round…

            1. Mike Johnson[ALA]/Sergio Kindle[TEX]/Jerry Hughes[TCU]

            As the college season carries on, player's stock will rise and fall. Regardless of what my opinion of Taylor Mays & Sergio Kindle is… they still have huge talent and potential. Either way hate-away Niner nation.

    • dosia510

      joe, those conerns u have about smith were pretty much the same ones i have. but redandgold is right, we have to give him a chance the same way we gave hill a chance. i agree there a few QB’s id like to see in here next year but THIS year is not even halfway thru! i believe in sing and co.(with the exception of raye)and im putting my trust and faith(again)in smith. lets see what he can do!

      • Billy

        Agreed, but as much as Id love to shove the run down the throats of every opposing team we cant and I honestly dont like Rayes play calling unless he starts calling them like he did against Houston with Smith and we a bit of run, other then that we may be screwed by coaching… offensively.

        I still am putting Norv Turner, Eric Berry, and O-lineman for my Christmas wishlist if Smith proves himself to be what he was meant to be, which I hope is true even though I never supported the guy

    • Chris

      Did you watch the game. His passes were extremly accurate and on time. The recievers did not have to wait on a lame pass to come down into there hands. They came out of their breaks and it was in there hands. Also Alex and Crabtree had great chemistry together. They looked like they are going to make a great team for time to come.

      I think that Alex is not the same QB he was a few years ago. 1st he is older and more mature. Remember as a rookie the guy was only 22 years old. Sencond for the first time he has actually got to sit and learn the offense like he should have done as a rookie but he didn’t. Look at Rigers, he got to wait and learn how to be a NFL QB and it worked. Alex got that time over the last couple of years. Third the pressure is off. He isn’t Alex Smith the 1st overall pick who got a 50 million dollar contract. He’s Alex Smith the bust who only has to worry about playing football, not being the savior. And lastly the team has good players around him. Davis is a beast this year because he finally got his head out of his ass and is listening to the coaches, Gore is a beast when healty (get to that in a minute) and he finally has some good recievers to throw too. In the past he had Battle (not a bad WR) and whoever else (hell there was some many who remembers). Now he has Bruce who is still a heck of a reciever, Morgan who is getting better and better, and now Crabtree who lets face it is a fucking AWSOME reciever. Not to mention the best tight end in football. (In my opinion he is). He has tools to work with. He can throw a ball a hell of alot better than Hill, plus he is more mature. He can do it.

      Back to Gore. The poor guy has had to face 8 to 9 man fronts his entire career. He has gotten the shit kicked out of him but he keeps fight back. Last week the man could not find anywhere to run because the Texans did not respect the passing game in the first half. Step in Alex who is able to throw the ball and move the ball in the air and wow no more 9 man fronts. If we weren’t so fucking behind Gore would have been able to run all over them at that point, but we didn’t have time.

      This week is going to be fucking tough. I am a die hard Niner fan and I know that it is going to take a blessing from God to win this week. But I like our chances a lot better knowing that we can throw the ball now.

      • dosia510

        actually alex was 20 as a rookie…..

  • Brodie12

    From what I hear, Smith has been showing this all year in practice. He was essentially given no chance in camp. I think Hill’s performance was no surprise to anyone. Hill looked like he just stepped in something when Smith was with him on the sideline.
    On another note, Morgan shouldn’t have been on the field after what he did in the last game (at least keep him out one quarter). Jason Hill and Brandon Jones need to get some time. The same goes for Fly Bly. OK, I’m through.

  • Billy

    Why is everyone hating on Hill all of a sudden he did some great stuff, granted its didnt look pretty. I just hope Smith can play the way he did against the Texans all the time. Also Spencer is probably a better Shutdown CB then Clements although Clements can hit hard he blows at least one big play a game

    • redandgold

      I have always hated him and I always will, even if he was to take us to the superbowl, I am sorry but I have always known that smith is better than hill, but because we were wining no one else seen that. And no matter how bad smith does, he is still our best chance, I been saying it for ever and i will say it agian… till we find someone else

  • Jason

    Also, I found your site linked at in the recent twitters section.

  • bert

    what smith did in the game was get the ball to the playmakers and MOVE THE BALL DOWNFIELD!!!!! hill's problem was that he has no pocket awareness and would rather take a sack rather then try and make a play…by smith moving the ball downfield he loosens up the defense and thats when we can run the football…we have to have the passing game open up the run game…the key thing tho from the game was that smith MOVED THE BALL DOWNFIELD..i think he will do the same against indy cuz indy's D is pretty much small across the board…crab and vernon should be able to man-handle their small corners.. the pass rush they have is good but the only reason why the get to rush that hard is becuz peyton before you know it throws 3 TDs in that way their D sits back and play umbrella D…they can be run on if you out-muscle them

    • Mas

      I love excessive… !explanation! point using… Might as well write in all caps…LOL.

  • Morse

    I was at the Reliant for the game and it was embarrising to see. I have never seen so many Hicks in my life, or been subjected to so much country music which I hate! I was sitting next to a bunch of Texan fans with my kid brother and the fans were cursing, spilling beer on us and talkin trash. That stadium has to have the corniest fans and the shittiest environement in the NFL. It was a depressing first half, seeing Texan fans laugh and disrespect our team. I wanted for it to be all over and then the second half began and we started playing real 49er football. The first half was not 49er football, and the Texans got off easy. When we started putting together touchdowns, you could see the look of discouragement on the texan fans faces, they were getting uneasy and I was thinking we would pull it off. I think during the game we had alot of bad luck, and when we fumbled the ball near our endzone, that set the tone for the whole game in the texans favor. Alex did a excellent job in the time allowed, given that place was loud! I feel like if alex did not have to rush, and he was in the first half aswell, we would have won the game easily. Woulda,shoulda,coulda, all I know is we need consistensy, and I feel like we still have 2 good backup QB's in alex and Shaun much like Steve Bono. I hope Alex prooves everyone wrong finally and I hope he does not get comfortable and drop off the deep end next sunday. I hope we get consistensy from Alex and I hope he starts playing like a star, but we will see. When I left the stadium walking out 3 miles, I heard this hick texan guy say, crabtree's a bust, you wasted a pic. It was so funny to hear that, because crabtree was awesome! I thought for a guy with no training camp and experience, that was perfect. Rice started off bad and crabtree looked like a veteran, he had alot of confidence. I though that was funny though, their were so many Cowboy-Texan fans their and they were so jealous to see crabtree could be our next rice! Texans fans are much like cowboys fans, they were booing crabtree and talking shit! It was satisfying to see crabtree a texan native in a 49ers uniform, and when he was palying good, that pissed alot of texan fans off, lol, it was nice! Well, it was our first time playing in reliant, so I know next time we will come back with a chip on our shoulder.

    • NinerPaul

      Thanks for representin’ out there >>>

      • Billy

        Way to Rep man Ive seen those Texans and they have these superiority complex since they dont have five lambardis haha

      • chuckle49er

        thats awesome i love hearing that stuff niners for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eleven11

    I’ll do you a favor, webmaster guy… so that you don’t have to say it.

    You told us so.

  • Jason

    Hey brave broadcaster,

    I am a nutty 49ers fan and will listen to just about anyone’s opinion on the team. I am thrilled to find a broadcaster out there so keep up the updates. I was hoping that you might address the sound quality issue going on. The levels coming out of the broadcast are super low (yes, I turned up every volume knob I have, including the player), additionally, the voice recording is super tinny. Would it be possible to, for next time, broadcast at a slightly higher bitrate and get the levels right?

    Looking forward to your opinions in the future.

    Go Niners!

  • bert

    hey niner fans acroos the world…the problem with hill was that the plays were there to be made but he just doesn’t have the strong enuff arm to get it there…just look at what drew brees was…i have family in san diego and they were saying the same thing about him that he was on his way out and he played very marginal football…until that wake-up call where they drafted rivers brees then dedicated himself to the game and look what happens…maybe this is the wake-up call smith needs to finally show that when healthy and the weapons he has now cuz lets face it niner fans WE DO HAVE WEAPONS he can make that jump

    • Chris

      I agree fully, bro. I think it was. When someone is given the keys to a Caddy without earning them it is easy to be sloppy, but when you have to fight to earn those keys you make sure that you never loose them again.

  • Billy

    If Smith plays the way he did against the Texans, its viable that we can beat the Colts and pull a MAJOR upset, either way its going to be a hell of a game. GO 49ERS!!!!!

    • Chris

      Damn right. He can I think he will. The threat of his arm is going to change the way the Colts are game planning and will open gore up for some long runs.

  • Adam

    He’s back and he finally has some help. Alex smith is gonna be our QB for a long time to come. There isnt many QB’s that could have played on the same team that Smith was on when he came into the league and done any better. It’s Smith’s time to shine and he will take us to the playoffs ,mark my words.

  • A True Niner Fan

    I hope now that Alex has The Starting job he doesnt get all nervous and freak out, its alot different when you come off the bench and ur down big it is almost more relaxed to play from way behind because your not expexted to pull off a miracle but when you the #1 guy then it all changes an all the pressure is on you right from the Start to do well and perform

  • I’m going to be at the Colts game Sunday. Thankfully Colts fans are reasonable midwesterners with fewer dumb hicks than Houston.

    • chuckle49er

      let us know how they react i wanna hear some more hater cry go niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111######

      • Mas

        I hope for crickets…

  • NinerPaul

    Well what can I say >> I support my team and this is a move they needed to make even though I admitedly wanted Shaun to do well as he did decient for the first 4 games, but Rayes offense is just not suited for him. There is a reason why his numbers are down so much from last year and even with Frank gore out last year. He even had 300 yard games and consistant 200 yard games,(along with his 7 and 3 record after last year) and an NFL offensive player of the week, one week, all be it that it was against the Rams, Yeah the Same Shaun Hill. But the fact is this offense does not suit him at all, his style of play, he played better in Mike Martz’s system. If fact I thought Martz and Sing Complemented each other. So in comes Alex which I agree with Sing when he said this week that he “Fits the bill better right now.”(Rayes Offense) So if Alex is playing, I think for us to improve Raye will have to mix up on 1st and 2nd down, keeping the opposing d guessing. Because if I were the opposing team I would pull out old Alex Smith video’s and see he will try and force things under pressure like the last throw in the Texan’s game, into tripple coverage. That is his tendancy. So a high percentage of run blitz’s all day long. So hopfully Raye can catch on to what deffenses are doing and make the adjustments.

  • Tony Pashos is out for the season(placed on IR). Wow! He lasted about as long as Marvel Smith. Why are we cursed? Put Snyder back at RT and please bring Wragge in for Chilo.

  • Well, at least we have a mobile quarterback now. A guy that can get out of the pocket and gain positive yards instead of one that just stands back there and takes sack after sack. Hill was starting to remind me of JT O’fumbleman(without the fumbles).

  • Billy

    If my Lakers werent playing today Id be going crazy waiting for the 49ers to play, that bye drove me insane.

    Cant wait to see what Smith can do with Gore, Morgan, Crabtree, Jones, Hill, Davis, Walker, now all we need on offense is the line. Hopefully D can lock down like it did the first two weeks.

    I still want Norv Turner as OC!!! Mays or Berry for Safety! And an Oline man in first round

  • Brodie12

    Wow, I can’t believe some of these posts stating that smith had more time than Hill, along with a different line. The OL didn’t perform any better with Smith. He felt just as much pressure. He simply moves faster, sets up faster, and releases the ball faster and off his back foot.
    Hill doesn’t have what it takes and Smith does.

    • Exactly! Wait till all the Hill supporters see how much more enjoyable the games are going to be to watch with Alex in. The offense will actually be able to move the ball up and down the field on people. Sometimes it’s hard to admit you’re wrong. No one will be thinking about Hill two months from now. We’ll all be thinking about who we’re going to play in the first round of the playoffs!

      • dosia510

        ur absolutely right. i was/am a Hill supporter, and i admit that watching that second half of the houston game was more fun than any other game this season. i just hope it wasnt a “fluke” or a “flash” of smiths potential but actual development that reults in long term. either way i trust sing and im all for it….GO NINERS!

    • NinerPaul

      Like I said I admit myself I am/was a Hill supporter as well but like I said in the above comments this offense does not fit His style of play. But my comments at the begginning of the year were open ended on a we’ll see basis. So i’m going to root for Alex 100% and “We’ll see what he can do,” as Sing puts it. I just hope that Alex can do what Hill did in his first 4 games 3 win’s and a chance to win, “until the D gave it up against the vikings.” I hope Alex can change this skeptic’s mind and get some win’s. Can Alex go in and beat Manning like Shaun beat Kurt Warner. If not then our coaching is one to blame. Sings first bad move was getting rid of Martz he was a better OC. Martz is mabey not so good as an head coach but really good as just an OC, like what nolan did with the raven’s and is doing for the bronco’s as a pure defensive coordinator but not as a head coach.

      • Mas

        Shaun Hill – Truck driving school… I see big things for Mayflower's future.

  • Brodie12

    Now that’s the attitude of a winner.

  • NinerPaul

    Other comments >> My overall assesment as far are Sing is concerned is this is where coaching will show up. I think Sing has humbled by the learning about the NFL. You can have speeches, talk about playing physical, and what he call’s “we want to do what we want to do out there.” as far as the offense is concerned, but sing is learning that the NFL is much smarter than that. Like I said before these aren’t just coaches these are strategic planer’s at the game at hand. So Sing is making adjustments at this time of the season which I believe are good ones but the offense has to open up. Unfortunatly Shaun recieved the experimental phase of the coaching philosophy because Shaun was more successful in the spread offense. So if Alex doesn’t perform or produce win’s the coaching is to blame. We do not have the personel for the smash mouth style, You need two backs for that. I like how sing has change from were going to do what we do to saying we will do what it takes to win. If thats truly the case we’ll see the spread offense and Alex throw …… Mabey we’ll we’ll call Coach, coach SLINGletary!!!! Check out coach Billicks comments…..

    • Mas

      People, don’t jump on the Sing-Sing-bash-wagon. NinerPaul – If Alex doesn’t perform, let’s go ahead and put that right on Jimmy Raye’s old ass. I hate to think that by the end of this season, we’ll have another OC but fuck guys, this OC straight up said that nothing changes with a change in QB regardless of playing style and personnel. WTF? Soooo… with Crabtree coming along, Alex having proven at the college level that he shreds it in a spread and the combination of Davis, Morgan, Jones and Gore swinging out the backfield, we won’t open it up?? WOWWWWWWW…..

  • Joe Gomez

    Sing was asked if he had any 2nd guessing in regards to releasing Rossum after Battle’s muff that resulted in a TD. He said Rossum was having the same issues. HUH?! I dont remember Rossum muffing any punts that resulted in TD’s for the other team. WTF is he talking about? His releasing of Rossum and Sheets really irked the F out of me. Thats some serious speed we let go. And yes I do think if Sheets were elevated during Gore’s injury he would of produced. So now its back to the Alex Smith experiment. Man how many times are we gonna go down this road? I dont care what weapons you got, hes just not a leader or a winner plain and simple. If he starts being his old inconsistent, INT throwing, deer in the headlights, panic in the pocket self again then I really hope we get a chance to see Nate Davis to see how he does and this way we know if we need to target the stud QB’s coming out next year. This QB circus really is getting old.

    • Do you ever say anything original. You’ve been on this site bashing Alex for quite a while now(way too fucking long). You never have any stats to back your opinions up with. You just spout off your stupid fucking mouth, because you’re so sure of yourself. Well guess what shithead? This ain’t the same old Alex Smith! If you couldn’t see that last weekend, then you’re as blind as the one girl you actually had sex with. How about you just shut the fuck up, and we’ll let Alex prove you wrong. Although once he does, I doubt you’ll have the sack to show your face around here anymore(wouldn’t that be great). Sorry in advance to everyone for getting Joe Joe the idiot boy riled up again, but I just can’t let him sit there and bash this team’s best quarterback anymore.

      • Joe Gomez

        Team's best QB? He has one good half and hes the savior huh? HAHAHAH.. your still the same fucking retard.. listen dipshit.. i have always thrown down numbers.. i have always said for Alex to have over 800 attempts and have numbers comparable or even worse than BUSTS like Akili Smith, Tim Couch, or Heath Shuler. Look it up faggot so you can compare yourself. Alex is just as bad or even worse. Hell I dont think those other busts never got to attempt 800 passes, they got labelel 'BUST' way before they hit 800. So you see, your butt buddy Alex hasnt shown he can win but yet he gets even another chance. He plays one good half with the other team obviously comfortably ahead playing Zone Defense. Lets see how he does against Indy for 4 FULL Quarters… HAHAHA.. your such a fucking idiot it makes me smile.. im glad i found you again motherfucker because this is gonna be fun proving your ass wrong again and again. Oh by the way, since you like numbers.. you want your butt buddy's numbers last time he went up against the Colts? Well here they are asshole: 9 for 23, ZERO TD's, 4 PICKS. LMFAO.. yea hes a different QB now, hes had 4 years of pitiful football so im pretty sure hell put up bigger numbers than that. Hell your fucking momma can put up better numbers than that…LMFAO!!!!!!

        • Mas

          You guys bicker more than decrepit cancer patients..

  • Billy

    Rossum muffed like 5 kicks against the Rams Although they didnt score it happened

    • Joe Gomez

      Oh did he.. thanks for the info.. I still think he does a better job returning kicks than Robinson, Arnaz, or Delanie..just my opinion.

      • Mas


  • Matt

    Ok, a couple things here…until Matt Ryan came into the league, QB's struggled for at least two years. It generally takes until the 3rd or 4th year for a QB to turn potential into production. Alex Smith was 20 when he was drafted, and he's had a new OC every year he's been in the league…not a good thing.

    Under Norv, he showed promise, and progression…then Hostler came along and everyone knows what happened there. Then, Alex had two consecutive season-ending shoulder injuries…which is devastating.

    The entire time he was injured, he showed up for every meeting, knew every game plan, learner every playbook, and learned as much as he could, from as many people as he could.

    In the Houston game, he looked like a different QB, and don't start with the, "Houston was up by 21, and they were playing soft" excuse…he made correct reads, he has pocket presence, he threw accurate balls, and he used his mobility to evade the rush. It's not so much what Houston did or didn't do, it's what Smith did, and how he did it. This upcoming game will be a huge test for him, and I'm excited as hell to see how it goes, but I'm not going to cry and throw a fit if he screws up, the Niners are out-classed in this game, and i expect a loss.

    ATrueNinerFan…please, do away with that name, James was dead on when he said you're a know-nothing fan. James provides facts, and you dispute it with what? Oh yeah, by simply saying that he's wrong, and that basically it's beneath you to argue back. Such a stupid argument, and your lack of knowledge was exposed.

    Anyone who thinks that Shaun Hill is a competent starting QB is on crack. The only way he would be able to succeed for years at a time, would be if he had an outstanding O-line, and two very good RB's. Otherwise, his lack of arm strength would kill the offense.

    • dosia510

      “Anyone who thinks that Shaun Hill is a competent starting QB is on crack.”…..its good crack though, i got it in hunters point before the atlanta game!!!

  • dosia510

    wow. so many niner fans against each other! GO NINERS!!!

    • Mas

      ..More so differences of opinions… Like religious people.


  • Joe Gomez

    Hey Bobby "The Bitch" Boucher, since your so convinced Alex will take us to the playoffs, shut the fuck up and put your money where your mouth is motherfucker. I got $1000 that says theres no way in hell Alex can take this team to the playoffs. Heres my email:, email me and well discuss it. If you dont put it down or if thats too much money for your broke ass than we can maybe lower it. But email me if you got the fucking balls to put the money where your mouth is..hahahaha.. by the way, your "only had 1 girl" comment was so idiotic it almost made me crack a smile. Ive got 2 grown kids and also toured Europe and Asia in the military so yeah, your kinda off on that..HAHAHAHA..Anyways bitch boy, theres my offer to you, you think Alex is the savior? Then go ahead and put your money where your freakin mouth is if you dare. Otherwise, shut the fuck up. I think Alex is a bust no matter what he did in 1 freaking half of football. Hes a bust and hes not leading this team anywhere. Nate Davis even as a rookie is better than Alex so Alex IS NOT the best QB on the team. Hes still on the team because of his draft status.

    • Mas

      …Cancer patients.

  • Joe Gomez

    Put your money down Bobby, im dead serious on this. Im a State Peace Officer so you got my word I will pay you. Il even give you a copy of my freakin ID. My $1000 says that Alex wont lead this team into the playoffs this year. Your convinced he will. So put it down!!!!! You wanna go higher? lower? Email me, cause if you dont email me, your just talking out your ass motherfucker.

    • Mas

      LOL. Gomez, you're true bro.. Shit cracks me up man. Prior Mil right? What branch? Totally just curious, not trying to patronize a patriot but ya'll are straying away from what this is about.

      Your job and prior background have little to no relevence in what the purpose of this site is about and reading what the two of you have been bickering about is something we all do over kegstands and beer bongs, pre-game & post game.

      If you want to place wagers with someone, go for it. Personal attacks are overrated.

      • Joe Gomez

        Hey he’s so convinced Alex is our Savior who will lead us to the playoffs, I disagree and since he’s called me out FIRST and disrespected me on this site just for giving my opinion on Alex than hey I’m willing to put money on it. Your right our backgrounds have nothin to do with the 49ers but I just threw that out there to show him I will be true on my bet. If Alex takes us to the playoffs il give him $1000 cash and a Smith jersey LOL. People here talk all that fucking smack but they don’t wana put money down. Yeah I fucking hate Alex because I like Sing WANT WINNERS!!!!! Has Alex shown anything since ’05? Fuck no he hasn’t. People want to make excuses but the fact remains he has attempted 800 passes and his numbers compare or are worse with some of the biggest QB busts in history. Almost all of them never got near 800 pass attempts. I’ve been a die hard niner fan since the Deberg days and I can’t stand seeing garbage on the field. Alex has not shown anything but garbage. He plays one good half and all of a sudden people forget all the seasons he put us through of bad quarterbacking? Well im not gona forget that easy and im not sold on Alex until he CONSISTENTLY plays a good solid game. To answer your question, USMC.

  • Joe Gomez

    Oh and in case your wondering, what the f!@# is a Peace Officer doing gambling? Yes I can get in trouble for it but I trust you wont turn me in right? Hahaha.. besides this is just a "friendly" wager between friends… my buddy Bobby "the Biaatch" Boucher..

    LMFAO! Email me buddy, lets discuss details of this bet.

    • Let's make our bet known to all who post here. No money(I am kinda broke;just bought a house)just this: If the 49ers finish the season with a winning record(at least 9-7)you go away. That means find another website and fuck off. If we don't than I'll fuck off. An injury to Alex would negate the bet. I don't want to bet playoffs because Arizona is hotter than a dog with two dicks right now and who knows how the division will end up. I say Alex leads us to a winning record for the first time in years. You go or I go. No more bickering, we'll let it play out and see what happens Officer.

  • Joe Gomez

    Ok fair enough.. but thats not the bet. You say they make the playoffs with Alex. I say they dont. Injuries dont count, but if he gets benched you lose regardless. No money and I dont expect you to fuck off the website because its a free country. Just dont say shit when I rag on Alex. Deal?

    • dosia510

      haha only in america!!!!

  • Joe Gomez

    How about this since you don’t want $$$ involved. We make the playoffs with Alex under center I make a formal apology letter on here titled, “BOBBY BOUCHER WAS RIGHT I WAS WRONG, ALEX SMITH IS A LEGIT STARTING NFL QB.”

    BUT!!!! If we don’t make the playoffs with Alex under center you do the same for me. If he gets injured bet is off, it will be just another “injury excuse.” Now if he gets benched at any point between now and the end of the season you lose. I don’t expect you to leave this website, who am I to suggest that? Your a Ninet fan just like me. What I will expect is a written formal apology telling everyone on this site how wrong you were and how right I was. Make it a good one, and it has to be sincere! Haha

    • dosia510

      i kinda like that bet…..