Niners Lose Sheets to the Dolphins

Latest reports are that the 49ers have lost Kory Sheets to the Miami Dolphins. Word is that the Dolphins signed Sheets off the 49ers practice squad. It’s unfortunate. Wish they would have kept Sheets over someone like, let’s say Michael Spurlock.

In other news, Frank Gore, Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree will stay in San Francisco during the bye week and practice together.

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  • DaHawn49er

    Now how can they let this happen? So now one more spot opens on the 49ers practice squad right? And needs to be filled.

    • dray

      i agree,,, man what a stupid move on da niners not putting him on the regular sguad

  • Niner Pundit

    I believe they added Khalif Mitchell (to play Oline) already.

  • CMac

    For a team that is suppose to be a running team why do we have 7 WR and let Sheets get away. Sad. Very Sad

    • Cory

      Sheets couldn’t pass block thats his major flaw….also he ran against 3rd stringers….just like Coffee and people thinks he sucks

  • mark

    fuck them sheets