Holdout is Over: Crabtree Signs

Well the waiting if finally over, after holding out for God knows how long, Michael Crabtree and the 49ers have finally reached an agreement and have come to terms. Adam Schefter reported late last night on his Twitter that the two sides came to an agreement. Here is what Matt Barrows said about the deal.

Crabtree deal finished; WR to sign six-year deal

Our long, regional nightmare is finally over: Michael Crabtree has a contract. It took most of Tuesday and a good chunk of Wednesday but Crabtree’s agent Eugene Parker and 49ers negotiator Paraag Marathe finally worked out a deal. The team’s initial offer way back in the summer was a five-year deal with about $16 million guaranteed. Once the two sides got together yesterday afternoon, the sticking point was the length of the deal, according to someone close to the negotiations. The new deal is for six years, something the 49ers insisted upon due to the time Crfabtree already has missed. But Crabtree can make it into a five-year deal with on-field incentives. Playing time early in his career will be key.

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  • chuckle49er

    yeah i hope the investigation on tampering reveals the truth and soon so the niners can move on but it does give us more crap to talk about

  • Adam

    The tampering charges will still go forward. In fact Edwards gettin traded the same day that we sign Crabtree is more than a coincidence to me. We still got slapped even though Briggs still signed with the Bears.

  • A True Niner Fan

    finally its over, an we can get back to FootBall…Go Niners!

  • Lowrance

    He better be everything he THINKS he is…..

  • redandgold

    well, lets hope this guy does something, cause I dont see how someone that clams to be a team player can take so long to sign the same contract he was offered before camp.

  • dosia510

    this guy better be good. so what will happen with thampering charges with the jets?

  • Niner Pundit

    dos…funny thing about all of that is that the Jets traded for Braylon Edwards late last night.

  • dosia510

    ya i heard. hope they still investigate and find them guilty. give us something in return.

  • dosia510


  • Niner Pundit

    dos…added them here and at NinerTV. Still trying to figure out the best way to incorporate the two sites….but for now you can find them on both sites.

    • dosia510

      thank…u guys ROCK!!!

  • El Mobre

    I think it's safe to say that we can blame the Jets for the holdout, especially after they picked up Edwards last night. I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to see what he can do. We all know Mike won't put up with a diva, so he better bust his ass.

  • Mas


    This is a quick look at Sunday’s game. It definitely reinforces my confidence going into Sunday’s game. Going into the game @ Indianapolis, there’s a very good chance we will be 5-1, in control of our division and working Crabtree into our offense.

    Basically, if we keep Shaun Hill on his feet for the duration of the game, establish a running game against a team that allows an average of 172 yards on the ground and explore our passing game with Morgan and Davis, Atlanta will get owned. Our defense NEEEEEEEDS to apply pressure and force bad decisions by Matt Ryan but they’re going to have to do that with the front 3, maybe an edge rusher WHILE containing Michael Turner (75.0 yds per game in 2009) and a speedy & versatile Jerious Norwood. Norwood is coming off of a concussion that he suffered wk 3 against the Patriots and adds an element of speed, relief for an encumbered Michael Turner and explosiveness on special teams.

    Our bill of success will ultimately ride on the performance of our secondary and primarily, Michael Lewis. Lewis is huge in run support and against a team like Atlanta, MUST stay with his assignments. Tony Gonzales is their leading receiver with 13 catches, 160 yds. Atlanta is ALSO hoping to get a lot of production out of their young receiver Roddy White who has yet to do shit this year on the field and in fantasy football land. My main concern is when Roddy White and Tony Gonzo line up on the same side and force either Michael Lewis or Dashon Goldson to favor one or the other.

  • Walt4141

    I still just don't like the guy. His mindset has been all wrong this whole time. It's quite simple… I didn't want to play for the 49ers because they're a bad team… All of a sudden we are a good team and he signs. And also, the same day Braylon Edwards gets signed and Crabtree realizes his options are even more limited. As a lifelong 49ers fan it's just quite simple and obvious. I mean… He wanted to go top 3? Yeah… Because playing for the Rams, the Lions or even the Raiders would have been a better situation. What a total douchebag. Yeah… I said it. At least this removes our need for a wideout next year and we can use our two first round draft picks where we need them. A set of offensive guards or a big time QB. And, maybe most importantly, if he ends up being half as good as he seems to think he is… Teams will no longer be able to stack 8 or 9 in the box and Frank can run the ball like we all know he can.

    On one final note… Hey Crabtree, you may think you're the second coming of Jerry Rice… Well your not close. And it's not a matter of ability… Jerry Rice was a class act.

    Walt out!

    • DcNinerFan

      Give Singletary some time, Walt. If he can take a whiny Vernon Davis and turn him into a TD machine, he can take an even BETTER physical receiver who seems like a whiny bitch and turn him into a monster. Just give it time. Everyone needs a mentor, needs to learn how to act appropriately. As a Fox article headlined last week, Singletary can inspire a tree hugging pacifist to arm tackle someone. He can do it with Crabtree. If by some off chance he can't, he'll ruin the kids career by sitting him, you can bet on that. That would be a great motivation technique as well.

      • Mosie

        DcNinerFan: Amen – Well said!!

        Thank you for putting perspective to this mess.

        With Singletary, this is the growth of the 49er monster team. Our second coming!

    • redandgold

      I agree… I dont like the guy, he dont seem to be a 9ers type of guy. The players on this team have alot of class, and Im proud to say that Im a 9ers fan. But lets see what he can do

  • GoBears1974

    Well said by Jason Whitlock:

    10. If the NFL doesn't put an end to Deion "Master D" Sanders' mentoring service, Percy "Master P" Miller has every right to demand reinstatement as a sports agent.

    In my book, Master P did a better job representing Ricky Williams than Master D did advising Michael Crabtree, Dez Bryant, Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson and Deangelo Hall.

    Not since Jim Jones led a flock of followers to Guyana has one religious con man been responsible for simultaneously misleading so many young people. Is there no limit to Deion's foolishness?

    Super agent Eugene Parker is taking most of the heat for Crabtree's pointless, ridiculous and counterproductive holdout from the 49ers. No way the Crabtree fiasco was a Parker brainchild. He's been representing high-level NFL players for 20 years, including Sanders, Rod Woodson, Larry Fitzgerald, Emmitt Smith, Curtis Martin, Richard Seymour and Derrick Brooks.

    He was a great player and a decent TV guy, but Deion Sanders should not be advising players. (Bryan Bedder / Getty Images)

    This thing smells like a Sanders concoction. Ever since Master D negotiated himself off the high-profile CBS studio show and onto the low-profile NFL Network studio show, he's been buddying up (mentoring/advising) to young NFL players as a way of remaining relevant.

    Just like his negotiations with CBS, his mentoring service has been a disaster.

    The clown suit Master D just put on Crabtree might never be topped. Not only did Master D play a role in convincing Crabtree he could get paid based on the word of Mel Kiper rather than the checkbook of an NFL owner, Master D capped it off by sending another 1990s has-been and financial idiot (MC Hammer) to Crabtree's contract surrender.

    Think about it. Crabtree had already made a complete ass out of himself and turned off the American football public with an irrational, greedy ploy IN THE MIDDLE OF A HISTORIC ECONOMIC CRISIS, but the involvement of Hammer ensured that comedians and late-night talk-show hosts had all the ammunition necessary to bury Crabtree.

    Crabtree is a joke. He looks like the most naive and dumb athlete since Forrest Gump quit playing college football.

    Master D owes Crabtree an apology. Sanders can apologize to Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant, too. After Bryant lied about visiting Sanders at his home, the NCAA ruled Bryant ineligible.

    Deion Sanders was one of my favorite athletes of all time. Loved to watch him shut down one half the field. Loved his flamboyance and personality. I enjoyed his work on CBS. He had a chance to be the Charles Barkley of football.

    Sanders blew it. He's turned into Master D, someone not humble enough to realize he made millions of dollars because God blessed him with Bob Hayes speed, not Johnnie Cochran's intellect.

    Roger Goodell needs to close Master D Mentoring. The D stands for destruction or dumb, not Deion.

    • dosia510

      gobears, ur comment had me laughing. good points my man, only i HATE deion in every aspect, especially his TV personality. i hope this guy trips over a mic cord and tears his acl. he, in my mind, is a PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!

      • Walt4141

        I agree Dosia. It all goes back to what I said about Jerry Rice. He was one of the classiest acts in all of football. Deion Sanders was and is far from that. I hated him as a Falcon, as a Cowboy, and though I did embrace him in what looking back was just a hired gun roll with the 49ers. It’s guys like Patrick Willis and Frank Gore that at least carry on the classy tradition… Or as Mike would say… Don tell me, show me. Crabtree could have been embraced right at the start, and Deion has to step in and “mentor” him as far away from that as possible. Christ, Deion Sanders shouldn’t be mentoring mentally challenged children and I hope he does us all a favor and stays away from the 49ers.