Highlights: Wk4 – 49ers vs Rams and more…

Still debating if we’ll continue to house the highlights here on this site or just on the NinerTV site. For now I’ll keep adding them here and there. So here are the two part highlights from the win over the Rams and also the Point After Show.

Highlights Part I

Highlights Part II

Point After Part I

Point After Part II

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  • Hunterboyz

    I watch this every week.
    Its the only place I have right now that shows me all of the 49ers highlights.
    Other places don’t show them all.
    I try to watch on sunday’s, but It doesn’t broadcast here, so I’m stuck searching the internet for live feeds.
    Please continue with the “fix” of these highlights.
    May God be with us!!!
    Go Niners!!!

    • dosia510

      u can also go on ninertv.com. new site, same great highlights. j77 is the shit man!!!!

  • johnsmokin

    yea the videos are good for us fans who cant watch every sunday one way or another. its impossible to find all the highlights

    keep up the good work

  • seekret_sauce


    I love how when he was chewing up Rachal because if you watch the other lineman there actions were like “shit, just look forward and mind your business, maybe he won’t chew me out as well.”

  • J77

    As long as the games are worth highlighting there will be highlights. 😀

  • 49ersfan4life

    I just got back from Iraq and….. I would just like too say that this site kept me more informed of what the 9ers have been doing the whole year than any other site …. thank you too all that put the time too keep us informed…. and please keep it going …. GO 9ers!!!

    • dosia510

      thank you for defending this great country and fighting for our freedom…..soldiers like urself make me proud to be an american….GO NINERS and FUCK THE FALCONS!!!!!