Hammer Meet Nail, Lowell Cohn Gets It

Today browsing the articles talking about the 49ers. I came across a great write up by the Santa Rosa Press Democrat’s Lowell Cohn. The article was titled, ’49ers shouldn’t forget Alex Smith’ and I have to say Lowell Cohn nailed this one. Great read for every 49er fan out there, here is a little taste of what Cohn said, full article link at the bottom.

But he has some very un-It-like traits. He doesn’t throw so well, especially if the pass requires distance. He becomes a heaver instead of a thrower. He is a distinctly mediocre passer in a line of work that requires better-than-average passing. Because he is limited, he cannot bring a team back if it falls behind as the 49ers did against Atlanta. He is a dud as a catch-up quarterback. This is known.

And here’s the big one. We know exactly who Hill is and, most important, we know he never will get any better than what he is right now. He is a hill that never will erupt into a mountain. Maybe Smith can become a mountain. Maybe Smith has a ton more potential than Hill. No one will know as long as he sits on the bench or is reduced to throwing passes to Michael Crabtree during the bye week.

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Born and raised a diehard Niner fan. I have nothing better to do with my time than sit here and cram my opinions down everyone's throat.
  • Chris

    This is a great article. It makes perfect since. Like I have said her plenty of times before. I am a Alex Smith fan. I wanted him to win the job in the off season, the point is Alex didn't win. Maybe it was because of the thumb injury that he had or something else, but Shaun Hill is our QB now. He has played pretty well and I hope that he stays the Niners QB because as long as he continues to win games he will be the QB.

  • NinerPaul

    This article is stupid >> more someones stupid opinion >>> all this is another yester year niner fan wanting the second coming of Joe or Steve >> In 5 Games the dude has one bad game (and the defense had an even worse game) and there’s shit written like this ….. the already planning for his replacement….. this is bullshit …… How about getting on the pass rushing ends for a for a wopping 2 SACKS in five games!!!!!!! You think there not figuring shit out by now, by the 5th game …… with this old fart old school non creative offense …. do you even watch other creative teams like New Orleans, Patriots and others >> Now here is FACTS not opinion >> our yards per game is down about 53 yards a game, most all of it passing >> Go figure >> Hill has had 10 to 11 LESS pass attempts per game >> RESULT less pass yards >> You dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure this shit out >> on the other hand the run game has only 6 more yards running a game than last year >> Conclusion: The bottom line is we are doing worse than last year >> marginally worse, nearlly 15% worse >> And did you honestly think Gore would stay healthy running this offense and taking most of the beating >> So go ahead put in Alex, Nate or anybody you want in this offense and watch them get their ass kicked and knocked around >> Like I said there is a reason why Raye has been let go of former NFL teams and was not Sings first choice ….. And he takes credit for curtis martin and tony gonzales’s success >> those guy’s kicked ass wherever they played ….. Get ready for OC #8 Faithfull >> Sing >> Humble yourself and bring back Martz ……….

  • Niner Pundit

    Yeah it’s Raye’s fault Hill sucks…please.

    • NinerPaul

      Pundit did you read what I said “10 to 11 less attempts a game,” ranked 2 to last in attempts in the NFL for a QB. Chances are anyone would suck with about 28 throws a game with only a 106 yards rushing a game as a team and part of that coming from the QB. IF you guys are going to make comments put some statistacle facts to back up your opinions…… More FACTS! Our stellar D !!!! is really just above average 13th in points 15th in yards….Our offense slightly below average at 17th in points, but horrible at 29th in yards and average at 16th on the run and 28th in pass yards….. To sum it up for you Less pass attempts production is 20% down. More run attempts the run is not much better and first downs are down and third and long is more apparent. Humm if i’m a D coordinator how do I deffend this. And if i’m the OC where do I need to make the adjustments with this info ????????

  • chuckle49er

    if hill doesnt improve over the next two games they should give smith another try cause smith never had a recieving core like this before he just might suprise us but only if hill doesnt improve

  • It is because of Jimmy Raye that we beat the Cardinals and nearly beat the Vikings. It was his stubbornness with the run, despite its lack of success, that softened up the defense for Hill’s late drives. The man knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.

    • NinerPaul

      Yeah but if puts pressure on the D and our D is not that good >> Like I said in the above comments statistacly only just above average 13th in points allowed, 15th in yards allowed … Hence the loss at Min. and the 45 points against us in the ATL game……We’ll see….. I think the NFL has figured it out by now….

    • dosia510

      jim, i think that philosophy worked in the earlier games, but as we move on into the meat of the schedule, teams will know this and know how to defend it given raye has the creativeness and imaginination as corky from life goes on.

  • mark

    we believe in you alex!

  • redandgold

    NinerPaul..I have no idea why you think we have Brady?? you say what you say about Raye, but dont know what it takes to run an Offense. I dont understand how someone that is a football fan not know anything about football. The reason why we are not doing good on offense is not because of the guy that calls the plays but because of the ones that are playing. I think if we had Brady, no one would bitch about Raye, they just would find something else to bitch about. Its funny to me how people think they know football just because they watch it every sunday. Just play your position and be a fan no matter what happens and stop talking about something you have no idea about. I bleed red and gold but i hate coming on here because people have no idea what they are taking about, which is also the reason why I never post anything. And if we atart winning everyone will say Raye is good.. same old shit…

    To all the true 9er fans STAND UP and support our NINERS no matter what happens!!!!!


    • NinerPaul

      First of all I don't think we have Brady…… I know what we have and am stating my opinion (along with some statisticle facts) based on what we have (Personel)if you've read what i wrote …… In hopes the press will mabey take some of the questions to the coaches so they might have something to chew on (Stats Help!) And if you listen to the press questions you would hear when they ask a questions, they have some facts, statisticle facts, most of the time, or a fact based question. So that is something tangible about football, numbers, like your bank account ….. Lets take your example "Brady" averages 40.1 attempts per game >> Hill 28.8 >> Who do you think is going to have more yards per game? Hummmm >> I do stand up for my team with some facts >> And this isn't just football, its the NFL there are other variables to the game at the highest level >> These aren't just coaches these are strategic planners at the game at hand, desecting everything to get an edge and in my opinion is that we don't have the best stratigic plan to confuse the defense as an offense and I put up the stats to back my opinion. but mabey i'm not "just a fan" as you stated that i just be. I'M A HARDCORE NINER FAN !!!!!!!!!!

    • NinerPaul

      Ohh and from game one “you can read my comments” I never thought Raye was good and that it would catch up with us …. We just did enough to stop AZ from beating us >>> but it didn’t work for Minnesota……

    • chuckle49er

      its rediculous to claim that some of us that post arent as as you say bleeding red and gold as you are we that post on here are all hard core niner fans and if you dont like our posts than dont come here its just crazy to claim who is the biggest niners fan ive been since 1982

      • dosia510

        i agree chuckle, we are all niner fans and apparently hardcore cuz who would even take time out of their day to post on a niner website? HARDCORE FANS!! everybody has their opinions (and a few stats), and i agree wit some and disagree wit others. but its all good wit me cause i know on game days we are all thinking the same exact thing…..GO NINERS MUTHAFUCKA!!!!!!!!

        • NinerPaul

          Yeah you guys are right on……

      • redandgold

        haha dont get me wrong, I am not saying that anyone here is not a niner fan, and I have no right to say that, but I am saying it takes more then just b****ing to be a fan, like having faith and believe. The only thing thats funny to me is how some ppl dont see that its not about how many times hill attempts its about how many he completes. And the only reason hill has looked some what good is because of gore and our D.

        One last thing i want to say is, try to put yourself in Raye place because if i was him, you bet your life that i would not put the offense on hill, but try to do what i can with gore because that is my best chance of winning and know you all would do the same, so just please stop with this Raye needs to get fired shit, and say “we need a qb” because that is our problem, not the one trying to work with what he’s got.

        • dosia510

          i like gore just as much as the next guy. the guys a beast and i love it, but if we put the O solely on him, he wont last too much longer. ur right we do need another QB…next season. smith cant do it, and davis is still way too raw. i support hill all the way this year because he is our best OPTION, but i do disagree about raye. its not just the play calling or the design of the plays, its a little bit of everything. so far every D we have faced has been able to either stop, shut down, or put costant pressure on his schemes. i do believe he will get fired by the end of the year. unless it dramatically changes, thats whats gonna happen. and if it does happen (believe me i hope it does), then i will gladly put my foot in my mouth…..

        • NinerPaul

          OK were cathing on, I’ll give you that, he is ranked 29th out of 36 in completion percentage but in Shaun’s defense the offense is setting a league high in 3 and longs and a 3 and outs so in this case my opinion is we are not coaching to the “personel” we have. That is not Shaun Hill’s game His game is dink and dunks, call some running plays for the running back, spread the ball a little, then use his mobility to hit one down field between the numbers somewhere 15 to 25 yards. This has proven to work for him if you compared his numbers to last years numbers, as his production is down as the attempts are down. That is what Bill Walsh did so well was he coached the personel he had to work with. Shaun is not a third and long QB or any QB for that matter at the rate of how many times he is in the 3rd and long situation. The percentages are working against the QB. If this is the case he will be out of there Alex will probably come in be in the same situation and throw int’s because of the extra DB coverages if he doesn’t take the sack instead. That was Nolan’s philosophy coming from the Ravens as did sing come from >> In fact in 2006 we had 135 Yards a Game rushing, This year 106 down alot! We finished 7 and 9 that year and Alex was healthy all year and started all 16 games. He Had 16 TD’s and 16 INT’s. Shaun in the combined 16 games he played in, he has 23 TD’s and 11 Int’s and the important record of 10 and 5 as a starter. All I’m saying is play to the strength of the personel we have. A QB and and all those reciever taking the hits instead of one Frank Gore taking most of the hits. There needs to be creativity in the passing game period. The numbers tell the story…..

          • redandgold

            I agree… some of the niner faithful may disagree with me but believe me Alex is our best chance if we are trying to make it to the playoffs and if im wrong, I will be the first one to tell you I was wrong, but I truly believe he is the missing part

          • NinerPaul

            Go ahead put Smith in so we can Really put the “Nail in the coffin”……. Tired of hearing this Alex shit …….. I hate to say it because I had high hopes for the guy myself, but he sucks he is not an NFL QB. All the Raw NFL Tools But the guy cannot throw accurately under pressure >> He is not Flacco , Matt Ryan, Breese, his first couple of years even Rogers who has been struggling a little bit! Alex is not even in the same catagory! You guys talk all this crap about Hill And Alex couldn’t even beat him out in pre-season…….. So Go ahead and put him in …….

  • Adam

    We have weapons now and our greatest weapon has chemistry with Alex Smith. Alex Smith had a good year when Norv Turner was calling the plays, but keep in mind we still didnt have the team we have now. Alex Smith deserves a chance to show what he’s got. Alex has stuck with the niners through thick and thin when his teamates( or lack of) should be shouldering most of the blame. Smith knows this offense as good as he knew Norv’s offense and we have talent on offense. I think we are making a grave mistake by not allowing Smith to lead this team.

  • I think our problems are not just with the qb. I do beleive we need an upgrade at some point to become dominant again. As far as the OC I do think the creativity needs to unfold itself. I think we have to many talented receivers not to be using them properly. I am not sure if we are not utilizing them because of our inconsistency on the line, but we have to make some adjustments. I think this will open up the running game some if we make some minor adjustments. I am thankful for frank gore, but we will wear him down if we are not careful. I have saw glimpses of great potential when they get into a rhythm of passing. As far as Alex Smith I am hoping in this time of being on the bench he is really taking this time to become familiar with the offense. I think he has a load of potential, but time will tell if we ever get to see it in him as a NINER… One more thing I think our DEFENSE is very good, but if we don’t get them off the field we will never see how great they can be.

  • Billy

    Here are my thoughts,

    Although he may have screwed us over, I am hoping for Norv Turner to
    be fired and we can hire him as OC. Raye has had his good moments and
    bad moments most likely cause the O-line sucks but his play calling is still
    way out of whack, also not only did we suck that Falcons game, we would have
    lost the Rams game had it not been for Defense.

    With that said although I love Hill he most likely will get pulled soon for A. Smith
    probably towards the end of the season, IF the season goes plummeting down, but
    we got Crabtree and Gore back so everything should be good.

    For the draft Taylor Mays to replace M. Lewis at Safety and one of the top QBs to be
    mentored by Norv. Even though we need pass rush and O-line.

    Prediction against Texans 24-17 49ers move to 4-2, while Cards lose to the G-Men and become 3-3

    • NinerPaul

      I like Eric Berry better as a safety >> I’m hoping the niners win this weekend >> Here is my assesment if I’m the Texan’s Because of the urgency to put Crabtree in there, the OC more than likley will not add many more creativity or new wrinkles to the offense or mabey some variations of old ones but for the most part they obviously will more than likely run 60% of the time as the say they will with gore back >> So I’m going to take my chances with run blitzes to first contain Gore then to collapse the pocket if its a pass. My threats then are 2 to 3 recievers on 5 cover defenders (because Hill will have to call in the extra protection of the extra tight end and full back to block) in the passing game positioning my extra defender near or around V Davis. This will make the Niners O line, QB and the combination of Bruce and Crabtree or Morgan and Crabtree or Morgan and Bruce to beat me. So i tell my cover defenders this game is on you to win as Hill will take the sack rather risk and INT……… So here it is Raye we win by winning the pass blocking and and spreading the offense some to loosen the run game up. ……

    • NinerPaul

      This what Atlanta did, that is why Morgan went down the sideline as the defender missed as the blitz was called so hopefully we can exicute some of the quick routes with Crabtree and let him do what he did at Tech…..

  • Brodie12

    I predict that Smith will be the starter by the half-way point in the season. We won’t be 500 at that point.

  • raphL

    “NinerPaul says:
    October 23, 2009 at 5:33 pm
    Go ahead put Smith in so we can Really put the “Nail in the coffin”……. Tired of hearing this Alex shit …….. I hate to say it because I had high hopes for the guy myself, but he sucks he is not an NFL QB. All the Raw NFL Tools But the guy cannot throw accurately under pressure >> He is not Flacco , Matt Ryan, Breese, his first couple of years even Rogers who has been struggling a little bit! Alex is not even in the same catagory! You guys talk all this crap about Hill And Alex couldn’t even beat him out in pre-season…….. So Go ahead and put him in …….”

    Yeah, way to call it… ace

    • dosia510

      haha funny