Hammer Don’t Hurt Us

animated_mchammerIt seems that the whole Michael Crabtree saga of today has a new twist added to it. The latest tweet from Matt Maiocco is that part of Crabtree’s group is none other than MC Hammer.

Here are Maiocco’s tweets:

I was trailing the play by 30 yards, but hotel staff tells me Crabtree said to MC Hammer as he stepped in SUV, “Get it done.”

And that explains why he seemed offended when I introduced myself and asked him for his name. Sorry, Hammer. My bad.

Final twist: The guy with York and Crabtree, whom I thought looked a lot like M.C. Hammer . . . might actually have been M.C. Hammer.

Now I’m wondering that if/when Crabtree scores a touchdown will he do the You Can’t Touch This Dance as celebration?

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  • Niner Pundit

    HAHA it gets better. This is from Hammer’s twitter: I’m in Monte Hall state of mind….

  • Defunctus

    That explains it. The original agent had mentioned that the niners offer was legit (2legit to quit.) Now these clowns (Hammer with those pants from the 80’s and Dieon) convincing Craptree that hold out to make the niners pay in case of a losing season….

  • chuckle49er

    crabtree had to"pray"just to make it today

  • Cokemule49er

    Watch America’s Game ’91 Redskins. Hammer used to be on the sidelines for Deion when he was playing in Atlanta. Unbelievable, the man was huge for six months in 1991, and somehow he is still relevant to these guys. What’s next, Shaun Hill and Vanilla Ice going to show up at practice together? Somewhat excited to see Crabtree, but I doubt that he will help much this year. If Jimmy Raye can unlock the chastity belt off his playbook and open it up, maybe he can make a difference. Unfortunately, Crabtree hasn’t played a down yet, so he is “Like a Virgin” in the NFL. Anyone getting these Early 90’s references? I’ll stop now.