Douchetree to Renew Negotiations

According to Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas, rookie receiver Michael Crabtree is set to renew negotiations with the 49ers.

First-round draft pick Michael Crabtree left for San Francisco from Tampa, Fla., on Monday to renew contract talks with the 49ers, according to multiple sources.

Crabtree was unavailable for comment. The Dallas native and former Texas Tech receiver has been training in Tampa the past few weeks in Tampa.

Eugene Parker, Crabtree’s agent, is scheduled to arrive in San Francisco on Tuesday. Parker declined comment when reached.

The 22-year-old Crabtree is seeking money comparable to higher picks and has turned down the 49ers’ offer for approximately five years and $20 million, with a reported $16 million guaranteed.

My guess is Michael’s endorsment money is starting to run out, not to mention that 3-1 record without Crabtree can’t make him feel to good.

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  • GoBears1974

    I share the same feelings as most probably do on Crabtree, but it's time to leave it all behind and sign the guy. He will make our team better, maybe only slightly right now and maybe only on paper, but he makes our team better and that's all that matters. Parker really did this guy a disservice as well as his idiot cousin, I will give Crabtree another chance and hope that he is the reason they are coming to town. Not to mention, it would be nice to have our two first round picks for other positions next year. Let's all move on! If you sign Crabtree, welcome, now get to work and show us why you think you deserve that huge contract already. I hope you are right!

    • Hunterboyz

      I agree…
      I think he helps the team.
      So lets see what happens.
      I too, hope he is right about how much he deserves.

  • lyle and erik menend

    u know crabtree, there are other ways to make alot of money…..

  • GoBears1974

    Another thought, can we sign Crabtree and still get a compensatory pick from the Jets if they are found to have tampered with negotiations? I see abolutely no reason why not! What a great outcome that would be for simply four weeks of no Crabtree! A 3-1 record and 3 first rounders in a deep draft!

    • Mas

      We won’t be getting 1st round compensation, that you can be sure of. However, if they are found to have tampered with our contract negotiations, the 49ers will receive some sort of compensation that will probably land us at best a 3rd pick.

      Had we completely lost the leverage to sign our pick b/c of tampering – then I could see a higher pick being a possibility.

      Besides that, I don’t see the financial advantage of having 3 first round picks. BUT – in a perfect world, picking up guys like Taylor Mays (S), Carlos Dunlap (DE), Sergio Kindle (OLB/DE), or Joe Haden (CB) with respects to our defense. With a plethora of OT’s expected to enter the 2010 draft, we should be able to shore up someone for years to come next April.

  • GoBears1974

    True Mas, I was perhaps getting a little over excited with hoping for a first rounder, but I would take anything, 3rd, 4th, etc.

    • Mas

      GoBears1974. Cal Bears?

  • bert

    i for 1 am fairly new to this site and i've always been a huge crabtree fan… here me out by signing crabtree he already makes are team better… that safety wont be in the box and that opens things up for shaun…another point teams will now blanket vernon especially down the middle of the field it looks like the exact same play when he has scored…when gore gets back and if crabtree signs teams will have to pick their poison in the redzone…crabtree is 6'1 215 pounds on the field that is a big frame for a WR…he is what our offense is missing that guy who can attract dbl teams so that opens things up for every1 else…also its not like he's been sittin on his ass gettin fat the guy has been working out so its not like he won't come in somewhat decent shape…crabtree makes us better but in no way will he be a diva because we have a true coach in singletary…coach singletary gots what every player on our team wants SUPER BOWL…im out n always man GOOOOOO NINERZ ALL DAY

    • Mas

      If I was a defensive player for Atlanta, Houston, Indianapolis, Tennessee, Chicago, Green Bay, Jacksonville, Seattle, Arizona, Phili, Detroit or St. Louis (The remaining teams on the 49ers Schedule) – I’d want to hurt that guy who held out for 1/4 to 1/3 of the season just to demand more money.

      Takeo Spikes said most players understand the business side of it as a rookie but it would be wishful thinking to say that opposing defenses wouldn’t love to tear his head off as he came streaking across the middle of the field.

      What I’m wondering is if Parker & CO will sign a 4 or 5 year deal with this year counting towards that length. Will this year be altered or adjusted with respects to his salary he signs for and will his game checks count against it? $18k dollars a game at the league minimum for rookies is a lot different than $4 Mil/yr @ 250k a game. That’s 4 or maybe 5 games depending on when he signs. Had he signed when he should have – that’s $1.0M-$1.25M that he just lost for this year… At least that Subway deal pays for the plane ticket back and forth from Texas to Florida to California… OH.. And the EA Sports deal for the XBOX360 NCAA FB cover. That’s a new pair of earings.

  • Don Juan De Marco

    Well, He's from Dallas, Texas so that explains it all! Houston and Dallas have the shittiest people in Texas. I have been their and the people are so up tight, and I have never seen so many jacked up trucks in my life! Anyhow, I do not see Crabtree making a huge effect his first year Bandwagon fans. Joe Gomez, and other true niner fans on here will agree, he has missed too much camp, and like Jerry Rice said that will effect his play, and his respect in the lockeroom. Crabtree right now just needs to be respectful, keep his mouth shut and produce! I figure this will be a learning year, and his shittiest, but by next year if he doesnt whine his way out of town, he'll make a big impact! We need to humble this little turd, he needs a reality check, and when he enters his first game with boo's, he'll get one! We will conform him like we did Willis, from a Dallas Hee-Haw fan to a championship 49er, the best team in NFL history! # 6 here we come before those Texas Cowbillies!!! Were BAAAAAAAACK!!!!!

    • Mas

      “Bandwagon Fans”

      I don’t pretend to know, care or track individuals who comment on this website. I enjoy the fact that anyone can comment, use expletives and share a train of thought.

      Joe Gomez, Don Juan De Marco – I’m sure you’re not the only two assholes who feel that rich sense of self entitlement but don’t belittle people who care just as much if not more than you about other facets of the organization.

      In one paragraph you have successfully used opinion & stereotype to justify why someone is a douchebag… I’ve never been to Dallas or Houston. All I know is that San Antonio sucks – the atmosphere and drastic changes in weather where the shittiest part of BMT.

      Aside from the obvious. Crabtree DOES need to keep his mouth shut and produce. He will have to earn that respect from his teammates and considering the fact that he won’t even be able to get on the field until week 7 (after the bye)he will have missed a lot of game time. A monkey could have pointed that out.

      Look. What happened with Vernon Davis last year when his attitude kicked in? Sing-Sing punked him on a nationally televised game and subsequently ejected him on his own accord. Mike is not going to tolerate any insubordination by anyone, even if it has little to no effect what-so-ever. To assume that “We” will conform him like “we” did Willis is a stretch. Willis, Crabtree & Davis could really give a fuck about what some over-opinionated, excessive-explanation-point using civilian has to say. If you are not employed by the NFL – you don’t matter.

      As far as using stereotypes to justify arguments.

      You don’t own a passport… Get out more. People suck everywhere.

      As for this comment. I’m out – I gotta go serve my country and fight for some douchebag’s right to free-speech.

  • Darlo49ers

    I really hope this guy can prove to be a team player because he is not in good spirit with true fans! Now that we are doing good he wants to be a part of it! We can make a star out of other recievers!

  • I just hope he, along with Josh Morgan, can give us our next receiving core for the next 10 years!

  • El Mobre

    I say get him signed and get him on the field. He was well within his right to hold out, it was a stupid decision for him to do so, but still within his right. It’s not like he was gonna come out the gates as the best receiver in the league, so if we could win without him and expose some tampering, earn a good pick, then I’m all for it!
    P.S. I’ll still boo him til he proves himself as something other than a Diva.

    • Hunterboyz

      LOL at the PS…

      But everything else is a thumbs up…
      Although stupid to hold out… It was well within his rights.
      I just hopes he lives up to his thought of hype.

      Go niners…

  • Don Juan De Marco

    Mas, I think it is awesome you are seving our country, and thats comendable, but I am a realist Mas, and I do not “Candy Coat” shit. You must be from Texas or be a 49er-Cowboy fan, because why would you be so upset with my comment on the billys. What I was saying is opinion, but true, people are shitty everywhere, but in those citys in particular they are very uptight and rude! I was not stereo typing, I was just telling you what I saw. Seemed like I mentioned the cowbillies, and you got your underwear in a wode. Mas we are all fans on here, some Bandwagon, some not, but I am just being real, cutting through the BS! Mas I’m not the God of this site, I am just a lifelong fan like others on here, who wants the best for our team without beating around the bush! I wish you all well over their, I respect your opinion, and you have mine, but we have something in common we want whats best for this team. Mas, I have been a fan for a long time, and I have suffered alot of shit loses over the years, but I am still a fan through good and bad! The 49ers are coming back to that family atmosphere again, and yes if a player does not believe in that philosophy, he’s out, because thats what Sing wants, no if’s, and’s or but’s!

  • A True Niner Fan

    seems like he might sign today with the meeting an everything tasken place…..mabey Rich Eisen on NFL Network will stop with those stupid Crabtree shout outs on every Niner Highlight….I hate it when he does that!

    • dosia510

      ya that shit is fuckin annoying.

  • Montana2Rice

    A lot of fans have loved saying ‘why does he deserve more money? he hasn’t done anything on the field!’ I agree, but I also think that he doesn’t deserve to be booed for the same reason: because he hasn’t done anything terrible on the field. We 49er fans are lucky to have a great leader to follow in situations like this. If Singletary says he wants him and that he believes Crabtree is a good kid, I am happy to believe that too. If Singletary wants to give him this chance, then I think everyone should respect that and cheer him on. Hold the boos and the judgment for later.

  • Niner Pundit

    PFT is reporting per Maiocco that look for a six year fluff deal,