Crabtree to Start on Sunday?

Matt Maiocco is reporting that Crabtree is likely to get the start ahead of Josh Morgan against the Texans on Sunday.

Josh Morgan started the first five games for the 49ers at split end. But Morgan said today in a one-on-one interview he has been informed Crabtree and Isaac Bruce will be the 49ers’ starting receivers on Sunday.

Furthermore, Morgan remained at the 49ers’ practice facility over the bye week to personally help Crabtree learn the position – and, in essence, take his job. Crabtree was the No. 10 overall pick but finally signed a six-year contract with the 49ers on Oct. 7.

“I’m helping him learn my position and take my position,” said Morgan, who ranks second on the 49ers behind Vernon Davis in receiving. Morgan has 13 catches for 202 yards and one touchdown. “It is what it is. If he can help us win, I’m all right with that.

“They gave him my spot. So if he’s going to be in there, I might as well help him out so I can make sure he gets it right.”

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  • Oh man… hate to see Morgan back on the bench, especially after a long ass holdout. Lets just hope it helps us out in the long run.

  • New Mexico 49er Fan

    Hang in there Morgan, I agree you will replace Brue either this year or next. You are still a WR for the 49ers. GO 49ers and take Houston down.

  • Wow this is shocking to me, but not in a bad way. The 9ers starting Crabtree just says how great his progress has been. Im excited to see what this kid can do since he will undoubtedly be the future #1 of this WR core. Im a little surprised they didn't bench Bruce instead, but Morgan has been struggling a little bit. I still like Josh, but Issac is more of a threat RIGHT NOW for opposing defenses because of his experience, great hands, and great route running. F**k the Tards GO 9ers baby

  • Johnny G

    Just ridiculous Morgan is a gamebreaker get your best players on the field davis walker crabtree gore and morgan. How many more passes are we going to watch Bruce drop this year he's a no. 3 at best. Come on Raye and Sing get the guys who make plays the ball forget Bruce Morgan is going to benefit from gore and crabtree being in the offense more than Bruce. Just stupid!

  • Morse

    I live in Houston and hate it! First time the 49ers are playing here in like 13 years I think, and it has been a long time coming! The 49ers get no love in this town, everyone loves the Cowhicks or the lame ass Texans, they never show the 49ers scores on the tely or any highlights. They don't give the 49ers any love here, and the locals sportcasters give no respect about our beloved team. I'm sure their will be hundreds of crabtree- 49ers wannabee's this sunday at that hotbox reliant, acting like they are fans, when all they really care about is craby because he's from Texas, lol. Wish I was back at candlestick enjoying the weather and the atmosphere instead of being caged up in that hot shithole all day with nothing but drunk hicks and metro-sexuals all around! I am looking at the 49ers putting a beat down on the Texans and showing all of Houston what my team is all about! I will be sporting my Lott Jersey, and I am hoping we shut them out because I will be laughing and talking shit all the way down to the parking lot after the game! If they shut them out I can't wait to hear the local sports casters, their gonna be pissed and jump on the bandwagon! lol, Bastards!

  • ninerfaithful

    Morgan will replace Bruce Next season

  • NinerPaul

    Morgan might of lost his spot after letting up on that would of been touchdown run…….

  • wickerman

    Bad move. Even if Crabtree is better than Morgan (and I doubt it) it is a dumb move. It sends the wrong message. Morgan has played well – yes you can crap on his pulling up on the TD, but with the exception of Davis, Morgan is the only receiving threat to surface this year.

    I know Jones needs time because of his injury, but Crabtree should be rotated in, not put a head of people who actually showed up in camp and worked. Hell maybe he's great and all, but I'd rather see him eat a little humble pie personally.

    And what happens if he doesn't perform any better than Morgan? Do you play musical chairs with these guys? Amazing that Singletary won;t bench Hill int he 4th quarter of a 45-10 blow out to get Smith or Davis some reps, but he'll bench Morgan to start a guy who CHOSE to miss out on reps for 10 weeks.

    I'm starting to wonder what the decision making process is in 9erland.

    • Hunterboyz

      your not concerned about winning games…
      Your more concerned about teaching an individual a lesson….
      You need to grow up…
      Thats high school and College stuff.
      He was merely exercising a “right”.
      I agree that it was foolish to exercise the right, but that was his mistake.
      It doesn’t take a way from him as a football player it appears…
      Lets see what happens.

      Later 49er Faithfuls…

  • ninersredzone

    fuck they keep holding josh down why dont they have isac take a seat

  • Chris

    This just shows how good this kid is. Think about it, Coach Sing is not the kind of guy to get pushed into this by the ownership. If Crabtree was not ready to play then Coach wouldn’t play him. The kid has been working the entire time he was gone with Trent Dilfer, who says the kids is great. Since being in camp he has worked his ass off to learn the play book. Him getting the start just shows that the Niners made the right choice in waiting and signing the kid.

    As for Josh. I think that he has great potential, however he is a smaller speeding guy. I think that he would be a better fit as the 3rd guy, or slot guy. Thats were he was last year and did a great job there. He will get his time next year with Bruce retires.

    Niner fans, this is a good thing. We now have a solid outside threat. Plus this shows that this guy is not the Divia that everyone accussed him of being, because if he was there is no way in hell that he would be starting.

  • 9erbro

    On a side note where is Nolan’s big sub(suck) defense in Denver? I haven’t seen him unleash that cheese all game.

  • chuckle49er

    i think that morgan will work his way back in and it will be a crabtree/morgan combo that defenses will have to deal with with bruce/jones backing up what a recieving core cmon raye go with some big passes trust the recievers lets get some wins dammit go niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Great Post!