Vernon Davis…Who?

Apparently Adrian Forgot About This

Apparently Adrian Forgot About This

Looks like Vernon Davis may have some bulletin board material after the latest comments from Cardinals Adrian Wilson. Arizona reporters were trying to talk with Adrian Wilson about defending tight end Vernon Davis, when asked here was Adrian’s response.

All the reporters and Whos down in Whoville couldn’t get Cardinals Adrian Wilson to talk about 49ers tight end Vernon Davis on Monday.

“Who?” Wilson said.

“Vernon Davis,” said the reporter.

“Who?” Wilson said again.

“The 49ers tight end,” the reporter said.

“Look,” Wilson said, with a little smile, “we’re just going in and playing football. It’s not about individual matchups. It’s not about having me lined up on Vernon, or having Karlos (Dansby) on Frank Gore. It’s about playing team ball.

“I know where my help is going to be. I’m not going to let him get by me, that’s my goal as a player.”

In two games against the Cardinals last season, Davis caught four passes for 69 yards a touchdown.

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  • Hey, “A-DUB”, get ready to get BURNED by VD! Adrian WHO??

  • Eleven11

    Adrian….. Peterson? Yeah I know him. He’s that running back for that one team. The purple ones.

    OH, oh, Adrian Wilson? Yeah I have no idea. Must suck to be a nobody.

  • ninersfan

    I know this is off-topic, but what is going on with Crabtree? I can't find any update on his status. Is he really thinking of sitting out this season?

    • Niner Pundit

      absolutely nothing. He's in the area, caught passes from Dilfer about 3 weeks ago and aside from that nothing going on anywhere. He's and his agent aren't budging and either are the Niners.

  • wickerman

    I hate the Cards with a passion, but let’s be honest, has VD ever done anything to make NFL defenses fear him?

    The guy has been an overpaid blocker for 4 years. Hopefully he breaks out this year, but can you blame Wilson for not treating him like Gonzales or Gates?