The Final Cutdown

The 49ers reduced their roster to the 53-man limit just minutes ago, but that does not mean everybody with the team today will still be here on Sunday.

The 49ers released T Jacob Bender, T Alex Boone, WR Dobson Collins, DL Pannel Egboh, TE J.J. Finley, CB Eric Green, OL Kyle Howard, CB Terrail Lambert, FB Brit Miller, NT/OT Khalif Mitchell, LB Jay Moore, TE Bear Pascoe, WR Maurice Price, FB Bill Rentmeester, LB Justin Roland, RB Kory Sheets, OL Matt Spanos, OL Joe Toledo, LB Mark Washington and WR Dominique Zeigler.

The surprise was that neither Pascoe nor Finley made the team. Both have practice-squad eligibility. Pascoe was the only draft pick to get cut. Seventh-round picks Ricky Jean-Francois and Curtis Taylor both made the team.

Linebacker Diyral Briggs played his way onto the roster with a strong performance last night in San Diego.

The 49ers are expected to scour the waiver wire for help, particularly for backups at fullback and offensive tackle, as well as a blocking tight end. If/when draft pick Michael Crabtree signs with the 49ers, the club will have to create a roster space for him, too. Because he is unsigned, he does not count against the team’s 53-man limit.

Source: Matt Maiocco

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  • Hey Pundit wat is your take on this Crabtree thing? If he doesnt sign dont the 49ers have to put most of the blame on McClueless? He should have done his homework on this guy im mean this was the tenth overall pick we missed out on. Should I watch a draft ever again? Im still hopefull that he signs this week.

    • Cory

      you can blame Scot for this….Crabtree was drafted 10th overall not in the top 5…if management gives in then every other draft pick will holdout for more money….we draft a guy in the 7th round he will want 2nd round money. not going to happen but who knows.

  • Im not on Crabs side I think he is dumb for what he is doing. I just think it's sad for this team to go through this, And it doesnt help wen you have Deion talking garbage on NFL network. I swear if Crabs does sit out and ends up with the Cowboys next year we better call them on tampering charges.

  • A True Niner Fan

    I didnt even want Crabtree …I was hopeing we were gunna draft Orakpo and improve our Pass Rush and as soon as we screwed up on picking this Crabtree Diva the very next pick the redskins took Orakpo, who by the way has signed already and had a great preseason with the redskins…sux that the front office doesnt have a clue

  • josh

    any thought of Garcia being released from the raiders? I wouldn’t mind seeing him again with the 49ers.

  • Niner4Life

    Can someone help me understand what Micash Craptree is thinking? Does he really believe he will be able to enter the draft and get top five money from the 28th or early 2nd round? Is there a team out there really wanting to pay a guy, top dollar that refused to sign is first Rookie contract and has sat out over 15 months worth of football.

    He is giving up $16-$18 million guranteed, to get $6 – $8 million in next years draft? REALLY??

    I’m with “A True Niner Fan”, I don’t want Micash Craptree on the Niners.

  • wickerman

    I can’t help you understand it. It’s TO level diva crap. I think the 49ers should just let him sit period. Our passing game is going to be crap with or without him. I say let it be cheap crap instead of expensive crap.

  • El Mobre

    I can understand what Deion said about the guys in front of him settling early for less money than they could have gotten, but that’s the nature of the draft. When all is said and done, he’ll lose out on waaay more by sitting out the whole season. I say good riddance to him and his dreams of being a #5 draft pick. We don’t need another Wide Rediva ….especially not from a guy who coming off an injury has not done anything to prove his worth.

  • GoBears1974

    I love how Deion says its not about the money! So, if Crabtree goes back into the draft next year, do we get a compensatory pick?

  • dosia510

    gobears i dont think they get anything back at all

  • Ktpett

    I’m with El Mobre and wickerman. Do we really want another distraction at wide receiver? TO has floated to how many teams now? Each departure further labeling him as the issue rather than the team he was a “part” of. CrabtrMe is a distraction and he isn’t even officially of the team yet. I think we are better off dismissing CrabtrMe and Alex Smith in the same year. Two numbers 1s down the drain.

  • Ktpett

    The team that takes him in the draft should have to give the Niners their 1st round pick but unfortunately there isn’t a compensatory pick…just another bad first round pick for the Niners. At least this one is unique and won’t be another Kwame Harris, Rashaun Woods, R.W. McQuarters, Jim Druckenmiller, Dexter Carter, etc.