Singletary: We’ll Open up the Offense More

Singletary was on coachspeak on and he mentioned that as Shaun Hill gets more comfortable in Jimmy Raye’s offense he’ll get the chance to open up the playbook and let Shaun Hill air it out.

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  • Hmpf. We'll see how that works.

  • Bass_Sergeant

    Shaun has already proved he is smart with the ball, and the first interception he threw of the season last Sunday wasn't even his fault and Singletary made that perfectly clear on the side line after it happened.

    Josh Morgan, Isaac Bruce & company are going to finally get a chance to make some huge plays and post some great yardage for us.

    The beating we are going to put on the Rams this Sunday will now be a massacre with Shaun airing it down field. The threat of it alone will be enough to spread their defense out which will backfire every time when Coffee (and Gore starting week 7) end up with the carries on the hand offs!

    Go Niners!!!

  • Joe Gomez

    Well it’s about freakin time!

  • Bass_Sergeant

    You thought our run game was strong before…see what happens when the opposing defense can’t concentrate as much on it!