Seahawks Defense: We Are Frank Gore’s Bitch

See on the replay there, I thought you had Frank

See on the replay there, I thought you had Frank

Dear 12th Man,

On behalf of the city of Seattle we’d like to apologize for the embarrassment we put on the field on Sunday. We don’t have an answer to why we allowed Frank Gore to rush for 207 yards on us and put him in the same company as Barry Sanders as the only runningbacks to ever have TD’s on runs of 75+. Okay, we can’t lie we do have an answer. We are Frank Gore’s Bitch. We shouldn’t be surprised, this isn’t the first time Gore has made us his bitch. Back in 2006 over the span of two games he rushed for over 350 yards on us. Justin Babineaux is still taking crap for that game. Now a few of our players would like to express their deepest apologies.

“It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t hire a head coach with the defensive caliber of the 49ers head coach Mike Singletary” – Paul Allen

“I thought I was the man after being drafted 4th overall. I thought no one would embarrass me. I looked across the sideline and realized that I may not even be half the linebacker Patrick Willis is and for that I’m sorry. Also I’m sorry for the way Moran Norris embarrassed me.” – Aaron Curry

“I know I should have tackled Frank on that first long run of his, but I blame it on the ref. I thought he was going to tackle Frank, but I realized after that the refs are not allowed to make those plays.” – Justin Babineaux

“I apologize for getting excited on plays late in the game where at that point stopping Gore for a yard or two really didn’t matter. But hey at least we contained Glen Coffee.” – Red Bryant

“I apologize for the entire defense. During those two runs by Frank even though we have 9 in the box, we were so focused on Shaun Hill and that strong arm of his.” – Patrick Kerney

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