New Offer for Douchetree?

The Associated Press is reporting that the 49ers may be considering a new contract offer to first round money grubbing holdout Michael Crabtree. On Monday head coach Mike Singletary mentioned that the 49ers have discussed changing their offer, but wasn’t sure if the Niner brass have formally reached out to Cashtree.

“At this time in the year, that may be the case,” Singletary said of making a new offer. “At this point, the whole Crabtree thing, it’s over there. I’m focused over here.”

But the whole Crabass stuff doesn’t stop there. Pro Football Talk has rumors out there that Douchetree is getting nervous after the 49ers win over the Arizona Cardinals.

We’re now hearing that, after the 49ers went into Arizona and knocked off the defending NFC champs without Crabtree, the tenth overall pick in the draft is getting nervous.

We’re told that 49ers players who spoke with Crabtree after the game detected anxiety on his part, and there’s now a sense that he might be getting ready to take the offer that the 49ers have left on the table throughout training camp and the preseason.

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  • Gumionday

    At this point I say leave Crabtree sitting on the curb. He doesn't deserve to be on our team. Key word being TEAM. Crabtree is becoming a TO and he hasn't even played one down yet. The top brass learned their lesson with Alex Smith, they are never going to drop a ridiculous amount of money on a first round pic again.

    We all know that running is going to be the focus this year, Hill will have to go to the air sometimes but when the O-line does its job the Gore will be there to run the right over. In my opinion let him go back to the draft, with and empty wallet.

  • A True Niner Fan

    why are we even still talking about this guy…..the season has started and were just fine without him, were on a mission and defintley dont need this distraction. He did all this too himself , I hope our supposed new concract is even less than before

  • Don Juan De Marco

    I think crabtrees holdout is due to the money and his ego and the fact that he was born and raised a Cowbilly and his family does not want himn to play for their arch Rival! Down with the Cowbillies!

    • chuckle49er

      that is exactly what i believe

  • James

    It couldn’t have made him feel better or help his stock that the team beat Arizona yesterday. I could see him getting nervous and what not and signing just to show that it’s a better team with him in there.

    At this point though I wonder if they really would be better with him on board. Talent wise yes, but chemistry wise I’m not so sure.

  • Don’t be hating on Texans, I’m born Cali but raised Texas. Dont blame Texas for him being a complete douche. I was born and breed in the Niner Nation and hope they challenge that Ahole that people call Mike Crabtree.
    I would like to have him but I dont need that bad energy on my team!

    • dosia510

      i dont think hes blaming or hatin on texans, hes talkin about being raised a cowgirls fan. shit willis grew up a cowgirl fan n look what hes doin for us, crabtree is a bitch!

  • Montana2Rice

    after seeing the jimmy raye offense, not too many receivers are going to jump at the chance to get on the bus. hill had solid numbers, but this offense is limited at the moment.

    and if crabtree reenters the draft, he’ll probably drop spots and lose money, but that could also mean he’ll be on a better team with a better qb and offensive coordinator.

    i really want him to be on the team. i think he and morgan and jones and jason hill could be a formidable receiving corp for a long time. crabtree’s got gifts. sense clearly isn’t one of them.

  • dosia510

    there is no fuckin way the niners will let him re enter the draft next year. if this mud duck doesnt sign then his rights will get traded b4 the draft next year. no way the niners let him walk away for nothin. i would have like to have this rug head on our team 2. anyone notice the list of "one year contract" receivers we have brought in EVERY year since TO left?…:

    curtis conway 2004

    johnny morton 2005

    antonio bryant 2006

    ashley lelie/darrel jackson 2007

    bryant johnson 2008

    brandon jones 2009

    with the exception of jones (given he hasnt played yet) all these mediocre receivers did us no good. we nood someone to compliment morgan when bruce leaves. hopefully jones does that.

    • Brandon Jones signed a five year contract.

      • dosia510

        o my bad. still hope he steps up our receiver corps.

        • I think he will. He was one of the standout players this off-season before his injury. He came from the Titans, so his blocking should be good as well.

  • ninerfaithful

    this guy better be the next jerry rice that al i can say but josh morgan is still the man

  • dosia510

    cant wait till J77 makes a highlight video of the cards game. thanks J77!

  • crabtree left the bay area today, he’s not nervous. he’s just an idiot. i bet he hangs out with kanye west…

  • NinerPaul

    Damn!!!!!! Did you hear that audio clip be Rodney Harrison >>>> He rips Crabtree >>>>>>

  • Don Juan De Marco

    AMEN! Rodney Harrison, he is speaking the truth, I do hope they spread all this on the airways on ESPN, maybe that will give Moneytree a reality check!! And I wasn't hatin on Texans, just some, and like Dosia said, look at Willis, he was a diehard cowboy fan all his life and know he has been reformed, seen ther light on who the best team in football truly is! Willis is not crabtree though, he is the classiest young man In football I have seen since ronnie lott!! He set's a standard!! Crabtree will be harder to reform, he is a Diva!!!