Huard Dumped for Davis

The 49ers released veteran Damon Huard for the more sexy Nate Davis. Heading into training camp and preseason it looked like Huard was the safe option to land the No. 3 quarterback spot, that was until rookie 5th round pick Nate Davis took the field. With Nate’s performance over the past two preseason, it was obvious Huard was expendable. Here is what OC Jimmy Raye had to say about Davis.

“He has a calm demeanor about him,” “He has an ability to go fast and not hurry, and if a guy is open he can hit him.”

With the release of Huard that solidifies the No. 3 spot to the rookie, who has a spot waiting for him on the 53 man roster. After the past two preseason games watching Nate move the offense and his passing ability, Shaun Hill and Alex Smith better watch out. A screw up from either one of them and Nate is moving his way up.

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  • Cory

    IMO we do need to draft a qb in the first round next year….Davis is a our qb…they should start him with the 1st team this last preseason game.

  • Eleven11

    He'll be number 2 by the end of the season if things go well, and if things go bad, he'll be number 1. Mark my words.

  • iloveyou

    i love this guy davis!

  • dosia510

    although i dont agree with ur choice of words,"the more sexy Nate Davis"(kinda fuckin gay) but i love that he beat the fossil Huard. now only if sing and company can show some balls instead of that conservative play calling and just play the kid so he can showcase what he can do.

    • Eleven11

      Sexy the way it's being used here basically means more flash and bang. Like the difference between a Mustang and a Smart Car. The Smart Car will save you crazy money and gas and get you where you need to go (Huard) but the Mustang (Davis) is sexy because it's fast and powerful. It's got nothing to do with sounding gay. It's an expression.

      • dosia510

        copy, thanks.

  • ninerfaithful

    COLT MCCOY that i can say

  • 9erbro

    I think it's safe to say that Davis shows potential. During the last two games he's shown he can be calm under pressure and has a fairly accurate arm coupled with some fine decision making skills. In his career at Ball State he put up pretty good numbers with the exception of the two bowl game fiasco's. But I'm not so ready to throw him into the fire just yet. There's a number of people who are calling him to start, I think that's a little premature. He has played most of his snaps against 3rd and 4th stringers (though he performed well above his competition). I agree that he should see some time with the starters at San Diego. If he performs as well as he has been than we can safely say he a has a pretty good career ahead of him in the NFL. If he doesn't fair as well let him learn for a year. I think the concerns of his disability are over-rated. He was said to be a "project" but his talent level is very high, and the amount he has digested from this playbook already makes me think that if given a year he can be a solid back up maybe even challenge for a starting role next season.

    However,I'm still saying keep Shaun Hill as the starter. Hill is a gamer in the truest sense of the word and deserves his chance. If he falters, depending on the record at the time and our realistic playoff chances we can determine the best course of action.If we are still in the hunt for the division(hopefully) or the wild card (attainable)i say we give Smith a game and we can try to compete as long as possible; if Davis hasn't shown enough there's no sense feeding him to the wolves. If we are out then i say give him a shot and let him learn. We can see him in real game action and try to make a read on if we need to spend a draft pick on a QB. My preference is McCoy.

    Ideally Hill leads us to the playoffs or close to it. I think 8-8 would be a huge confidence boost and Davis will have had a shot to learn the offence for a year. My dream pick in the draft is Taylor Mays from USC.

    Sorry for the length.

  • 8-8 would be a huge confidence boost for who? Only improving by one win would be a let down for this years team. I also would love to see Taylor Mays in 49er red.

  • 9erbro

    I think we are capable of 9-7 or 10-6. I will disappointed as i imagine the team would but finishing .500 after 6 losing seasons is a plus if we go 9-7 and don't make that playoffs the one extra win that is ultimately meaningless vs probably 2-3 spots lower in the draft on our original choice is better in my opinion. I think if we don't win the division we aren't making the playoffs. I think we get 4 division winners. And the "loser" of the NFC East (between PHI and NYG)and the "loser" of the NFC South (ATL or NO and outside chance CAR) will get the final spots at around the 10-6 number.

    8-8 would be disappointing yes but for the team to finally able to say officially were not losers anymore is huge.

  • West

    9erbro, 9ers will make the playoffs, No Worries!! And to top it off we have two 1st round picks next year. Our pick will be late " true" due to making the playoffs but the Panthers have a hard road. I think we r looking at a top 10 pick atleast from them….lol

    Panthers Regular Season Opponents

    1 Sun, Sep 13 Philadelphia

    2 Sun, Sep 20 @ Atlanta

    3 Mon, Sep 28 @ Dallas

    4 BYE WEEK

    5 Sun, Oct 11 Washington

    6 Sun, Oct 18 @ Tampa Bay

    7 Sun, Oct 25 Buffalo

    8 Sun, Nov 1 @ Arizona

    9 Sun, Nov 8 @ New Orleans

    10 Sun, Nov 15 Atlanta

    11 Thu, Nov 19 Miami

    12 Sun, Nov 29 @ NY Jets

    13 Sun, Dec 6 Tampa Bay

    14 Sun, Dec 13 @ New England

    15 Sun, Dec 20 Minnesota Stadium

    16 Sun, Dec 27 @ NY Giants

    17 Sun, Jan 3 New Orleans

  • I see your point, but still think you're selling us a little short. Sure, we have a tough schedule this year, but I think 10-6 sounds about right. Of course we have to avoid the injury bug to get to that number of wins. If we can set the tone week one and beat the Cardinals soundly, we could be in for a great season. Hopefully the Panthers struggle and we can package some picks together in the draft to move up and grab Mays.

  • 9erbro

    ****My Mistake the second sentence should be two and read:

    I think we are capable of 9-7 or 10-6. I will initially disappointed as i imagine the team would be about finishing anything less that but finishing .500 after 6 losing seasons is a huge plus. If we go 9-7 and don’t make that playoffs the one extra win that is ultimately meaningless vs probably 2-3 spots lower in the draft on our original choice is better in my opinion.

    To add to the second point I don't think the tie breaker is in our favour ( Our SOS/SOV is lower than most being in the NFC West, we don't play the NFC South and our offence isn't gonna put up huge numbers so that further complicates things.

    I sound a bit like a pessimist but I am confident we can challenge for the division this year. Next year we will be force in the league assuming we have a good draft (read what you will into that).

  • 9erbro

    I agree with you both (West and Boucher)i can completely see us with 10-6 and that prolly wins us the division but if we finish 9-7 tied with ARI tie breaker might be in their favour due to their offence putting up large points. If so i don't think 9-7 is a wild card number this year. Last year i think philly was final wild card at 9-6-1 (better that 9-7) though chances of another tie are 1 in 100. If we are up against NO,PHI, or NYG (I think NYG win NFC EAST) for the final wild card spot the tiebreakers are in their favour.


    Here's my Panthers Calls. Based on Home Teams rarely lose division games at home in NFC SOUTH. Exception being TB I think they will be awful.

    1 Sun, Sep 13 Philadelphia (L)

    2 Sun, Sep 20 @ Atlanta (L)

    3 Mon, Sep 28 @ Dallas (W)

    4 BYE WEEK

    5 Sun, Oct 11 Washington (W)

    6 Sun, Oct 18 @ Tampa Bay (W)

    7 Sun, Oct 25 Buffalo (W)

    8 Sun, Nov 1 @ Arizona (W/L) Tough Call. They'll be pissed

    9 Sun, Nov 8 @ New Orleans (L)

    10 Sun, Nov 15 Atlanta (W)*

    11 Thu, Nov 19 Miami (W)*

    12 Sun, Nov 29 @ NY Jets (W)*

    13 Sun, Dec 6 Tampa Bay (W)

    14 Sun, Dec 13 @ New England (L)

    15 Sun, Dec 20 Minnesota Stadium (L) Essentially a mirror image but better

    16 Sun, Dec 27 @ NY Giants (L)

    17 Sun, Jan 3 New Orleans (W)

    * I see them losing one of these games but can't pick which one (I'll say MIA)

    So around 9-7 or 8-8 outside 10-6, basically our range. Which based on last years standings put it about 10-15 range. I think that's just outside Mays range based on a few mock drafts definitely outside McCoy's and probably Tebows.

  • West

    Davis to Crab……Sounds like something to look forward to… Not this year because i would like to see Davis get atleast a year to learn and adjust to the NFL…On Crabtree He will sign soon! He never said anything to the public about the process… Showing Restraint in my eyes…. Once he signs then judge his behavior….Its irrational for fans to have hate for the guy.

  • 9nerfan

    check this article out. The GOAT JERRY RICE has finally gotten tired of these diva recievers. this is what he had to say.

  • West

    Bobby Bouche.. T. Mays would be nice.. I had him if he came out, but Goldson i have faith in and Lewis is a lock… With one of our 1st round picks i hope we pick up Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama… "Beast" 6'5 340 something…..A big man to be able to dunk… Watch him this year…. Theres al.ot of DT's this year…. Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma is another one.

  • West

    Erock, i hear u but i Cant do it…. i hate Dallas..

  • 9nerfan

    i think t. cody would be nice but if abreyo franklin can hold down that line than i think eric berry would be a very nice pick if goldson doesnt work out. he reminds me of ed reed but with more pop. what do u guys think of dez bryant. i mean we can always use a very good reciever especially if crabtree is really dumb enough to sit out this year to reenter the draft next year. haha.

  • 9erbro

    1) 9nerfan & West- Good Articles

    2) West- NT would be nice. Cody is certainly a Beast, but I think if we go D line 1st Suh would be the better player as he projects to be a 3-4 End. Franklin and the rest of the rotation don’t always look pretty but I think we had one of the lower YPC against us last year. The rushing totals (in terms of yards) was due to teams running the clock out in the 2nd half. Us getting Suh or even Cody might be wishful thinking judging by Raji, Ellis, Dorsey etc draft spots all in top 10 last couple of years. We certainly should finish outside that range. I think our first rounders will both be in the 11-20 range. Thats maybe outside of Cody,Suh, and Mays. HAven’t seen much on G. McCoy, I’ll have to take a look.

  • 9erbro

    West- I think Lewis is a good player but pretty old and once concussions start they get more common. 2 in 1 week slightly worries me. Goldson amazes in practice but has yet to shine in a game. If Reggie Smith continues his imporved play I wouldn’t be averse to going the DT route.

  • 9erbro

    Goldson also has injury concerns. Lewis’ cover skills arn’t the best any more. He has always been more of a run stopping safety. Mays has the size and i would say better cover and ball skills. Eric Berry (S) from Tennessee has potential as well.

    • dosia510


      • wickerman

        I doubt a Jackson for Smith trade would work for wither side. They are similar guys. I really don;t see either guy being an upgrade over the other.

        I think right now the 9ers need to hold on to Smith in case Hill gets hurt. Jackson would have to come over and learn the offense etc and if – god forbid – Hill gets hurt early in the season, you;d end up having to start Davis anyway because he would be the only one of the 2 guys who knows the offense.

      • Erock85

        Minnesota won’t trade Jackson for another QB… they have too many QBs as it is which is why they are trading Jackson.
        Happy Nate made it… would like to see him take Smith’s spot as #2, and eventually the #1. Though if that happens this year… we’ll have lost too many games.
        As for Carolina… lose baby lose! I hate rooting for the Cowboys, but I think we’ll need to in that one!

  • West

    9erbro, glad to see u follow your college ball, always some good talks….I like Suh also but his injuries concern me alittle… On Mays your right and i agree on him being gone. Al Davis is dreaming of him as we Berry is a nice pick… Im hoping we wont have to go there… We need to work on that line….We cant count out Curtis Taylor, see what he can do or even if he makes the team. Im pulling for him… Im still counting on the Panthers to not do as well as last year. Delhome will struggle against the D’s he’ll be facing this year.

  • West

    time to laugh at J. Russel

  • 9erbro

    Berry is good but I€ think he is limited to FS because of his size. Thats where is prefer Mays he’s huge even if he can’t ball hawk as well i think nobody tries to catch it over the middle with him and Willis covering over the middle.

  • dosia510

    i love how n. davis has a nice rapport with d. walker.

  • West

    Sheets,Miller,Boone,Spanos JJ Finley and Bear…I hope they make it through to the PS.

  • Final Cuts, Glad Jason Hill made it, but suprised Spurlock made it with Rosson. Wish we kept Sheets, he a good change up. We also need another RT badly. Whats up with Levi Jones?

  • josh

    Raiders released Garcia. It would be stupid for the 49ers not to pick him up. I think he would be good enough to start on this team (we’re not exactly loaded at the QB position. Even if he didn’t get the starting position he would be a solid back up. I think passing on Garcia would be a missed opportunity and yes I am keeping in mind that he is an aging vet.

    • Eleven11

      Yes, but we already have our 53 man roster, and 3 QBs. It would be awesome to get him, don't get me wrong, but I think there are a lot of reasons we can't.

      Alex Smith just renewed his contract, and Nate Davis might be the future so we should nurture the talent and keep him too. Hill is an amazing 2nd string, so no matter what we would have 4 QBs if we got Garcia.

      He will be a very expensive backup. He is probably used to making decent money, and considering we aren't willing to give Crabtree big money, Garcia has even less of a chance. And if we DO give Crabtree big money, that's even less salary cap room.

      Singletary may not want to have anything to do with the 49ers past. He passed up on T.O., and I bet he wants this vision for the future he has now, and may want to separate himself from former players and carve his own legacy.

      Other than these issues, I think getting Garcia would be an amazing move. It's a shame that I don't see it happening :( I do hope I'm wrong though.