Highlights: Wk2 – 49ers vs Seahawks and more…

That time again, time for the highlights from the win over the Seahawks. Two parts of highlights and three parts from the 49ers Point After Show. Thanks again to Jason for the videos.

Part I

Part II

The Point After Part I

The Point After Part II

The Point After Part III

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  • seekret_sauce

    Thanks Jason for the highlights, fortunately I found the game online but it's good to see highlights as always.

    Can anyone point me to a website the streams live video of the game as well. It starts with an E, I know it's not much but someone posted this link while I was waiting for the stream on justin.tv Hopefully someone can help me out because I checked and they're not showing the 49ers v. Vikings game here in Hawaii…AGAIN!

  • johnsmokin

    thank you for the videos, watched them all

  • its funny when every body said that my team was goin g to lose…shitig on thier faces rite now….vikings are next

  • #1

    Thanks man, nice work. Well appreciated

  • J77

    Thanks guys! It's always nice to know people are actually watching these things. =P

  • Joe Gomez

    This is great, I live in Sacramento so I dont get the point after anymore when I used to live in the bay. Thanks Pundit and especially to you Jason. Will this be up every week?