Gore to Miss Two Games

The 49ers took a hit from the injury bug, when it was determined that Frank Gore would miss two games dues to two separate injuries to his right ankle and foot.

Gore’s status was determined early Monday night when an MRI scan taken at Stanford Hospital earlier in the day revealed a strain to the running back’s right ankle and a sprain to the hind area of the same foot, near the heel. Both injuries are to the rear of his foot.

Rookie Glen Coffee will replace the injured Gore. Hopefully Kory Sheets get a call up from the practice squad, which is unlikely since Michael Robinson will most likely backup Glen Coffee.

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  • New Mexico 49er Fan

    We play the RAMS and then a bye, will Gore be ready for the next game?

    • Hunterboyz

      Good Question…
      It does say two games rather than two weeks though…
      So I’m guessing two games = three weeks.
      We’ll pull through though.

      Go Niners!

    • wickerman

      We play the Rams and then ATLANTA and then a bye.

      The Rams are certainly beatable w/o Gore. The Falcs? Not so easy…

  • A True Niner Fan

    I really dont think the injury is as bad as the media is making it out to be…I think hell just miss the Rams game but tell the coaches that he will want to play against Atlanta this whole 3 weeks thing seems like its more of a playing it safe call then actually when Frank will be totally healed, only time will tell if Im right

  • Chris

    I would much rather Frank sit out until after the bye. Remember it is a long season. We got a lead in the Division and a super strong D. We can easily beat the Rams w/o Gore and hell I don't think that the Falcons are as good as the Vikings and we played them so tight that if it wasn't for a hell of a play by a Hall of Famer we would have won that game w/o Frank. There is no reason why the Niners can't win both games and enter the bye week at 4-1. Then we ger Frank back at 100% and kick the shit out of everyone else we play all the way to the playoffs and who knows maybe all the way to Miami in Feb. Defense wins championships and the last time I checked we are pretty damn good on D.

    • NinerPaul

      I’m with these comments ….. Also its sad to say but I expected this ….. Gore is somewhat injury prone dating back to his U of Miami days…… I think they should activate sheets but then again Sing wants to pound the ball so i think thats the reason why he wants Michael Robinson….