Gameday Preview: Week 2 49ers vs Seahawks

The Seahawks come to town, for what is already a big game of the season. Both the 49ers and Seahawks are 1-0 and both are looking to take a nice 2-0 lead within the division. The Seahawks came off a 28-0 win over the Rams and the 49ers knocked off the NFC Champs in their own house. This should be a good game on both sides, the rivalry is there. This time however Eddie D is in the house.

When the 49ers have the ball:
One thing is certain the 49ers will not be held to 22 yards rushing, not against this Seahawks defense. I expect Gore and Coffee (if he gets any touches) to run all over the Hawks defense. This week they certainly need to get the ground game going. Shaun Hill showed that he could get them in the endzone when he needed to, but I’d much rather rely on the legs of their runners than the arm of Hill. Look for more of the same in what we saw against the Cards, run the ball first, second and then third look for the pass. Teams will continue to stack the box until Hill can consistently show that he can get it done with his arm, no one is scared of Hill’s arm.

When the Seahawks have the ball:
The Hawks will not be able to run on this defense. In order for the Hawks to win they’ll have to do it in the air. Tight End John Carlson will most likely be Hasselbeck’s target on gameday. If Bly, Clements, Spencer can shut down TJ Houshdmandjakseodkaszah and Co. like they did Fitz and Boldin it will be a long day for the Seahawks.

Key Matchups:
49ers offensive line vs Seahawks front seven – Seahawks will try to do what the Cards did and that is shut down the run game. I don’t see it happening. You have to believe Singletary ripped the O-line a new asshole this week and they’ll go out and prove that last week was a fluke.

49ers D vs Seahawks O – The 49ers came out swinging last week on D, they shut down the Cards offense and got lots of pressure on Warner. Now let’s see if they can continue intensity and have Hasselbeck running for his life.

The Seahawks are not playing the Rams this week and the 49ers are not facing a high flying offense like they did last week. It will come down to the Niners running game, they get that going they roll. Which I think they will. Oh and Jim Mora is no Mike Holmgren. Nothing scares me about this Seahawks team, nothing.

49ers 23 – Seahawks 13

Born and raised a diehard Niner fan. I have nothing better to do with my time than sit here and cram my opinions down everyone's throat.
  • DeeKon52

    BIG GAME…..Let's Go NINERS!! Do it for Eddie!!!

  • wickerman

    I think everyone might be surprised. I am expecting a 8er win bur I really don;t see it being easy. I think the Cards okine is just overrated TBH. The Hawks may not allow the kind of pressure taht we got on Warner. If so, make no mistake that Hassel and Tj could put up real big points.

    Nate and the rest of the secondary were good last week, but it helped alot that Warner was running for his life. IF we don't do the same vs the Hawks we are in BIG trouble.

    I really think the Niners can take this, but I also think the Hawks are a more dangerous team right now than the Cards.

  • dosia510

    “Oh and Jim Mora is no Mike Holmgren. Nothing scares me about this Seahawks team, nothing.”

    wow. i couldnt have put it better myself. the seacocks will also have confidence coming into this game as well coming off such a lobsided win last week. but then again so did the cardinals and look how we panned out. im excited for this game and i believe we can and will get that run game going on all cylinders. if we can shut them down and prove we are a contender in this division/nfc, that will be a hell of a confidence booster going into minnesota. GO NINERS!!!

  • theterrible

    I fear you’re a bit overconfident about our run game against the Seahawks. They shut down Steven Jackson last week, and if our O line doesn’t get it together I’m not so sure we’ll do any better. I wouldn’t bet on them drastically turning it around, especially with those Seahawks linebackers hitting the holes.

  • tre_fizzle

    I think this game is about offense for the 49ers. The defense I know will show up and give problems to Harasselbeck. I think if Hill can show early that he can make some plays with his arm, we’ll be all over it. Our O-Line better hit somebody in the mouth (and not get penalized for it!). Playing at home will be huge too.

    Go 9ers!

  • Montana2Rice

    Not sure where all this confidence is coming from. The Cards shut down Gore in part by repeatedly run blitzing up the middle. Their linebackers were in the backfield before the pulling 9ers guards could get over to their new assignments. The 9ers should expect the same kinds of blitzes up the middle. I know that Raye and Singeltary have said that the O Line is at its best when rushing up the middle, but i wonder if they will rush to the outside at all.

    The Cards had some success in the short passing game, especially bringing Fitzgerald across the middle in the 7-8 yard range. Seattle’s passing game is similar to the short passes that were the most successful for the Cards. Could be a challenge.

    Also, it’s easy to see how the 9ers PASS RUSH PASS RUSH PASS RUSH enthusiasm could be used against them. Screen passes and outside runs could exploit the exuberance of guys like Manny Lawson and Justin Smith who seemed to have been rushing the corner a lot. I hope they find a balance of downfield pass rush and holding assignments.

    • dosia510

      hey montana u make some excellent points. but even how successful the cards were with their dump-offs and short passes, it wasnt enough for them to put more points on the board than us. sing is a D minded guy and i believe Munusky will game plan for those plays given our secondary is playing very well. i agree that the seacocks will run blitz up the wazzoo and all we can hope for is that grandfather raye can be smart enuogh to counter with outside run plays or screens. overall i really truly believe we will be 2-0 come monday. remember too we have home field advantage.

  • A True Niner Fan

    Sea Chickens are Goin Down! its our Home opener and are Guys will be ready…..look what we did on the Road against the NFC champs now we will have our own Home crowd to feed off of….Its gunna gunna be a bright sunny day of Victory for the Niners!

  • Ryan-T1000

    Don’t forget that hill_ the seahawks middle linebacker is out…

  • seekret_sauce

    What sucks about all this talk is that I won't be able to watch it here in Hawaii. Damn TV station rather show Golf than the 49ers v. SeaCocks. ak;dlfakdjf!!ja[odfj

  • chuckle49er

    hey ssekret_sauce watchit on or ustream .com

  • NinerPaul

    This game …. Lets say this is NFL Coaching 101 …… Different match ups on both sides of the ball….This game will definetly be coached differently than the cards game …… Better tight end very good 1 and 2 recievers slightly better than average runners Good QB as well ……. We definetly need the pass rush this game ……. my main concern is the Tight End …. Need a big game from the line backers….

  • NinerNation

    I only recently found this site, and holy crap, I love this place!

    I’m not too worried about this game, mainly because of Mike Singletary. If Nolan was the HC, I’d be terrified that the team would come to this game expecting a cake-walk. Singletary is smart enough, and influential enough to keep the player’s perspective where it should be.

    The Seahawks are not as powerful offensively as the Cards, and we shut them down(Minus the underneath routes to Hightower). The one thing that I feel really plays into our hands, is that Walter Jones is once again hurt. Their LT will not be able to stop Justin Smith, and that’ll free up Manny Lawson to have a big game.

    I also agree that if our O-Line can even play decently, then this’ll be an easy win. I love that the Seahawks think they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread now that they’ve beaten up on the worst team in the NFL.

    All that being said, I’m worried about Jimmy Raye. I was greatly upset with his playcalling(or lack thereof) last week and I’m ready to dub him Hostler Sr. if he does that again. In my opinion, barring injury, Raye will be the only hurdle for the 49ers this year.