Brett @%?&# Favre!!!

Like most other football fans, I respect Brett Favre (aside from his waffling and wishy-washy mannerisms) and what he has accomplished in his NFL tenure. He is an amazing player and is in many ways unparalleled in his accolades.

However, there are two sides to Brett Favre. In essence there is both a good and evil version of the man. The good Brett Favre is the man who runs down field after throwing a touchdown and picks up his receiver in a fireman’s carry. The evil Brett Favre is the one who has ripped out the hearts of other team’s fans more than one would like to count. The latter Favre is one 49er fans know all too well.

I have spoken with several Green Bay Packer fans since Favre left the frozen tundra. Most of them, if not all have conveyed a genuine distaste for the man since his departure to greener (the Jets) and now purpler (is that even a word?) pastures. Seemingly even those who once loved him dearly admit to the wickedness of this “Bizzaro Favre”. 

As 49er fans, my family, friends and I can tell you unequivocally and without trepidation that the evil Favre exists to torture us without an ounce of hesitation. It has been one of his game day staples since taking over for an ineffective Don Majowski a game and a half into the 1992 season.

I am still haunted by recollections of Favre running amuck on the field, tossing touchdowns with abandon, and evading blitz packages like a straight man with a bull’s-eye on his rear in the Castro District. More often than not this catalog of heinous memoirs culminated with Favre ending the 49ers season in the playoffs. My father’s hatred for him might run deeper than mine as he once referred to Favre as the “antichrist”. That might have been a bit harsh, the second coming of Stalin maybe, but the antichrist?

Regardless, as I continue to go through life with these visions in my head I am left with three that while I have tried for years to dispel, are the worst and most anguishing of my sports existence.

October 14, 1996: Six days before my son was born the 49ers went to Green Bay on a Monday night and took an early 17-6 lead on their new rivals behind backup quarterback Elvis Grbac’s two touchdown connections with Jerry Rice. The game fell apart in the second half as Favre completed a 29-yard dart to Don Beebe who fell the ground, rose to his feet and ran to the end zone for the score.

Replays would show that cornerback Marquez Pope had touched Beebe after he fell, meaning he should have been called down. At the time the league lacked a replay system so the touchdown stood. The Packers played San Francisco to a 20-20 tie in the fourth quarter and won the game on an overtime field goal. Sure this was only a regular season game on the way to a 12-4 campaign but I saw it as a sign of things to come, and of course it has been just that.

January 13, 2002 – Wildcard Playoff: Horrible, horrible game is all I can say on this one. The 49ers went into Lambeau field led by Jeff Garcia, Terrell Owens, and a stingy defense. The first two quarters were played to a virtual standstill as the visitors went to the locker room ahead 7-6. The second half was a different story entirely as Favre who was a very mortal 6 of 8 for 43 yards to that point, returned to God-like form going 16 of 21 for 226 yards. His virtuoso performance subsequently ended the 49ers season yet again. As Favre stood on the sidelines with that damn cheesy grin he might as well have been digesting my freshly removed heart. I don’t think I had ever hated him more…


… until now.

September 27, 2009: There are a few other games that could merit being my top three losses at the hands of the “man that time forgot” but this one makes the list for a myriad of reasons. First and foremost the 49ers had this game won. There was just a bit too much Favre magic at the end.

To lose a game that they had a very real chance to win hurts a player and does not dissipate quickly, but it comes with the territory. For a fan it can be almost as horrible an experience. The back and forth of this game was so intense I needed a pick line attached to a bag of vodka midway through the third quarter.

I just remember the air being sucked out of my living room as soon as referee Jerome Boger came back with the verdict that decided the game. It brought back all of the disturbing recollections from the past. This was the 49ers chance to truly put themselves on the NFL map by dispatching of the media darling Vikings in their own backyard. Even more important is that this was an opportunity to put Favre in his place and show him that the 49ers were not going to be his perennial whipping boys any longer. They went after the best player in the game in Adrian Peterson and held him under 100 yards rushing and no touchdowns. The defense played exceptionally well, even with leaving at least three interceptions on the field and the 49ers had a chance to win despite losing Frank Gore to an ankle strain on his first carry of the game.

I failed to see it through my rage on Sunday but there is in fact a silver lining to this loss. I actually felt pain from it, it mattered to me, more so then any other loss since that 2002 playoff defeat. The past six years have been nothing short of agonizing, revolting even.

The 49ers had been the epitome of a rudderless ship under Dennis Erickson and Mike Nolan. They failed to post a winning record in any of those seasons. It’s as if a long lost friend whose company was enjoyed every Sunday without fail disappeared from my life, never to be seen again. With Mike Singletary being named head coach last December after the season finale that friend seems to have come home. It’s re-emerged in the form of a true team, one who will go the extra mile for each other and leave it all on the field. The fiery coach has instilled a very real identity in San Francisco. It no longer appears that the players and coaches are just going through the motions and collecting a weekly game check.

With a record of 2-1 the 49ers lead the NFC West by one game over Arizona and Seattle, the two teams they have already beaten. Sure they could and should be 3-0 but they sit in a respectable position nonetheless. With a home game this Sunday against the lowly St. Louis Rams all signs point to them moving to 3-1 and taking a commanding division lead.

I highly doubt that Sunday’s loss will determine the season, Singletary won’t allow it. With postgame locker room comments like; “You hold your head up! You do not need to put your head down for nobody! You hold your head up! You understand? You hold your head up, your shoulders back and let’s rock! OK?” and “We’ll see them again, in the playoffs!” we can surmise as much.


 Regardless, I will always loathe Brett Favre!!!

  • xpnsivwino

    One slight mistake in your column:

    “Sure they could and should be 3-1 (should be 3-0!!!)but they sit in a respectable position nonetheless”

    And after the rams, SHOULD be 4-0, but will then have to settle for 3-1.

    • James Jones

      I'm sorry that's all you got from the article man…

  • Joe Gomez

    Good article. This guy has been a nightmare to all niner fans for soo long. I can’t wait until he finally retires.

    • Mosie

      "This guy has been a nightmare to all niner fans for soo long. I can’t wait until he finally retires."


  • James

    It’s a pain that is felt by all Niner fans the world over Joe.

  • xpnsivwino

    No, that's not all I got. That's the ONLY part that I disagreed with. Other than that, I feel the same pain as you, and the rest of the Niner fans. Bright side is, the rams are up next, so the Niners should be undeafeated in their division.

    • James

      I'm just saying it wasn't a disagreement as much as it was a minor typo.

      I feel ya though, Rams should be a vengence game.

  • ninerfaithful


    • James

      You mean James Faithful? Haha.

  • Brodie12

    Great article James. I felt the same way on Sunday afternoon. The frustration and discomfort level was so strong, I had to pick a fight with the wife just to get the game off my mind.

    If Singletary can leave this game behind, then so can I. My wife on the other hand is a harder sell.

    • James

      It was funny but my wife actually fell alseep a few times only to be woken up by my brother and I screaming and jumping around after each big play the Niners had.

  • chuckle49er

    love the aticle kudos i cant stand favre although he is a great player how can you have so much luck against one team every time its disgusting that last play made me want to shoot my tv (i wouldnt do that)on top of that they need to quit being so damn conservative on offense and defense you go for the kill score again then demolish favre with more than a three man rush any way i think it was more a great catch than great pass.

    • James

      I wanted to shoot my TV as well! I opted for a less destructive route however and broke out my bad call brick and threw that instead!

  • Brodie12

    Hill is playing to the level not of his competition but to his coach.

    • dosia510

      why are u bashibg hill, hes not the one who lost the game.

  • Gumionday

    James thanks for the good article. The Packers have been a thorn in our side for too long and Brett has done some evil things to us. But man it really felt like I was getting my heart ripped out after I saw this play. I felt so good previously cause all the football discussion I had have with friends prior to the game was man if we can keep it close it will be a good game, but we almost took the win and I was starting to celebrate inside a little and then it just got sucked out. Man I can’t wait for sunday and get this whole game behind us. I really want to slap Jimmy Raye though, one pass play on either of our last two drives would have been enough to ride the clock out to 3-0. When Shaun needs do it he has done it and we need to give him that opportunity.

    • James

      I agree Gum… a pass on that last drive would have been ideal, Minnesota was expecting the run as eveidenced by their stacking the box on all three downs. A quick out to Davis (who of course was having a monster game) or even a slant to Bruce would have been the team needed to secure the win and come home 3-0.

      St. Louis should be a good way to get some swagger back by beating a team they should. I hope they come out with a vengence and annihilate them.

    • NinerPaul

      Yeah … To me this game was about “the run call” When they made that call I was ahhh mannn, were just given them a chance to win …… I was like well hopefully the D can stop them ….. so when Favre and Lewis made the play i was like just 70 to 80% devestated because the run call took the other 20 to 30%…..

  • NinerPaul

    Like after the devestaing lost last year in Arizona on that monday night….. We have the Ram’s at home again to take it out on….. We were up 35 to 3 by halftime……

  • Danny

    Good show James, As a transplant from the east coast and a part time Jet fan I do sympathise with the fact of how Brett &*%$ Favre can be the peverbial thorn in the side. All the Jet Fans I know and just like all Jet fans they are still looking for the second comming of Broadway Joe, Upon the arrival of Mr Touchdown there were mixed emotions about his age and performance, however at that age they still thought in the back of their minds that Miami wasnt going to be far off, They just needed an image, its not like he had anyone to throw to or run and even still block with the children he was blessed with.. All rookies give or take a few. After signing a small 1 year deal and giving the City the hope of getting to Miami it was still in the back of the minds of New Yorkers that it was too good to be true. What does he do he played out his contract to a ho hum even season again denying the Jets a playoff birth,( not sure of how many wins or losses) and takes his money with the promise of FINALLY retiring, only to turn up in Minnasota with the #1 running back in the league Adrian Peterson. Now you tell me, What is he trying to prove? WHO KNOWS! I think that he will get through 1/2 the season and suffer a final career ending debilitation never to see Mr Touchdown again! Hopefully! anyway GO YANKS!

    • Will

      Not to rub salt in your wound but I want to make sure Mr. Favre gets ALL the credit he deserves. Don't forget that after saying he was retiring (again) from the Jets he asked… wait, pretty much demanded his release. I don't think that was so he could go in the HOF as a Packer. Lets also remember he was trying to go to the Vikings last year (he said so in an interview, they were accused of tampering, Packers put a clause so he had to be traded out of the division). He used the Jets for this exact scenario. I feel for 9er fans (I'm a Ravens fan) and hope after your team feasts on the Rams you can all sit back and watch the Packers knock the snot out of him.

  • Brodie12

    Does Raye last the year? Wasn’t there a Norv Turner student or assistant out there? I can’t see how this guy keeps getting hired. The best thing that could happen to him is to get hired by the Cowboys.

  • Brodie12

    Oh, and by the way; how many teams have starting QBs in the NFL who could have made that throw Favre made on the winning play? Every one but the 49ers. Hill is also just inches away from having about three or four more INTs with his rocket outs.

    • NinerPaul

      Who cares the QB did his job………

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  • James

    Nothing would make 49er fan happier Will… thanks for the comment!

    I am more then willing to give Favre credit and respect for his play on the field. That last one was a HOF player making a HOF play and I guess I can live with that. It's not the battles in a given NFL season but the war that counts. I think Singletary has his men believing in that exact fact and that it will shine through on Sunday against St. Louis.

  • Joe Gomez

    Favre is great we all know that BUT that was a spectacular catch made by a WR who was sitting on the sidelines the whole game. He deserves just as much credit for that play.

  • Brodie12

    You are right Joe. Favre has thrown another 400 TDs against other teams. It is no accident. In the end, it absolutely never should have come to that position in the game. I will let it go, but man, if it happens again….

  • Brodie12

    Great point. I can honestly say that last week is a distant memory in my mind. Let's see what they can do to open up the playbook against the Rams.

  • dosia510

    im just glad i was in maui when i watched this game at a bar & grill. after my soul was drained out of me but yet again by this fuckin asshole, i eagerly retreated to the beautiful white sand beach next to my villa…….and contemplated drowning myself in that salt-watered, crystal clear blue ocean water…..then i remembered we play the lambs…life will be good again.