49ers Win Opener 20-16

The 49ers start the season off with a win against their division rival Cardinals. Thanks in part to Justin Smith, Parys Haralson and the rest of the 49ers defense. It was an ugly win, but a win none the less.

One thing is certain Jimmy Raye and the offense better wake the F up and figure out what the hell they are going to do. The Offensive line sucked, Gore sucked, Hill didn’t fair much better.

The defense did everything they could to shut down Warner and Co. early in the first half, but the offense struggled to move the ball, outside of a 50 yard pass by Hill the offense stunk up the first half and majority of the second half.

A win is a win and I’m happy about it, but the offense better wake up. Loved the pressure the defense put on Warner, if they can continue that and somehow figure out what to do on offense the 49ers should be in good shape.

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  • TheRock512

    Yes, the offensive line wasn't good today, which directly attributed to the poor plays of Gore and Hill. You shouldn't say all 3 aspects are bad. Hill did a good job under the circumstances. I can't see how Alex Smith winning this game. The defense ROCKED !!! This is the first game at a loud place and we got a win. There wasn't significant penalties and this is the type of discipline coach Singletary preaches. It certainly helped us win this game. One game at a time. Go NINERS !!!

  • Gore did not suck in the game, I would like to see any running back look great with what he had to run behind today. Gore did have a running TD and a receiving TD in the same game for the first time in his career. Jimmy Raye needs to realize that the linebackers and safeties in the NFL are way too fast and athletic for a counter run scheme. This is even more true when the defense is run blitzing to the inside of the o-line the entire game. This o-line is better suited for a straight ahead run scheme. It would not hurt to get Glen Coffee on the field more than once or twice to keep Gore fresh.

    • dosia510

      i totally agree. Gore did not suck and i dont think even barry sanders could do much with the horrible play of the O-line. and as for Hill, he pulled together when needed and did his 4th quarter comeback like he did against the lambs last year. honestly i dont care what kind if numbers or stats he puts up, as long as we get the win im happy. after all im not rooting for him for fantasy points. good late management on his behalf. and yes jimmy raye needs to figure out something for this offense….quick!

      • NinerPaul

        In with both these comments. >>>

  • dosia510

    im glad carolina got spanked!!!!!!hopefully they go 0-16 and we can get a high pick. i would love to get tebow in a niner uniform!!!

  • NinerPaul

    Yeah Jimmy Raye needs to understand that after teams look at this film the wins will become tougher and tougher every week. The Offense needs more balance. Hill is a rythm passer that likes to pass down the field 5 to 20 yards between the numbers. Thats his game. But they have him passing those sideline out routes 15 plus yards thats not his game. I think we'll be fine…

  • DcNinerFan

    Sloppy, sloppy offense. Excellent defense. If we can figure out how we ran like crazy in the preseason, we should kill most teams, or at least put up a damn good fight.

    • A True Niner Fan

      good to hear you were able to watch the game DC

      • DcNinerFan

        Yeah, thanks! I'll thankfully be able to watch the games all season now, I've found a good site (not great video quality, but its good enough).

        Anyone interested, this site has every game every week.


        • Hunterboyz

          Thanks dude..
          really needed this…
          I caught the beginning of the game, up until about a little after halftime.

          But I was lucky that the Giants whipped Washington, so FOX played the 49ers game.
          I couldn’t have been more satisfied…
          well on the other hand… I guess some oral would have helped…lololol…

          GOOOD Luck 49ers

          Shreveport, LA

  • A True Niner Fan

    what a horrible sounding article.. you would think we lost after reading it…..just shows how the authors influence poors out of it, Niners just got serious Payback against the cardinals and ohh how sweet it is! what an 80 yard drive Shaun Hill commanded down the feild when we needed it to take the lead.

  • Vinny

    Very happy they got the win against a quality opponent which should put to rest some of the doubters who said the niners didnt beat a good team down the stretch last year. Very good drive to score the TD and take the lead…. however i didnt really like the play calling for most of the game. if the defense knows you’re running the ball on first down, its really easy to scheme against. the commitment to the run made sense though, bc it kept arizonas offense off the field, but didnt allow hill to get into any sort of flow. i suspect the niners will open it up a bit more next week and hill will look better. im going to savor this win!!

    • NinerPaul

      I'm with this comment, Too Predictable no rythm for the run or pass.

  • Ninerfan81

    Yes, we should savor the win and look at this as a nice start to what could be a promising season. Hill started for the first time and he and Bruce managed almost 100 yards without working together in the preseason.

    I too liked the pass rush, especailly Justin Smith who was in the backfield all day. 2 sacks and constant pressure.

    Ya gotta start somewhere and this is a nice start. We did the small things right too, NO turnovers and only a few penalties…(4)

    I’ll be jersey-pop at work tomorrow!!

  • Ninerfan81

    Last year we lost the season opener to these same BIRDS’ because of one or should I say six reasons….TURNOVERS!! Here’s a direct stat from 2008’s season opener.

    The 49ers turned the ball over six times. The Cardinals had no turnovers.


    We’re not going to be the Saints and score 50 pts every game but if had won the SB tonight with by a 20-16 score than we wouldn’t see any negative comments on this board (sorry constructive critism)…right?

  • wickerman

    I agree Niner Paul, my only beef with Hill’s lack of skill on the sideline routes is that 5-20 yards up the middle of the field is where the defense will be sitting with 8 men to stop Gore. Makes me nervous about our long term prospects. Hill was hurried all day – no doubt about it – but even when he had time, he just didn’t look comfortable back there.

    • NinerPaul

      Watching the game, you really don’t get the whole field perspective but I think the routes are predictable as well. For some reason. I felt Mike Marks did a better job in creating space in his reciever routes last year with Hill. But we’ll see I think if there some tweeks to the offense it might be a better suited and balanced for the personal.