49ers Lose Heartbreaker 27-24

I’m gonna keep this short. The 49ers had the game. Mark Roman for some reason was on the field at the end of the game. And if the offense knew how to get first downs and convert at least one first down it would have been a different story. I put this loss on Jimmy Raye. The playcalling continues to be shit. The playbook doesn’t seem to open up until the 4th quarter when the 49ers need a FG or a TD to take the lead. They had ZERO passing yards in the first quarter. Total of 77 yards at half. 0 for 10? 11? 12? on 3rd down. Couldn’t convert one of them. Not even the one that would have sealed the win at the end. Can’t fault the defense on this one. They got the ball back into the offense hands with under two minutes left.

I really feel sorry for this defense, when the offense is such shit.

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  • Josh

    Any idiot knows to run some screens when the other team blitzes so much. This OC sucks badly.

  • 49er4ever

    My thoughts are:

    They were going to call a their final timeout. Why not throw the ball on 3rd and 5 to go?

    OC bad choice

    Defense – Why not blitz Farve? Why give them the time to even throw it down field?


    Sum it up the Coaches lost this one.

  • ninerfan4life

    i agree. f jimmy raye!

  • Josh

    The defense deserves a better offense and OC

  • Josh

    Why cant we have a good D and O in the same year.

  • Thomas

    Everytime (except twice) the 49ers went in motion they ran the ball. There was no creativity what so ever! This alowed the Viking to blitz everytime on the run plays. They had to be 0-12 on third down. Yes they got this far playing the offense but this was against a better team and you have to convert on 3rd down. The coach staff lost this game. Singletary said he doesn’t look back but how do you get better unless you learn from your mistakes!

  • Our offense played like crap thanks to the “Great” play calling by Jimmy Raye. Defense played well, felt really bad for them. Bottom Line we competed and should have won, if not for a lucky catch, this game. We have things to work on no doubt, but we are showing that we are an up and coming team! Really proud of that atleast.

  • wickerman

    The 49ers had 15 possessions in this game.

    1 at the end of the half that was for 1 play.

    1 at the end of the game for 1 play.

    7 were 3 and out.

    1 ended in a pick.

    2 were 4 and out.

    3 scoring drives 22 plays 179 yards.

    That is total crap. This offense cannot sustain a drive because Raye likes to run even when there is nowhere to run.

    Hill only got sacked once today and the offense still couldn’t move the ball.

    17 points by the offense is not gong to beat good teams. Yes the 9ers had the Vikes in the bag, but let’s be honest, the Vikes are a good team – not a great team. This kind of play-calling is going to get the team crushed by Indy or Philly or Atlanta. If Gore is hurt (yes x-rays are neg, but a sprain can be pretty bad) it is time to start coming up with a passing game, because the Niners are not going to beat anyone with 3 runs and a punt for the rest of the year.

  • Castro

    Jimmy raye stop being such a p***y

  • Ninerfan81

    You can point the finger in several directions and nobody on this board is pointing the finger at our poor kick off coverage. The Vikings had 2 BIG run backs, including Harvin’s 101 yard return. The shit should never happen.

    Let’s look at the positives, 2007 we got beat by this team 27-10 and that was at Home.

    Next 2 games are winable with the RAMS and FALCONS. Going into the bye week 4-1 looks good to me.

    BTW, Gore will be out until after the Bye week with a high ankle sprain.

  • NinerPaul

    What can I say like i’ve said all along the play calling sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3rd down why not even throw it as an option >> If I was sing I would of told Shaun pass if it is not there take the sack they have to take the damn time out anyway….. our QB was hot at the time and we have the best punter in the damn league……..This is bullshit …. They did the same in the cardinal game and we got the sack when the defense was on the field …. But this time it bit you in the ass Raye!!!!!!!!!! And to all you Hill non believer’s you better support this QB and get on these the reporters to drill the sing on the OC’s fuckin decisions cause this QB can get the damn job done………… Like I said we need pass rush ……….. Not a QB……

    • NinerPaul

      Also I want to add …. If the pass had not worked out I think leaving them with a time out wouldn’t been that bad …. because Favre had the D on there heels, then if and when they would of took a time out the D would of been able to collect themselves >>> Sing did it himself in the AZ game…..

  • Show some confidence in your QB and open up the offense earlier in the game as Hill proves once again he can move the ball downfield if you give him time. Once the coaching staff learns to do that then we will be a much balanced offense as teams will respect the passing game more. All I have to say is we went on the road in a loud dome, in their home opener btw, and nearly beat arguably the best team in the NFC WITHOUT Frank Gore. There is no doubt in my mind we can compete with any team in the NFL. Every team in NFC West lost yesterday and if yesterday was any indication, we will see them again in the playoffs no doubt about it!!!

    • NinerPaul

      I'm with these comments…….

  • A True Niner Fan

    Heartbreaker is right, that one definitley stings…we had it won and for some reason roman let the reciever behind him something every DB knows never to let happen and some 3rd string reciever that was only in for a play to give percy harvin a rest makes a miracle catch……Favre just put up a prayer cause nothing else was working and it was answered, but then you could go back and blame it on the offense not being able to get a first down to end the game but then again they ran it 3 straight times, you gotta have killer instinct in those situations and not play it safe…couldve gave the offense at least 1 try at a pass,very dissapointed in Jimmy Raye…its gunna be a long 7 days until the next game

  • NinerPaul

    I Say bring Mike Martz back as a pass play coach >>> Why not, they have a coach for everything else?????

  • Ryan.T1000

    WHY is mark roman still on this team???!!!!! For years now, i have watched this sorry excuse for a football player lose game for the 49ers… How many huge plays has he given up in recent years. Did he not think about pushing the reciever out of bounds?? Pundit maybe you should go and talk to york and tell him whats up…

  • The refs need to get a little bit of the blame here as well. How about the drive they gave the Vikings with the bullshit call on Justin Smith for going low on the QB? And then later on the same drive Spencer got the taunting penalty when he celebrated stopping them on a big third down. If not for the field goal they got from that drive the game would have gone into OT.

  • ninerfaithful

    Listen a new OC is not what this team needs we need to play better all the way around the table D should have put brett down on his ass that last play if we had a pass rush we would not be setting 2-1 more like three and 0 i clame both sides of the ball but the D let down on the last drive period

  • wickerman

    In fairness to the D, when the offense can only sustain 3 drives the whole game, the D gets to carry too much of the load. You can’t ask them to do it all.

    You have to put some of this on Raye for bad play calls and Hill for his delay of game penalties. There is no rhythm to this offense. We have spurts of great running, spurts of great passing and then spurts of confusion resulting in penalties, sacks and mindless dives up the middle on 3rd and 7.

  • NinerPaul

    Movin' on up…. To all the Hill Hater's who said he's not a top 10 QB… After this week he's the 11th rated passer….. Knockin' on the Door … Keep provin' yourself Shaun….

    • NinerPaul

      Also forgot to add his passer rating is 89.9% … And that is with Shaun been given only 82 attempts. His attempts or opportunities rank second to last for a full time starting QB……..

  • Joe Gomez

    Not only did sorry ass Roman not attempt to push the WR out of bounds, his lame attempt at the ball was the weakest thing ive seen in years. If you watch the replay, the WR Lewis who caught the ball jumped atleast 2 to 3 feet in the air to catch it, Roman on the other hand had about 6 inches between the ground and his feet. He just doesnt have any physical abilities, I wish some other team wouldve signed his sorry ass but nobody wanted him. I agree that the 3rd down conversions were horrible but we still should of won this game EASILY. Dre Bly could of ended it with the PICK 6 in the end but I guess he was eating pancakes for breakfast that day and got butter on his fingers instead of the syrup. When I saw that Favre had a whole 1:38 to work with even with timeouts, I knew we were in trouble. This might be our payback for the whold Young to TO in the last seconds against Green Bay. A game which we should of lost because Rice had clearly fumbled. Guess Karma has caught up to us.

  • Joe Gomez

    Meant to say “even with NO TIMEOUTS” we were still in trouble with Favre Magic at the helm. Hes a hall of famer and nobody else could of made that throw. He gave 49ers alot of props in his interview so im not too mad at him.

  • Joe Gomez

    Anybody knows what happened to our WR’s? Specifically Jason Hill? Somebody had told me hes not even suiting up. Brandon Jones was supposedly back but I didnt see him on the field anywhere. Wonder what kind of contract Percy Harvin got from the Vikes, I would probably want him over Crabtree.

  • Brodie12

    Singletary really let the offense down by not ordering his genious OC to get just one first down for him with the pass. Hill to Davis would get six yards all day.

  • wickerman

    Look I’m no Hill fan, but if Sing and Raye think he is the guy, then they have to show some damn confidence in him and let him throw the ball and try to get a 1st. If they don;t trust him, they need to get someone else in there.

    They are WAYYY too conservative when the game is on the line.

    • NinerPaul

      I’m with these comments….. Give the offense a chance to win the game by the option of pass too…..

  • Joe Gomez

    NinerPaul, we all know your in love with Hill. He’s probably our best option FOR NOW. If there is someone better next year don’t think we won’t go after him. Hill IS NOT the long term answer period.