49ers 23 – Seahawks 10

I know I’m going to get a lot of crap here after I say this, but the 49ers need a real QB and a real OC. Yes, I know Hill is 9-3 as a starter and 6-0 at home. But the guy can’t throw, can’t elude the pass rush, and looks like the Dan Quissenberry of the NFL. Today the victory goes to Frank Gore and the Defense. Gore accounted for 246 of the 49ers 379 yards.

He had two huge runs which basically put the game away. It was comical seeing Hill and Raye try and run the offense when Gore wasn’t out there.

The defense played great, held the Seahawks to 283 yards on the day. Allowing only 66 yards rushing. Next week will be a good test when they take on Adrian Peterson. Patrick Willis, Nate Clements, Dashon Goldson, Justin Smith, Ray McDonald are just some of the names that stand out, but overall another great outing by the defense. It is clear they have taken on Singletary’s persona out there.

The 49ers are 2-0 within the division and alone at top of the NFC West, but let’s not get to excited. Back in 2006 they also started out 2-0, but thankfully that was with Nolan at the helm and it’s clear after these first two games, this isn’t Nolan’s team.

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  • Ninerfan81

    But guys we need to understand this isnt' Joe Montana or Steve Young back here. It's Shaun, I just win, Hill and Jimmy, I want to run the ball, Raye.

    I watched the game, every snap and its clear that Hill, when given the green light to throw the ball can make plays. He had a few catchable balls dropped so his numbers should've been better.

    I think we can only get better with play calling and allowing Hill to drop back and pass more. You gotta love the 2 looooooooong drives to wear down the Seattle D, which Hill doesn't get enough credit for.

    Add in the Rossum TD return and it's a nice win.

  • A True Niner Fan

    last I checked it was a Team Game and all 11 Guys on Offense and Defense are respnsible for the win, I cant believe after a win how much you gripe about what u dont like, Id hate to read what u didnt like after a loss, enjoy the win for crying out loud

  • aaronfive5

    Guys, I loved some of the calls that raye made today. He had some really nice calls outta the wildcat, spurlock just fucked them up.

    Overall, I thought he did a nice job. I do think we could use some help at qb, but at least Hill is limiting turnovers, and is doing a decent job managing the game

  • NinerPaul

    Are you kidding me !!!!!!! The play calling is questionably predictable although i did see the try and mix it up little bit. But common Shaun doesn't get enough credit damn !!!!!! He is a game manager in a game management offense …. Remember he has to work off the offense thats given, and even if Shaun had a bionic arm we don't have any mega speedsters out there……. The QB is the team leader and his a big part of the reason we had almost 10 more minutes in time of possesion and he had the drive the chewed of around ten minutes in the second half that helps our D and wares there D down……. I believe in this QB to win the way sing wants it done …….

    • dosia510

      well said. i feel the same way.

  • NinerPaul

    Also if Shaun keeps playing the way he does and getting the job done ……. Pay him his market value and spend the money on Defensive Ends ……..

  • wickerman

    Thank you. I was beginning to think i was the only one who noticed that Raye and Hill are the two turds in the box of chocolates.

  • I still dont think Shaun Hill gets enough respect! If we do make the playoffs and finish with 9-11 wins this season, Shaun will be back as a starter. As long as he keeps managing the game at worst and wins he will be back. Anyways, what is up with Josh Morgan? Is he not getting open or is Hill just not throwing to him?

    • D

      Let's look at the reality of the situation with the wideouts from last year to this year. A team can get even a marginally talented receiver the ball in any given game. Josh Morgan produced one of the most dominant blocking games ever from the wideout position. He was in on all the positive plays and wore down the corners so badly that they could not help produce tackles. He's running clear out routes so that others can get dump and dink passes and he never complains. Did they run any plays where another player clears out for him to grab a pass underneath? Did they throw him a wide receiver screen? Was he open at various times during the game? He doesn't make penalties to hurt his team and he executes the game plan that he is given every week. And when a big passing play is eventually needed to win a game, he will be there to make it. That is how TEAM players play. TEAM first. Stats not important. Josh Morgan is the anti-diva. Passes underneath to Bruce? A pass to Moran Norris, one of the best blocking fullbacks in the game? That's what the coaches called as Morgan ran free and hard while knowing that the plays were not coming to him. Let's celebrate a team first player for a change.

  • Vinny

    i didnt think the play calling was all that great either… a lot of aggivating calls. However, I disagree with your view on hill. He has done what the 49ers want and need from him. he throws the ball accurately and hasnt turned the ball over (with the exception of the fumble last week when he was hit while throwing).

    i will say it again… i cant see the niners winning that game with alex smith. although the niners outplayed the seahawks, the score was still close. the game could have easily turned with a forced pass, or a fumble. it didnt happen with hill as the QB, and thats good enough for me.

    niners are 2-0 and theyve beaten their only real competition in the division. should be a good tough game next week.

  • Ninerfan81

    Oh and how about Dashon Goldson’s first interception of the year!!! That’s 1 more then Mark Roman in the past 3 years!!

  • dosia510


  • Eleven11

    Are you implying we were BETTER OFF with Nolan??? You have got to be shitting me. I can see the issues you have with Hill (even though I disagree with the overall assessment) and also the issues with Raye. But saying that Nolan did us better than Singletary is just ridiculous. I’m personally glad that this isn’t Nolan’s team.

    On the topic of Hill, sure he didn’t throw much, but he completed 73% of his passes, going 19/26, and throwing no interceptions. I don’t see why that’s worthy of bitching about. We could have JT O’Sullivan, throwing more picks than completions. It’s all about perspective man… We don’t have the west coast offense anymore, and it seems more of a problem with the offensive line and lack of protection, not Hill being unable to scramble.

    • Niner pundit

      No not better off with Nolan. My wording may have been poor on that. What I was trying to say is that the 2-0 with Nolan sucked. But have more hope at 2-0 with sing at coach

      • Eleven11

        Ah ok, just making sure cuz I couldn't tell. I agree that 2-0 shouldn't be something to get cocky about. We gotta keep "pounding the ball" and "hitting people in the mouth" and not giving the ball away, and we can keep it going.

        • Eleven11

          And by “mouth” I think I meant “ribs”. Har har har

  • Josh

    Bottom line…Hill isn’t great, but he is the best option we have right now. We need a different OC, this one makes too many bad calls. We didn’t run enough. Everytime we got away from the run we punted. As much as we talked about running all the time, I think we pass too much, especially today with Gore tearing it up. I think if we had a better OC we could have put up over 35 points today. In my opinion the only thing keeping us from the playoffs is our OC. Its like he’s trying to lose the game for us.

  • A True Niner Fan

    its obvious that u dont like Shaun Hill as our QB which is krazy because he just wins ball games, but do we have to hear about it every single article? I mean cmon it seems 5 minutes after the game is over an we Win u post a article about how we need a new QB an OC, when all the other sites have headlines such as “49ers Clobber Seahawks”
    “49ers run all over Seahawks” “Gore runs all day in 49ers win” thank goodness this isnt the only Niners website to celebrate a victory

  • seekret_sauce

    I agree with everyone questioning the play calls but if you wanna look at it optimistically then maybe-maybe our coaching staff is hiding what our offense may have. Remember now, nobody cares too much for our team and now that we’re 2-0 and under Coach Sing; teams are going to pay attention. That’s just an optimistic pov lol.

  • DcNinerFan

    You know, looking at the schedule leading to the bye, we really could be 4 – 1 or possibly (not likely) 5 – 0. If we can steal a victory against the Vikes, we stand a good shot at shutting down the Falcons. Our D has done quite well against 2 good to very good offenses… and neither the Falcons or the Vikes have the greatest D's…

    • Chris

      Dude, I agree we can win those games and I hope that we do because I think that the Niners can play with anyone this year. The Defense is AWSOME against the run and the pass so, I think we can do what know else in the league has done and stop A.P. But The Vikings D is very good. They are number one against the run which is our strong point. For the Niners to pull this off we have to continue to do what we are doing. DON’T TURN THE FUCKING BALL OVER. If we do that we will be in the game at the end.

      • DcNinerFan

        Hmmm, I don't think they have the Number 1 rush defense this year… They gave up over 200 yards rushing so far, which is more by almost 100 yards than we've given up. That was to the Lions and Browns, both teams headed for a pick in the first 10 rounds of the draft. If they can do that, we should be able to jack their defensive front. I agree, though, about not turning the ball over… as of right now we have a ratio of 4 to 1 on turnovers. If we can keep that going we should be in good shape…

        We should be able to limit Peterson in action, we seem to be gelling the D into a top 5 unit, and we are very physical. I can't wait to see what Willis can do to Peterson.

  • Peez

    This website sucks. all you have to say after a win is that we need a new qb and oc. How about you talk about the good things that happened yesterday? I think this website needs a new writer. this is the first year in awhile where we actually look like a decent football team and you want to talk about a new qb? this is the last time a check out this website. you suck

    • Niner Pundit

      "The defense played great, held the Seahawks to 283 yards on the day. Allowing only 66 yards rushing." Guess you didn't read that above. Sorry we don't drink the Kool-Aid and talk about only good things. We give our opinions on good and bad. Are we right? Nope, never claim to be. Just say it like we see it. But if you want to read sites where all they do is blow the team and never have any criticism, I can refer you to some sites that do just that and only that.

      • krytoi

        Look man,

        It’s not easy to find a good QB, the entire NFL has only a handful. Hill has shown that he is smart enough to not throw the ball into coverage, he is very accurate with short throws and he won’t lose the game by trying to do too much. What else do you want?? Joe Montana? Not going to happen anytime soon…

        Raye is not that bad. IMO, he is better than Mike “5 receiver set” Martz, who has no clue how to utilize a player’s potential.

        Even if we had a “real QB and a real OC”, what then? 40 yards gains through the air? No. To who?? Vernon Davis? Not likely. Maybe Isaac Bruce, who dropped 2 passes and is slower than ever…

        Basically, the team is impressive with what they are working with so take it easy on the trash talking. 😛

  • BOTTOM LINE: People talking about OC changes into 2 games this season need to relax! This offense needs CONTINUITY and barring any huge flaws offensively this season, Jimmy Raye will be back. He is 'Sing Guy' and the type of offense he runs fits our offensive personel well. As for Shaun Hill, he will NOT be benched and if he continues to win games and not turn the ball over will be our starter next season. Why depend on a 1st round rookie to develop a couple years when we have a better chance to win in the immediate future with Shaun Hill. Oh and BTW this defense is NASTY!!! Lets get a W in Minesota 3-0 BABY GO NINERS!!!

    • NinerPaul

      Good damn comments here!!!!!!!!!!

      • dosia510

        we really dont need to shut AP down, just contain him. i know our D will be ready for Minnesota, im more interested in our O line goin against those Williams guys in their D line. our O line is goona have to win up front for any chance of scorin n winning this game. with confidence comin off this seacock win, they should be able to do it.

  • Chris

    Guys lets all take a second and think for a minute. As Niner fans for years we hoped for an 8-8 season because at least then we didn’t suck. Today we wake up undefeated and in first place. I know a few years ago we did the same thing, but this year it feels different. In the past we had to get lucky to win games. This year we are making it fucking happen. We are hitting the other team in the fucking mouth and making shit happen.

    I wasn’t a Hill fan either at first, but the dude just wins football games and the last time I checked that’s was matters. The Offense isn’t the same that we grew up with (well at least those of us old enough to remember Montana and Rice), but hell they out scored the NFC Champs and the team that most people picked to win the NFC West this year. Also we did it fairly easly.

    So I guess my point is. Niner fans be happy and proud to wear the red and gold today. We are winners and can play with anyone.

    • dosia510

      i applaud you cuz that is what i have been saying since week 1! SUPPORT YOUR FUCKING TEAM!

      • Niner Pundit

        I support my team but at the same time I'll be vocal when our starting QB can't hit a receiver in stride or make him come back for the pass. The OC is predictable. etc…you can still support your team and criticize. it is allowed.

        • dosia510

          very true. basically im happy with…….

          -our 2 wins
          -the way our D is playing
          -sing demanding more and keeps setting the bar higher
          -the way our run game came alive last week.
          – s. hill’s game management and ability to not make turnovers

          im unhappy with……

          – the way our O line played in week 1
          – the too conservative play calling
          – that STUPID FUCKIN WILDCAT formation
          – ESPN, NFL NET, and every other east coast biased media who never says how good we play but how bad the opposition plays.

          i dont know if any one cares but there it is.

    • A True Niner Fan

      well said…it does feel different this year, we must be drinking that championship red gatorade!

  • Hill makes me nervous every time he throws but he doesn’t turn the ball over and he wins games. It’s not the high scoring west coast offense anymore but if we can beat people and beat them up with our running game and D, then I’m all for it. The receivers will continue to get better.

    I’m confident we’ll match up well with Minnesota and play disciplined, mistake free football and win the game.

  • James

    I have to say that I don’t see Hill making it through the season as the starter. I believe that at some point his play will warrant Singletary pulling him in a game, much like he almost did in St. Louis last season and as he very well may have against AZ in week one.

    • dosia510

      im just curious as to why and how you see that man? last year against the lambs remember he threw like what 3 or 4 picks before sing almost pulled him? he hasnt even turn the ball over this year aside from that blind sided hit that caused a fumble.he is not that the flashiest but he does JUST enough to win. i guess well see how far it will take us. but i do think he is our guy for the remainder of the year barring injury. i tell you id rather would have him instead of a. smith.

    • NinerPaul

      What damn game were you watching??? Who lead the winning drive in that AZ game ………. Here let me help you out >> heres a copy of the written winning drive off the game book of the AZ game caped off with a TD pass by Hill. Hmmmmmm a whole lot of Hill here………..

      San Francisco 49ers at 14:52
      1-10-SF 20 (14:52) (Shotgun) S.Hill pass incomplete short right to I.Bruce [K.Dansby].
      2-10-SF 20 (14:50) S.Hill pass short left to I.Bruce to SF 26 for 6 yards (A.Wilson).
      3-4-SF 26 (14:11) (Shotgun) S.Hill pass short middle to V.Davis to SF 45 for 19 yards (R.Johnson). P8
      1-10-SF 45 (13:29) S.Hill pass incomplete deep right to I.Bruce (D.Rodgers-Cromartie).
      2-10-SF 45 (13:23) (Shotgun) S.Hill pass short right to V.Davis to 50 for 5 yards (K.Dansby).
      3-5-50 (12:42) (Shotgun) S.Hill pass short left to I.Bruce to ARZ 45 for 5 yards (K.Dansby). P9
      1-10-ARZ 45 (11:59) S.Hill pass incomplete short left to V.Davis.
      2-10-ARZ 45 (11:52) F.Gore left tackle to ARZ 42 for 3 yards (G.Hayes).
      3-7-ARZ 42 (11:07) (Shotgun) S.Hill pass short left to I.Bruce to ARZ 29 for 13 yards (B.McFadden). ARZ 22 injured on the play P10
      Timeout at 10:45.
      1-10-ARZ 29 (10:37) S.Hill pass short right to A.Battle to ARZ 19 for 10 yards (K.Dansby). P11
      1-10-ARZ 19 (9:55) S.Hill pass short left to V.Davis to ARZ 20 for -1 yards (C.Okeafor).
      2-11-ARZ 20 (9:10) S.Hill pass short left to V.Davis to ARZ 8 for 12 yards (C.Okeafor). P12
      1-8-ARZ 8 (8:30) F.Gore up the middle to ARZ 6 for 2 yards (A.Wilson). FUMBLES (A.Wilson), recovered by SF-M.Norris at ARZ 7.
      M.Norris to ARZ 7 for no gain (A.Wilson).
      2-7-ARZ 7 (7:39) S.Hill pass incomplete short right to D.Walker (A.Wilson).
      PENALTY on ARZ-D.Dockett, Defensive Offside, 4 yards, enforced at ARZ 7 – No Play.
      2-3-ARZ 3 (7:34) S.Hill pass incomplete short left to I.Bruce (K.Dansby).
      Timeout #2 by SF at 07:29.
      3-3-ARZ 3 (7:29) (Shotgun) S.Hill pass short right to F.Gore for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN. P13
      J.Nedney extra point is GOOD, Center-B.Jennings, Holder-A.Lee.
      Timeout at 07:26.
      SF 20 ARZ 16, 15 plays, 80 yards, 1 penalty, 7:26 drive, 7:34 elapsed

  • Joe Gomez

    Niner Pundit.. I have been saying that for years. I have constantly said Alex is definitely not the answer and that Shaun Hill is a career backup for now until we find that STUD Pro Bowl QB we as faithful Niner fans deserve. I wanted Brees few years ago when he was let go but he wasnt even a thought because of Alex Smith. Alex set us back so many years. In the meantime Brees is looking like Joe Montana with average WR's. We need to get Nate Davis in there so we know what he can do. If he isnt the answer, we should go after Colt McCoy or Bradford who seem to be STUDS.

    • NinerPaul

      Hell no ….. If and I say if there is a Salary Cap next year…… Save the cap money and get defensive ends ……. The QB is good enough to win a Super Bowl………. He beat AZ with nearly the entire same team not just once this year but almost last year too as well, accept for that admitted mistake the coaches made at the end, on the half yard line. Shaun is ranked 14th on passer rating (87.8) and 2-0 right now above some good company… Aaron Rogers-15th, Big Ben-16th, Phillip Rivers – 18th, Tom Brady – 21st, Matthew "Stud" Stafford is dead last -32nd right now, (40.5) with that arm and stud reciever Charles Rodgers… huhhh. I know, its early in the season , we'll see. Keep Winning Shaun!!!!!! Source (NFL.COM) Stats Tab Click on Passer Rating

    • NinerPaul

      Also Joe you have to understand the Business side of the NFL. Remember Ravens with the stud D and Trent Dilfer winning a superbowl…… Yeah they didn't resign him >> and said that they would "draft" a stud (Kyle Boller) and the team did worse and hasn't been back to the Superbowl since cause they didn't resign good D players, the spent the money on the QB. Even now they have Flacco and the D gave up 50 points in there first 2 games. 24 against KC which couldn't score 10 points on the Raider D and 26 from SD. Its the classic you get what you pay for ……… I say spend the money on Stud defensive Line players. Remember wins Championships >>In fact it Big Ben won the first superbowl with a 20 something passer rating…….

      • NinerPaul

        Oops … D wins Championships…… Ohh and another thing the Ravens spent the money on Ray Lewis this year, who they thought was asking for too much ….. And what do you know Ravens are number 1 in Rush D so far (41.0 Yards a game) But there Passing is suffering ranked 29th (290.0 Yards a Game) giving up some points (25 points a game ranking them 23rd in the leage)

  • Joe Gomez

    Shaun Hill is capable of leading us to a Super Bowl? Man I wish that was true. Even Coach isn’t sure if Hill is capable of putting this team on his shoulders. What if Gore goes down then what? Shaun is uncomfortable moving around the pocket plus his weak arm can’t hit the out routes. Having said that I prefer him over Alex any day. I agree with Pundit, we still need a QB.

    • NinerPaul

      On his shoulders like when in Arizona? What do you call that? Shaun did take the riegns for that winning drive when called upon….. Key words "when called upon". Before that it was run, run, run, for what? Gore's 20 something yards. Ands its like…. Ok lets try this pass thing and what do you know, Shaun came thru….. And Coach Sing didn't say he wasn't sure, he said he hopes he doesn't have too because he is explaining that if the "team" does its job then he doesn't have to. Its a team sport even if a QB had to put it on his shoulders he's got to have blocking and recievers get open. Thats "team" there is no such thing is one person carring the team.

  • NinerPaul

    Example Ben Roth had 363 yards this last game against the Bears… all for what, they lost Because the kicker didn’t make the field goals? The team is ranked 29th in points. Shaun completed 70.3 % if his passes this week ……. Game manager …….. The game now days is not just won on the field its in the front office too getting the the right balance of players. and using them to the fullest…. I can tell you what sing did say that he believes that Shaun is good enough so i’ll take his word for it and the record too…..

  • Joe Gomez

    NinerPaul, no matter what you say, Shaun Hill is a career backup but unfortunately hes the best option until we give Nate Davis a shot. Like Matt Maiocco said, when its time to play “catch up” the QB needs to carry the team and Shaun Hill isnt that type of QB. Shaun Hill is good dont get me wrong, im saying there is room for improvement. If there is a better QB available next year then why not bring him in? Why do you think management was trying to get Kurt Warner? They were thinking the same thing I and alot of 49ers fans are thinking. There is a need for improvement at the QB position. Nothing against Hill but thats the facts.

    • NinerPaul

      You want facts … You must not of read or forgot about my comments above here they are again…… Shaun is ranked 14th on passer rating (87.8) and 2-0 right now ABOVE some good company… Aaron Rogers-15th, Big Ben-16th, Phillip Rivers – 18th, Tom Brady – 21st, Matthew “Stud” Stafford is dead last -32nd right now, (40.5) with that arm and stud reciever Charles Rodgers… huhhh.

  • Hector

    I agree 100 percent Joe Gomez, We need that elite Qb something that has been missing since Young and Garcia. At this point I would take Garcia over Hill, I think Garcia still has the guns, although he' older. I think Garcia is underated, once they bench cobb in phili, they will see how good garcia is. We need to go after a elite Qb once and for all this year or next, i'm tired of people on here saying we need Dline, we need more D, damnit we got some bad ass D already and its getting better everyday. If we don't get a better qB were aint going nowhere for a while, shaun is a excellent backup, well said Gomez!

  • Joe Gomez

    Yup but it seems NinerPaul thinks Shaun Hill is already that elite QB headed for the pro bowl.. LOL

    • NinerPaul

      I never said or thought that. "Elite QB or Pro Bowl" I may have said Superbowl in comments, but i've never said or insinuated Elite QB or Pro Bowl. Besides that we're a Good D but not an elite D. Also when Kurt Warner was inqiring about the job and realized what the offense was about >> He was like "No Thanks" cause he likes to sling it, like most elite QB's. Could you imagine if we said "hey Payton or Drew Breese come play for us in our offensive system" ……. HaHa now thats laughable. I only believe what Sing said "Our QB he's good enough" And thats obviously for the "vision" and i'm assuming the vision is a championship…….