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The 'Taser' is Jimmy's Precious

The 'Taser' is Jimmy's Precious

F the Wildcat I say. Okay I didn’t say it but Jimmy Raye did.

The Wildcat formation was the tits last season for offenses looking to mix it up and try and outwit their opponents. This season their will be no Wildcat in the 49ers offensive playbook, instead their will be the ‘Taser’ which is Jimmy Raye’s take on the Wildcate formation. SI.com has a nice article talking about Jimmy Raye and his ‘Taser’

Oh and after reading the article you’ll come to realize the Taser is no different than the Wildcat. Guess Jimmy just wants to be different.

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  • Coaches have been doing stupid crap like this for years. It’s just one way to keep the opponents guessing. You usually don’t inform the league that it is just a different name before the season starts.

    • fred

      ya really dont tell people that is stupid