Takeo Spikes on ESPN Radio

Takeo Spikes talks about head coach Mike Singletary’s nutcracker drills and says that Patrick Willis has the potential to be one of the best to ever play his position…

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  • I loved the reaction Takeo had in the interiview when he was asked "Do you think you guys will go 7-9 again this year". I had the exact same reaction to one of the most stupidest questions!

    How can we go 7-9 this year when we have Singletary for a full season and we had that record last season with Mike Nowin 2-5 start!!?? GO NINERS 9-7 OR 10-6 anyone disagree??

  • ninerfaithful

    11-5 is what i feel this year i really think we have been a good team fo a couple of years just never had a leader as a coach and now we do we need some positive things to swing our way but this team has the tools to take the west

  • I dont know about you guys but I just have that feeling this is Alex year! He is in a very similar style of offense in 2006 with Norv Turner Establish the Run with the Play Action pass. He has matured, been motivated, and feels great back from surgery. Most importantly, he has MUCH BETTER TALENT around him specifically at the WR position!

    I also think Shaun will play well if he is chosen as the starter but We need a "Franchise QB" and Shaun doesnt fit that term more of a stop gap… however Alex does!

  • Ryan The 1st

    Sorry guys, I have been gone for A LOOOONGG TIME, but I was having difficulty with the log in…it kept telling me that my password was incorrect eventhough I was directly pasting it from auto email. Crabtree needs to sign the damn contract period. No matter what his contract is he isn't going to starve and he already has endorsements with Jordan and Subway. I read an article in the Chronicle which begged a great question. If the niners offer him a decent deal and he says no (Heyward Bey money) is he really interested in playing for the niners? Like it or not his teammates will hold this against him that he has missed so much time and Morgan is capitalizing on this moment.