Staley: My Spot for the Next 10 Years

No one better ever tell Joe Staley that right tackle is the right way for him to go. He just might kick your ass, okay he may not go that far, but as far as Staley is concerned the left tackle position is his for many years to come. Here is what Staley had to say to ESPN’s Mike Sando regarding such a move.

I did not like that. I was brought here in 2007 to play left tackle. I played left tackle in college. I knew the plan was to play me at right tackle, but when I played left tackle, I wanted to be the left tackle. I know last season I was very disappointed in myself the first half of the season, but I finished really well. I thought I played really well down the stretch. … I want to be the left tackle here for 10 years and I expect that. They can bring anybody they want in here. It’s going to be my spot for the next 10 years.

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    Our only ? are at LG Baas is FA end of season and RT is a ? period. Heitman is solid Rahcal and Staley are both studs!