Snyder Gets Starting Nod over Smith

It almost seemed that with the signing of free agent Marvel Smith he was a shoo-in for the starting right tackle position. Well, someone forgot to tell Adam Snyder that. After a solid camp at the right tackle position coach Mike Singletary has given the edge to Snyder to start the preseason.

“Adam Snyder is doing very well. I’m very pleasantly surprised with him,” the head coach said. “We are going to leave him in that right-tackle position and just let him blossom.”

The plus out of all of this is with Snyder playing well and Marvel backing him up, barring an injury we may never have to see Barry “The Second Coming of Kwame” Sims on the field again.

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  • ninerfaithful

    yes i knew it adam snyder is a warrior and glad he will be the guy on the right side

  • I was hoping for Marvel but this may be a good choice for us now and in the future since Adam is young and in his prime and Marvel is towards the end of his magnificient career