Shaun Hill to Start

Matt Maiocco is reporting via twitter that head coach Mike Singletary has named Shaun Hill the starting quarterback to open up the season against the Arizona Cardinals.

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  • NinerPaul

    Yeeeeah! Yeeeeah! >> Lets go Shaun!!!!! Lets go get it!!!!!!!

  • wickerman

    err I meant stonewall their OFFENSE – not defense

  • wickerman, I know where your coming from. I wanted Alex to win it as well, but am happy with Shaun. He is a game manager and a solid/decent starter in NFL. I think we can go to the postseason with him without a doubt. With Alex, Im uncertain so they made the safe, and right, choice for us this year. Alex would be a long term answer at QB had he won the battle. Now remember, Alex can still play this year if we experience lack luster QB play/injury to Shaun. GO 9ers!!

    • wickerman

      I hear you – I seriously don;t want to come off as some kind of Hill hater – I'm not. I really just want the 9ers to win. My issue is that people want to focus on Hill's 5-2 record last year, but if you look hard, the wins came mostly against poor teams or in games where the 9er D woke up and smothered people. Shaun had his moments, but the offense rarely put up any real numbers. I loved some of the 4th quarter heroics Hill pulled off, but frankly i could point to a few Alex Smith moments too when he was growing under Turner.

      A preseason where both QBS had a 50% completion rating and 1 TD, 1 INT and 4 sacks between them is one that i think is too light on stats to use as a measuring stick. I think I just wish the 9ers had waited until after the Dallas game. I understand they need some stability going forward, but something just scares me about all of this.

      I am going to root for Hill at the top of my lungs every Sunday, but i just hope to God Alex Smith doesn't get traded to another team and end up in the pro bowl in 2 years while Hill is backing up Davis. Might seem impossible, but I can think of a guy named Tom Brady who would be a career backup if not for an injury. I think of guys like Rivers and Drew Brees who might not have been much if no one had taken the lumps with them.

  • Vinny

    I’m happy with this!! Hill needs to play within himself- manage the game, not turn the ball over, and hit his receivers in stride. Hopefully we’ll get more good news this week with the signing of Crabtree- probably wishful thinking though. I think if they could get him in here prior to the last preseason game, he could be effective working out of the slot. He may not catch a lot of balls, but I think his upside is so strong that defensive coordinators will have to respect his ability and force the coverage rather than stacking the box. GET IN HERE CRABTREE!!

    • wickerman

      I know this is going to be about as popular as a fart in space suit, but I am a bit disappointed.

      Hill is what he is (which ain’t bad) but his room for growth is limited. Alex was pretty even with him after 2 years of rust – he had room to improve. Smith has a chance to develop into a starter. Hill is a stop gap at best. I would have liked to see the team take some lumps with Smith and see if he could continue to develop as he did under Turner. Hill would have been there if nothing happened by week 4 or 5.

      Now Smith rides the pine and we’ll never know. You can argue that smith had his chance, but can training camp and 2 pre-season games with a little over 2 quarters of action clean off 2 years of rust? I wonder. Hill had 7 games last year plus camp plus preseason and BARELY beat him out.

      Make me wonder.

      The other thing that concerns me is lack of arm strength. If the 9ers try a power running game and use it to set up the play action pass, what is the point of sending Crabtree or Davis or Morgan deep if Hill is going to throw up a brick? If 8 guys stack the box to stop gore and coffee, 5-10 yard passes are not going to accomplish anything.

      Don;t get me wrong – I don;t think naming Hill was a BAD decision – I think it may be a limiting one though. I love this team, but frankly, I am very concerned that any opponent that can clog the middle will stonewall this defense.

      Hope I’m wrong.

  • A True Niner Fan

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally after all the Horrible Qb’s thats just lost games…(AlexSmith,TrentDilfer,JT O Sullivan) we finally put a guy in that deserves it because Bottom Line ..When This Guy Plays, the Niners Win Ball Games! 7 an 3 as as a Starter and Now hes has a whole Season to Shine as the # 1 Guy…..Playoffs here we come!

    • goniners

      you can bash O sullivan and smith all you want but the niners havent had desent blocking up front in the last few years they finally started to get it togehter last half of last year and low and behold we started winning games personaly I thought JT was a better QB big strong and even with guys in his face was still making some plays I would have liked to see how things would have went if he had got some good bloking.

      • Hunterboyz

        How unfair of you to discredit Shaun Hill.
        It wasn’t that the line was protecting any better or any worst… It was his decision making.
        Although, I commend him for staying in the pocket…
        You really must know your team… Feel the pressure and get rid of the ball! How is it possible that Hill went so long without getting sacked at all? The Offensive line did not get better all of a sudden. JTO… I really wanted him to do well, but he just wasn’t right for our team. I admit he was a better passer, but he’s not the better decision maker.

        • goniners

          well it wasnt meent to discredit hill he played well and its good to have him but face it he avoided getting sacked because the front was playing better and as for jt decision making its a lot harder to make the right decisions when your have to shake guys off you in the backfeild and im just saying that the front guys need some credit for those winsthey got better and seemed to have continued that improvement this year.

  • stilldiggin4gold510

    Cut Smith On We Aint Winning .. We Havent Had A Winning Season In The Past 3 Years Hes Started For Us .. Its Time To Head Into A New Direction .. Smash Mouth Football .. I Want To See More Of Nate Davis He Got Vision .. His Learning Disablity Dont Show On The Field .. He A Go-Getter And A Smart QB .. No-Lie .. ReaL-Life!

  • P. Willies Playhouse

    I think the 49ers should trade Alex Smith away for another player or a 4th or 5th pick.

    • NinerPaul

      I Agree. I feel bad for Alex and i think at some level were all disappointed in some way that Alex didn't work out. In fact I don't even fault the choice the front office made choosing Alex instead of Aaron Rodgers. You have to remember Aaron rodgers was coming out coach Tedfords college system that had a slew of QB's in the NFL that did not perform (to name a few: Joey harrington, Akili Smith, and a few others). So we picked Alex he gets in there and just doesn't do good. Its not all about the tools you gotta know how to use them. In fact he gets hurt alot of the times because he misses the line calls for the blocks and just doesn't have the confiedence in the NFL game. And i'm tired of people makin excuses especially like that one wickerman say's "under norv turner this under norv turner that" So what! Alex won 7 games out 16 that he play with experience the season before. Hill has won 7 game in his first 10 starts. Those are facts. Look at big bens numbers last year 17 TD's 15 Int's 80.1 passer rating and what a superbowl might I add a second one. His other superbowl year was worse than that. Hill's career numbers are 18 TD's and 9 Int's with a 90.5 passer rating. I'm a diehard Niner fan who grew up watching them in the 80's, But people need to get off the Joe Montana, Steve Young, yesteryears!!!!!! That was then and how the game was then but this is now and the game has changed good QB's are ones who manage the game the best along with a good D play. Hill's wins weren't by just some luck or fluke. They were low mistakes smash mouth wins. ……………..Sorry I got off on a tangent , they should of got something for Alex and moved forward……. Bottom line we as fan's need to believe in our "team" and in our coaching staff all the way to the Superbowl Baby ………. like Sing says "Our formula is this………………

      • wickerman

        Look I don;t own stock in Alex Smith or anything, but you can;t take a guy who had Harris blocking for him, Bryant catching and no one playing defense and equate his record to Hill's. In fact, if you look at the 7 wins Smith had in 06 and the seven Hill has had in 2 years,, their stats are mirror images of each other. Both also have generally lost games when Frank Gore is not productive.

        Alex big knock is that his bad games are MUCH worse than Hill's bad games. That IS a fact, I won;t argue that. But anyone who wants to credit Hill with his wins but pretend that Smith never did anything good are just Smith haters.

        The best man won – Hill did nothing to lose the job and Smith did nothing to take it from him. I just have a hard time getting super confident about a QB who won by inching out a guy who hasn't taken a snap in 2 years.

        • NinerPaul

          Good points ….. We'll see how this plays out……. Hey I got an idea??????? Lets take that Norv Turner momentum, since thats the bright of Alex's career, and trade him to be a back up for Norv for Sean Meriman >> Ha Ha >>> I love to dream …… WOW could you imagine that LB tandem >> Ok Mabey get a WR or Pass Rusher >>> Just a thought……….

        • NinerPaul

          Also >> only 2 full series and 9 attempts in the first 2 preseason games for Hill when Alex had more than almost double the exposure. Hill was the starter all along and I think sing saw what he expected from both QB's.(Unfortunatley for Alex) I honestly really did pull for Alex, but winning swayed me to root for Hill. Honestly look at this guy's life. Like I mentioned before, Hill took Maryland to there first BCS game and a there first winning season in so many years under a first year coach after tranfering from a JC because nobody wanted him >> Like I said sounds so familiar >> In Fact the only two loses he had that Last year of Maryland was from the NFL loaded Florida and Florida st. teams. And did this with some noname, un NFL recievers around him. Like I said Shaun has got something to prove too……….

  • ninerfaithful

    no trade market on a QB who hasn’t played in two season’s we should hang on to smith this could be a good thing he can learn the offense and gives him a chance to work on his footing and pocket presence and study the offense let him heal up fully !!!!!!!!!!!! and let him gain confidence….. i love # 11 and still believe but 100 % behind shaun hill

    • Msouza

      Yeah, all reports were that even though Smith didn’t do enough to win the job, he did show drastic improvement. If Hill goes down I would much rather see Smith taking snaps than Damon Huard.

    • BON

      Smith is a not the man for the job, come on he just cant get the job done. If anyone could be QB with a little training all the players would do it, he should be traded for somone else, anyone else.

  • BON

    I have a thought why dont we get someone who can throw the ball down field, if we are going to win we need at least the threat of a pass. I think we should find someone else or use Nat , Hill does not have the arm, we are going to have another year of crap. The other teams are just going to pull their ears back and attack. We are one Good QB from the playoffs, i can't believe the coaching staff does not see that.

    • wickerman

      Agree BON. Having a QB with a weak arm is not doing us any good. The point of a power running game is to get the opponent to stack 8 in the box and then kill them with a play action pass. If your QB isn’t a deep threat, your play action pass is only 1-20 yards down field – as in right in the middle of the eight guys waiting for your RB.

      I really think Singletary is TOO committed to the run. I don’t want the 9ers to be so one dimensional that stopping the run = stopping the offense.

      Teh other issue is too that our pass defense looks shaky. We have no pass rush and the secondary is average. That could mean we dominate vs the run but struggle against the pass. That could lead to falling behind in games. IF you do that, a strong running game loses it’s importance. With Shaun HIll throwing short and little else, coming back to win a game against a quality team is that much more difficult.

      The team looks a solid 1-2 years out of real contention at this oint despite my pre-preseason optimism. A quality pass rusher is desperately needed. We also need a good WR. Crabtree might sign tomorrow, but he lacks speed even if he does sign. We need a burner. Battle has hands, Bruce has hands. Moran and Hill are big and physical. We need speed to stretch the field. And, of course, we need a QB who has *it*. An arm, legs, vision and leadership. Alex Smith has two of those. Hill has the other two. I’ll settle for someone who has 3 of 4 at this point.

  • wickerman

    BTW just read that Huard is history. Looks like Hill, Smith, Davis is the line up.