Sando Talks with Goldson

Hopefully Dashon will not allow Roman back on the field

Hopefully Dashon's play will not allow Roman back on the field

Mike Sando of ESPN has a nice little one on one with starting safety Dashon Goldson.

Mike Sando: The book on you says you’ve been a better practice player than game player. How did you get that reputation without playing a whole lot?

Dashon Goldson: I mean, I guess as a young player coming in, especially in the situation I was coming in, I was playing in dime and a lot of nickel, so I think they were looking at me as a difference maker because of my range. But I wasn’t in game situations where I could make those plays. But they see all the plays I’m making out there, things I can get done, and they just have high expectations for me, I think.

Mike Sando: Did you have to fight against trying to do too much in those limited reps?

Dashon Goldson: I don’t try to force anything. But when a coach is on you like, ‘Come on, you gotta make plays,’ it can cause you to try to be a Superman out there. The most important thing is to play within the scheme.

Mike Sando: How do you like this defense?

Dashon Goldson: Man, I love the defense. I should be able to make a lot of plays on the ball this year, just the amount of range and the situations they are putting me in. I think playing regular downs and not just coming in on third downs and passing situations, I can make a lot of plays.

Mike Sando: How are you holding up physically?

Dashon Goldson: I’m feeling great. Feeling real good. My body healed up. Stronger, faster.

Mike Sando: You do seem to be flying around the practice field.

Dashon Goldson: Oh yeah. It’s pride, man. I’m trying to show these coaches and build that trust. I was a young player and didn’t play too many snaps. It’s important for me to show them that I can do it and I’m doing it in practice and you practice like you play, so that is what I’m trying to get in their heads.

Mike Sando: Do you get much feedback from Mike Singletary?

Dashon Goldson: Yeah, he takes notice. He complimented me yesterday. We were playing 9-on-7 and I came up and went ‘bang’ with one of the linemen, a pretty good shot, and he was like, ‘Stay away from those linemen. I don’t want you getting hurt. That was a good stick, I love it, but try to stay away from them because we need you for the season.’

Mike Sando: What is most important for you to have a good season?

Dashon Goldson: Staying healthy, just stay healthy throughout the season. Make plays and be a difference maker on this defense. I have no problem with being that guy they look to to make a play. I come out here with a lot of energy, trying to get the rest of the guys going, flying around. I get that good feeling so when I get to the game …

Mike Sando: How does this defensive scheme put you in position to make plays?

Dashon Goldson: We mix it up. We are a man team, we play everything and we play a lot of fire zones and I’m just getting down the route concepts on the offensive side and situations, what routes they run, down and distance, stuff like that — situations.

Mike Sando: You get Arizona in the opener — again. So much for easing into the season. You get Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and those guys right away.

Dashon Goldson: It’s a challenge for me. It’s a challenge for me. It’s never bad. It’s a good thing. They’re coming off a good championship game. They had a good season and that game is going to show where we’re at, see how much we put in in the offseason and how good we’re going to be throughout the season.

Source: Mike Sando

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    all i have to say is thank god its not mark roman

  • I really think this kid is gonna end up being something special or servicable at worst!